The Cowardice of Greg Gutfeld... | Louder With Crowder


#DerekChauvin #BackTheBlue #GregGutfeld
If you bow to the mob for personal convenience you're gutless.
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  • Jody Hicks
    Jody Hicks13 minutes ago

    I have turned him off permanently.

  • A.D Motorsports
    A.D Motorsports15 minutes ago

    How about destroy all blm. Give the American people a purge week and BLM will not exist anymore.

  • Raymond Blaquiere
    Raymond Blaquiere29 minutes ago

    States need to have Riot Bill's passed like Florida's . If you loot or riot in anyway it's a felony. Arsenal is a felony. Murder is as well.

  • Sinthrax 11
    Sinthrax 11Hour ago

    What a PoS. Sometimes I wish these people was standing in from of me when they say BS like this.

  • Cheapshot
    CheapshotHour ago

    "i wouldnt want to be that guys wife" savage kidney shiv takedown.

  • Danny Feinberg
    Danny FeinbergHour ago

    Gutfeld has always and will always be a little weasel!

  • Starwhale
    Starwhale2 hours ago

    Wow. That is disgusting of him to say. He's glad he was found guilty even if he wasn't guilty! Good for Jeanine for putting him in his place!

  • Andronikos
    Andronikos2 hours ago

    If this idiot thinks Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict is going to pacify the mob, he's going to be unpleasantly surprised. What has been said time and time again? These social justice types are never satisfied. They always wants more. They'll even sacrifice their own.

  • ricky roach
    ricky roach2 hours ago

    Ok the guy In glasses in the crowder show( I’m sorry I don’t know his name) need his own show. He’s much better than Crowder IMO

  • ricky roach
    ricky roach2 hours ago

    Greg is glad about the verdict because he thinks riots will stopped? He literally just admitted he bow downs to the barbaric BLM! What a coward!

  • Ron Martin
    Ron Martin2 hours ago

    Most of the time Greg Gutfeld does great commentary, this time he was wrong! You guy have been wrong before, but on the most part you are spot on, I don't believe you to be cowards!! Gutfeld is not a coward, he spoke his truth, to many it was wrong, including me!

  • evillink1
    evillink13 hours ago

    I'm not even mad, at least the man is being honest about where he's coming from, a place of cowardice and selfishness.

  • The Cryogenic Drummer
    The Cryogenic Drummer3 hours ago

    If doing the right thing was easy, everyone would be doing it.

    BORIS HRANOWSKYJ3 hours ago

    The Flames are coming to burn trash like GG !

  • ro5g5er
    ro5g5er3 hours ago

    Another reason I quit watching Fox News , must be sitting too close to Juan.

  • scot60
    scot603 hours ago

    He’s always a squish like many RINOs

  • Patrick McAleese
    Patrick McAleese4 hours ago

    You are accurate crowder.

  • Melvin Hunt
    Melvin Hunt4 hours ago

    He was guilty of involuntary manslaughter! PERIOD!

  • Happy Life
    Happy Life4 hours ago

    Big Gutfeld fan, but he was WAY off. Guilty on all charges, ONLY if guilty of on all charges. Very disappointed in Gutfeld, but he’s spot on 98% of the time.

  • Jim Atyeo
    Jim Atyeo4 hours ago

    Thank God that there is still people who still feel like Judge Jeanine. When give up the truth what do we have left. Chauvin should never have been on trial. It was a bow to BLM from the very beginning. The other fellow was correct when you bow to the mob, they then rule. I will never watch Gutfeld again.

  • Bantham Nobilis
    Bantham Nobilis4 hours ago

    gutfeld just lost a long coward, I wonder if gutfeld would feel the same way if he were the one on trial?

  • The Most Civilized Savage
    The Most Civilized Savage4 hours ago

    "I'm glad he was found guilty on all charges." - The Most Civilized Savage. I'll back that claim. I don't go saying George Washington is a traitor. I go around saying he fought for his people. The issue is the fine lines. Now people respect the red coats. You say some politicians should be locked up but, not those who work with them but, have a different party title. Be more American, you canadian. We try to treat everyone equal here. He killed someone. Doesn't matter who it was for. Otherwise gangsters killing people for other gangsters and soldiers slaughtering people for kings or politicians is legal. Make up your mind because you can no longer change my mind but, I think I can change yours.

  • JoJo Rey
    JoJo Rey5 hours ago

    Love Greg Gutfeld! I think it’s called tongue in cheek.

  • Mike j
    Mike j5 hours ago

    Gutfeld is a cocky loudmouth in my opinion!

  • Michael Gallagher
    Michael Gallagher6 hours ago


  • Braze Truth
    Braze Truth6 hours ago

    More People at FOX keep showing how they are sellouts. Upper Management is leaning Left .

