Ma'Khia Bryant Shot By Police: Media & Celebrities Are LYING To YOU! | Louder With Crowder


Like the title says... Ma'Khia Bryant (#makhiabryant) was shot by heroic cops who saved another black girls life yesterday (04/20). Right on queue... the MSM and various celebrities/activists are lying and leaving out details regarding the incident with this violent knife-wielding behemoth.
#ColumbusOhio #backtheblue
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  • Tami LaFerriere
    Tami LaFerriere6 days ago

    All my thumbs up I give you every show are not there anymore. 😐🤔

  • Socialising
    Socialising7 days ago

    Looks like Chris langan was right about the whole bellcurve thing

  • Him Again
    Him Again8 days ago

    canel crowderbits

  • York’s YouTube channel
    York’s YouTube channel8 days ago

    Great show as usual

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell8 days ago

    Let’s forget the girls were trying to jump her and also attacked her first......

  • ŁÎT Nigerian / Greek Gàł
    ŁÎT Nigerian / Greek Gàł9 days ago

    Why is a white man speaking

  • Gary Wahl
    Gary Wahl9 days ago

    Crowder for president.

  • StoneDog
    StoneDog9 days ago

    Not sure the "village" is doing a good job of raising kids. Or is that code for its someone else's job to raise your spawn?

  • J K
    J K9 days ago

    Tasers sometimes don’t even work, when used.

  • Pat Johnson
    Pat Johnson9 days ago

    Love the show

  • Nathan Brinker
    Nathan Brinker9 days ago

    Looks like a great vest

  • glim lindaregård
    glim lindaregård9 days ago

    Anyone know the outro song?

  • Sam Wheadon
    Sam Wheadon10 days ago

    Unpopular opinion; thank you to that cop who saved that woman.

  • 9er D
    9er D10 days ago


  • cm0cm
    cm0cm10 days ago

    I don’t give a shit how makhia’s mother feels about this... I care about what girl in pinks mother feels.

  • Kiro`s Den of gaming
    Kiro`s Den of gaming10 days ago

    you know the left are hypocrites when the want kenosha kid shoved into a wood chipper but want to hang an officer for shooting stabby columbus girl.

  • Kiro`s Den of gaming
    Kiro`s Den of gaming10 days ago

    perhaps biden will be more lenient on police if the secret service STOPPED PROTECTING HIM! if we dont get cops, he dont get personal bodyguards that would lay down their lives for his dementia addled ass.

  • King Newb
    King Newb11 days ago

    imagine disliking this video. Woah imagine

  • bubbiesdad
    bubbiesdad11 days ago

    Don't take a puppy to a knife fight.

  • Ian Davies
    Ian Davies11 days ago

    Have a look at Public Enemys Facebook posts from the last few days.

    RV SARAH11 days ago

    hahahahah yeah I thought the same thing but NO WAY. OBAMA is the Author of everything we see today. DAMN HIM TO HELL.

  • Simply Living
    Simply Living11 days ago

    That puppy was surprisingly chill throughout the whole thing 🐶

  • Shawn D. Murphy
    Shawn D. Murphy12 days ago

    The problem with the nine-year-old though you take the knife from him you're in trouble for child abuse

  • Panik Attack
    Panik Attack12 days ago

    It's getting worse

  • bobjames john
    bobjames john12 days ago

    It's in human nature to want what one believes in to be true,...but it beats sense/logic when facts are twisted to prove what is in one's mind..... .some ideologies- religious and political- makes people behave in bigoted and fascist ways....

  • Shawn D. Murphy
    Shawn D. Murphy12 days ago

    So justified. Thank God we have police officers like that man.

  • julian dowen
    julian dowen12 days ago

    Not all Uk police are armed with firearms, so tasers are their only real form of weapon. This video shows you the effectiveness of the good old taser.

  • Mick Politik
    Mick Politik12 days ago

    I think transparency and truth being available helps to mitigate damage a lie can do unabated. I understand it feels like capitulation, but most gov't reasons for secrecy end up being paternalistic nonsense that further obscures knowing the truth. And to think of the buddies who were resistant to the tech... Knew bodycams would also equally stand to exonerate cops. #toldyaso

  • R U Ready?
    R U Ready?12 days ago

    I’m Soooooo happy you showed full content. Unlike all the loons msm. #Jeremiah2911

  • Demetrius Bowman
    Demetrius Bowman12 days ago

    since when do tasers not exist this whole thing could have been avoided

  • Tryce Setser

    Tryce Setser

    11 days ago

    So the police officer prevented a girl from being stabbed and the left turns it into a racial thing, all democrats doing this, if this was a white girl, you would have never seen it on the news, Only white cops killing black people, that’s all they show now, and every time it happens the black person is resisting from the cop and being an idiot and trying to get away

  • Tryce Setser

    Tryce Setser

    11 days ago

    Okay, so your telling me a 50,000 volt taser is going to automatically stop this lady from stabbing the other one, She is a big woman and that would have not done shit, So your telling me if your sibling was about to be stabbed in motion, you would precisely hit her with a taser and that would of solved everything, That cop saved that girls life and obviously he didn’t want to kill the other girl but if your in that situation you gotta do what you gotta do, And some people are saying “wow you could have shot her in the arm or leg.” Are you kidding me, so he’s just supposed to take his time to perfectly hit her in the leg or arm while the other girl would have got stabbed if he did so, People need to grow up and stop being absolute idiots, it’s the democrats ruining this world

  • Christopher Alvarez
    Christopher Alvarez12 days ago

    If the only information you need is the color of your skin to determine how and what battles your going to fight through out the entirety of your life your death will be in vain because the skin you see now will decompose and with it the weight of the gray life you lived in such a blue and green planet. Ignorance at its best.

