RANT: "When Did We Decide This Country Should Entirely Be Run By Scientists?" | Louder With Crowder


Crowder, and the rest of the Crew, take turns ranting about the "scientism" that's taken hold of stupid people who don't actually understand REAL science.
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  • Alli Pi
    Alli Pi52 minutes ago

    we don’t need science we need psychologic education elaborating on the mental manipulation they are exerting

  • Morten Madsen
    Morten MadsenHour ago

    A huge problem within medicine is corruption and biased findings. In Denmark, the study they cited as the basis for why masks should be mandatory was the worst "scientific" paper I've ever read. It was the definition of bad science.

  • Fernando Queiroz Popovic
    Fernando Queiroz PopovicHour ago

    "It's the fault of you scientist" -Barney from Black Mesa

  • Misitheus Octavian
    Misitheus Octavian7 hours ago

    Gates is not a scientist...he is not a doctor....he is not a genius.... ourtube.co.uk/watch/UIawpstyY9TbHFv

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis8 hours ago


  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina9 hours ago

    Should we not be concerned about a vaxine promoted by a guy with a strong depopulation agenda?

  • Wezzy94
    Wezzy9411 hours ago


  • Jed I
    Jed I12 hours ago

    I wouldn't mind NDT being president. Now Dr. F-TARD.... NO THANKS.

  • Salty Tech
    Salty Tech14 hours ago

    As far as I know... The human immune system is still the greatest virus killing machine in the known universe. And mine is been working great. Little vitamin A. Little vitamin C. A little vitamin D... Just like the CDC recommends. Nope... a year from now you're going to be looking for the one person in the entire world that hasn't taken the vaccine. And that will be me.

  • Roberteau Frederic
    Roberteau Frederic15 hours ago

    Masks don't work ave never worked , maybe FFP3 but not at a great %

  • A Search Warrant For Google HQ
    A Search Warrant For Google HQ15 hours ago


  • Ish
    IshDay ago

    The only way you get out of any of this is to stop listening to their bullshit. You're not going to get anywhere trying to demystify and counter their muddied ramblings from day to day.

  • Zooman
    ZoomanDay ago

    Because science is always changing. So it makes sense to completely trust it.

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew AdamsDay ago

    Science isn't really science anymore , it is a political train of thought.

  • Ole Rüther
    Ole RütherDay ago

    Is the guy next to him not tired of heaving his nose up crowders ass? He seems like such a spineless yesman

  • Enzo Sperandio
    Enzo SperandioDay ago

    I trust the science.... my science not their science

  • Joe Willingham
    Joe WillinghamDay ago

    Bill should say, "Shut up, Gerald."

  • James Ervin
    James ErvinDay ago

    I'm a terrible person because I ain't getting the jab. My body My choice.

  • Mac MacDaddy
    Mac MacDaddyDay ago

    Masks don’t do shit!! The coronavirus particles are so small they go through any type of mask ...do your research!!

  • aCID sPAZ
    aCID sPAZDay ago

    Pseudoscience... M asks... 10 million person study showed zero asymptomatic transmission...

  • Patrick T
    Patrick TDay ago

    It’s a dumb conversation/ concept/ no brainer - but, you ladies don’t want to talk about HR 25 & term limits- defensive as crap

  • Patrick T
    Patrick TDay ago

    I would support gendered females that want to participate in men’s sports- let’s assume that Lance Armstrong is a case study

  • Pico Rico
    Pico Rico2 days ago

    "The Science" is just a new age kind of secular dogmatism. There is no fundamental difference between "The Science" and good old fassioned religious dogmatism and oppressing you for heresy.

  • allnighter2011
    allnighter20112 days ago

    This "believe the science" campaign by the dems was nothing but political gaslighting ... also the reason we don't let a scientist run the country is because we can't tackle running a country with one dimensional mindset... there are so many variables at play that involve variable disciplines, from scientific, to economical, to social, to political, to security, etc... people can dunk on Trump, but if you go back to those first few weeks in March, when people were literally fighting for toilet paper, when everyone was genuinely afraid and uncertain and we didn't know how bad this can get after seeing videos from Italy and China, if you go back to that time and ask yourself, how much worse would people have behaved if Trump took the panic tone they wanted him to, and didn't calm people and downplay things the way he did... people might be fighting for food and water....and many people who went out and worked to bring us food might have been too scared to go out... so the truth is, Trump's calm attitude at the beginning might have saved lives from panic induced societal breakdown... while in the background he was actually working full speed on many fronts from PPE to vaccine to many other things... he delivered big but never got the credit he deserved...

