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#backtheblue #AbolishICE #PoliceReform
The Leftist utopia of Portland shows us the bright future Communists have created for America.
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew AdamsDay ago

    There don't be no crime in us's neighborhood.

  • bobicabayo
    bobicabayo4 days ago

    Effing unbelievable

  • Game Plux
    Game Plux6 days ago

    USA and their godawful people who sneakily add gender study on academia!

  • sLeEpy jO&
    sLeEpy jO&6 days ago

    Well, all the cops who got retirement should use it now before you get defunded or killed by the social media crusaders cuz this government doesn't care about you, cops don't deserve this they are just people trying to earn a paycheck and protect the worthless masses that hate them

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson7 days ago

    The Crowder comedy show is getting quite boring

  • W H
    W H7 days ago

    So what do they propose to replace the police with? What a bunch of idiots

  • Sandy Edwards
    Sandy Edwards7 days ago

    "911 operator, seems that this number is from someone who wants to defund the police, please hold while I redirect your call to a crisis counselor"

  • sthnwatch
    sthnwatch7 days ago

    I just wonder about everyone out there watching these videos... You all realise these activities and behaviours we're currently witnessing appear throughout societies around the globe at an alarming rate of event numbers (and intensity thereof), and especially throughout the USA, these were all prophesied on @2,000 years ago, right? You all realise this, right? And, I doubt your naivity allows you to understand this, but I wonder if anyone realises there's no going back now. There's no way back to what we had not so long ago. With all the nostalgia and play on historical sentiments we're suffering in and around our current arts and culture scenes in developed countries, it's as if we all know on a deeper sub-conscious level that it's over now and we might as well start prepping or join the militiary for the upcoming WW-3 with Russia and China alliance Vs. The UK/USA alliance. We're not kidding about this kids... It's on for young and old! trump set it up with them when he was in office and when he comes back in a few years he'll declare war right away. Recall he visited Russia and China in his first few months as POTUS? There's only one way through this, and no way around nor out of it (by definition of the fact this single way is "through"). This means until we see the battle of Armageddon (and the subsequent return of Jesus Christ to end all the childish bickering we constantly practice on/with/against each other), until that day manifests we're going to be witnessing further and worsening lawlessness (AKA "Lasciviousness") in our once beautiful and God Fearing nations and communities. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Ion Busman
    Ion Busman7 days ago

    No cops is great, not sure why conservatives are against that? Freedom party my ass

  • VIktor Chofski
    VIktor Chofski7 days ago

    I miss the day that when someone punched a cop absolutely nobody gave a shit when that guy got a mud hole stomped in him.

  • dino
    dino7 days ago

    if there is no police, there is no one to stop you shooting leftists ;) just saying

  • More Power!
    More Power!7 days ago

    We need to keep track of these people in who they are so when they try to flee the situation they created they are immediately deported from my state back to their state of chaos

  • neonfreak04
    neonfreak047 days ago

    Gotta love that Portland, Oregon mayor has been supporting BLM, Antifa and defending the police for the last year and all the sudden decides to say it has to stop. I've said it before already but scarecrow finally found his brain but it's probably already too late.

  • gomer pile
    gomer pile7 days ago

    Portland is officially the first us city to fall . more are coming

  • Jamesw1230
    Jamesw12308 days ago

    God I’m glad I don’t live in a big city

  • Mir Cham
    Mir Cham8 days ago

    Cop let it happen

  • Suwabe Eagle
    Suwabe Eagle8 days ago

    Donald Trump supporters supporting the blue lives matter so f****** fake 😂

  • steven caldwell
    steven caldwell8 days ago

    Personally, I think more people should be shot in the face the second they lay a hand or threaten a police officer! It’s now ok to punch a cop in the face.... Na, the more fools pulling this crap get shot the better! Send a message... attack a cop, get shot!

  • sam wolde
    sam wolde8 days ago

    Black neighborhoods should have black cops patrolling not white. Let the white cops handle their own neighborhoods. It’s simple.

  • Afurthyclays
    Afurthyclays8 days ago

    Oh, don't worry.... I'm sure our socialist democrat controlled government will fill that cop void with something just GREAT. 😑 Watch, as history repeats itself......

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda8 days ago

    The people in Antifa should be eradicated!!!

  • Simon D.
    Simon D.8 days ago

    Cops with bicycles in a riot... Come on Man!