  • Alejandro Calle
    Alejandro Calle12 days ago

    Was the MF trying to stomp the girl on the floor right in front of the cops arrested. How stupid are these F””ing idiots. That officer is a hero he saved a young woman’s life.

  • Ray Bustos
    Ray Bustos12 days ago

    It's a knife 🔪 she was going to kill that girl and the cop was doing his job and "possibly" saving that girl's life.

  • 4himsanctified
    4himsanctified12 days ago

    Cops with stop showing up in certain locals. They can't win.

  • Diego Villamil
    Diego Villamil12 days ago

    So a police officer prevents someone from being stabbed and the left turns it into a racial issue. Seems legit..

  • Tomorrison28
    Tomorrison2812 days ago

    These people that don't want police are about to get their wish.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson12 days ago

    Well they are kids (Democrats, BLM movement and Antifa) whining and crying till they get their candy.

  • C Mac
    C Mac12 days ago

    I believe that the life of the black girl about to be stabbed “matters”. She suffered a traumatic threat to her life. What about her?

  • Ken P
    Ken P12 days ago

    @Crowderbits - You should request interviews with the family and friends of the girl the police saved to counter the interviews of the attempted murders family

  • Shaun Sweeney
    Shaun Sweeney12 days ago

    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • Johnny Smith
    Johnny Smith12 days ago

    *Beijing Biden, Big Tech, & the Government HATES US Citizens, the US Constitution, Privacy, Freedom, & Liberty!* *The Biden Government is scheming, totalitarian, autocratic, Fascist, and evil to the core!* The Sheeple need to take a hard Look at the REAL Enemy... the Government, Big Tech, MSM, & their Enforcers! They steal your Freedom and Liberty, your money, your property, your privacy, your dignity, your future! You are NOTHING but TAX CHATTEL! Everything is Illegal and is used as a vehicle for "Rights" Violations. YOU are nothing but a Government ATM... Follow the MONEY! *The US Government (Republicans & Democrats) is in Bed with Big Tech & MSM... but they are Screwing You! Bend over and take it like a man!* *Democrats... Republicans... Left Wing... Right Wing! They are all the SAME... there is ONLY 1 Party! The **_"GOVERNMENT PARTY"_** and they are Partying Like Hell with your Money!* *Bend Over... the Government is sticking the Red White and Blue Star Spangled Warmongering Gun Control Gay Green Woke Weenie to YOU!* *Thank God for Government & Corporate Restrictions! Without them, we would have NO FREEDOMS at All! What a Great Country... where NO Choice is now Your only Choice!* *If you think voter ID is racist, but a vaccine passport is just fine, you need some serious help with critical thinking.* Feds Seize 1,000 Safe Deposit Boxes w/One Warrant - Ep. 7.412 (Steve Lehto - USplan) “Predictive Policing” Algorithm Creates a Dystopian Nightmare for Residents of This Town (Institute for Justice - USplan) I’ve NEVER Seen Something Like This’: CEO Meeting PROVES the Great Reset Is UPON US (Glenn Beck - USplan) Mark Levin: Joe Biden is a Serial LIAR (BlazeTV - USplan) Man Sues Police for $3M in Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit (Inside Edition) LAPD Body Cam Video Released After Music Producer Alleges Arrest Due to Racial Profiling | NBCLA The Post Office is Spying on Us! Ep. 7.434 (Steve Lehto) Mostly Peaceful Maxine Waters (FreedomToons) EXPOSING CORRUPT FAIRFAX COUNTY POLICE OFFICER JONATHAN FREITAG: LINKED TO 400 OTHER CASES!! (ASD - DOCS) Militarized Police Assault And Arrest Man - For Filming (LackLuster)

  • Jamel Martin
    Jamel Martin12 days ago

    Look a classic reson why we should have guns

  • Oswald Thatendswald
    Oswald Thatendswald12 days ago

    Leftists cant fathom why he shot her because they don't understand what its like to be smart enough to make life saving decisions in the blink of an eye

  • Cody Gornall
    Cody Gornall12 days ago

    This is why the left is dangerous! They see something they don't like they'll burn the country to the ground. It's a matter of time when civil war II will break open.

  • Simon Kalibwani
    Simon Kalibwani12 days ago

    White policemen should just stop going to scenes where dispatch says the suspects are black. Don't lose your pension over some Stabby Tammy. Let the black cops take care of it. If they shoot, it was black on black so headline there. Its very inefficient but what can we do to protect police officers. Its mob rule now.

