The Reason Police Are Quitting EVERYWHERE! | Louder With Crowder


Steven breaks down the ghastly statistics of police quitting in America and what it means for the future of the country.
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Allie Wakefield
    Allie Wakefield5 hours ago

    "There's someone breaking in! Quick, call 911!" *calls 911* Crickets...

  • Christopher Schwarz
    Christopher Schwarz15 hours ago

    New bern NC, good police

  • --
    --19 hours ago

    Fascist regimes want the police out and their black shirts in.

  • KieferClarkF1
    KieferClarkF123 hours ago

    That Christian Bale "Good for you!!" by Steven was hilarious 😆

  • Her Name
    Her NameDay ago

    @Head Smooty guess it was too much for her little heart to take?? DFW also. Keyboard warriors wont change that no matter what they post. Its comical relief only. No amount of cowboy boots, yee-haws and Jesus will stop whats coming.

  • Madwizard145
    Madwizard145Day ago

    "sometimes your problem is with the higher ups". Im sorry but when did "just following orders" start passing as an excuse here in America?


    You might think you can tell someone's race just by their voice. But not in today's society. I know so many white guys who talk like black guys. Well, they talk like a rapper I should say. That's awesome if it's true that the cop got his job back today. I hope it is.

  • Earth Human
    Earth HumanDay ago

    Go on and resign, open up spots for the public

  • J Farmer
    J Farmer2 days ago

    Nice cops getting a lot more support now folks are sick of the lefty crap more cops more sidearms more church beats all the shit going on

  • Chris C
    Chris C2 days ago

    Idk if the resigning is a"letting them win thing though" . Back the blue!

  • Drew Down
    Drew Down2 days ago

    I live in portland(well the outskirts).... l I gotta say is luckily this is a "shall issue " state

  • Stretch Lindsay
    Stretch Lindsay2 days ago

    Your country is so fucked, when that goes on (Crime higher and cops leaving) then time to re-think who's in charge. I watched this twice because it was roll around FUNNY!

  • Charis F
    Charis F2 days ago

    Bro, a police officer up here in Ontario was suspended for giving some protesters a hug. The world is a weird place.

  • Adam James
    Adam James2 days ago

    Why don't the police arrested the proud boys

  • Adam James
    Adam James2 days ago

    George Floyd wasn't a threat nuff said

  • Zippy Dingding
    Zippy Dingding2 days ago

    Defund the army navy and airforce as said by the Chinese funded democrats

  • Zippy Dingding
    Zippy Dingding2 days ago

    The British shortened words to advance the language unlike the Germans 😃

  • Pandabella
    Pandabella2 days ago

    That is ridiculous! I can’t believe how people talk to Leo’s... Its truly disgraceful. It shows just how disrespectful and entitled our society has becomes. It’s about time that police are speaking up and leaving!

  • Zachary Payne
    Zachary Payne2 days ago

    Look how shot out on adderall Crowder is.. addicted to speed..from a doctor..

  • Lord of the Riffs

    Lord of the Riffs

    2 days ago

    making baseless claims?

  • Mary Canfield
    Mary Canfield2 days ago

    When my five year old grandson is not happy with her, he tells his mom, "I 'm glad Biden's president! "

  • Mark Bass
    Mark Bass2 days ago

    It goin vital!

  • Alyssa Jackson
    Alyssa Jackson2 days ago

    It just overly dangerous to be an officer of the peace now

  • Tim meh
    Tim meh2 days ago

    That culture can go completely to hell. In fact we need to remove all police from every area of culture like that.

  • The Cuban Handy Man Channel
    The Cuban Handy Man Channel2 days ago

    Waters eyes scream heroin.... big black pupils high as a kite on pain meds or heroin

  • Madison
    Madison2 days ago

    I live in the not crazy part of Utah (so not Salt Lake Country), and as far as I know, the cops here aren't quitting en masse. Why? Cause we're not crazy.

  • Hades Purgatory
    Hades Purgatory2 days ago

    That's what happens when cops keep resigning like they did in Portland I hope those hippies learn how to fight

  • Oj Blackcat
    Oj Blackcat3 days ago

    If you find yourself getting arrested, rightfully or wrongfully, you are gettting arrested. End of story. Fighting it during the arrest will only make it worse. You will not win. Just comply. You fight it in the court system.

