New Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting Footage PROVES Media Lied! | Louder With Crowder


Like the title says... the media has been lying the whole time and we all know it. Here's some new footage you probably won't be seeing too much of on lame-stream news.
#makhiabryant #ColumbusOhio #backtheblue
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  • Ray Gsbrelcik
    Ray Gsbrelcik2 hours ago

    WHAT...THE MEDIA LIED---You've GOT to be KIDDING!!!

  • suga bay
    suga bay3 hours ago

    The cop did what he had to in this situation.

  • Idid Yermom
    Idid Yermom3 hours ago

    "I'm gonna stab the F*ck out of you" is just slang for "let's go get a mocha-Frappuccino at the mall."

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas5 hours ago

    I love reading the comments, yes this is sad, but when you are going at someone who you know can’t fight, but have get something to back you off them, then who’s at fought here. Now I heard the young lady or her foster parents called the police so that lets me know they were in fear for her and their safety, no adults foster parents nor the neighbors try to intervene before the officers pulled up, just wondering

  • Wally Walters
    Wally Walters7 hours ago

    The problem with shooting somebody in the legs besides being a small Target you have major veins and arteries running through your legs so odds are you're going to bleed to death anyway

  • AXIAL32
    AXIAL328 hours ago

    Anyone who believes mainstream media is the 🗑️ of the country

  • saydee saydee
    saydee saydee8 hours ago

    Too judgmental who cares about juicy clothing . idiots

  • Joseph Buccelli
    Joseph Buccelli8 hours ago

    Media lost its legitimacy a long time ago. It's not dying, it's already dead.

  • Melba Bowen
    Melba Bowen9 hours ago


  • Buzz Owen
    Buzz Owen11 hours ago

    Where was her mask?

  • Michael Dinneweth
    Michael Dinneweth11 hours ago

    left media always lies and make up naratives that doesn't exist .

  • ja smith
    ja smith12 hours ago

    Mr. Crowder, While I appreciate your candidness, I take exception at your claim that a knife isn't a defensive weapon. I had the misfortune to have to defend myself from two drunk guys that jumped me in Mesquite Texas in 1979. It was a bloody gory mess and aside from the obvious grievous bodily injury the one that physically engaged me suffered as a result, I WAS defending myself. The State of Texas however sided with you in that respect and I ( being young and dumb) gave in to the pressure of being 19 and incarcerated in the Notorious 'Old county jail' in Dallas and pleaded down from attempted murder to Agg. Asslt W/deadly weapon. I could not predict that when I stabbed the first, the other would run like the cowardly bitch he was. There you have it, a defensive weapon. Believe or don't.

  • charlsie smith
    charlsie smith13 hours ago

    Floyd makes you sad. REALLY. HE KILLED HIMSELF with lethal amounts of drugs. Had a very long rap sheet. Officer is innocent. Back the blue👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👮‍♂️

    WXSEDY13 hours ago

    Love the shirts! But when I think about it that slogan doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Because when you "abandon all hope" as the sign to hell says, you presumably loose all fight. ... I would think a better slogan would be "Fight Hell!" Not fight "like" hell.

    MONTANA DA MONSTA14 hours ago

    Yeah I can't even take 10% of what we've been through just imagine going through a job been through for 350 years we've been home rape oppressed thrown into prison and drugs put in our community the natural time to feel what we've been going through so toughen up like we did

    MONTANA DA MONSTA14 hours ago

    The races are losing your power and we love it y'all try to fake like it's no racism but you can't hide it no more so cry all y'all want to we got time is up LOL

  • stevef68
    stevef6814 hours ago

    Why is no-one showing the clip with audio of Ma'Khia saying TWICE "I will stab the F&*^ out of you"?!

  • Dear Red
    Dear Red14 hours ago

    Love your videos 👍

  • SaToRi
    SaToRi15 hours ago

    Just stop responding to the police calls. Let them eat their own. Fuck em.

