#LeBronJames (more like... LeBron LAMES) talks about how he condemns violence... but then calls for violence anyways because nobody will hold him accountable. Also, basketball is a stupid sport that nobody should be watching.
#LeBron #makhiabryant
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Randy Trivitt
    Randy Trivitt11 hours ago

    I know I'm a week late but Lame Brain LeBron James loves the CCP the most racist communist country in the world where all the sweat shops are today's slave shops... 🆘🤥🇨🇳👹🐉👈👀🤔💡🙄💯♥️✝️🙏🇺🇸⚖️🌎✌️❤️🤍💙🙌👏👏👍👍

  • D Howard
    D HowardDay ago

    Algorithm comment

  • Ghengisk79
    Ghengisk79Day ago

    Lebron doesn’t understand the complex nuances of irony.

  • Debra Mendosa
    Debra MendosaDay ago


  • nvt nvt
    nvt nvt3 days ago

    lebron james is an overprivileged lost soul.

  • Jesse Kaiman
    Jesse Kaiman4 days ago

    I like how they started roasting the cop lmao

  • DogWarhawk
    DogWarhawk4 days ago

    The situation is fighting for freedom.

  • DogWarhawk
    DogWarhawk4 days ago

    LAPD union calling for investigation of James now

  • José Carlos Baranda
    José Carlos Baranda4 days ago

    Hey bron in the same time you saw cops profiling blacks in tha hood, did you see any black people killing each other?

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper4 days ago

    The Akron hood? That's why I will NEVER go to Ohio the whole state is a hood.

  • sharri Taylor
    sharri Taylor5 days ago

    Lebron needs to shut his face, his elitist hypocrisy is pathetic. He is a liar, flat out. Why do you fear for your lives? Whatcha doing wrong?!

  • Peter Venkman
    Peter Venkman5 days ago

    LeBron is nothing but a hateful racist devil just like nick cannon.

  • peter k
    peter k5 days ago

    It was normal practice in the estates of the powerful to have retainers. Some specifically there to provide entertainment. It was common for the jester to play at being the king, but it was dangerous for him to forget that he was just a fool.

  • Dylan DeRoos
    Dylan DeRoos6 days ago

    There's only one "King" of sports, and that's Richard Petty- Not to mention, he is a man who supports standing up for the national anthem

  • Yup Ok
    Yup Ok6 days ago


  • Matt Hoffman
    Matt Hoffman6 days ago

    The number 1 problem with athletes, media etc etc these days is that they don’t wait until all the facts are out. Even wait until some of the facts are out. When you respond right away and the information you’re provided is false “in this case some media said she didn’t have a knife and made it seem like she was a real victim when she wasn’t” then that’s not doing the world any good. With that said I’m all for police reform, retraining etc because there is a lot of racism on the force and in the community in general. That should be obvious to everyone.

  • xxkon24xx
    xxkon24xx6 days ago

    I heard he got the cop suspended. The cop that made that funny video ..

  • Nick Donovan
    Nick Donovan6 days ago

    LeBron # biggest racist out there James

  • Desp0tic0men
    Desp0tic0men6 days ago

    I wonder if white people would be racially profiled walking down Compton

  • Green Giant
    Green Giant7 days ago

    What’s wrong with this Like Button not working????

  • Green Giant
    Green Giant7 days ago

    Lebron better learn to budget his money because the NBA is losing a bunch of profit and won’t be offering anymore Huge contracts for their players. I guarantee it!

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson7 days ago

    How messed up are we that what a basketball player says is regarded as significant? Way past time we stopped listening to whatever sanctimonious and self-promoting BS sports people and celebrities have to say.

  • Johnna Farrell
    Johnna Farrell7 days ago

    Geeez the Getto King! 🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😂

  • Johnna Farrell
    Johnna Farrell7 days ago

    You cant put a crown on a clown! And expect a king!