  • Fuck BLM
    Fuck BLM3 days ago

    He got sad

  • PopeFamily Farm
    PopeFamily Farm3 days ago

    Muldrow Oklahoma. No change here. We have a small town.

  • Foracal Satoe
    Foracal Satoe3 days ago

    In rock port Texas no shootings and a bunch of police and pretty safe with them patrolling and 2nd amendment

  • Awasdwert
    Awasdwert3 days ago

    If police were allowed to go on strike none of this nonsense would be happening

  • don won
    don won3 days ago

    Why the fuck would anyone sign up to protect human garbage is beyond me. Cops need to go on strike for 6 months. I wouldn't blame them.

  • Will K
    Will K3 days ago

    Portland has been a cesspool of liberal scum for decades!

  • kaleb buller
    kaleb buller3 days ago

    Heyo was wondering how Texas is in this Biden chaos. be nice to know, have family over there

  • stoneofwar
    stoneofwar3 days ago

    Living in rural IL it`s rare to see police unless you head towards a larger city. Would be hard to tell if they are quitting here or not lol

  • S S
    S S3 days ago

    Cops can abandon their oaths of office and communities and we are supposed to hold them in high regard? How about calling them out for what they are, self serving.

  • S S

    S S

    2 days ago

    @Awasdwert AWWWW Insults only. Vunderbah!

  • Awasdwert


    3 days ago

    Maybe one of the dumbest comment I’ve read on USplan in a while😂

  • Chris Beck
    Chris Beck3 days ago

    I live/grew up in a small town where the police are mostly locals and we have nothing but tremendous respect for them! We don't have a whole lot of violent crime here and I say all the time how fortunate I am to live here! We are mostly gun toting, law abiding, American loving citizens! Oh and Trump is still my president! Thanks Steven, Keith and Kevin for not backing down!!

  • Fizzbrew
    Fizzbrew3 days ago

    Jesus that thumbnail. She is the stuff of nightmares.

  • TheBaconBrotato
    TheBaconBrotato3 days ago


  • Jeffrey Zijlmans
    Jeffrey Zijlmans3 days ago

    im sorry but .....usa has become insane .

  • Kenneth Whewell-Clarke
    Kenneth Whewell-Clarke3 days ago

    Biden with Harris and Pelosi are the new Manson family.

  • Nelson3300
    Nelson33003 days ago

    Dude, that thumbnail. I thought I was looking at something out of a horror movie.

  • Donopolis
    Donopolis4 days ago

    "sounds like black privilege"....LMAOft

  • xSam Waynex
    xSam Waynex4 days ago

    Has anybody heard about what happened in Elizabeth City NC? I don't think it's national coverage yet, am I wrong?

  • kevin lee
    kevin lee4 days ago

    We need to go back to the old west and everybody strap on a six shooter!

  • pooswah dontbotherme
    pooswah dontbotherme4 days ago

    Why they can't have my second. Nor first

  • BackWoods
    BackWoods4 days ago

    If you do not back the BLUE then get the hell out of our Country!!!!

  • Greyelk Williams
    Greyelk Williams4 days ago

    This is only going to allow the Democrat azi party the ability to do exactly what Hitler did and PLACE people 100% loyal to their agenda into positions as law enforcement. This is only going to result in further violence and a civil war.

  • James Harp
    James Harp4 days ago

    Here in rural change in number of officers. Also worth noting...only out hunting criminals of ANY race.

  • letzbunited
    letzbunited4 days ago

    These lefties are so crazy I would be okay with taking a few year vacation in prison at least there I know what kind of psychosis I'd be dealing with

  • Machete Velasco
    Machete Velasco4 days ago

    They're going to have robocops doing the arresting

  • Dickie Reynen
    Dickie Reynen4 days ago

    Judge dread almost seems like the narrative is possible in the future

  • Swanson Family
    Swanson Family4 days ago

    Good I would quit too. Who the heck would want to be a police officer right now, especially if your a white male. No thanks. Not worth risking your life, potential imprisonment and firing for nothing and losing your family. No way. I’d rather be a miserable accountant. I might move to some small town in Montana where there are 10 people, all white, and be the sheriff there.