  • CanadianGirl InTheDominican
    CanadianGirl InTheDominican17 hours ago

    Facebook wouldn't let me share the link.. It flagged it with an error. But I copied and pasted it directly and it worked. Just thought you should know. xo Keep up the good work.

  • Dianna Schoening
    Dianna Schoening17 hours ago

    Juice on the butt aka I just shit myself.

  • Jaja Hunter
    Jaja Hunter17 hours ago

    Ok it's very clear we have crime in all races but the facts remain that in most cases that I'm seeing with clearly on video showing unjust behavior to people of color still remains unchanged

  • Sardarni Kaur
    Sardarni Kaur17 hours ago

    Actually mainstream media is not trying to promote makia as a victim. I never got that impression.

  • Native Manatee Roughskins
    Native Manatee Roughskins19 hours ago

    Cops, just stop showing up if your sheriff or governor or district attorney won't stand up for your justified actions.

  • liam 11
    liam 1122 hours ago

    You only need to see the second when she got shot to see what happened.

  • The Extinct
    The ExtinctDay ago


  • The Extinct
    The ExtinctDay ago


  • Matt Hayes
    Matt HayesDay ago

    actually I'm going to tell the truth LeBron wishes the basket was that big cuz then he'd make every shot

  • Matt Hayes
    Matt HayesDay ago

    LeBron wouldn't even hit the rim

  • Stan Weaver
    Stan WeaverDay ago

    Just sayin, cops should still have clubs, then they could swing first and ask questions later. Might be a few less people get shot, and quite few extra get beat up for just being there.

  • Christopher Huff
    Christopher HuffDay ago

    The cop pulled a stop drop shut her down mid stop oh no thats how ruff riders roll ..

  • kathy mcallister
    kathy mcallisterDay ago

    this shooting has proven what i have been saying that the only blm are the ones killed by police. they dont care about everyday blacks

  • SouthBeach Dre
    SouthBeach DreDay ago

    Notice how Benjamin Crump and Al Sharpton didn't touch this situation at all, because they know it was a justified killing...

  • DanD
    DanDDay ago

    Um, you need to at least minimally qualify your statements. Knives are also weapons. Knives are perhaps more defensive in use than aggressively offensive. Just as with a gun, displaying even just a four-inch blade will overwhelmingly dissuade even an equally armed assailant from attacking. If the brown girl in pink would have had her own shank, then fat slottie would have been much more circumspect about her approach, giving the cop much more time to choose a much less lethal response. D

  • Macker007
    Macker007Day ago

    The girl in the pink (“ We got her”)

  • Roll In Rush
    Roll In RushDay ago

    Oct 13, 2020 A Florida sheriff’s deputy was stabbed in the neck Sunday by a man who fled from police after he was told he was being committed to a mental health facility. He wasn't shot after he stabbed the cop SOOOOOOOOOO what's the difference 🤔the mental part

  • Larry G
    Larry GDay ago

    You kinda cherry picked the NPR article.. and it’s hilarious you pretend to have “feelings”🤣.. you “felt bad” that someone died? Who are you kidding?

  • Dr Jonesey
    Dr JoneseyDay ago

    Please don't be a conservative and pro-gun and call a knife and assassination tool and not for self defense, that's pretty dumb to me. A gun and a knife both serve the same purpose, equalization or mitigate the threat. When someone tries to come at you to possibly kill you, barehand or glass bottle or 4 x 4 or maybe they flash a gun first if you have a gun, what do you do? You shoot them, you going to let the barehand guy beat you down and possibly discover your firearm mid fight and not draw it? No you still pull it to stop the threat, and what does shooting accomplish if you must choose him? Stop the threat and maybe they die. If it were legal to carry a knife and stab someone, what does stabbing accomplish? Stop the threat and maybe they die. Same thing. You can even slice instead of stab to be less lethal unlike shooting a leg with a gun which is unrealistic and may still kill anyway. A crazed man isn't going to back away from a Knife, Baseball bat or a gun but a sensible angry person would. Nobody wants to get stabbed unless high or crazy. People think twice which is the point right. You rather pull a gun and not have to fire, same with pulling a knife. A gun is a more effective deterrent but a knife can still do the job even against multiple attackers who are unarmed. Nobody wants to get stabbed.

