TOP 5: WORST Leftist Takes on Derek Chauvin Trial | Louder With Crowder


#DerekChauvin #BackTheBlue #AOC
Even with Derek Chauvin being found guilty of all charges the Left isn't satisfied. Seems like abolishing the entire American system is the only future for the Far-Left, when will it be enough for them?
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Sorrow ฮฉ
    Sorrow ฮฉ12 hours ago

    They won't stop until they start dropping like flies.๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜”

  • Thor Karr
    Thor KarrDay ago

    why did he just randomly quote "Ms. Jackson"?

  • Mats Stamos
    Mats Stamos3 days ago

    Got it, justice is George killing himself with opiates.

  • Mats Stamos
    Mats Stamos3 days ago

    If they will never get justice can they please start the race war now so they can lose and be done with all the complaining?

  • Rob Hartley
    Rob Hartley3 days ago

    The guy was on meth

  • Rob Hartley
    Rob Hartley3 days ago


  • Julie Davis
    Julie Davis4 days ago

    Lmao. "Idk what it means but it sounds provocative." - Chazz Michael Michaels Edit: "it gets the ppl goin'!"

  • King Creedo
    King Creedo5 days ago

    Remember when we used to put down animals when they went rabbid?

  • Carolee Johnson
    Carolee Johnson5 days ago

    'George Floyd goooing to his drug dealer?'What?๐Ÿ˜’

  • Bbfishman
    Bbfishman6 days ago

    i feel like this dude used to be able to be taken seriously...but it seems that his shown has really gone down a goofy path that sort of delegitimizes him a bit

  • Ryan Phillips
    Ryan Phillips6 days ago

    They are saying the truth for us to hear. The justice they want, and demand, is an impossibility. When will we, as a nation, hear their words?

  • FuzzyJ
    FuzzyJ6 days ago

    once again, start teaching your children how not to commit crimes, how to obey all laws, how not to resist arrest, how not to run from law enforcement and how to comply with all lawful orders from police/sheriff. it's really not that difficult. from now on LEFTY politician f*cks, don't call law enforcement for help when someone breaks into your house, when you're being attacked on the street or when you need some type of help. you want to defund us but you'll call us when you're sh!tting yourself because you got scared of your shadow. you're all pretty pathetic and hypocritical.

  • Mista Keez
    Mista Keez7 days ago

    The prosecution used emotional appeals the whole case. Itโ€™s annoying that the jury was threatened into a verdict that the (stupid) people want.

  • Juan Miguel Frissa Tessa
    Juan Miguel Frissa Tessa7 days ago


  • Rizzo
    Rizzo7 days ago

    That's funny... Is Justice a pregnant woman being robbed at gunpoint with a gun pointing at her belly is that justice for her? Is Justice letting your son be out at 2:00 in the morning gangbangin with a gun? Justice would have been being a better parent role model to that son to prevent everything that happened. Justice would be teaching these morons to surrender when they break the law and clearly know they did something wrong as opposed to resist and put not only their life in danger but those around them as well. Justice starts at home when you raise your kids.

  • Brinny
    Brinny7 days ago

    Still using Floyd as a pawn I see bunch of sick shits. Justice is these scumbags not using a man's death for they're games.

  • VIktor Chofski
    VIktor Chofski7 days ago

    They are just a few short sentences from saying โ€œjustice is a world without white peopleโ€

  • Maddie Bowen
    Maddie Bowen7 days ago


  • Mr. Manager
    Mr. Manager8 days ago

    Tell me AOC doesn't make more sense as a subversive plant by the right

  • H2sGremlin
    H2sGremlin8 days ago

    Could you imagine living in one of these shitholes? I am so glad I moved to eastern KY in 06. Best thing I ever did. Didn't know it then though but now, GD am I lucky. I am safe as can be from that madness, they will NEVER get away with that BS in these parts. That's a fact. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธโ˜๏ธ

  • B Scott Culp
    B Scott Culp8 days ago

    J.bidem 1994 crime bill responsible 4 huge chunk of racism k Harris kept people (mainly of color) in prison over weed ...non violent offenders too...sheeple

  • Ez DuzIt
    Ez DuzIt8 days ago


  • Ditto Head
    Ditto Head8 days ago

    How can you make something so sad so funny at the same time lol. How do we know George Floyd would go home to his family? He might have gone out and robbed someone. Have to have options I guess

  • Tim Henry
    Tim Henry8 days ago

    Justice is restoration? How the hell?