  • Jack Long
    Jack Long2 days ago

    Bill Gates? Fk that guy!

  • Shinku Sakurada
    Shinku Sakurada2 days ago

    Science falsely so called.

  • Speed
    Speed2 days ago

    "When Did We Decide This Country Should Entirely Be Run By COMMUNIST" is the real question. They are all COMMUNIST. Make no mistake about it. National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944. Demmunist play book: Alexander Trachtenberg spoke the following words at the National Convention of Communist Parties, Madison Square Garden, 1944. "When we get ready to take the United States, we will not take it under the labels of Communism we will not take it under the label of Socialism. These labels are unpleasant to the American people, and have been speared too much." "We will take the United States under labels we have made very lovable; we will take it under Liberalism, under Progressivism, under Democracy. But take it we will.” Marxism definition: The political and economic theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis for the theory and practice of communism. I'll tell you why. Bill Clinton and Hilliar went to Europe and then to Soviet Union RUSSIA where they stayed for over a year with a COMMUNIST. FACT - Look it up. So Billy boy was the 1st Communist president and Hilliar was in line. Then Obanana who's mentor is, well just read. In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama’s life as a “secret smoker” and how he “went to great lengths to conceal the habit.” But what about Obama’s secret political life? It turns out that Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist. So Obanana was actually the 2nd COMMUNIST president. www.aim.org/aim-column/obamas-communist-mentor/ Hilliar was ordered to stand down and let Obanana in with the understanding she would be injected after Obanana's second term but got out TRUMPED by TRUMP. That is why the fixed fraud election at this magnitude happened with China Biden. China Biden is a less that 6 month injected president and then the 3rd COMMUNIST president will take over FULLY and the name is Chameleon Harris. Warren Wilhelm Jr. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, parents had to leave Federal jobs because they were COMMUNIST. He left college to go to Nicaragua in the 80's and greatly admired the Soviet backed Socialist Sandinista. He returned to America and joined the Nicarague Solidarity movement of New York who's goal was to end Capitalism and replace it with Democratic Socialism. When married in 94 he honeymooned in Cuba. Said he is very proud of his Marxist work, working for both of the Clintons campaigns. In 2001 he changed his name to Bill DeBlasio. Letitia James Letitia Ann "Tish" James (born October 18, 1958) is an American lawyer, activist, and politician. New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that her office has filed a lawsuit against the National Rifle Association and its leadership, including Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, looking to dissolve the organization. George Soros spent millions of dollars around the nation to elect state and local prosecutors as part of an on-going campaign to radically transform law enforcement in the United States and weaponize the law to use it against those who won’t go along with the radical-left manifesto.He’s enjoyed success at the county level in Virginia, in Chicago and at the state level in Missouri, New York and California. Jennifer Soros, daughter-in-law of hedge fund manager George Soros was a major donor to James.

  • Madison
    Madison2 days ago

    Don't call them scientists - you compare these cretins to the like of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin when you do.

  • Wayne Beaver
    Wayne Beaver2 days ago

    It don't make a Damn what Trump says or what Biden says. Or what any of them says. What do you say?

  • Matthias Powerbomb
    Matthias Powerbomb2 days ago

    In today's religion of woke, "trust the science" is just a dogmatic invocation that translates to "don't blaspheme, bigot."

  • Del Spooner
    Del Spooner2 days ago

    Science? 75+% of people seriously affected were obese. Why did the gov not ban sugar, highly processed foods, high carbohydrate foods and ingredients and everything else that makes the liver and pancreas dysfunctional? High fructose corn syrup, junk food, even excess breads and grains. People in first world countries are consuming ludicrous amounts of carbohydrates and sugars.

  • SwampCritter Is Back, Baby!
    SwampCritter Is Back, Baby!2 days ago

    What happens when the family of a car crash victim, listed as a woo han floo death, tries to deal with the insurance company?

  • Stephen McGuire
    Stephen McGuire2 days ago

    Calling these people scientist is a stretch of the definition of a scientist. Marxists are not scientist!

  • Just J
    Just J2 days ago

    In the words of kary mullis… ‘’ the problem is is people aren’t smart enough to know what good science looks like”. They are not smart enough to know the difference what’s good or bad science, sadly too many 🐑 who don’t want to learn or research anything so they just “go along” and then attack you for not being lazy nor stupid…. And that’s how we end up where we are today. Parents raise your kids better then this. We are dealing with symptom’s of the current system (government) that’s has just “gone along” and needs to change if we we change.