  • Gustavo Machado
    Gustavo Machado8 days ago

    america is so funny to watch, they are so strange

  • Mike 97
    Mike 978 days ago

    Wasnt the guy that got jacked in the face a cop?

  • Mario Gonzalez
    Mario Gonzalez8 days ago

    I know you guys like to believe and push the narrative that all leftists want to abolish the police. But in actuality, very few people actually want to get rid of police. Most people just want police officers to be held accountable for their actions, just like everyone else. Nobody is above the law. If you don't think a police officer is capable of committing crimes or making mistakes, then you live in lala land.

  • Russell Sacks
    Russell Sacks8 days ago

    I see the agenda in every story I read on corporate media news sites. They write about the lack of uniformity in training across police departments across America and the need for Federal oversight. The idea is not to not have police but to not have local police under local control. Perhaps they start with "oversight" but it is like the Ministry of Magic when they got involved at Hogwarts and eventually there were so many rules they ran out of wall space despite having a lot of wall space. We are in a pot of water that is gradually getting hotter. When we have federal police or local police under federal control they can make a run at 13 members on the Supreme Court so that all new laws that clearly are not constitutional (limiting free speech, assembly, the right to bear arms, the right against warrantless searches of your property, etc.) are deemed 100% constitutional and then for those people in one of the 30 or so states that prefer to keep their rights you will now have to contend with the police too. As it is; states are passing laws right now for the police to not help or assist in anyway to enforce any new gun laws. Federal police, Federal control of local police, and 13 members on the Supreme Court are lines in the sand.

  • Alberto Moreno
    Alberto Moreno8 days ago

    Cops should of called Lebron first

  • John Null
    John Null8 days ago

    It's time for these terrorists to take the room temp challenge. These actions are unacceptable and have no place in a civilized society. It's time for people to be held accountable for their actions. In this circumstance this needs to be aggravated assault of a police officer and should carry a min of 5 years in prison.

  • I Love Video Games Again
    I Love Video Games Again8 days ago

    Except when they need them at the Oscars or Golden Globes to protect the hypocrites

  • Selby Wainman
    Selby Wainman8 days ago

    Why is wearing a bulletproof vest on set?

  • ktrigg2
    ktrigg28 days ago

    It's time to give these people what they want. Pull the cops out of all black areas and just let them patrol the borders.

  • Mr. Cool
    Mr. Cool8 days ago

    You'll have a Escape from LA/NY scenario in the future where Snake Plissken will have to go in and rescue someone.

  • Arizona John
    Arizona John8 days ago

    Good thing Americans have their guns, back to the cowboy days.stupid people commit the crime but cowards to go to jail so fight the cop and end up dead.

  • Omar Fitnrip
    Omar Fitnrip8 days ago

    Time to physically take a stand against these loser criminals, the time for talking has passed.

  • rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐8 days ago

    if you want a war in this country keep continuing with your doing attacking cops!

  • Lisa Armstrong
    Lisa Armstrong8 days ago

    Remember people if there's no cops doing stupid shit will more than likely get you killed by someone not having it. Just saying

  • B FU
    B FU8 days ago

    Honestly the only way this stops is if the police stand down and the people of america literally give the rioters the asswhooping that their sorry ass parents should have gave them long ago.

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black8 days ago

    wtf is wrong with the USA.

  • steven
    steven8 days ago

    I'm not shocked by this at all. Republicans are uneducated dumb people that believe in ghost , demons and hell. Is there anything you idiots won't believe in?

  • ob1coyote
    ob1coyote9 days ago

    The left gets rid of cops, the right starts shooting the left and there’s no one around to arrest the right or protect the left. I’m willing to give it a try...

  • CMB
    CMB9 days ago

    Remember the 80’s movies escape from New York & escape from LA.

  • Bigdogg
    Bigdogg9 days ago

    Must be Portland.

  • AppealTo Heaven
    AppealTo Heaven9 days ago

    Love the unity

  • Jason Bourneee
    Jason Bourneee9 days ago


    FAT-FAB9 days ago

    The cops are the agents that will be taking your guns.

  • A C
    A C9 days ago

    We need to double police forces in every city and give them immunity when it comes to BLM and antifa, problems solved.

  • 4JX


    9 days ago


  • man bearpig
    man bearpig9 days ago

    Funny thing is that since everyone is wearing masks these days it would be easy to ride through with a mask on and smoke all those liberals and no one would know who did it, even if they had you on video, because everyone is hiding their faces these days

  • T Hawk
    T Hawk9 days ago

    When the cops don't show up law-abiding citizens are going to start capping these assholes

  • Jason Knapp
    Jason Knapp9 days ago

    Feb run police force is were we are heading. You know like the KGB!

