Why More Government Spending CAN'T FIX Education... | Louder With Crowder


Crowder & Crew dunk on Biden's dumb education ideas during the #BidenAddress
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"Eat My Butt"


  • lcarus42
    lcarus424 hours ago

    They're trying to "FIX" the education like they fixed the election!

  • DaDonBossMan
    DaDonBossManDay ago

    When the state funds public education how does government get involved

  • Samuel Gosselin
    Samuel Gosselin2 days ago

    What's the definition of insanity: It's doing the same thing, over, and over again, thinking that this time, it's gonna be different. We put money in schools, and schools keep on failing so we put more money. In Canada, it's the same thing with both the education, healthcare, and transportation systems

  • grant meyer
    grant meyer2 days ago


  • Dr Diabetes
    Dr Diabetes2 days ago

    Instituting boxing classes from middle school onward would severely help the youth and in return generations ahead.

  • Army 33
    Army 333 days ago

    We spend the most money on education per student in the world. Vouchers would be a better method.

  • hlf_coder
    hlf_coder3 days ago

    The most important part of this vid is Gerald pointing out the Marxist strings that are attached in this bill. That’s the entire point. We’re living our grandparents’ worse nightmare. The communists have infiltrated the top tiers of our government. And we’re not even remotely strong enough to handle that problem

  • Frank Moore
    Frank Moore3 days ago

    Access to good educatuon is best achived by letting parents pick their childrens school. Why are Democrats so againat this?

  • Mohammad Omar
    Mohammad Omar3 days ago

    More money is going to = price of goods going up. We are in for a real treat. Not this year, but next.

  • Emil Tuverot
    Emil Tuverot3 days ago

    Critcal race theory is racist. Genderstudies seem like one of the most worthless degree ever. This is only the political correctness who wields their dictatorship.

  • youngimages2000
    youngimages20003 days ago

    When u throw money at Kamala, u get her husband and Nancy, too

  • david reda
    david reda3 days ago

    Government isn't good at fixing things. Government only creates waste & abuse. Government is the epitome of inefficiency.

  • ditchranemanable
    ditchranemanable3 days ago

    3:15 "We've been throwing money at it for the last 40 years..." pick something in the federal agenda that doesn't meet that standard? So many things are stuck in the 1960's and 70's acrosss the budget and across the conversations.

  • Kuba
    Kuba3 days ago

    School didn’t help hunter biden much

  • Jeff Pray
    Jeff Pray3 days ago

    Look at kamala laughing at slow joe: she knows who's really in charge and it ain't him... He's just the voice of the demotwat party and she's just the tw*t 🤣🤣..

  • Jeff Pray
    Jeff Pray3 days ago

    I believe it's time for slow Joe to be put into a retirement home.. just tell him it's apart of his job and he'll believe it 😅

  • michael kelley
    michael kelley4 days ago

    The leader of our country or should I say the people that kill the leader of our country what to say are f****** morons I have no f****** clue what is going to make our country better all they know is what is going to get them more votes in the end they know that uneducated people or educated people that don't know what they should know are going to vote for them as long as they hand out money.

  • Vader
    Vader4 days ago

    Not sending my kids to school.

  • Democratic Communists of America
    Democratic Communists of America4 days ago

    $20T isn't going make an IQ of 80 go to 100

  • Jayyy667
    Jayyy6674 days ago

    Biology and anthropology can answer the question. IQ and bellcurve

  • José Carlos Baranda
    José Carlos Baranda4 days ago

    You started talking and you missed the best part when he says that 12 years is not enough we need 4 years more

  • TalktoChloe


    3 days ago

    Ah yes, so more adults will be slower at becoming "adults" and having careers. I really hope they don't push that extra 4yrs thing that you mentioned.

  • Ted Eitel
    Ted Eitel4 days ago

    Love hearing your fact checks but I can't stand to watch the potato head spit lies so good job

  • Johnny Mock
    Johnny Mock4 days ago

    You are destroying American Business in this country! You have never worked for a paycheck, stupid!

  • Jeannie Scarber
    Jeannie Scarber4 days ago


  • kelaarin
    kelaarin5 days ago

    The amount of government spending on a program is directly proportional to the amount of inefficiency and waste in that program. - pretty sure that should be a natural law, or something.

  • Scott Schroeder
    Scott Schroeder5 days ago

    Education does not entail educated

  • Dave Savering
    Dave Savering5 days ago

    It won’t be long before he hires a one armed Albanian with crabs as his limo driver...I can’t wait!

