Why Tucker Carlson Is 100% CORRECT On Masks... | Louder With Crowder


#TuckerCarlson is creating quite a stir on social media after last night! Let us know what you think below! And yes, @Conservative Twins are still here!
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Samuel Virgil
    Samuel Virgil16 hours ago

    Sure it’s unnecessary to wear a mask outside, especially when it’s not crowded, or in the car alone. But y’all just sound like dumb fucking children complaining. It’s not supposed to be just a piece of cloth because that hardly effects the flow rate and direction of someones exhale. That’s why neck gators don’t do shit. A proper mask will catch some of the breath and redirect the rest of the exhale so instead of it spewing straight out in front of you, it’s baffled and leaks out of the sides with a lower velocity thus less spreading. Try blowing smoke out of your mouth/nose with and without a proper mask on and see which way the smoke travels away from you the quickest.

  • City Rooster
    City RoosterDay ago

    I don't have a problem advising neighbors that I pass outside that they don't have to wear a mask Outdoors anymore. Overall it is unhealthy to wear a mask being that you're breathing your own carbon dioxide which for the most part is the same as drinking your own urine.cityrooster.com

  • John P Glackin
    John P GlackinDay ago

    Making kids wear masks for any reason is child abuse. The schools and parents are committing child abuse by making them wear masks for any reason. Also its elder abuse to make elderly people wear masks as well.

  • Cookie Boy
    Cookie BoyDay ago

    Tucker Carlson is the conservative version of late night shows

  • Mr. Guppy
    Mr. GuppyDay ago

    Playing a sport with a mask is hell

  • Sliver Sky
    Sliver SkyDay ago

    my problem is that conservatives and republican's preach for independence and being able to do what you want but when something doesn't fit their agenda they act like the left. I'm going to wear a mask if i want to and i swear to god if someone gives me shit I'm going to argue with them that its none of their business what i do. don't preach something you don't actually stand for.


    I have a huge collection of tshirts that Express my political beliefs quite directly. That's specifically so when someone is talking to me they know if I'm a friend or someone who doesn't share their beliefs. I exercise my first amendment rights to the extreme. Just so people can make the decision to either choose to interact with me or politely decide otherwise. Very simple and effective.


    Tucker is the absolute best. Everytime I watch his show it's like he's speaking directly to me. I agree with his whole national view and world views for that matter.

  • Corrinthian Michal
    Corrinthian Michal2 days ago

    @ 4:15, yeah....pure swMI here. Got a friend who's a sub at a daycare and was telling me about this toddler mask mandate business...🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ 🤡 🌎 Is all I got ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 6DeadlyVenoms
    6DeadlyVenoms2 days ago

    Steroids with Crowder

  • Brenda Gautier
    Brenda Gautier2 days ago

    I see the bow tie was hilarios

  • mjs28s
    mjs28s2 days ago

    @5:35 I think Ted Lieu needs to actually listen to some of the things that Tucker says. Tucker is not right wing for sure and not on the right at all. Some of his positions are on the right while others are on the left. He says many things that are anti-capitalist or blames capitalism for things that are actually statist or cronyism. Some social issues he is more left on. Tucker is more independent than a this side or that side. I don't even think he himself has stated that he is on the right wing.

  • Arri
    Arri2 days ago

    I’m in South Korea right now and here you have to wear a mask a park or else you pay fine

  • Justin
    Justin2 days ago

    What your mask says about you: "look at me... ironically."

  • Demonoid74
    Demonoid743 days ago

    the difference is , sometimes kids NEED to be beaten...if not they grow up to be Hunter

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez3 days ago

    i dont think forcing kids to wear a mask is "abuse"

  • Wayne Flanigan
    Wayne Flanigan3 days ago

    Masks do not protect you from a virus. And if you wear one in outdoor activity which raises your heart rate and increases your breathing, you're harming yourself by restricting you air intake. A mask is about as effective in stopping a virus as poultry fence for a windows screen stops mosquitoes. People wearing a mask are SHEEPLE, the human version of lemmings.

  • Zach Balko
    Zach Balko3 days ago

    I believe we should yell at fat people at McDonald's to

  • Zach Balko
    Zach Balko3 days ago

    I believe we should yell at all old people on the road they should lose there license and they should cause they suck at driving

  • kevlar5150
    kevlar51503 days ago

    Who else plays the "panning" clip over and over incessantly?