  • Maclaren
    Maclaren2 days ago

    It's not science we don't trust, it's the messenger

  • admiralbillom
    admiralbillom2 days ago

    scientific consensus is an oxymoron

  • Dan DeW
    Dan DeW2 days ago

    "Trust the science" but the "science" is actually just a consensus and not science at all.

  • Kyle Pickett
    Kyle Pickett2 days ago

    We want Dave

  • Mr. Mike
    Mr. Mike2 days ago

    When a man literally owns the tech world, he can simulate and fabricate just about anything to manipulate and validate his opinions.

  • Ian Westart on IG
    Ian Westart on IG2 days ago

    i cant believe this is a REAL conversation that REAL "adults" are having....im blown away by how stupid you guys are.....or youre lying, i cant decide because youre straddling the line so well...

  • Ryan Splitter
    Ryan Splitter2 days ago

    It's a cult

  • Red Recliner
    Red Recliner2 days ago

    “The road to hell is often paved with good intentions”. Every dem needs to hear it

  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee2 days ago

    Justice science Justice science folks folk songs I got snake oil he'll cure everything cure nothing it is it'll keep you sober and kick at your drunk it could keep you alive or can just kill you but if those come spend your money yeah get hashtag boycott face diapers

  • June Duffy
    June Duffy2 days ago

    Speaking of disposable gloves and masks. Since 4/2020 when the law was imposed to wear Masks and some people feel the need to use gloves too, especially certain of jobs. BUT SOMEONE TELL ME WHY SINCE THEN, 2020, THERE HAS BEEN MORE MASKS & GLOVES ON THE GROUND. These Masks & Gloves are literally littered all over the USA. Were we told NOT TO PUT THEM IN THE TRASH CANS??

  • C.C. ORR
    C.C. ORR2 days ago


  • C.C. ORR
    C.C. ORR2 days ago


  • Phil Hewkin
    Phil Hewkin2 days ago

    I have enough high school science class learning, to deduce that the science is NEVER settled. partly because scientists are paid whores who will finger puppet for anyone who writes a fat cheque.

  • Oj Blackcat
    Oj Blackcat2 days ago

    If you could take a poll and everyone was compelled to answer truthfully, I wonder what percent of people have used a mask for more than a month without washing it. I would guess it would be in the 80-90% range. Everybody I see just whips them off and stuff them in their pocket/purse. If you're not going to use something properly, what is the point of using it at all?

  • Catcher In the rye
    Catcher In the rye3 days ago

    If two people are equally lacking competence on the subject of vaccines, only listen to Bill Gates and not Joe Rogan. It is making good business sense to do so.

  • james byrnes
    james byrnes3 days ago

    Its just like the end of the greek empire, putting all political decisions in the hands of oracles or mystics. Same thing really. History is on a loop.

  • Supreme Lucks
    Supreme Lucks3 days ago


  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith3 days ago

    Through out history there have been periods where people have turned on Academics. I never could understand why but seeing how insane things are in 2021, i can kind of see how they can provoke that reaction from other people.

  • R. Connor
    R. Connor3 days ago

    Planet Krypton was run by "scientists" that went well for them

  • LA Goon
    LA Goon3 days ago

    I survived the Ice Age of 1976. SCIENCE!

  • FreeStang 66
    FreeStang 663 days ago

    Fauci is a snake in the grass, and not to be trusted. Just because someone has a degree in a scientific field, or even works in a scientific field, does not mean they're infallible. We can't worship science as a religion. The scientific process should not be tainted by politics.

  • Jeff Narum
    Jeff Narum3 days ago

    I'd say both sides cherry pick their science and their "Woo Woo."

  • Reason Forge
    Reason Forge3 days ago

    When science starts to become about setting policy rather than finding out how nature works, it becomes about setting policy instead of finding out how nature works....along with everything that goes with it. That is, its no longer what we think of as "science", but just an agenda wrapped in a lab coat.

  • victor iancu
    victor iancu3 days ago

    It's easy to trust the science about topics that aren't of much consequence. Niche topics that don't really impact society. But when you talk about science where there are billions and potentially trillions of dollars on the table, then you know it will be tainted.