  • Jd Dm
    Jd Dm5 days ago

    How under developed are democrats brains that they cannot comprehend the fact that all parents are not equal, and not all parents want what is best for their children, or themselves, and that no amount of government interference is going to give them that.

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis5 days ago

    I know, let's audit FORT KNOX!!!!!!!!

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis5 days ago


  • Tyler Echardt
    Tyler Echardt5 days ago

    Our population has been replaced by garbage who doesn't care if their children behave or do their school work. THAT is the real problem.

  • Lynette
    Lynette5 days ago

    He's giving away everything and future Dems won't have anything left to bribe low IQ voters with.

  • Walker Lancaster
    Walker Lancaster5 days ago

    Tell me this, these immigrants come to America for *freedom* and they vote for Sleepy Joe to give their freedom all away. 😐

  • D j
    D j5 days ago

    The US "educational system" is just a jobs program for college grads.

  • John Meyers
    John Meyers5 days ago

    Money can’t substitute for human formation. Specifically Aristotelian virtues. (Traditional Christian teaching has an even better body of teaching on virtues but those who want no religious influences involved have a viable alternative.).

  • Dont Trip
    Dont Trip5 days ago

    The problem isnt the schools its the students and parents bottom line

  • the cancelled one huh
    the cancelled one huh5 days ago

    Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he hath no heart to it? Proverbs 17:16 They already got all the books and computers and teachers and tools they need to get an education, it's on students and their parents to make them WANT an education, throwing money at it will only create more expensive daycare centers for future prison inmates, what they really need to do is bring back real discipline, ass whooping beatdowns to disrespectful students, and bring back prayer, the 10 commandments, and the pledge of allegiance.

  • Koolaidacidkilla
    Koolaidacidkilla5 days ago

    They nod to mrs biden like she's always working on the grind, bless her. Stfu

  • itachi60001
    itachi600015 days ago

    more money doesnt fix crappy teachers, in fact, it makes them worse.

  • Adam Sims
    Adam Sims5 days ago

    I fought teachers hate my son's school over them pushing their political ideal in my sons assignment. To write a letter to his Congressman about why Black lives Matter and to ban guns. I put a stop to that immediately.

  • mikebat l
    mikebat l6 days ago

    I think it's time to end federal indoctrination centers for good.

  • alyoya
    alyoya6 days ago

    If good behaviors and traditional good values are discouraged and not incentivized, what kind of outcomes they are expecting. The socialism craps from the leftists mind has not been working elsewhere in the world. When crimes rate arise, economy crashes and good talented people are forced to looking for other options, there will be no longer American dreams.

  • Joey Dias
    Joey Dias6 days ago

    More money is not better

  • MarilynSep
    MarilynSep6 days ago

    As a teacher, I think homeschooling is the best option right now. But if for some reason us not possible, it is ideal that kids go to school when they are 5 years old. 0-4 years is the time they need create a good relationship with their parents and family. Also their worldview if formed in those first four years. They want to get to their heads young. Also, all that money does not get to the classrooms, believe me I know.

  • Joseph V. Weiss
    Joseph V. Weiss6 days ago


  • R M
    R M6 days ago

    Join the Biden cult. Oh and has he done anything good yet. If so please let me know what it is. The answer yes he has needs and explanation please.

  • Daniel Henry
    Daniel Henry6 days ago

    The real problem is student behavior in the classroom

  • Tara Thompson

    Tara Thompson

    6 days ago

    Amen. Hard to learn anything with the continual disruptions and poor behavior the teachers deal with.

  • William Reynolds
    William Reynolds6 days ago

    The problem isn’t the money. It’s them not knowing how to use it.

  • Sabrina Bowden-hughes

    Sabrina Bowden-hughes

    3 days ago

    The thievery and special interests don't help!

  • Erin Rocha
    Erin Rocha6 days ago

    Epic comment! "Fentanyl Floyd"

  • Bob Watters
    Bob Watters6 days ago

    I spend thousands of dollars a year on school taxes and I don't even have kids, but yea lets throw MORE money at it! Why not? Joe said it's free!

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby6 days ago

    good education would be to take all that white wash those liberal Democrats over the last 100 years took out and put back in is anybody reading this comment right now I think about it how do you fix education teach what you never learned. Just fixed education 😎😎🚬🚬🖖🖖

  • Nino Kwim
    Nino Kwim6 days ago

    Stop Voting and demand transparency. It's our ONLY hope Peace be with you all

  • Elizabeth Kraszewski
    Elizabeth Kraszewski6 days ago

    Didn't Zuckerberg throw a billion dollars at public schools w/o results? Liberals will never admit this, but 9 out of 10x, if you see a student who is succeeding, well behaved, and stays out of prison, it's because he has a dad at home to guide him.