  • gd G
    gd G3 days ago

    I think he’s trying to get himself fired I don’t wear a mask but he must know he’s already target of cancel culture he’s going to cross the line they will find something on him eventually I like tucker so I hope it don’t happen

  • Jean Paul LeBlanc
    Jean Paul LeBlanc3 days ago

    My sister thought that a guy getting upset about his 2 year old son wearing a mask was maybe drunk.

  • Jeremy quiring
    Jeremy quiring3 days ago

    Look up Simone gold

  • Zaur Abkhazi
    Zaur Abkhazi3 days ago

    a couple of months ago, a reporter asked a doctor, why is the flu down and covid up, his reply was priceless.... He said; "Because people are wearing masks" ...Let that sink in....

  • Isolated Pixels
    Isolated Pixels3 days ago

    Lots of sheep in USA these days.

  • Jeremy Piper
    Jeremy Piper3 days ago

    They want everyone in California to work with masks on but like wtf I can barely wear that thing for 20 mins in the store... I’ll stay on unemployment until I can safely work again.. and I don’t mean until covid is gone.. until the masks are gone. Anyone see the connection that we are living like people riding a Chinese subway?!

  • Andrew MacDonald
    Andrew MacDonald3 days ago

    Why is Maxine Waters still allowed to live?

  • JKees
    JKees4 days ago

    There's also the possibility that masks and test swabs could be a delivery system for the theragripper-like fibers whose long term effects still remain to be seen. They may be harmless, but time will tell. They could be a delivery system for something else, like one half of a binary weapon at the microscopic level where the other half would be released later on. "The 'theragrippers' are made of metal and a thin, shape-changing film, then coated in heat-sensitive paraffin wax. The devices, each roughly the size of a dust speck, can potentially carry any drug and release it gradually into the body." - (John Hopkins University)

  • Donopolis
    Donopolis4 days ago

    This mask thing is played.

  • Greg Petty
    Greg Petty4 days ago

    Ummmm no no no he isn't right, at all. That is not abuse to help protect your child. You people are idiots LMAO

  • Ragh nar Roog
    Ragh nar Roog4 days ago

    The left always gets mad when you look out for the children

  • Brad Lausen
    Brad Lausen4 days ago

    It’s unexceptionable to wear a mask any wear but in an ICU unit in a hospital period . Quite excepting this at all .

  • nexxterra
    nexxterra4 days ago

    I disagree...98%, I have seen some ugly kids, mask them up!

  • What Brains
    What Brains4 days ago

    The only time i ever wear a mask outside is for allergies. It really makes a big difference.

  • Neil Brennan
    Neil Brennan4 days ago

    So you're a bowtie biggot? Really? Gotta go.

  • Katie Drew
    Katie Drew4 days ago

    I say, masks are useless, the vaccines are DEADLIER than the virus. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to Heaven.

  • Nenad ИС XC Shuput
    Nenad ИС XC Shuput4 days ago

    You guys are all Inside where are your masks? Wtf dude.

  • John Doe
    John Doe4 days ago

    Remember...common sense has died in the name of liberalism.

  • SmellsLikeCurry
    SmellsLikeCurry4 days ago

    It’s pretty sad on military bases cause they try to enforce us to wear the masks outside and everywhere. Luckily most of us don’t follow that garbage

  • SmellsLikeCurry
    SmellsLikeCurry4 days ago

    Chris Tucker is the hero we been needing in media

  • Michael W
    Michael W4 days ago

    We were suppose to wear masks outside???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pamela Wade
    Pamela Wade4 days ago

    CPS would be a joke because I am sure they abide by this insane narrative.My granddaughter will never wear a mask. Those idiots wearing them alone in their cars....just have become entertaiment.

