These Cops ARE NOT Your Friend... | Louder With Crowder


The State only exists to protect your God given freedom, this is the State bowing to the mob.
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Tackle Berg
    Tackle Berg3 days ago

    Hey now, this is another example of the left's peaceful non inciting speach.

  • MooseCrumbz
    MooseCrumbz4 days ago

    I want someone after one of water’s rants to be like “Why don’t you shut the fuck up already”

  • Sean Nissen
    Sean Nissen6 days ago

    Forget not friend. They are literally your enemy and the enforcement wing of a violent mob

  • Olivia Hoiden
    Olivia Hoiden6 days ago

    Ummm they blocked his car....

  • J K
    J K6 days ago

    I’m really starting to think there are two groups of people, those of us who are immune to the brainwashing and the zombies.

  • SmootBaptist
    SmootBaptist6 days ago

    That's a lawsuit.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta6 days ago

    Remember, Maxine Waters praises, and demonstrates with attempted murderers from the '92 LA riots. She's a horrible person.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta6 days ago

    Maxine Waters is trying to motivate people to do things that she herself won't do.n

  • WTFhlostonparadise
    WTFhlostonparadise7 days ago

    I’m writing a fiction that someone shoots a crossbow at Maxine Waters. It’s a great story.

  • Chris Riggio
    Chris Riggio7 days ago


  • benstonewall22
    benstonewall227 days ago

    The question is why are they doing this to the human race. They are making everyone go mad

  • Timoteo
    Timoteo7 days ago


  • Mr. K5Blazer
    Mr. K5Blazer7 days ago

    Why isn't she in prison

  • D Howard
    D Howard7 days ago

    Algorithm comment

  • Amen And Amen
    Amen And Amen8 days ago

    Wow, she's a terrible, hateful person. Anyone who listens to her is the same.

  • Bjorgen Eatinger
    Bjorgen Eatinger8 days ago

    Why is that BLM woman so fat?

  • Bjorgen Eatinger
    Bjorgen Eatinger8 days ago

    Why is she still alive?

  • Jon S
    Jon S8 days ago

    Any police taking orders from crowds calling for their defunding probably should be defunded.

  • Fraoch Lee Burns
    Fraoch Lee Burns8 days ago

    she needs to be in prison

  • Rexus Nexus
    Rexus Nexus8 days ago

    Can she please be arrested for inciting a riot already?

  • Gunsnbacon38
    Gunsnbacon388 days ago

    She gonna get people shot.

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor8 days ago

    It's always a fat loud black woman with a megaphone leading these marches.

  • Josh Wright
    Josh Wright8 days ago

    If any politician or any regular person for that matter ever said that they would “take out” obama, they would’ve been removed from office, the left would’ve said it’s a deadly threat, or if it was a regular person they would’ve been fired and disowned. But yeah, keep fighting for “equal rights”. These nut cases on the left know All they have to do to get their base stirred up is just say a few words like, “equal rights, oppression, racist, or civil rights or police brutality” and they know that their people will just believe whatever the hell they say. It’s pathetic, really.

  • Sarah T
    Sarah T8 days ago

    Look at that wig lol

  • York’s YouTube channel
    York’s YouTube channel8 days ago

    Great show as usual

  • Dr A Cula
    Dr A Cula8 days ago

    I sincerely hope the guy’s case was dismissed

  • Game Plux
    Game Plux8 days ago

    Devision 2x. It's kinda good start for usa civil war. It's going to be fun 😂

  • TheSavageFrog
    TheSavageFrog8 days ago

    Wtf they blocked him from getting home and he is the one being arrested.

  • Carl Weber
    Carl Weber8 days ago

    Maxine needs to take herself deep in the....... waters.

  • StangQuest94
    StangQuest948 days ago

    The Marxist fascists' on the left know exactly what they're doing and now with Heels Up and Sleepy Joe at the top they know nobody will stand in their way. They are pushing law abiding citizens to the point where they will really start to push back and it won't be pretty.

  • Gustavo Camarena
    Gustavo Camarena8 days ago

    Can someone sue her? Like some cop bite the bullet and take a shot and blame the shooting on her

  • Sunshine Happy Lady
    Sunshine Happy Lady8 days ago

    So tired of these EVIL THUGS blocking the roads & making it unsafe & dangerous for good law abiding citizens!!!! 100% disgusting that they arrested the homeowner just trying to drive home!!! Since when is it a crime to go to your own home & see your family??? And the lady with the big mouth, this was NOT an act of God.... it was an act of EVIL!!! Blasphemy!!!