  • Ley Alliah
    Ley AlliahDay ago

    Y’all annoying with your perspective

  • Brad Parker
    Brad ParkerDay ago

    Love the thread...but...I have to call you out on your comments at 3:37 about a knife not being a "defensive weapon" -- but "an assassination tool". A knife is just a knife. Until it's used in a manner of force against another human. A tire iron is just a tool, just like a screwdriver. Any tool CAN be a defensive weapon when it's being used to save someone. Any tool can be an assassination tool if it's being used to assassinate someone. Please don't give the anti-gun crowd any more room to start classifying tools as "defensive" or "assassination tools". That's how we get modern sporting rifles tagged with "weapons of war" talking points.

  • Skinny Jeans Forever
    Skinny Jeans ForeverDay ago

    I couldn't agree with you more Stephen. These colleges are not delivering for our kids. Even the technical trade courses at some community colleges are thrown together with incompetent professors who don't know the trades.

  • Brian Curran
    Brian CurranDay ago

    Media equal fake news

  • John Moore
    John MooreDay ago

    The girl with the knife got what she deserved. If not today someone else at some point would get this so-called human

  • NiKa BaBy
    NiKa BaByDay ago

    The problem really is the internet and media not knowing all the details. She was still a child at her current home and the other ones we’re grown an on property they no longer lived at so therefore why wouldn’t stand your ground be a narrative??? Or defuse the whole situation because a non lethal method could have worked also 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s pretty much like nobody wants to see the difference in how we are policed. Our treatment on MOST occasions is just much harsher and when everybody sees that then the change can start.

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez

    Day ago

    Why? Because the intended target in pink was not an active threat when she was attacked, she was standing on the public sidewalk.

  • James Greene
    James GreeneDay ago

    Keep going please. You are part of my day now so, I’ll keep supporting.

  • Lord Charfield
    Lord CharfieldDay ago

    That cop should have shot off the tip of the knife to blunt it and render it harmless 😁

  • M S
    M SDay ago

    Yall made fun of her name.....yall are fucking racist yall damn selves

  • Smooth Lyricz
    Smooth LyriczDay ago

    It’s all opinions. The only ppl who know exactly what happened, are the parties involved. People just chasing attention😂…😔

  • DeV
    DeVDay ago

    Lmao @ 6:37

  • joe smith
    joe smithDay ago

    Screw the media there trouble makers!

  • Jonathan Davis
    Jonathan DavisDay ago

    When you use any weapon for defence you need to have a valid reason for escalation of force, using a weapon in an arguement is not self defence, it's attempted murder. This cop is a hero, end of, the woman with a knife is a criminal, end of, stupid choices = stupid prizes!

  • Samurai Steve
    Samurai SteveDay ago

    Love your channel. A knife is a self defense tool, as is a gun, or any weapon of opportunity. It is how it is used that makes it a self defense tool.

  • Johanna Roets
    Johanna RoetsDay ago

    Instant decision. If you can handle it better than the police then you should do the job. The police officer did what he had to do. Where are the parents. Children have become delinquents.

  • youn0917mm
    youn0917mmDay ago

    A knife isn't a defensive weapon of you aren't trained.......

  • Rack City
    Rack CityDay ago


  • setaside77
    setaside77Day ago

    If the girl had gotten stabbed, we probably would have never heard about it. It would have only made local late edition news

  • BigJon Johnson
    BigJon Johnson2 days ago

    Lizzy Borden was just holding an axe

  • BigJon Johnson
    BigJon Johnson2 days ago

    Anyone watch Star Trek 6? Undiscovered Country; also about racism I'm the real Kirk! Shoot him! I'm the real Kirk! Shoot him! Everybody runs to the cops to tell and no one remains fighting.