  • AKA SGSVirgil
    AKA SGSVirgil4 days ago

    Our county opted out of the state wide mask mandate in December along with 19 other counties in our state. Since then, most of the counties that remain have likewise opted out or are considering opting out as well. Whether or not masks are required is now up to the individual businesses and is no longer legally enforceable. Although some businesses such as Wal Mart, grocery stores etc still require a mask, no one is wearing them in those stores and the stores aren't really enforcing it. What are they going to do? Kick people out and lose money? There's hasn't been any increase in covid cases. In fact, cases are declining, quite rapidly in fact. Kids are back to school. Restaurants and movie theaters are open. People are still social distancing but, even that's going away soon, probably this month. There's no consideration whatsoever about the new CDC guidelines that recommend only "fully vaccinated" people should go outdoors without a mask. People in our area have been going out doors without a mask since the beginning and its not going to start now.

  • Jason Schlierman
    Jason Schlierman4 days ago

    I hate masks. When I’m able to, I’m excited to leave my current state. The masks are stupid.

  • Lexten
    Lexten4 days ago

    I love seeing someone alone outside somewhere with a mask on only to pull it down to smoke a cigarette.

  • Matte Kumlin
    Matte Kumlin4 days ago

    yeah it right young people dont die or get infected in the same raids

  • Michelle Murphy
    Michelle Murphy4 days ago

    In Ireland everyone has turned into a mask Nazi's but even our governments know masks are not good for children, no one under the age of 16 is mandated to wear a mask. However you will see some people of non Irish descent with masks on their babies in trolleys at the supermarket. Also I'm probably the only one of very few who doesn't put a mask on, some shops won't allow you in, if you don't have a mask. Do these people actually believe that a cheap piece of cloth made in China bought at the Euro store (dollar store) protects them from a microscopic virus?! I can't believe the credulity on a massive scale in the west. The Legacy media really did a number on nearly everyone.

  • Danny
    Danny4 days ago

    Fuck that ! Mask shame these zombie pukes !

  • Bs LEDS
    Bs LEDS5 days ago

    I agree with carlson masks are more dangerous for us all not just dam children how does no one know what equality is why cant we all be on one level just not this stupid c.. D level. Wake up people flu did nor suddenly get cured f... K me

  • Jake Starin
    Jake Starin5 days ago

    masks do NOTHING.

  • Brad H
    Brad H5 days ago

    I don't care if someone else is wearing a mask outside...just don't give me grief when I'm not.

  • The Dog Runner
    The Dog Runner5 days ago

    I don't wear masks, and neither should you.

  • ira rudolph
    ira rudolph5 days ago

    Wearing a mask while driving by yourself is really stupid

  • mommadeb49
    mommadeb495 days ago

    Amen Tucker Carlson!

  • Admiraldna
    Admiraldna5 days ago

    in Saskatchewan Canada the kids have to where masks at school outside ...... WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DAN. D IRONMAN5 days ago


  • willib 54
    willib 545 days ago

    I have never worn a mask outside and only wear one indoors because they won't let me in without one.

  • House Adams
    House Adams5 days ago

    Kids wearing masks while playing Outside... is insane. It’s dangerous

  • Kobe Bean
    Kobe Bean5 days ago

    It’s definitely not child abuse to wear a mask lol. I’m not saying they have to wear a mask but it’s not abuse

  • Todd Shields
    Todd Shields5 days ago

    Love it always

  • Brennan Hopkins
    Brennan Hopkins5 days ago

    Toddlers? My 7yo I'm still getting onto about it -.-

  • nath9091
    nath90915 days ago

    The UK govt is still obsessed with masks but at least they never advocated for widespread outdoor masking and only indoors in commercial and retail spaces or possibly crowded outdoor places. I think masks have a marginal effect indoors but get blown out of proportion when space and social distancing are far more effective.

  • MR Cornholio
    MR Cornholio5 days ago

    no mask outside basicly

  • shoachiwarrior
    shoachiwarrior5 days ago

    CDC started as a group that was suppose to be an unbiased institution where scientists and doctors studied and gathered information as a source for people in the US and the world to use. This is not an official legal branch of government and they don't have the power to make laws. They have become corrupted and are no longer unbiased. They receive money from the government. They don't even do proper studies. They give guidelines and we act like they are gods some how, instead of listening to our own conscience, and personal doctors or others.

  • shoachiwarrior
    shoachiwarrior5 days ago

    There are so many reports that price masks don't work, in fact it actually causes harm! Dentists call it masks mouth. It's causing gum disease and cavities, there are also studies about damage to the brain and lungs and other issues! Look it up! As always research!