  • Jay Long
    Jay Long3 days ago

    There is a distinct view from Fauci that has a any death is unacceptable, while it's sad, but you cannot save everyone you have to show what is an acceptable risk that you personally accept.

  • Exit Only
    Exit Only3 days ago

    C.S. Lewis warned about relying on Science, better defined as "Scientism" to be the arbitrator of morality for society, in his "Magician's Twin" essay. To be clear, Lewis wasn't against science per se, only the political reliance upon it to solve our social ills. The worship of Science becomes a reductionist weapon that removes our humanity and freedom. usplan.info/two/video/q4Oa3oOmi4mXb6I.html Don't forget the greatest minds of the 1940's, Einstein, Oppenheimer, and many others came together to make the atomic bomb, becasue they were tempted by all the resources given them. Afterward, most regretted making a weapon that can destroy the world.

  • Bristuhan
    Bristuhan3 days ago

    The left doesn't trust 'the science'. They trust scientism.

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill3 days ago

    The more I hear, "Get vaccinated! It's your PATRIOTIC DUTY!" The more I think that's the same sort of bullshit Dr. Josef Mengele used while experimenting on Jews imprisoned in concentration camps. The numbers are decreasing. How do I know? The news media is not bombarding us with hourly updates as to how many people have croaked from COVID this week. I've managed to dodge COVID after being exposed 4-5 times by infected people. I've been on a regular diet of Folate and massive doses of vitamin D3 for 12 years. I can count on one hand the times I've had a flu or a cold. So science can fuck off. Doctors PRACTICE medicine which implies that it isn't an exact and infallible discipline. Scientists? Same fucking thing. They can be wrong and as Dr. Fauci has shown us far too many times, he has been wrong.

  • Saucey Sorrell
    Saucey Sorrell3 days ago

    its all about control....the govt works for us, right?

  • Daily Llama
    Daily Llama3 days ago

    The only thing a cotton mask does is create turbulent air flow. It takes a laminar air flow from a breath and turns it into a turbulent flow. So it mixes up your breath and sends it scattering instead of in a confined straight flow.

  • 81dismal
    81dismal3 days ago

    "Trust the science" really means trust left wing media.

  • Griz erbear
    Griz erbear3 days ago

    Masks do NOTHING ! Ivor Cummins latest vid with Dr. John Lee .

  • Count2Potato
    Count2Potato3 days ago

    One of the biggest I don't like this show. See how the one guy keeps trying to make a point. And crowder just steam rolls over him to try and make some awful joke or just doesn't have any respect for him speaking. Crowders ego is unbearable. He needs to realize he isn't half as funny as he thinks he is and he should get people he respects and that aren't a bunch of yes men. But he loves lackeys. Loves door mats that know their place. It's so gross.

  • Liberty Justice for all
    Liberty Justice for all3 days ago

    So basically you guys are Republicans an trump supporters you guys are worst then the democrats an biden ×5

  • Cardwell Farm
    Cardwell Farm3 days ago

    usplan.info/two/video/3oCdrKuTf4DaaJA.html 🤣🤣🤣this video is what I was thinking about when he said "Democrats say we can just reuse the mask. We can wipe out *** with it and put it back on."

  • Vidalsky Ociosen
    Vidalsky Ociosen3 days ago

    Check out Dr. Andrew Kaufman , I think he's the real deal , this so called sciences from mainstream are incorrect.

  • Ap A
    Ap A3 days ago

    That little shrimp loves being on TV

  • Neo Matrix
    Neo Matrix3 days ago

    Trusting science is the exact opposite of science

  • M T Corner
    M T Corner3 days ago

    Unfortunately, not just scientists, but MAD scientists........not like Jerry Lewis 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • yuvgotubekidding
    yuvgotubekidding3 days ago

    Leftists are all about buzzwords and catchphrases and redefining them for their needs to give the illusion of achieving results. We all know leftists don’t want results, only control.

  • Steve Aitken
    Steve Aitken3 days ago

    I know this comment will mean nothing, and be lost in the ether, but these things sadden me immensely. It just seems that the bad guys win at every turn.

  • Kenneth Whewell-Clarke
    Kenneth Whewell-Clarke3 days ago

    It’s not being run by proper scientists…. It’s being run by pseudo scientists (Administrators with political leanings) … much like the eugenics mob from the 30s and 40s.

  • Nigel Bagguley
    Nigel Bagguley3 days ago

    Over the last year,it seems that with the death of Tony Stark,AIM has finally risen to pre-eminence.