  • Isaiah Ryman
    Isaiah Ryman4 days ago

    I live in Minnesota and the cops will only come to a store for theft cases where the theft is $1000+

  • Potato Woman
    Potato Woman4 days ago

    Legal Lesson: The problem with promoting the idea that cops are hunting down black people...people do believe it and respond accordingly. Resisting arrest is a charge. So, if you're being detained (in cuffs) then resist, that officer then has a reason to arrest you. Just because handcuffs go on doesn't mean you're being arrested, but if you resist YOU WILL BE arrested. Also, keep your hands where they can see them and you should be good. Take it an extra step if you're scared and ask them if it's okay to reach for your registration and ID. They have guns and bullet proof vests but officers die all the time trying to help others. They're scared too and that's usually when tragic mistakes happen. #DEFENDthepolice

  • Ted Wilson
    Ted Wilson4 days ago

    Chauvin and Rittenhouse are innocent. They should never have spent one day in jail!!!!!

  • Jon
    Jon4 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 this shit goin viral

  • Snoop Eastwood
    Snoop Eastwood4 days ago

    People are just losing it on the left

  • John Stebner
    John Stebner4 days ago

    He did not get fired he got demoted and then a few days later he got reinstated they knew they was wrong so they took care

  • 01nmuskier
    01nmuskier4 days ago

    16 months ago, no one would believe that still of Maxine Waters in the thumbnail was a person dressing that way on purpose. It looks like a dystopian movie villain.

  • Matte Kumlin
    Matte Kumlin4 days ago

    because you obviously are not even allowed to tell the TRUTH anymore

  • Josue Cruz
    Josue Cruz4 days ago

    For speaking the truth , wow the word we live in

  • Elijah Smart
    Elijah Smart4 days ago

    Not me. I'm joining the Academy in August

  • BBM
    BBM4 days ago

    I understand and it's a bad message.

  • David Brooks
    David Brooks4 days ago

    Ole crack head Ted

  • Adam Kohalmi
    Adam Kohalmi4 days ago

    Is this just part of the lefts plan? If you can’t defund police.....make life so ridiculous for them they all want to quit.

  • Classic Historian
    Classic Historian5 days ago

    Criminals are having a blast

  • Saif Al'Khaliq
    Saif Al'Khaliq5 days ago

    I love it when the free speech people delete your comments because they're not pro Canadian

  • shannon trejbal
    shannon trejbal5 days ago

    We should have seen arson going up. Oh yeah we DID as buildings burned

  • Chloe Ellingham
    Chloe Ellingham5 days ago

    The liberal cannot be satisfied when their standards change based on the situation.

  • LK Music
    LK Music5 days ago

    4:40 Why does the headline contradict the article?!?!

  • Shanna S
    Shanna S5 days ago

    Oregon! No Bag Limit! Just get it done!

  • Shanna S
    Shanna S5 days ago

    Praise God! We love our cops! Our citizens, at this point, mostly back our cops. We are kind of one of those places where we look at each person for who they are. We don't appreciate a millennial dick cop, but we realize the people claiming that all our cops are jerks seem to have questionable criminal backgrounds. The Texas Panhandle.

  • Return2Basics24
    Return2Basics245 days ago

    Remember when Obama was President, he decreased the size of our military, and started the whole race "war"? There were "conspiracy theories" and serious talk from our leaders about bringing the UN troops to America to do our policing for us. Fast forward to 2021 - there is clearly a bunch of angry people who believe America is deeply racist, there's protests and riots happening in dozens of major cities, police are being targeted as "hunting black people" resulting in officers quitting/retiring in mass numbers along with police departments being defunded which also leads to officers losing their jobs. Imo, this is all an agenda to minimize how many officers we have in this country, a hugh event is going to take place that leads to massive rioting all over the country, and they will say America can't handle it on our own and the blue helmet UN troops will be called in to do our policing for us. This is all planned. It's called Agenda 2030, formerly known as Agenda 21. Trump as President derailed their plans and now they are moving as quickly as they can to vastly change America to make up for the 4 years they lost.

  • barry alford
    barry alford5 days ago

    I think Fallon missed some comedy gold on this one. Good thing we have Crowder.

  • Kirill Obraztsov
    Kirill Obraztsov5 days ago

    Officer Tatum had a bunch of people (including me) call and email the PD to get the guys position back cause they had him on the desk after taking his gun and arrest rights. Tatum also started a fundraiser and people raised like over 70K for him. and unlike BLM all that money is going to him.

  • 2000 shadows
    2000 shadows5 days ago

    So natural selection is doing its job and police are quitting meaning only important laws are being in forced simulating a small government....... I’m confused, where is the bad news?