  • Redge Small
    Redge Small6 hours ago

    Cowardly. What he basically saying is executing someone that you know is innocent and even cheering because you cant stand up for what you believe.

  • AU10
    AU107 hours ago

    Greg Gutless is a FRAUD!!

  • Peter Gustaf
    Peter Gustaf8 hours ago

    Judge Jeanine is way too old to be an idealist about the justice system in the U.S. Get real, woman. It's not the first year of law school.

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M8 hours ago

    Gutfeld is totally wrong here. He is caving to the mob. The cop is not guilty.

  • furball
    furball8 hours ago

    fox sucks

  • Riddell Wilson
    Riddell Wilson9 hours ago

    Im glad the justice system failed when it was put under the microscope of the mostly peaceful rioters. This is what apathy that allows the mob to gain and maintain control sounds like.

  • Jeffery Pearce
    Jeffery Pearce11 hours ago

    BLM sacrifices everyone for a slogan

  • Jeffery Pearce
    Jeffery Pearce11 hours ago

    Greg was right

  • Myron Stutzman
    Myron Stutzman11 hours ago

    Wow, Gutfeld is a POS that only cares about himself

  • Naas Human
    Naas Human11 hours ago

    It's at thát moment Greg new he fcuked up!

  • Perdido Atlantic
    Perdido Atlantic11 hours ago

    GG was echoing the ridiculous leftism that nobody recognizes anymore. Btw, who still watches FoxNews?

  • Maria Elena Vecchione
    Maria Elena Vecchione12 hours ago

    You're right except that he is where he is and you are where you are. See the difference ?

  • Bertdog
    Bertdog12 hours ago

    I guess Gutfeld is gutless. Justice must never be compromised, but often is.

  • mike ryan
    mike ryan13 hours ago

    He is so right! the Lefty PSYCHO'S would have gone on a Rampage everywhere. BLM would have got RICHER with a not Guilty verdict!! the TWIT running BLM would have cut lose all the Psycho's and than she could blackmail more Corporations for the cash to buy even more Mansions!!

  • Randy Cowart
    Randy Cowart13 hours ago

    Wow! What a damn coward fo sho...g'zzz

  • Nelson Montana
    Nelson Montana13 hours ago

    Yeah, Gutfeld lost a lot of respect with that.

  • Paula mcdowell
    Paula mcdowell13 hours ago

    Wtf 🤬 the school yard bullies all the power...and losing my support in the process

  • dusty827
    dusty82714 hours ago

    Never really been a fan of Gutfeld. He's very "sophomoric," and at times childish in his attempt at comedy.

  • Brian Young
    Brian Young14 hours ago

    Greg should have a sign behind him saying "hail Ants"

  • Patricia Otoole
    Patricia Otoole14 hours ago

    I don't like u anymore u r a coward

  • Pingoleta Jones
    Pingoleta Jones14 hours ago

    Greg Gutless

  • simon daughtry
    simon daughtry15 hours ago

    "Ignorance" is a more benign, forgiving way of saying your: lazy, under educated, narcissistic, and irresponsible ....

  • John Booker's Full spectrum
    John Booker's Full spectrum15 hours ago

    Greg's neighborhood was looted due to the fact HE and the other lady boys that reside there ALLOWED it to happen.

  • Kenton Kirkpatrick
    Kenton Kirkpatrick15 hours ago

    If you are not ready and willing to fight and die for freedom and justice, you won't have it.

  • Leicester Blackthorne
    Leicester Blackthorne15 hours ago

    Gutfeld is a Voldemort.

  • Buddy Snyder
    Buddy Snyder16 hours ago

    Shut his show off on Saturday and send the right message.

  • mark
    mark16 hours ago

    WTF GG?!

  • Andy Fuentes?!¿¡
    Andy Fuentes?!¿¡16 hours ago

    People are just trying to utilizing anything to benefit themselves.

  • calomie
    calomie16 hours ago

    You don't get peace by acquiescing to the mob. You just give the mob more power.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson16 hours ago

    Greg Gutless forevermore.

  • bknsty 14
    bknsty 1416 hours ago

    Sad to see so many people turn on Gutfeld. For years he’s been the biggest defender of Trump and conservatism on that show, and he’s not even a conservative. He’s been the one arguing with Juan and the other libs with the most passion. One comment and everyone just says well fuck him. Really sad. The man has been saying for a year that his own neighborhood got destroyed night after night. And you wonder why he’s ok with a guilty verdict? Derrick Chauvin was never going to get off. It wasn’t going to happen. He probably was sacrificed for the good of the country and because of a tainted jury he’s never going to get a fair trial. If there’s a retrial he will still get convicted. Should he? I don’t know. George Floyd was a piece of shit who was never going to contribute anything productive to society. I couldn’t care less about him. And whether or not that “knee to the neck” had anything to do with him dying, Chauvin made a decision to keep his knee there for almost 9 minutes, knowing he was being filmed, with people saying stop you’re going to kill him. He could’ve stopped, he didn’t. He made his bed. All the times over the past ten years you all have been there to nod along and agree with Gutfeld and somehow he hasn’t built up any good will? You people are the worst. And I thought better if Crowder. After all the years of people taking shit about him. The Not Gay Jared rumors and the Sven Computer saying he wasn’t paid. The Owen Benjamin stuff. And yet here he is, throwing a guy under the bus and all you people just nod along with him. This video is beneath him. It’s disappointing that he decided to do this. Maybe Owen was right. After all, he went on USplan and said it so it must be true. You’re better than this Steven.