  • C0nstant1n
    C0nstant1n3 days ago

    I like how they're lining up "scientists" when they release controversial studies. "A thousand health specialists signed a study that says riots actually cure Covid !" I bet a bunch of them are democratic party members or have donated to Hillary or Biden .

  • ZchryPlys
    ZchryPlys3 days ago

    Peoples blind faith in these “scientists” and “doctors” is bizarre to me. So many people think the my are all knowing and that they have verified their ridiculous worldview with their science eyes

  • xena tron
    xena tron3 days ago

    Only scientists who own the pharmaceutical companies!!!!!!!! Can someone say hydroxy?????

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta4 days ago

    What's really going on? Why are they really pushing for everyone to get vaccinated? Now we're hearing suggestions of needing a third shot, or annual covid shots etc. It's like they're trying to prepare us for more, and easing us into what they really want.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta4 days ago

    It sounds like there's a technicality with the claim there is no discernable evidence that there's a benefit to transgender athletes after a year of testosterone blockers. Sounds like they're referring to current testosterone levels, and ignoring all the previous years of testosterone and the increased bone density, muscle mass etc.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta4 days ago

    Scientists can make claims that there's no evidence because there are no studies to their standards that suggest or prove that thing. The thing is, they make it seem as if there were studies, but were inconclusive or something, but there just hasn't been any studies at all, or they dismiss the studies they don't like. And they act as if we can't use what we see with our own eyes as evidence

  • Anno Nomys
    Anno Nomys4 days ago

    Its not even trust the science. It's you will only trust this one particular science agenda. That's for every topic that is on MSM.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta4 days ago

    We should've have both parties, and the media asking the supposed experts tough questions, and for details on all the claims being made to scare us -- such as asking what all the factoids being made actually meant to us.

  • maxwell geary
    maxwell geary4 days ago

    Funny thing about masks I have spent most of the last 20 yrs handling hazchem. News flash for really dangerous products masjs are not even mentioned as PPE an enclosed breathing system is required. A mask wont stop airborne particles completely either inhaled or exhaled. Just go check International rules for handling Hazchem. By definition Covud 19 is a Hazchem

  • Dr. A
    Dr. A4 days ago

    I’ve been wearing masks for 15 years! Oh wait, I’m a dentist. I don’t like pus, blood, spit on my face! But that’s it. I take it off when I’m not working on a patient.

  • Ghwkphd
    Ghwkphd4 days ago

    -- Warning - The Digital Passport is the Iron Gate to Tyrannical Hell with no way back! -- Free Civilization will be gone forever -- Emphasized in Neon -- Don't Let It Happen!!!

  • Jae Kurasaki
    Jae Kurasaki4 days ago

    Life, will find a way.

  • Kyle Lovejoy
    Kyle Lovejoy4 days ago

    investigate the CDC and WHO

  • Johan Berggren
    Johan Berggren4 days ago

    I kinda hate crowder But find him extreamly funny sometimes.

  • Laurel F.
    Laurel F.4 days ago

    And the “scientists” don’t think breathing is necessary.

  • Sack of Doobs
    Sack of Doobs4 days ago

    I've been using the same disposable mask for 8 months now.

  • Sack of Doobs

    Sack of Doobs

    2 days ago

    @Cheezl420 I mean I dont wanna lose my job so kinda have to

  • Cheezl420


    2 days ago

    Low I.Q people wear😷

  • QWare
    QWare4 days ago

    The real problem is when science is politicized.

  • Tavion Harris
    Tavion Harris4 days ago

    So no ones gonna bring up the fact Bill Gates wamted to block the sun?😒

  • Jeffrey Glaub
    Jeffrey Glaub4 days ago

    I hogans heroes style intro someday. It would be amazing

  • David Patton
    David Patton4 days ago

    I have guys who got the shots, wear masks and after all that, Got Covid-19, Some Science.

  • Trolley
    Trolley4 days ago

    Neither Bill Gates nor Fauci are scientists ... The country is still being run by oligarchs and politicians ... It's just that they have held science at their gun point, as it has been shown to be an effective strategy to silence the rest of us

  • newtona1
    newtona14 days ago

    Trusting their science Never has a more astute sentence been said

  • darkstar class
    darkstar class4 days ago

    Let us make sure that they are servants, but not our masters. In The Wit & Wisdom of Winston Churchill by James C. Humes (1994). Scientists should be on tap, but not on top.