  • Stay Frosty
    Stay Frosty9 days ago

    I sure can't wait till the bullets start flying.

  • Obese Mclovin
    Obese Mclovin9 days ago

    Crazy how much proof we have that potato brain stole the election

  • J Richards
    J Richards9 days ago

    My god 🙏 our cops need to get tough with these terrorists

  • J R Willbanks
    J R Willbanks9 days ago

    If the current trend of weak government and mob rule continues, my prediction is that every experienced officer will retire or find another way to make a living. The ones that remain will simply look the other way to avoid a confrontation knowing they will be prosecuted if the mob demands it. Finally, anybody in their right mind thinking about a career will choose another profession and not get into that dangerous, thankless, and depressing line of work. These officers know how take care of themselves, it won’t be them that suffer when times get tough.

  • Thin Richard
    Thin Richard9 days ago

    They get rid of cops all over then I'm carrying a sword or battle axe to defend myself.

  • meh vil
    meh vil9 days ago

    Defund hollywood and the politicians

  • John Case

    John Case

    8 days ago

    What does Hollywood have to do with all this exactly?

  • A M
    A M9 days ago

    As necessary as joking around is in these times. Seriously hope that cop is ok!

  • Baseplate
    Baseplate9 days ago

    Fun fact: Even in México we know President Trump won the election

  • Stoqn Georgiev
    Stoqn Georgiev9 days ago

    Yall Fkd up .. HARD! :

  • Captain BP&J
    Captain BP&J9 days ago

    I don't know how true this is. I just got accepted into the sheriff department and seeing things like that only motivated me to apply.

  • Garbage Tube
    Garbage Tube9 days ago

    Was that real ?!

  • Sgt. Grinch
    Sgt. Grinch9 days ago

    I can’t wait until the retribution party starts. The second wave of the revolution is always worse than the first.

  • Ghost Prepper Patriot
    Ghost Prepper Patriot9 days ago


  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez9 days ago

    He definitely went to jail why bother

  • Sword Saint
    Sword Saint9 days ago

    America is full of ungrateful people who took the privileges of living there but then complain to white people who created the country as racist. Some people live in countries that cops don't even care if somebody got killed.

  • DEX
    DEX9 days ago

    I would be looking at red state police departments, where they still support the police, let the blue paradise cities burn, I am getting close to no longer caring, this was voted for by the citizens of these cities, so I guess they are good with it, if not, MOVE!

  • Krondarr
    Krondarr9 days ago

    In the near future when you dial 911 and get this recording "The number you have dialed is no longer in service, please check the number and dial again." smh

  • Elizabeth Faith
    Elizabeth Faith9 days ago

    Can we see stories on how patriots are fighting and winning?

  • Aquarian Dawn
    Aquarian Dawn9 days ago

    When the government manages to get rid of cops they're going to move in the federal officers.

  • Judi Arg
    Judi Arg9 days ago


  • Mathieu van Leeuwen
    Mathieu van Leeuwen9 days ago

    then vigilante possies step in. And street gangs. And other street patroulling groups of armed men and women. Safety at last.

  • Ral Crux
    Ral Crux9 days ago

    #DefundThePolice is a step closer to the White House to reform the police to federal level and create a #PoliceState.

  • History Nerd
    History Nerd9 days ago

    Anyone who attacks a cop should be shot. Period.

  • Lawrence Grott
    Lawrence Grott9 days ago

    Reminds me of the family guy episode where they do away with laws, then when things get too sh!tty Peter suggests they institute the exact same system, but they all act like it's new.

  • Cc C
    Cc C9 days ago

    Scripted world theatre/ Psyop on the masses by the world elite... All world leaders are scripted puppet actors installed by the elite...

  • Cc C
    Cc C9 days ago

    9/11... Psyop staged by the United Terrorist Snakes(War Criminal) & the world elite...

  • Paul Beck
    Paul Beck9 days ago

    The left is going to defund the police and when crime goes through the roof, will then set up a national police force.

  • Joe Hiden
    Joe Hiden9 days ago

    “No cops” should be a regular show. 🤔

  • DocMcCray
    DocMcCray9 days ago

    I work in Louisville KY so I've seen the aftermath of "Defund the Police." Violent crime has skyrocketed since the Breonna Taylor incident. The police have been scared to do anything. The newspaper (which has become a total leftist rag in the past 2 decades) wrote a huge headline saying "Violent Crime on the Rise" one day and "Louisville homocide pace not slowing" another day. And they have no idea why this is happening. Sad but hilarious.