    INFINITYKING8 days ago

    Divide and conquer is what the Dems want

  • Star Particles
    Star Particles8 days ago

    โ€œJustice is time travelโ€.

  • Hillbilly Boy
    Hillbilly Boy8 days ago


  • Hillbilly Boy
    Hillbilly Boy8 days ago

    Some people did some thing ? NOPE.

  • John Peakes
    John Peakes9 days ago

    Justice is AOC walking down the street & seeing a piano land on her from above just like in the old-school cartoons.

  • Brett Sears
    Brett Sears9 days ago

    Justice is George Floyd going home and putting a gun to a pregnant lady's stomach so he can rob her. That is some justice. AOC would not get within 1 mile of Floyd. She is so disgusting.

  • SAClassHunterZero
    SAClassHunterZero9 days ago

    See, when you have a culture based around revenge, instead of justice, you tend to be hungry all the time. Never satisfied.

  • Mike H
    Mike H9 days ago

    I am dreading the day AOC is elected president

  • Simple Human
    Simple Human9 days ago

    George Floyd killed hisseff. He did โ€˜em drugs and got HYPE DOPE.

  • david jones
    david jones9 days ago


  • david jones
    david jones9 days ago


  • Damien
    Damien9 days ago

    Whenever AOC starts a sentence and pauses halfway through you know sheโ€™s about to utter some whacked shite.

  • Patricia Otoole
    Patricia Otoole10 days ago

    Mr Floyd was not an angel don't u know that

  • Erik Sixx
    Erik Sixx10 days ago

    Marxism is never ending revolution. Unless it's crushed.

  • klav klim
    klav klim10 days ago

    'Lil homicide' ... r.i.p. killah. ... Damn son, you could've still been running around at 2am shooting up moving cars for fun. ๐Ÿ˜”

  • ZchryPlys
    ZchryPlys10 days ago

    I donโ€™t feel like people have any idea whatโ€™s actually going on. The more I see these videos the more I see confusion. On both ends. Are these just symptoms of an empire on its way to collapse?

  • Dirty Silver
    Dirty Silver10 days ago

    Let this sink in people. We have politicians, I repeat POLITICIANS, calling for charges against someone who wasn't even charged with the crime these POLITICIANS are demanding. This is the same cases read about in the Gulage Archipelago.

  • David Hardy
    David Hardy10 days ago

    If he wanted to be with his family, why wasn't he with them? Dumbo.

  • D Howard
    D Howard10 days ago

    Algorithm comment

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards10 days ago

    "Justice is George Floyd going home to his family tonight" Given his track record would he actually be going home or more likely meeting up with his drug dealer.....

  • Matthew Thomas
    Matthew Thomas10 days ago

    You never give the mob what they want, they'll always want heads on pike's.

  • Nathanael Aisen
    Nathanael Aisen10 days ago

    Hahahaha that was awesome what you guys did after all the b.s.

  • Mary Argenziano
    Mary Argenziano10 days ago

    I'm friggin crying over the horse !!!!!!!

  • James Curry
    James Curry10 days ago


  • mark mclendon
    mark mclendon10 days ago

    i pity all leftists......they display a complete lack of self awareness ..... they will lie instantly to support an of their harebrained notions.... the country be damned, their souls be damned...... what all black parents need to teach their kids is not beware the cops they want to kill you rather, instantly obey cops right or wrong, you'll be better off

  • Hooga Booga
    Hooga Booga10 days ago


  • Carlton Baggett
    Carlton Baggett10 days ago

    Justice is gf going home to od again.

  • jim jones
    jim jones10 days ago

    This is proof that Liberals dont give a crap about Floyd. They were hoping for a reason to riot and loot, but it wasn't given to them. Now they are creating another excuse to destroy.