  • Andi Leigh
    Andi Leigh7 days ago

    His beard looks ridiculous.

  • Malter Dwight
    Malter Dwight7 days ago

    Being white I know more white people than I do black people, but the black guys I do know have all laughed when I asked them if they're afraid to go outside. I am from Ohio. Recently moved out of Columbus.

  • GodZi
    GodZi7 days ago

    Isn’t that the same guy whose security detail is made of off duty police officers? Oh yes. THAT dude.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson8 days ago

    Did he not hashtag accountability🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️. You guys are worse than mainstream media. Have me on your show🤦🏿🤦🏿🤦🏿

  • Larry Rota
    Larry Rota8 days ago

    Can't believe y'all hating on LeBron you can't remember his first quote ( life is like a box of chocolate) this man is highly intelligent don't you forget that lmao

  • Michael willis
    Michael willis8 days ago

    Disgusting lebron, shame on you

  • York’s YouTube channel
    York’s YouTube channel8 days ago

    Great show as usual

  • Jay McGuffie
    Jay McGuffie8 days ago

    Le MorBron.

  • dal25brookes
    dal25brookes8 days ago

    Imagine typing ACCOUNTABILITY and only holding 1 person accountable in a situation where 1 person is trying to stab another 1 person trys to kick a girls head off and 1 person trying to create harm to a person who saved someones life.

  • Rachel Jo.
    Rachel Jo.8 days ago

    You are racist!

  • Rebecca James
    Rebecca James8 days ago

    I'd like to see the family of the girl saved from being stabbed to death respond publicly to tools like this dude. The best response to this race baiting ignorance is a family member, who is also black, thanking the white officer for saving their loved one.

  • El Pingu Jones
    El Pingu Jones8 days ago

    This cabron james is a joke!

  • Trevor Ross
    Trevor Ross8 days ago

    “I don’t believe he was educated on the matter at hand”. Hmm...

  • Hillbilly Boy
    Hillbilly Boy8 days ago

    LaBrick James sucks.

  • Doc LoLo
    Doc LoLo8 days ago

    “You’re Next, SIKE!”

  • David Bodine
    David Bodine9 days ago

    Pro sports, let’s see there murders, rapists, domestic violence thugs, drug addicts and drunks and most can’t even speak English. Why does anyone think they should be respected or listened to?????

  • Jason Waller
    Jason Waller9 days ago

    Were you equally outraged with the death of George Floyd?

  • Jason Waller
    Jason Waller9 days ago

    He was wrong about one incident, but right about a dozen. So yeah, I’m still riding with Lebron. 💯

  • Michael Sinclair
    Michael Sinclair9 days ago

    He did not call for violence he said he was next as in what happened to the cop that murdered a man publicly was brought to justice. Thou I do hold him accountable for speaking before he knew the facts of the situation. Trump spoke more recklessly as a president, bit we'll ignore his privilege. Double standard.

  • Diablo 6 9
    Diablo 6 99 days ago


  • Francis Baxter
    Francis Baxter9 days ago

    Space jam 2 is gonna break box office records I think.

  • John Fallon
    John Fallon9 days ago

    "RACIAL PROFILING", IT SHOULD BE CALLED PREEMPTIVE CRIME PROVENTION! WHERE DOES THIS HAPPEN? IT HAPPENS IN HIGH CRIME AREAS, IT HAPPENS IN AREAS WITH GANG VIOLENCE, WHY HAS NO ONE TALKED ABOUT THE TIMES THIS "PROFILINGS" PREVENTED CRIMES, I grew up in a housing project in filthydelfia, when I turned sixteen I enlisted in the navy, my thre brothers enlisted also, we learned job skills, respect, maturity, all those things you ignore, because queen labra, you still live on the plantation and you only say what you are told to say by your "masters".

  • Michael Hill
    Michael Hill9 days ago

    Instead of "Spoiled Hypocrite" I read "Sodium Hypochlorite"...I've been in Water Treatment too long. Lol.