  • Alan
    Alan16 hours ago

    Uh, kind of a dick move there, Greg. I used to defend FNC almost daily. I cut the cord four years ago and am still amazed at how little I miss it.

  • Raeperk57
    Raeperk5716 hours ago

    I don't believe he should have been guilty of all the charges.

  • Acrolein 1
    Acrolein 117 hours ago

    What a pos human being

    LIBERTY FREEDOM17 hours ago

    He should've got negligent manslaughter. He was not guilty of all three charges because the facts and evidence say so. I watched that whole trial and also nobody brought up race once during it. That's because it had nothing to do with racism. It was arrogance, possibly faulty training, and the fact that Chauvin was a sadistic, negligent, authoritarian cop. Which, by the way, is in no way an indictment on the whole police force. The officer at fault was found guilty so across this republic people need to start to Back The Blue. We need them.

  • George Tazzman
    George Tazzman17 hours ago

    If not this case then they will use the next one to riot and loot.

  • The Force
    The Force18 hours ago

    I lost all respect for Greg....Shame on you!

  • Ric
    Ric18 hours ago

    Wow. I am shocked that Gutfeld took that stance. What a coward he is.

  • Bite Me
    Bite Me18 hours ago

    WOW! I can never watch Gutfeld again. Just. WOW! What a despicable human being. I bet if it was him that he'd feel completely different.

  • Neal Katz
    Neal Katz18 hours ago

    Cowardice? Who chickened out of a debate with Sam Seder?

  • ajax1137
    ajax113718 hours ago

    The sad thing is, many people in America feel like Gutfeld. They'll settle for "peace" over "justice." It's how Trump failed to get reelected. People voted for the comparative "quiet" of a traditional swamp creature like Joe Biden. I'd rather Chauvin get a fair trial and defend my home with a rifle than watch a modern day lynching just so that I can go to the mall without being harassed by modern day brownshirts.

  • bighand69
    bighand6920 hours ago

    America is in trouble and clearly that is what he is talking about in his context of a guilty verdict.

  • JC Eyesopen
    JC Eyesopen20 hours ago

    Gutfield wants justice, are there not two parties here that require justice? What he wants is HIS type of justice.

  • James Skelton
    James Skelton23 hours ago

    I think you want fries with that.

  • Wendy Robson
    Wendy Robson23 hours ago

    Greg has gotten off's noticeable and he's showing his fear! Mobs = fear! there is not much that can be done to soothe that away! It does not cancel out justice for those that have been injured...Greg are joining the ranks of Juan

  • freethinker 45
    freethinker 4523 hours ago

    No he was a coward, Yes agree 100% Steven

  • Shannon Moats
    Shannon Moats23 hours ago

    Thank you Steven this is EXACTLY what I thought about what Gregg said it really pissed me off.

  • Bruce Leroy Jones Jr
    Bruce Leroy Jones JrDay ago

    Should we jail Gutfeld if the mob DEMAND his emprisonment, just for the sake of tranquility?

  • john jay
    john jayDay ago

    Steven, I like you but really not very funny.

  • Neil Watkins
    Neil WatkinsDay ago

    A society like ours has to be built upon a moral peoples. We are no longer moral. So our society is in decay.

  • Jay Clark
    Jay ClarkDay ago

    So Gutfeld is honestly a selfish coward. Glad for a conviction even if the officer wasn't really guilty? Greg Punkfeld!