    ඞMANIC ASCENSIONඞ6 days ago

    You now need to be EdUcAtEd; but NOT right. God forbid you're right and go against the narrative; there going to have to EdUcAt you...

  • Josiah Lindow
    Josiah Lindow6 days ago

    Pumping more money into the education system is much like pumping a bike tire without patching the hole.

  • Scott Weaver
    Scott Weaver6 days ago

    To fix education issues you need to eliminate teachers unions. Bad teachers never lose their job, just keep on sucking at educating our youth.

  • Barry Kennedy
    Barry Kennedy6 days ago

    All the money in the world won't make you learn if you don't want too.

  • The Victor
    The Victor6 days ago


  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges6 days ago

    The protocols of the elders of Zion is the Truth

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges6 days ago

    Clade X

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges6 days ago

    Learn Gematria and see through the Lies and Propaganda

  • Randy Bridges
    Randy Bridges6 days ago

    Event 201

  • Deuce Deuce
    Deuce Deuce6 days ago

    "Government spending" is what destroyed the schools in the first place... First our generation's ignorance to allow government (even more) power over our schools... and now our children's generation to keep them ignorant enough to give government (even more) power over their children's schools.

  • Beverly Wilkinson
    Beverly Wilkinson6 days ago

    Anyone that has actually raised a child knows 3 year olds are not ready for school. The only people that do think that they are had nannies that actually raised their children.

  • mrhoffame
    mrhoffame6 days ago

    If there is ANYTHIG you are doing wrong in life...does "PUTTING MORE MONEY INTO IT" make it better...or worse? Problem with govt is they can never admit when they are failing (unless another adm is in power) so they blame not enough money for their failures. Not enough money is the problem, but you FIGHT AGAINST students leaving bad schools and still reward those teachers who are failing and have made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of them when you DO see they are failing. How will money solve that!!

  • philr182
    philr1826 days ago

    Does Pelosi look like Skeletor, or is it just me?

  • Syd Lexus
    Syd Lexus6 days ago

    As I have said many times, just because you want to teach, doesn't mean you should. Problem with "education" is how the students are being taught. It's all read this, memorize this, take a test. The teachers don't explain WHY, just the how. Good example is Math. Teachers will show you How to solve an equation, but never explain Why it is written that way and What it means, you don't learn it. Further, I strongly believe that teachers must pass a proficiency exam themselves in whatever field they are teaching every 2-3 years. Failure should mean 6 month probation, failure again means loss of license for 2 years.

  • Blake Stone
    Blake Stone6 days ago

    We need more types of schools, not just more private schools. Students and their families should have many choices as to what types of schools they can attend. Private schools, military academies, parochial institutes, privately-funded colleges, and publicly-funded universities should all be options, and government-sponsored schools should be operated at the local, county, or state level. The federal government should have no involvement in children's education.

  • Wolf Brigadier
    Wolf Brigadier6 days ago


  • Valrock Mograth
    Valrock Mograth6 days ago

    And this is how homeschooling becomes mainstream again.

  • sam montiforte
    sam montiforte6 days ago

    Cause kids are dumb no matter what.. get over it people. Some of you have dumb kids.

  • MarVill TX
    MarVill TX6 days ago

    Biden’s face lift is crazy tight!

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones6 days ago

    I didn't go to daycare, I graduate high school and I did a little bit of college yet I never finished college and I am doing so well that I have no more student loan debt

  • Hooga Booga
    Hooga Booga6 days ago

    They SAY they're throwing our money at it, but they L I E. They're TRAITORS, and they're trying to enslave us. Time to check out what to do with TRAITORS... (there is LAW to tell us. Check it out!)

  • Daniel Roos
    Daniel Roos6 days ago

    Thanks Sir.

  • Alec Austin
    Alec Austin6 days ago

    I think Nancy has something in her eye

  • Patrick Schardt
    Patrick Schardt6 days ago

    Money only does so much. You also have allocate it correctly. Many of these schools spend it on things like diversity training

  • Brett
    Brett6 days ago

    When Biden says "good education" you do realize he means false government propaganda, just like ever single socialist and communist government has always meant by "better education"

  • Laura Lynne
    Laura Lynne6 days ago

    What most peeps don’t realise is that many of these programs are already in place depending on your state. A social worker should be able to help you find out. However if social workers have to take the place of police officers, there will be a hole in that process too!