  • Everett Rickett
    Everett Rickett10 days ago

    That's cute Toledo getting tucked in by his mom little homicide as he is known on the streets doesn't usually go home until most people are getting up for work

  • Nick Johnsen
    Nick Johnsen10 days ago

    "we're never going to be satisfied"

  • samuel siahaan
    samuel siahaan11 days ago

    Justice is george floyd coming home tonight and be with his family bringing drugs he jus bought with robbery money.

  • Daniel Freeman
    Daniel Freeman11 days ago

    I think AOC ment (justice would be Gorge Floyd going home to BEAT his girlfriend)

  • Craig Hahn
    Craig Hahn11 days ago

    It's a shame these boneheads are giving so much air time

  • Kyle Johnston
    Kyle Johnston11 days ago

    1:26 omg... stop

  • Irv
    Irv11 days ago

    Justice dose not mean you can bring people back from the dead AOC no wonder you struggling to find it

  • Rollinbus
    Rollinbus11 days ago

    Yeh, Justice would be to let George Floydd go home again. You left out, "to his pregnant wife again and stick a gun back in her pregnant belly and threaten to kill her all over again". what a hero, we gonna miss that one.

  • nickengineroom
    nickengineroom11 days ago

    Heals up Harris is a race hustler .

  • Chris Hurtado
    Chris Hurtado11 days ago

    โ€œForeva foreva? Foreva eva?

  • Jeff Leaverton
    Jeff Leaverton11 days ago

    Justice is George Floyd smoking crack tonight

  • Noah Rizzo
    Noah Rizzo11 days ago

    Imagine if Floyd had put his hands behind his back like this guy just did. Where would he be now? 13/50

  • A Notpinkblanket
    A Notpinkblanket11 days ago

    Car ears

  • curtis pineo
    curtis pineo11 days ago

    Justice is me trying to find random examples mass media shoved down your throats. :) and I'll say in the most condescending way possible

  • I see good
    I see good11 days ago

    How is being tried and found guilty by a jury that paid more attention to the fear for their lives and community promoted by media and politicians and rioters than the evidence in the case a step toward justice? Oh because many won't accept that individual lives matter more than the group-think they think everyone must conform to and be controlled by.

  • Slade B
    Slade B11 days ago

    FUCK Floyd he was trash

  • Ella M
    Ella M11 days ago

    Didn't George Floyd ditch his family though lol why would he need to go home to them

  • Fausdionis Pizzeria
    Fausdionis Pizzeria11 days ago

    Why oh why did our ancestors think it was a good idea to bring Africans to this country to be slaves..look at the mess it has created. Its basically like racking up a shit ton of credit card debt.

  • Andrew
    Andrew11 days ago

    Hey AOC - ask George Floydโ€™s family if theyโ€™d give back the $27M to have George Floyd return to them. My guess...nope.

  • Sean Snipes
    Sean Snipes11 days ago

    Theyre gonna have a lot of fun with that Pig cop Chauvin in the prison shower ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  • XTopia XTopia
    XTopia XTopia11 days ago

    BLM: We are never going to satisfied. Cool, let's stop right here and never you guys anything ever again. Problem solved.

  • David Dinubilo
    David Dinubilo11 days ago

    Every person in this video being interviewed is a flat out racist, why are they getting airtime

  • Ryen Martin
    Ryen Martin11 days ago

    Every time I hear AOC talk, all I see is Mr. ED talking.

  • Baba buyie Kaban
    Baba buyie Kaban11 days ago

    When you have people like AOC in American government, that says volumes about where weโ€™re headed.

  • Baba buyie Kaban
    Baba buyie Kaban11 days ago

    Justice is...??? Aoc is so confused...

  • chet lilley
    chet lilley11 days ago


  • Steve Young
    Steve Young11 days ago

    You should put some giant tv on the boarder and show how riddle the streets are with violence and gangs,show the reality what's really going to happen to them,they may turn around and March back home.

  • shreddog35
    shreddog3511 days ago

    AOC needs to just take her shirt off and shut up!