  • Stew Pidasoe
    Stew Pidasoe9 days ago

    He was right about creating more hate look at all you on the right. None of you hypocrites had anything to say with the hundreds of hateful dividing tweets by Trump during his Presidency. Want to talk about hypocrites look in the mirror.

  • Stew Pidasoe
    Stew Pidasoe9 days ago

    You know damm well it wasn't a call for violence it was right after Derrick Chauvin was convicted.

  • Higginsamerica
    Higginsamerica9 days ago

    0:37 “you grow up in Akron” Akron Ohio may not be as bad as Cleveland or Chicago or LA but it’s still a dumpster fire on a smaller scale. Not defending LeBron just letting you know he legit grew up in the hood. Even though he did get treated like royalty ever since middle school.

  • john stockton
    john stockton9 days ago

    MaKiah Kalifa and King LeBum Stains

  • Stephen Prewoznik
    Stephen Prewoznik9 days ago

    Lebron may have never called for violence (he says that). But to placate his handlers, he calls for it now.

  • Jay Sellers
    Jay Sellers9 days ago

    If we could only kill most of Twitter Facebook and USplan life for humans might be better

  • Gary Wahl
    Gary Wahl9 days ago

    Crowder for president.

  • barrysentials
    barrysentials9 days ago

    I can't remember everlikingthatoneblack man. He is Labitch

  • C Major
    C Major9 days ago

    he calls for accountability, not violence. just because he's black, doesn't mean you can assume he wants to hurt you

  • Function or Perish
    Function or Perish9 days ago

    Shut up and dribble the queen

  • Samuel Harris
    Samuel Harris9 days ago

    Just juggle the ball you idiot

  • WaySideOcean355 Play's
    WaySideOcean355 Play's9 days ago

    Wow just wow.

  • Pdubs 706
    Pdubs 7069 days ago

    Why did LeBron leave the HOOD and move near rich white people??

  • Ronald Ronaldson
    Ronald Ronaldson9 days ago

    LeBronze should take his talents to the library and learn to read and write at an adult level before he starts on some social justice crusade.

  • Hansy
    Hansy9 days ago

    LeDumb James

  • ForeverDreamWithinADream
    ForeverDreamWithinADream9 days ago

    I am so tired of people crying racism and playing victimhood to avoid accountability. If you stopped trying to stab people, you won't get shot.

  • basketball highlights
    basketball highlights10 days ago

    "there are more injuries in basketball than any other sport,well yeah cause it's a sport for pussies" although i love basketball ,that was some funny stuff

  • name
    name10 days ago

    Is this tool wearing a backpack or some kind of holster? I agree with the Lebron criticisms though

  • Richard Greletski
    Richard Greletski10 days ago

    i'm curious how you can call yourself a Christian and actually say some of the things you say... (i.e. basketball players are X)

  • D.K. Metcalf

    D.K. Metcalf

    9 days ago

    Ya some of his stuff are interesting

  • FrdmCostBucO5
    FrdmCostBucO510 days ago

    I lived in akron lol

  • E C
    E C10 days ago

    I stopped buying Nike

  • deep5811
    deep581110 days ago

    Akron Ohio man, you grew up in Akron. Goodness.

  • Brice Macaluso
    Brice Macaluso10 days ago

    When a minority commits a majority of crime, doesn't matter who it's against, it's not racism. and it's not the police officers fault for de-escalating a lethal situation with lethal force, doesn't matter what skin tone is on which person. the reality is personal responsibility should be taught at home, not "fear the police because they going to treat you different". That's teaching racism, which means those "parents" teaching their kids to fear the police are the problem

  • Joe Seliga
    Joe Seliga10 days ago

    What`s in LeBron`s sippy cup. What a stupid Lil man.

  • Wayne Keith
    Wayne Keith10 days ago


  • Patriot
    Patriot10 days ago

    Demonrats the cause of all racism.