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy5 days ago

    Wearing a mask is like trying to catch mosquitoes with a chain link fence...

  • Ray
    Ray5 days ago

    I bet they take their masks off at restaurants.

  • analog albacore
    analog albacore5 days ago

    PING!! 😆

  • james
    james5 days ago

    Thats not good advice, if i call the cops on a kid for wearing a mask i go to jail not the partents and not tucker.

  • J Weider
    J Weider5 days ago

    We had this story in Michigan... Who ever heard of the cops allowing someone to wear a mask during a mug shot??? www.fox2detroit.com/news/big-gretch-is-the-homie-rep-jewell-jones-refuses-to-take-jail-photo-because-he-cant-wear-mask?Anthem_manual&Anthem&fbclid=IwAR2oLHWJ9mnE1m8HFrZR2XE3v6_UIrmrT2cGyoX-VSNxmjZJp8WZCN-QOyA

  • singncarpenter
    singncarpenter5 days ago

    I will not comply.

  • Christopher Nikolaou
    Christopher Nikolaou5 days ago

    I wear a mask alone. But that's because I wore a mask before the pandemic because of atmospheric dust in my region. So we can still be friends Crowder.

  • Marshall Gill
    Marshall Gill5 days ago

    Outdoor? Unless you don't touch it, and throw it away after use, indoor masks are more likely to cause the spread than not, something Fauci knows. Nothing like touching the virus collector on your face and then touching everything else. People wearing masks, and touching them repeatedly, and then they touch the same door handle or credit care keypad!! The stupid burns.

  • Stan Childs
    Stan Childs5 days ago

    I shared that frying pan clip with everyone I could think of.

  • piperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers
    piperpickedapeckofpickledpeppers5 days ago

    I teach 4 and 5 year olds. They have no concept of keeping their mask over their noses or on their face. Especially the boys.

  • Matt manning
    Matt manning5 days ago

    Wait until Democrats brush off the side effects from wearing a mask in 5 years or better yet blame Republicans for it.

  • Glynda Waters
    Glynda Waters5 days ago

    FOX. Bring Lou Dobbs back.

  • The Moore Clan
    The Moore Clan5 days ago

    i wear a dust mask at work when im sanding, i still get shit up my nose.

  • Average Meme
    Average Meme5 days ago

    Unfortunately up here in the Canada not wearing a mask while outside in the city is illegal unless that changed at some point, I haven’t left my house in ages so I don’t know 😂

  • Omar Fitnrip
    Omar Fitnrip5 days ago

    We all need to take a stand and stop wearing masks, wearing s mask destroys your immune system along with attacking your respiratory system! Stop being a puppet and start using common sense👍🏽

  • andrew Davis
    andrew Davis5 days ago

    Meanwhile in Australia ...Face masks are not recommended for infants and children under 12 years of age...child abuse is frowned upon

  • Pineal Dreams
    Pineal Dreams5 days ago

    Look, I don't really care about this mask thing, but the idea you can't breath through them is objectively incorrect. I've watched somebody in a first-aid training course perform full CPR effectively through the mask. You can breath through it fine.

  • TheLAXTeaParty
    TheLAXTeaParty5 days ago

    Where were all you brave men a year ago? Covering your face like Fauci told you...

    CENTURION7375 days ago

    Hearing the frying pan sound ringing off the heads of antifa never gets old..... LMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jon Chapman
    Jon Chapman5 days ago

    And it's this situation right here it makes me really angry about the whole covid-19 chelation. I have severe pollen allergies... I have been wearing masks on high pollen days since long before anybody was talking about a covid pandemic. But now... If I wear a mask to protect myself from the pollen somehow I get associated with a jerk on the left... I'm just saying some of us wear masks for other reasons.

  • Pocket F
    Pocket F5 days ago

    Masks = compliance. Not safety, compliance. That's what they are. Comply! COMPLY!!!

  • Moshugaani
    Moshugaani5 days ago

    Here to remind you that sunlight inactivates coronaviruses and fresh air dissipates exhaled droplets quickly, so transmission outdoors is very unlikely to happen, unless you're packed tightly in a crowd. www.sciencealert.com/sunlight-inactivates-sars-cov-2-a-lot-faster-than-predicted-and-we-need-to-work-out-why academic.oup.com/jid/article/223/4/550/6009483

  • gameguy 64
    gameguy 645 days ago

    Off topic, but CNN was a mistake.