  • ImTheDaveman
    ImTheDaveman8 days ago

    Dems will (and have to some degree) weed out Conservatives from the Cops and Military. They want cops and soldiers who will follow orders against civilians without hesitation, without absolute moral compass. he National Guard for example at the Capital - Dems wanted any Trump supporters and conservatives removed. Maxine Waters wanted troops and commanders who will open fire on citizens without question of authority whatsoever. In my opinion, based on my own observations.

  • Hillbilly Boy
    Hillbilly Boy8 days ago

    “A gasoline station “ 🤪

  • Mik ee
    Mik ee9 days ago


  • Susan Disch
    Susan Disch9 days ago

    she promotes violence.

  • sparrowmoon
    sparrowmoon9 days ago

    Why hasn't someone burnt her mansions down? It's time to give them a little of their own medicine.

  • Officer Oaks
    Officer Oaks9 days ago

    It’s crazy how they will stir everything up then just pretend like it’s not their fault that people are trying to murder police and getting shot for it???

  • Jose Rodriguez Jr
    Jose Rodriguez Jr9 days ago

    I think that lady read the protest sign up sheet and saw marshmallows instead of marches

  • Xiellion
    Xiellion9 days ago

    So we can "peacefully" deny people the right to access their own property

  • Andrea Roland
    Andrea Roland9 days ago

    Race baiter m waters

  • Vash Matrix
    Vash Matrix9 days ago

    MN is becoming as backwards as NY, IL, & Commiefornia.

  • Some Words
    Some Words9 days ago

    it's so insane. The solution is education but our education systems are their biggest weapon currently.

  • Carlton Hamilton
    Carlton Hamilton9 days ago

    “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. “He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done through God.” John 3:16-21

  • Twitterjacked Mitchell
    Twitterjacked Mitchell9 days ago

    Your alt media is compromised. Try Rumble, Gab, MeWe...

  • Robert Perrin
    Robert Perrin9 days ago

    The auto play after this video was "David Webb accused of 'white privilege' by CNN legal analyst" by Fox News

  • Bob Bobbins
    Bob Bobbins9 days ago

    Who says "gasoline station"? People who stay in the car while their bodyguards get the gas, that's who.

    C DRIVE9 days ago

    Damn! All men and women may have been created equal but Maxine Waters is *proof positive* that equality is not a life long guarantee! Most life forms are expected to mature with age!

  • Rick Pontificates
    Rick Pontificates9 days ago

    If you want a GREAT example of DEMOCRAT HYPOCRISY, Maxine Waters is it! She incites violence and insurrection and NOT A PEEP from Democrats!

  • Harold Woods
    Harold Woods9 days ago

    How/Why is she still in office?

  • Alva Gonzalez
    Alva Gonzalez9 days ago

    What would you do when you're in trouble and need a cop Maxine Waters?

  • Sheila Oshea
    Sheila Oshea9 days ago

    Wtf is happening in our world!?

  • Sheila Oshea

    Sheila Oshea

    8 days ago

    @David Ellis I'm ready to move to mars!

  • David Ellis

    David Ellis

    9 days ago

    This ain't my world. I'm 74 and ready to go home. Nice visit but I don't want to live here.

  • Jeremy Manley
    Jeremy Manley9 days ago

    I can't decide which is worse Maxine or Nancy.

  • Jimbo Morrison
    Jimbo Morrison9 days ago

    Arrest Maxine Waters for starting trouble,NOW!!!!

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee9 days ago


  • Mason Weiss
    Mason Weiss9 days ago

    Get arrested while heading home cuz its easier than arresfing a mob

  • Gideon0297
    Gideon02979 days ago

    Long marches on the beach ⛱😎 😆🤣😂

  • Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt
    Wyatt Wyatt Wyatt9 days ago

    Miracle of God, innocent man arrested. Wtf

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller10 days ago

    She is beyond worthless and the Dems are okay with her inciting violence and the sell out Laybron doing the same. Thank You for the open invitation!!

  • Bill C
    Bill C10 days ago

    Can I say the same things she says and get away with it like she has?

  • Gewish Worm
    Gewish Worm10 days ago

    Cops need to realize that the only friend they have are conservatives, once they violate the constitution, they're all alone

  • Carolina Sanchez
    Carolina Sanchez10 days ago

    Impeach her!

  • Jonathan Beck
    Jonathan Beck10 days ago

    How does she have a job, much less a twitter account

  • Zach M
    Zach M10 days ago

    Lmfao words leftist & western terrorists don't understand: Peaceful. Racist. Systemic. ... anything over 5 letters long, really.