  • Jesse Oliva
    Jesse Oliva6 days ago

    Let’s throw tinder on a burning building...

  • Count dooku
    Count dooku6 days ago

    Three complete morons up there speaking for America.

  • CriticalHit Random
    CriticalHit Random6 days ago

    Half to most the money goes to Football and other sports from my public experience. Schools need to be changed to fit with the change in times. It needs to be focused on life skills and help with making capable adults not capable test takers. Grades mean jack crap unless you’re going into a specific career that needs it. I felt like I could have focused on what mattered for my future than what the education said matter for my future, but no. School is primarily a joke after you’ve learned all the basics you needed to learn for your life. Once you understand basic math for going about life and understand language then understand some biology about the world and then basic history. School is suppose to prepare you to be an adult, teach you and educate you with many parents now working their asses off trying to support the said family. I can go on and on and on. But money won’t do anything to help students in schools, but a direct hand and conversation will. What do kids know though, right? All the older people know what’s best because they went to school more than thirty years ago and sit dictating what should happen with it. :/

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell6 days ago

    If they don’t throw money at things how do u expect them to get really really rich taking their cut off the top

  • Chang Lim
    Chang Lim6 days ago

    Just type "Project Baltimore" in Google. School administrators helped themselves to taxpayers money with $100K - $300K positions while lying about student attendance for years. Despite ranking among top 5 dollars spent per student, they have consistently ranked among the worst in the nation. Yet, the city constantly complains that they need more funding...

  • Fat Momma
    Fat Momma6 days ago

    Well of course it doesn't

  • MrBrocephus
    MrBrocephus6 days ago

    Let’s talk about how there isn’t a lot of people sitting across from Biden

  • subham sharma
    subham sharma6 days ago

    did he spoke so long without teleprompter ?

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee6 days ago

    What you talking about eh been Canadians got to etching vacations done right with the most in it and Mackenzie brothers and calling each other whose heads and hosers and the things and stuff and the hashtag Joe Brighton not my president cash check about her it's not my president either is that the kind of stuff you talking about cuz I need a beer eh you know blame Canada yeah I went to a private school I went to a Christian private school that's why I have an intellect and education versus being passed through the system like you pass yesterday's meal through your bowels

  • Chris Laque
    Chris Laque6 days ago

    Biden is weak and is garbage

  • James Gray
    James Gray6 days ago

    Throw money at education if it's going to teachers(better hiring and firing needed), creating entrepreneurship programs, and bringing back vocational skills in the high schools.

  • Ned
    Ned6 days ago

    STAGE 3.. into communist country...SAD

  • Rajaat99
    Rajaat996 days ago

    I am commenting to assist with the YouTune algorithm.

  • StarBolt0
    StarBolt06 days ago

    Democrats seem to focus more on organizations than they do on the individuals in those organizations. Just because you have a school with lots of funding doesn't mean the individuals in those schools get any better. You need to incentivize good decisions, not force people into making certain decisions.

  • Justin Fenley
    Justin Fenley6 days ago

    Government should not be involved in education. By eliminating the mandatory testing, politician backed curriculum, and actually spending the money on facilities and teachers you fix the education problem. The people already have the power to make changes without government involvement. All school board members are elected. The school board hires the superintendents, who in turn hires the teachers and administration.

  • meEB
    meEB6 days ago

    I am sick of how much money goes to schools. Our local school had the funds to build an indoor football training field!?!? No way should the taxpayer pay for preschool or college!

  • addition AD
    addition AD6 days ago

    We can’t get the teachers to work now.

  • James Adams
    James Adams6 days ago

    Keep your kids out of public schools.

  • Dazed but not Confused
    Dazed but not Confused6 days ago

    He's getting phony claps and phony standing ovations while he is trying to explain how they fucked up the country in order to remove Trump. How did this country even let this happen? Did we wake up one day and tell ourselves it was finally time to burn America to the ground? Nostradamus predicted the yellow people would rule the world and the rat democrat leftist scumbags are their conquering force. And we're letting it happen.

  • Chris L
    Chris L6 days ago

    Its like watching a bunch of bobbleheads. Vouchers please.

  • Larry D
    Larry D6 days ago

    "Spend more money on education..." translate into The Grifters in Big Education lining their pockets while American students fall farther and farther behind.