  • Mr Koolio
    Mr Koolio5 days ago

    Only democrats were in the kkk

  • John Rankin
    John Rankin6 days ago

    I forgot about the bow tie.

  • Arkhaminmate0801
    Arkhaminmate08016 days ago

    I just recently took my 3 year old son to Cincinnati to go to the aquarium and while we were there we went to the mall. Despite my disdain for disney lately all I wanted to do was take my son to the Disney store (since his favorite thing in the world is toy story and our malls disney store closed) we had shopped for a good hour went in multiple places without my son wearing a mask (my wife and I wore masks the whole time to comply with our states regulations) we get to disney and as I’m pushing my wide eyed excited son in his stroller into the disney store a woman stops me at the entry way and says “I’m sorry sir he can’t enter without a mask on” I laughed and said “umm no it’s ok he’s only 3” she continued saying they had masks they’d give him. I replied “he’s 3 years old he doesn’t understand why we wear these. I’ve put them on him multiple times and he laughs and takes them off. He even pulls mine down anytime I hold him because he thinks it’s funny” well nope she still wouldn’t allow him and tells me Disney’s policy is anyone 2 years or older can’t enter without a mask. I told her the state law is 9 and older only have to wear mask. Still won’t let me come in. So Finally to try and get my son in the store (since he’s starting to get upset) I decided to tell her what I didn’t want to disclose publicly which is that he may have autism or apraxia and he’s currently being evaluated to determine what he does have. Still not good enough. I had to try to tell my 3 year old possibly autistic son he couldn’t go in the one place he wanted to go and carry him away screaming crying. Needless to say I told the woman what I thought of her and told her we’d take this to the mall management or as far as I had to. Happy to say he got to go in the store and I was SO HAPPY to see the ladies face while also knowing I got one over on disney’s ridiculous covid regulations lol as soon as he’s over toy story I’ll never support them again.

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago


  • Revolving Destination
    Revolving Destination6 days ago

    NH lifted their mask mandate, leaving it up to the individual business. Went into a grocery store, no mask required signs and didn’t put one on. Place was packed, only 3 of us not wearing a mask, I was shocked. Sad, people brain washed

  • Jeff Jankiewicz
    Jeff Jankiewicz6 days ago

    Masks are as useless as Joe Biden.

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago

    Joe Biden is doing great tho...

  • Brian Morit
    Brian Morit6 days ago

    He is right. We are free here in America

  • kimsmithih
    kimsmithih6 days ago

    We are in the throws of totalitarianism and the Republicans think they can take back our country by playing by the rules. How did that work out for Trump and the election?

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago

    What are you gonna do about it?

  • Yiffox
    Yiffox6 days ago

    I was watching the news with my roommate when the news announced that the CDC now says its safe to wear masks outdoors. I shouted at the tv, "it's ALWAYS been safe and we knew that over a year ago."

  • Yiffox


    5 days ago

    @yomamapwnz so you think the CDC declaring something NOW doesn't mean it was true a year ago when others were saying SAME thing?

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago

    Ah you think the tv can hear you. This explains where your stupid comment came from

  • UFwho
    UFwho6 days ago

    I was in a restaurant recently (2021) that had a smoking section... and it was a very nice restaurant.

  • Madmoe
    Madmoe6 days ago

    That chart from the CDC is completely besides the point though. Nobody is arguing that children are dying in large numbers from covid, it's the transmission rate of the virus that they are saying is higher amongst kids. Young children need social interaction with other kids and need to play, therefore they are more likely to catch and spread covid to parents and other family members who might be more vulnerable. That is the argument.

  • Madmoe


    5 days ago

    @yomamapwnz Haha, noted!

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago

    Don’t look for logic here. You won’t find it

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross6 days ago

    It’s unacceptable to make kids wear them anywhere

  • yomamapwnz


    5 days ago


  • ALICO1 Praise No-thing
    ALICO1 Praise No-thing6 days ago

    "..I feel guilty fir out-sourcing.." 🤪😝💀💀💀💀