  • lorenzo simpson
    lorenzo simpson2 days ago

    that was an incredible shooting. He was so fast and accurate it was almost a miracle that the girl in pink wasn't stabbed or shot by a stray bullet.

  • Nathan Warzecha
    Nathan Warzecha2 days ago

    Would love to see how a social worker would have de-escalated this situation any better

  • I I
    I I2 days ago

    Back the blue 👮‍♂️💙🇺🇸

  • I I
    I I2 days ago

    Police officers 👮‍♂️💙❤️💙🇺🇸

  • Tommybasedgod3
    Tommybasedgod32 days ago

    Mfs saying that the coo should have just shot her hand. They really think that Dead Eye from red dead redemption is real 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • George Ybañez
    George Ybañez2 days ago

    Lizzy Borden was just holding an axe.

  • SD ll r087
    SD ll r0872 days ago

    People keep saying the cop should have shot the knife out of her hand but more importantly why didn't friends and family shoot the fork out of her hand?

  • Patricia Jean
    Patricia Jean2 days ago

    Going for the legs will still allow her to stab the girl

  • Rawesome
    Rawesome2 days ago

    How is a knife not defensive? My knife is better than my fists. No I don't carry ot as protection but is is one

  • NoParticipationRibbons Ever
    NoParticipationRibbons Ever2 days ago

    Police officers are not trained to shoot for the legs. That is the most idiotic statement I hear over and over. They are trained to shoot center mass which is the largest section of the body from the waist to the collar bones. Hey geniuses, . . . .you try shooting a 4 to 6 inch moving target and tell me again how they are to "shoot for the legs." Morons.

  • Rose James
    Rose James2 days ago

    So who was stabbing at people before the cops arrived?

  • Kerry Cassanova
    Kerry Cassanova2 days ago

    I was watching this story on CNN and Don Lemon of all people were giving the cops the benefit of the doubt.

  • Kerry Cassanova
    Kerry Cassanova2 days ago

    The problem with people checking their sources is they go to Hannity for news, then double check it with Carlson, then triple check with Ingram

  • Neil Isais
    Neil Isais2 days ago

    Why is a knife not a defensive weapon? (Honest question)

  • Mrs.JCFamilyHomestead
    Mrs.JCFamilyHomestead2 days ago

    Media loses all credibility the moment they open their mouth!

  • You Tube hates freedom of speech
    You Tube hates freedom of speech2 days ago

    NBC is trying to turn black and white people against each other its insane and you tube hates freedom of speech and will censor you for telling the truth shameful

  • Vince Ballou
    Vince Ballou2 days ago

    You won't speak about the trucker with a hammer who dragged a cop with the truck and the cop refused to shoot, so your racist ways cannot be trusted with this girl who died in her own property. And you talk about her weight and clothes. Jim Crow is back.

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez

    2 days ago

    The sidewalk is public property.

  • Czar Yobero
    Czar Yobero2 days ago

    “Watch media die” lmao it’s still going strong the “failing New York Times”

  • mreugeneguns
    mreugeneguns2 days ago

    Someone lost their life, have a bit of respect, remorse and dignity your kids nor mines aren't perfect. God bless.

  • Brad Peterson
    Brad Peterson2 days ago

    What about the guy kicking the other girl seems he was involved some how

  • Raymond Robbins
    Raymond Robbins2 days ago

    why does crowder have to ware his shoulder harness in his own studio. Like is he so scared he has to be armed while he is working? He is like a Starkey or something. At close range a knife is more dangerous it can pernitrate a vest also you moron. At long range a gun is more effective but at close range a knife is more effective you idiot

  • tigerrx
    tigerrx2 days ago

    Ok. I agree that she was dangerous, x, y, z. But I don’t understand WHY when people say “the media” they exclude Fox News, the biggest media company in America. Instead of saying media, call them by name. NOT MEDIA generalization.