  • Deep Crypto Value
    Deep Crypto Value9 days ago

    Hey, cops had every opportunity to arrest the criminals han they gathered and burned down the the city but they stood back and watched.

  • NDN
    NDN9 days ago

    That deserves a few warning shots. Them losers need to go away. Js...

  • Chris ewing
    Chris ewing9 days ago

    This ain’t nothing new. The communists were doing this during the Watt Riots. They tried implementing civilian police review boards and they failed horribly. It’s the same stupid tactics from the 60’s. For some reason we just can’t get out of that eras mindset.

  • Andrew MacDonald
    Andrew MacDonald9 days ago

    The police should be allowed to use their batons and live ammo.

  • TotallyFake FakeName
    TotallyFake FakeName9 days ago

    When there are no cops, only those who can afford private police will have cops.

  • Oldesouth Farm
    Oldesouth Farm9 days ago

    The want to get rid of local police to bring in Federal Police and a police state. Communism

  • jeffrey traeger
    jeffrey traeger9 days ago

    When do we get to start shooting

  • Aquatic Ape
    Aquatic Ape9 days ago

    The goal isn't to get rid of cops. The goal is to get rid of white conservative cops. The end game is to have a third world style enforcer squad, which answers to masters; not the rule of law.

  • Doushibag
    Doushibag9 days ago

    Bad boys bad boys, what ya gonna do, what you gonna do when the cops...oh cops to come for you... Never mind, carry on! I mean, if these cops are such raging racists that like murdering people and you get rid of all the cops, these killers are then on the loose, on the hunt, pissed that they just lost their job, and there are no good cops to catch them. If they get rid of the cops and black deaths go up, will they even acknowledge it? And if they acknowledge it, who will they blame then?

  • Paul Ward
    Paul Ward9 days ago

    You’d swear every person not a republican wants the police abolished, that’s only a few loud people. Most people realise the police perform a vital task and are mostly good people

  • Bob Davidson
    Bob Davidson9 days ago

    They want to defund police, cause chaos , then bring in national police force to control you.

  • Hayo Hitaky
    Hayo Hitaky9 days ago

    i really hope they succeed why because no one will be able to help them from people who wants to kill them. as they say in the movie "WELCOME TO THE ANNUAL PURGE!!!!!"

  • Turtlenecks
    Turtlenecks9 days ago

    I mean these cities keep voting people in who are doing this stuff. Let the cities burn, they don’t really help anything anyways. They’re full of homeless people, and violence. If that’s what people want, then show them what it really is.

  • stick jr.
    stick jr.9 days ago

    No worries. They will introduce the military police.

  • Kestutis Bagusauskas
    Kestutis Bagusauskas9 days ago

    Haven't you noticed that's how rhe Democrats operate - create the problem then convince people they have the solution!

  • Mr. Archnemesis
    Mr. Archnemesis9 days ago

    Cops haven’t exactly done much to earn good favor with us so is what it is.

  • Powder River
    Powder River9 days ago

    Why do you think the Democrats are trying to ban guns??? If the left gets its wish of banning police then the citizens will carry on. This is what the game is the useful idiots are falling right into the trap laid out for them by the cabal. Anarchy and civil war is what’s needed to break this country in half. It’s all by design.

  • James Frond
    James Frond9 days ago

    Yeah but in '16 I shouted loudly at parties that orangeman had no chance and I pulled the most withering condescending faces at anyone who disagreed and then I turned out to be wrong and had to eat sh*tty crow which induced narcissist injury and butthurt psycho levels of rage requiring stab at thee from hell's heart revenge forever.

  • Charles Symicek
    Charles Symicek9 days ago

    That's disappointing

  • roberto cosentino
    roberto cosentino9 days ago

    I just don't get why the cops don't go on strike for a few weeks and let the chaos unfold so these idiots see exactly the job cops provide

  • Jack Shepard
    Jack Shepard9 days ago

    *Make the world laugh at your casualties. Slaughter eachother like cattle. Collapse the dollar. Do it now! You know you deserve it.* #CivilWarNow

  • Road Hog
    Road Hog9 days ago

    Maybe the governments should sort the police recruitment and training, because nearly all Western countries are hypocrites ,about communist countries. The west countries are the most corrupt police there are