  • Pocket F
    Pocket F11 days ago

    Justice is Derek Chauvin being acquitted for a crime he didn't commit. But unfortunately for him, he's white, which is the wrong skin color. Because skin color is the only thing that matters in this country anymore.

  • Patrick Durst
    Patrick Durst11 days ago

    Holy shit the last bit with crowder. Lololol

  • Joseph Seppi
    Joseph Seppi11 days ago

    Faaak I can't do this anymore! Everyday these Trunp deranged Tards get crazier and crazier.. who's with me! We're moving to the center of the country. Put up a nice Circle fence. They can have the coast. Hire all the wokest most senile transvestite politicians, have their own president, No police ect.. and when it's all burned down homeless and destroyed within five years, and they need real adults to help fix it. we don't let them in?! K deal

  • King Nerdius
    King Nerdius11 days ago

    Fuck dissing people who are on the right, fuck dissing people who are on the left, can't we just meet each other in the middle

  • Yesterday's News
    Yesterday's News11 days ago

    I love to hate aoc

  • RorschachTV
    RorschachTV12 days ago

    So even with the knee NOT on the neck the whole time as seen on video, the crowds hostility that stopped medical treatment from being administered sooner, 3x the lethal amount of Fentenyl in his system which acutely attacks the respatory system shutting it down and stopping breathing, mixed with Meth amphetamines and other drugs, his previous OD and heart attack leaving his arteries with 75% Arterial blockage and his heart weak, no racism presented, alledged or seen inside the court throughout the trial, the hold was a legitimately taught manoeuvre commonly used by the MPD, GF asked to be put on the floor himself when resisting in the back of the police care and saying he couldnโ€™t breath before he was put on the ground, the fact DC could have used a Taser (some say lethal force) as the Prosecutors Use of Force expert testified when he arrived on scene but chose the lesser for of force by trying to subdue him physically. Along with the fact that Maurice Lester Hall pleaded the 5th because HE and his LAWYER were afraid of indicting himself on 3rd degree murder charges... All of that and more, doesnโ€™t put 1% doubt in the back of your minds that this wasnโ€™t just a callous a murder? Really?

  • Ian Keene
    Ian Keene12 days ago

    The PRESIDENT of the US stands to the side and lets the Vp handle things, pathetic puppet

  • B K
    B K12 days ago

    All of AOC's videos look like those serious commercials in which a paid actor has a one-on-one talk with the audience and ends saying something like, 'So I talked to my doctor.'

  • Michael Gehrmann
    Michael Gehrmann12 days ago

    The verdict and case just proved the left wrong about systemic racism. No process or training was found at fault. They took revenge on the individual by threat of violence.

  • Jasen Haynes
    Jasen Haynes12 days ago


  • Ghost_user
    Ghost_user12 days ago

    What 13 year old still gets tucked in by their mom?

  • C'mon man You ain't black
    C'mon man You ain't black12 days ago

    Saint George Kirby ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคก

  • Aaron Goodwin
    Aaron Goodwin12 days ago

    Where's the proof AOC is either a Girl type or a POC? I'm thinking she's got a schlong and the UV light from the tanning bed is overwhelming her two brain cells!

  • Hombre De Acero
    Hombre De Acero12 days ago

    Justice would have been an innocent verdict!

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell12 days ago

    The left is destroying America one day at a time

  • Lord Ot
    Lord Ot12 days ago


  • Just Me
    Just Me12 days ago

    Justice isnโ€™t the same thing as restoration. The left canโ€™t get anything right... wait a minute ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  • John Moore
    John Moore12 days ago

    How is justice Jorge. Floyd going home tonight? Makes ZERO sense at all.

  • nathan campbell
    nathan campbell12 days ago

    justice, would be legalizing the shooting of rioters on sight. This includes road blockers. justice would be allowing open season on gangs, drug dealers, pediphiles, domestic terrorist (rioters), the the total removal of the democratic party. We will never see true justice. just people crying over dead criminals based on race.

  • Reise Keller
    Reise Keller12 days ago

    I agree, this isn't justice... it's handing over a sacrificial lamb, over to a blood thirsty mob! JUSTICE IS DEAD!