  • Human Centered
    Human Centered5 days ago

    Officer Tatum raised money and got thousands of people to call to get this guy his position back. You need to have Brandon Tatum on this program.

  • Russell Schuler
    Russell Schuler5 days ago

    I would'nt be a cop these days, the Dims got their sights on ya from the git go

  • Michael Isbell
    Michael Isbell5 days ago

    We’ll put folks into a motorized vehicle without proper training. We can barely enforce folks driving vehicles with a proper license to operate. What are the number of vehicle deaths - accidental, negligent, and intentional - each year? I bet those numbers were down during the pandemic. We practice cognitive dissonance simply because people feel they have the right to travel by operating a motor vehicle. I agree with the right to travel; however, operating a motor vehicle is a privilege. Walk, ride a bike, public transit, etc are all available for folks that cannot or choose to not drive. If you live in an area that these options aren’t available and need them, you’ll have a be an adult and make some necessary choices then. Your inability to think properly does not also give you the right to put me - an educated, rational, (licensed) law abiding citizen - in danger.

  • Michael Isbell

    Michael Isbell

    5 days ago

    I don’t think my phone is white

  • Michael Isbell

    Michael Isbell

    5 days ago

    “’ll have a be...” LOL. Didn’t catch that auto”correct” by my “smart”phone

  • Aron Gladden
    Aron Gladden5 days ago

    The reason police are quitting: They don't want to put a suspect's life above their own. Yet their duty requires it.

  • dmcoub78
    dmcoub785 days ago

    There is a pretty easy fix. Police in blue city/states need to be like uk police. Don't show up to stop the not white person from stabbing the caller, just show up after the stabbing to take a report.

  • you're gonna like the way you look
    you're gonna like the way you look5 days ago

    All I'm saying is that cop made a valid point. Don't know how asking if someone is gonna commit crime is offensive lmao.

  • Patriot Containers
    Patriot Containers5 days ago

    The thumbnail picture of maxine is horrid, she looks like a monster in a horror movie

  • אברהם טפרה
    אברהם טפרה5 days ago

    keep up the fight

  • Kevin Feng
    Kevin Feng5 days ago

    Dress in black...hmm....Men in Black?

  • J E
    J E5 days ago

    Convenient that 4 years after Rose City owns Portland, Wheeler is *now* saying that *maybe* there's a problem. Leave Portland to the fate the League of Shadows has resigned it.

  • Ghost Dogg
    Ghost Dogg5 days ago

    Crowder since you are a Christian then you believe Jesus Christ Will return. The setting is being established as we speak concerning the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ.

  • m RH
    m RH5 days ago

    Good. Police penalize the good upstanding citizens to the benefit of ‘criminals’. Fck ‘em, about time they step aside.

  • Bremarcle
    Bremarcle5 days ago

    I don’t blame police officers for quitting as a matter fact if I was a police officer I would quit

  • Worst Nightmare
    Worst Nightmare5 days ago

    Good. More for the militia

  • Joe Brate
    Joe Brate5 days ago

    Wow she looks terrifying in the thumbnail hahaha

  • Moreth The Rogue
    Moreth The Rogue5 days ago

    Screw Portland and Ted Wheeler. Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  • Notmy NAme
    Notmy NAme5 days ago

    OCP ! OCP ! Robocop !!

  • P W
    P W5 days ago

    I worked with an admitted antifa here in Portland (back in 2016) when Ted Wheeler was supporting him and they hated Wheeler. They show up to his house and piss in his yard

  • P W
    P W5 days ago

    I live in Portland and I never see anyone pulled over by Portland Police. I speed (less than 10mph over) in front of police and I've seen people driving pretty recklessly in front of police and nothing happens

  • Charlie is my hero!
    Charlie is my hero!5 days ago


  • jazzyone14726
    jazzyone147265 days ago

    The cop shouldn't have lost his job for his snappy come back! However the criminal should have been arrested for his stupidity!

  • Sidewallow
    Sidewallow5 days ago

    Anyone have sources on the statistics they are reading?

  • drumonabumable
    drumonabumable5 days ago

    I'm from the UK. Never used "burgled". Usually its "oi! That wanker nicked my TV!"!

  • Jan Borgula

    Jan Borgula

    5 days ago

    I am wheezing 😂