  • Nitty BlahBlah
    Nitty BlahBlahDay ago

    No, you're (Crowder) not conveying the full context of Gutfeld's point and how he reached his point over the course of the past 4 years of bullshit from the left burning down the nation, including Gutfeld's neighborhood where the world, including Crowder, ignored the plight of those caught up in the violence, fear and uncertainty. If you've paid attention to Gutfeld's opinion, fact based opinions moreso than most...over the course of longer than just this one episode but pertaining to this one topic, the Chauvin murder investigation/trial, then you'd also know that Gutfeld has expressed his opinion from the beginning that he believes Chauvin committed an unlawful, and a completely unnecessary act of violence against Floyd. But, hey...facts are an SOB, right Chowder? Funny, you and your buddy are sitting around talking crap on how you believe someone would say "anything they need to" in order to be relevant, yet, you and your buddy are sitting around "...saying anything" you need to in order to feel relevant...irony or cowardice? Maybe I'll go talk about you to some random people and see which feeling I get first...then I'll know your daily life runs...Good luck riding that conservative b-team bench...Looks like your jealousy is showing...I hear they like your type over at cnn and msnbc...After all, once a "conservative" wearing a "vest" on his radio show (how insanely cowardly is that message, but anywho...) starts badmouthing FOX or any other conservative for that matter they inevitably find a pundit spot on one of the msm and the "Mooch" have more in common than you think...Too funny... *No, I'm not some nancy liberal...No, I did not vote for Trump, Biden, Sanders, Clinton, or any of the other sycophants who never reached my standards for what makes a man a leader...No, I'm not a drug addict, alcoholic, women beating redneck...No, I'm not some city boy nancy pretending he's country in order to "fit in"...No, I'm not into Yanni...I just don't cowardly little dudes who talk shit about someone/something, yet...they're the exact thing they're pretending to call out...It's mind numbingly irritating to see morons like Crowder hating on people from a skewed vantage point, purposely skewed in order to fit his production narrative, and acting like he's "frustrated" that people just don't "get" him...What a complete fraud this dude is...Ugh...Go back to making your videos of "Guess Which President Said..."...Sincerely, that's the only thing that made you relevant.

  • AV84USA
    AV84USADay ago

    Wow. I hadn’t heard this because I stopped watching all news. Greg Gutless is more appropriate. That’s shameful, cowardly, spineless, and shows zero integrity and character. I thought he was much, much better than that.

  • Chris Chats
    Chris ChatsDay ago

    So. Now there is no confidence in the court system. Mob rules.

  • chris65645
    chris65645Day ago

    F this 🤡. All respect gone.

  • chris65645


    Day ago

    I hope Tyrus leaves that show

  • AKJames762
    AKJames762Day ago

    Wow wtf.

  • Matt Glass
    Matt GlassDay ago

    Meanwhile, the country continues to go up in flames. Good job Greg!

  • Surf Wave Oki
    Surf Wave OkiDay ago

    Like to see if gutfield would feel the same way if he were the one on trial

  • ChimChim812
    ChimChim812Day ago

    This country better be afraid of the mob who hasn't spoke yet. Because when that mob speaks, it's gonna hurt.

  • TwoBuck Chuck
    TwoBuck ChuckDay ago

    Wow, I used to like Gutfeld. What a F_ing coward. He will sacrifice anyone just dont loot his neighborhood.

  • Batman Collector
    Batman CollectorDay ago

    Yikes. That's messed up.

  • LondonsFinestSon
    LondonsFinestSonDay ago

    We have a bloke like Greg in the UK. Americans know him too! Piers Morgan. They both talk out of both sides of their face. They ride the wave of milque-toast ‘controversy’, release a book or two and sit like fat squishy lumps of goo on our TVs saying the ‘right’ thing and ‘wrong’ thing at exactly the same time so they can keep the grift going. They know exactly what they’re doing too.

  • dalton brasier
    dalton brasierDay ago

    Honesty is not a virtue if your honesty is disgusting.

  • James Murphy
    James MurphyDay ago

    Crowder-Gutfeld is a well documented rivalry dating back to their days on Red Eye (Fox), i find it stupid because im a fan of both

    LATVERIAN1Day ago

    Greg was pretty much my last hope of ever watching FOX again. But after seeing him act like a cowardly/ sell-out, I was blown away. I'll "NEVER" tune into this little twit ever again.

  • gravl123
    gravl123Day ago

    Watch your neighborhood go up in flames, then tell me he’s a coward.

  • Michael Doane
    Michael DoaneDay ago

    Shame on him...loved Greg..but he did kinda step in shit with this 1! Idiot

  • jessewahwah
    jessewahwahDay ago


  • Rachel Hudson
    Rachel HudsonDay ago

    Used to watch Greg but never again, hope it never happens to him.....what a jerk, he is a huge COWARD

  • A.J. Hart
    A.J. HartDay ago

    Gutfeld WAS being honest. I guess honestly can't be considered stepping up in this case. But I have a question: Does Gutfeld still dole out a steady stream of gay jokes like it's still 1995?

  • A.J. Hart
    A.J. HartDay ago

    Cameron Poe wasn't a coward. It cost him years in prison and eventually he had to survive riding in a plane with Steve Buscemi. I wouldn't wish either thing on anyone.

  • vince80ful
    vince80fulDay ago

    Who is the song at the end of the show?

  • Pall Mall
    Pall MallDay ago

    Amazing, Greg has a ccw in nyc when 99.7 percent of new Yorkers can't get one, "my neighborhood was looted " he owns the whole neighborhood, in my old neighborhood you came in to do the wrong thing and you got a toe tag