  • Jason Ulmer
    Jason Ulmer2 days ago

    soo ou know the claims is 100% false.....hmmm yea yall are 100% full of shhhhhyt. Whenever someone speaks if facts then you can bet its bull

  • BIG R
    BIG R2 days ago

    It's a loose, loose, for a White cop in that situation..

  • student of scripture
    student of scripture2 days ago

    There's nothing funny about somebody that has lost their life. You might disagree with what narrative is being pushed but geez the miss guided humor is horrible and insensitive.

  • Charlotte Pasco
    Charlotte Pasco2 days ago

    So yes we are a threat to their democracy that they have created and we the people been asleep at the wheel for letting this happen

  • Charlotte Pasco
    Charlotte Pasco2 days ago

    Actually they call it the democracy because actually they have been getting away with it being a democracy you see they've been making all the laws and not letting the people vote on these laws they just pass whatever the hell they want that is a democracy the Republic gets the signatures for laws that they want passed then they represent it to Congress then they choose a yes or no vote that's how these laws are supposed to be passed not by Congress but by the people and they've been bypassing the people for years now

  • Diane Polinsky
    Diane Polinsky2 days ago

    Bunch of liers, police officer did their job and did it well.

  • Jason Gunnoe
    Jason Gunnoe2 days ago

    Your exercise in logic, removes all nuance. There are gray areas. You dont know that police officer and can in no way make assumptions about what was going through his head when said shooting occurred. The problem is with the training. I think a round discharged into the dirt wouldve gotten everyone's attention. Why cant they be trained to shoot in the legs? Why do cops get the minimum amount of training possible? Bet if you had more than a weeks worth of hands on training with firearms and where trained in descalation instead of paramilitary tactics things would be different. As a society we ask the police to do too much without the proper tools( training as well as ways to cope with what they see everyday, dealing with situations that constantly expose them to the worst society has to offer). That might be a place to start.

  • Mark H
    Mark H2 days ago

    The minute they report a story

  • Tasha Thomas
    Tasha Thomas2 days ago

    16 year old girl was fighting two grown women !!!!! The foster mother called them over there to fight her!!!!!!!!!!!! Those were grown women she tried to defend herself her little sister called the police when the police showed up she looked like the aggressor and that young girl was killed !!!!!!!The Foster mother and the two grown women need to be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that was not a little girl that man was kicking on the ground she was a 28 year old woman that came over there to do harm to his child !!!!!! Smh

  • Pablo Gonzalez

    Pablo Gonzalez

    2 days ago

    Problem is in that moment she WAS the aggressor. No cop is just going to sit there and not act.

  • Humpydumpf
    Humpydumpf2 days ago

    Nothing new, this is standard practise.

  • samuel acosta
    samuel acosta2 days ago

    The police have to call this guy to help

  • Robert Colin Shepherd
    Robert Colin Shepherd2 days ago

    5:18-Absolutely! And if that was an option for the cop, catch 22. The family could have sued the cops for not acting fast enough and as trained to handle a situation like this. No matter what, the cops whom were called get to be the aggressors who are guilty.

  • MrBakersClub
    MrBakersClub2 days ago

    Hey they wanna defund the police tho right? Let people like that be and let attrition take care of itself. Be a fuckin person with respect and morals,not for yourself but for everyone else. Even if they wanna be undeserving of it,fuck em,let em be dogs🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robert Britt
    Robert Britt2 days ago


  • Natnael Marley
    Natnael Marley2 days ago

    Why are u making jokes and laugh about this tragic shit

  • Chaoz Boy
    Chaoz Boy2 days ago

    Please remeber folks, according to Crowder there is no free speech in germany....what an douche

  • Dianna Sandefur
    Dianna Sandefur2 days ago

    What happened to the girl being kicked by that man?

  • Dennis Tafeltennis
    Dennis Tafeltennis2 days ago

    Yeah that guy who tried to kick this girl on the ground needs to be jailed and accumulate a nice soap collection.

  • marcos gonzales
    marcos gonzales2 days ago

    Bryant was a saint she just want to send the other girl to heaven to see god. how dare the police to kill a kind soul.