  • Beth
    Beth10 days ago

    If Mak’hia actually stabbed and killed the other girl and the Dad actually beat the hell out of the other girl, this will not be a national news because it is a black on black case. Let them kill each other. Let’s see what happens.

  • james bond
    james bond10 days ago

    Hell I got banned from twitter for seven days on the same day of his tweet for saying "anyone who would be a cop for under $80k today is a retard." screen shot it and sure as hell bet im going to @jack and ask why LeBron had a week to vent about why he said it was ok to just take it down when i was forced to take down my legitimate opinion why a cop would want to be a cop with some dumb ass like LeBron around before I even knew what he tweeted.

  • John Duke
    John Duke10 days ago

    Someone needs to get LeBron James a mirror

  • Elle D
    Elle D10 days ago

    Bet you saw lot of people being shot and stabbed in your Hood too. By Not Cops.

  • John Stebner
    John Stebner10 days ago

    No, thugs fear their lives! Not black people!

  • Jerid Ross
    Jerid Ross10 days ago

    Its hard to take seriously anyone who makes a living playing games and dress up( i.e. athletes and actors). Get an adult job and provide a product / service that adds to society ( everyday life for those you lecture ).

  • Chris
    Chris10 days ago

    Tribal thinking

  • gaspanic69
    gaspanic6910 days ago

    Lebron James is a known bigot and racist...Fact

  • Just_Different Different_is_Okay
    Just_Different Different_is_Okay10 days ago

    Labron should be held accountable, soapbox preaching super rich Democrat mouthpiece. I lived in Detroit and suffered just as much as my neighbors of different colors.

  • Clint McCormick
    Clint McCormick10 days ago

    Only way to save NBA is bring back Donald Sterling

  • firkit2
    firkit210 days ago

    Err erm err erm err

  • Arie B
    Arie B10 days ago

    Kobe had the SAT scores to get him into almost any college. LeBron on the other hand could barely pass high school, not my goat

  • D.E 777
    D.E 77710 days ago

    He's a rich punk that can put a ball in a hole.... congratulations

  • Grant
    Grant10 days ago

    LEBRON ISNT FROM THE HOOD!! WTF??? And after about 16 years old, he became one of the most privileged individuals in the country. Such a fucking phony

  • Geff Gollins
    Geff Gollins10 days ago

    Black Knives Matter.

  • Josh Barnes
    Josh Barnes10 days ago

    Isnt he saying youre next. Like derek chauvin?? Where is the call for violence?

  • Olga Kipke
    Olga Kipke10 days ago

    He's tall. That's it.

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller10 days ago

    Cancel LEBRON. This absolutely needs to happen.

  • Moosalla Cuhz
    Moosalla Cuhz10 days ago

    Celebrities aren’t famous for their intellect... remember that

  • Hooga Booga
    Hooga Booga10 days ago

    I love how he wants everyone to think he can read by making journalists take pics with him reading books... or at least the first page or two. Funny, I dont think I've ever seen a pic with him anywhere Past that first page ....

  • rex colon
    rex colon10 days ago

    Maybe visit Lebitch and give him a dose.

  • Pbluuz
    Pbluuz10 days ago

    shut up and dribble

  • Brian Byrne
    Brian Byrne10 days ago

    Black people in Black neighbourhoods been racially profiled, sure everyone is black in these neighbourhoods how are they been racially profiled!!🤔😂😂😂😂😂

  • YouFool MeNot
    YouFool MeNot10 days ago

    He is no king but a pin! A pin head king

  • Joel Govender
    Joel Govender10 days ago

    He should get sued by the cop.

  • James Steelman
    James Steelman10 days ago

    He has single handedly ruined the nba!

  • Joshua Cunningham
    Joshua Cunningham10 days ago

    I want to defend Gerald, but I feel like that would get him bullied more.