  • McKendzie R-C
    McKendzie R-C10 days ago

    "Long marches on the beach" 😂🤣

  • King Martin
    King Martin10 days ago

    Where’s the incompetent corrupt FBI?

  • Pharaoh Smith
    Pharaoh Smith10 days ago

    Those ending jokes was almost funny but they was pushing it

  • Pharaoh Smith
    Pharaoh Smith10 days ago

    The only problem with your theory about this is did any cops get attacked after she said that absolutely not sir

  • Ivan Fish
    Ivan Fish10 days ago

    Who says "gasoline station"? Someone who doesn't use them. That's who. Because She's been whoring our tax system for so long.

  • William Hamilton
    William Hamilton10 days ago

    Oklahoma passed a law were you don't have to stop if they block the road in front of you, just keep going.

  • Mona Callender
    Mona Callender10 days ago

    They want a race war.

  • Mona Callender

    Mona Callender

    10 days ago

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Dogs Bollocks
    Dogs Bollocks10 days ago

    needs to be taken out

  • Don Pepper
    Don Pepper10 days ago

    Maxine waters needs to be federally charged and impeached

  • Leignheart
    Leignheart10 days ago

    The bigger the group of these people the greater the degeneration and savagery, complete morons.

  • Caveman Origins
    Caveman Origins10 days ago

    To all the commentators on this panel.. yeah, you all are very classy indeed.

  • Jason Blood
    Jason Blood10 days ago

    A gasoline station

  • Corkfish1
    Corkfish110 days ago


  • chet lilley
    chet lilley10 days ago


  • Cousin Zeke
    Cousin Zeke10 days ago

    Do not ever stop your car. Ever.

  • ZchryPlys
    ZchryPlys10 days ago

    These older people just get such a rush from all the cheering. I don’t think any of these people understand what they are cheering at. I don’t think the older woman understands what she is even saying. Its just abunch of confused individuals that lack any real certainty in their life and have never learned how to cope with tragedy and pain. Its actually insane how brainwashed these groups of people are that obsess over identity politics. They are slaves to it.

  • Cyn Hicks
    Cyn Hicks10 days ago

    Boot lickers are about to learn a hard truth.

  • Roberto Aiello
    Roberto Aiello10 days ago

    That is beyond stupid.

  • Meg Silver
    Meg Silver10 days ago

    I'm going to have to agree with Maxine.... increasingly the police are not ur friend.... if ur a law abiding white citizen in particular. Especially if theres an unreasonable angry black person on the other side of wtvr issue. The cops simply dont want to be called racist, even if it means arresting someone who hasnt even done anything wrong and in fact is calm and polite. Seen it with my own eyes

  • R D
    R D10 days ago

    1983 lawsuit for sure

  • Pacovitch Stravinsky
    Pacovitch Stravinsky10 days ago


  • Chas Burns
    Chas Burns10 days ago

    Cops are the terrorists that will be sent to take your guns.

  • Josh Rinlee
    Josh Rinlee10 days ago

    She Ate the month of March

  • Sterf Derb
    Sterf Derb10 days ago

    Did they have a permit to “march”? What happened to the guy who was arrested?

  • ALICO1 Praise No-thing
    ALICO1 Praise No-thing10 days ago

    These roads are for cars

  • discarded cv
    discarded cv10 days ago

    Did Al Sharpton get a sex change? Good for him.

  • Kathie Seacord
    Kathie Seacord10 days ago

    Ban Facebook Fourth of July weekend Find something else to do 🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏿🙏🏼❤️ Show em we r still in control or don’t and b controlled It’s up2u

  • Chad Mower
    Chad Mower10 days ago

    “They gunna”

  • Elias Reyes Jr
    Elias Reyes Jr10 days ago

    her code name is ROAD BLOCK

  • Amber Scott CMT
    Amber Scott CMT10 days ago

    Oh you guys are killin me. Blocking the most traffic with the least number of bodies... I laughed so hard. 🤣

  • wolfcalls
    wolfcalls10 days ago

    i would hope he got a NICE paycheck for the lawsuit

  • J H
    J H10 days ago

    This Waters person is pure trash. Excrement.

  • joedmac78
    joedmac7810 days ago

    "a gasoline station" ? that's what someone who never goes to a gas station says

  • fun with food
    fun with food10 days ago

  • Alex G./AacaL05
    Alex G./AacaL0510 days ago

    I do not like the environment we are creating.

  • Josh Cc600
    Josh Cc60010 days ago

    To be fair the protest was being escorted by the police, they had a permit. Hence the motorcycle cops and he intentionally pulled in front blocking the march. Do a little research