  • Tyler
    Tyler12 days ago

    Hey at least the dog is ok

  • Roberto Aiello
    Roberto Aiello13 days ago

    Granted, we don't know exactly what led up to this. Teenage are vicious. Imagine that. But with everything going on it's not like the officer had time to run over and tackle her. If he didn't shoot that other girl would have ended up in the ICU or the morgue.

  • Trump Won 2020 Election FACT
    Trump Won 2020 Election FACT13 days ago

    I’d love for both the REAL victims in this incident to come out and thank the officer for saving their lives I’d sip on liberal tears for days🥴

  • SirPhoenix Knight
    SirPhoenix Knight13 days ago

    2 Girls saved that day the one that hit the ground after she tried to stab her and then the girl in pink...

  • PC Masterace
    PC Masterace13 days ago

    He saved the scene from being a b on b crime and still gets hit with a race card.

  • Pavi Maris
    Pavi Maris13 days ago

    "Ma'Khiya promoted peace" ? LOL, WTF does that mean?

  • Chris C
    Chris C13 days ago

    Dang! I missed the man kicking the female that was knocked to the ground by the crazy, knife wielding obese girl until I played it back at half speed. Who is HE? Why does Crowder keep referring to the crazy bitch as a "lady". That ain't how a lady behaves.

  • Tony Martinelli
    Tony Martinelli13 days ago

    What kind of a world do we live in when a black girl cant stab her friends without be shot by the police?

  • Dan Jowett
    Dan Jowett13 days ago

    I figured it out all cops should be professional UFC fighters they don't need guns they could kill people with their bare hands so fund the police enough to where they can kill and dismantle huge crowds without guns or even backup

  • Dan Jowett

    Dan Jowett

    13 days ago

    Answer to they're not bullet or stab proof.... Body armor, kevlar so more money and training for cops

  • BradKandyCroftFamily
    BradKandyCroftFamily13 days ago

    "It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance." -Thomas Sowell

  • Glasgow Celtic 1888 # oneclub
    Glasgow Celtic 1888 # oneclub13 days ago

    The BLM movement love the play the victim

  • BradKandyCroftFamily
    BradKandyCroftFamily13 days ago

    I bet the vast majority of people who are calling the cop a murderer either 1) Haven't seen the footage, thus can't make a rational decision about it. 2) This kind of violence is such a normal thing to them that they sincerely don't believe this girl was dangerous (twisted reality). 3) Are just racist to the core and don't care that the girl was being violent and the officer was acting to save those she was attacking. They see a white guy and make their decisions from there, anything else doesn't enter the equation and they say whatever else they want from there (Maxine Waters. Kamala Harris and Biden are great examples). All she had to do was stop the attacks once the cops got there, that's it. Plain and simple. In her unwillingness to control herself, she attacked a person with a deadly weapon in front of an officer who is sworn to protect others and that's what he did. He protected the other girl from getting stabbed.

  • karend99143
    karend9914313 days ago

    Micalia was in Foster Care, so how does the so-called “mother’ know what she was like?

  • David Eisele
    David Eisele13 days ago

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes good job officer

  • BeeRich33
    BeeRich3313 days ago

    I do think there is one solution to this. Let one locality abolish the police. Then watch. Chicago 2.0 on Red Bull. Hold announcements claiming it's a complete success while the carnage gets filmed and posted. I know it's hard to believe, but they are indeed that bloody stupid. The most expensive in life is to go through it stupid.

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams13 days ago

    If all police encounters were just cheesy 80s movie sword fights, the world would be a lot more entertaining

  • Allison Hulley
    Allison Hulley13 days ago

    I was worried about the little dog that the girl in pink was holding...this whole thing is a lot of bs. Maybe just keep the police for areas who want them? Pointless being a cop, doing your job and then have to face a lynch mob who don’t want you to even have a fair trial. Who would want to be a cop these days? Thankless, dangerous job.

  • Robert and Doreen Harrison
    Robert and Doreen Harrison13 days ago

    How little respect do police officers get when they show up and everyone just keeps kicking and stabbing. What kind of world are we living in ?

    SABER-JOCKY13 days ago

    @ 9:47 Eye for an eye? This guy has a really bad grip on reality. If they really want to start a war with a very well armed conservative population, I don't think it will go the way he thinks it will.

  • baggs081
    baggs08113 days ago

    Cops should just refuse to help them and let them kill each other

  • Ewolf5150
    Ewolf515013 days ago

    Another classy family. I’m sure they all had jobs and went to church on Sunday’s too. Oh, and someone was just getting read to “go to college” too

  • 09Mask
    09Mask13 days ago

    Had the same thought when Obama was money in it

  • shnarfy
    shnarfy13 days ago

    All these people playing stupid games and only one won a stupid prize.

  • feelingtardy
    feelingtardy13 days ago

    pretty soon, anytime a white cop gets a call in a black neighborhood, their radios will start failing and they won't hear the call

  • westernwinchester70
    westernwinchester7013 days ago

    She is now a Saint just like Fentanyl Floyd!

  • TX Beachbum
    TX Beachbum13 days ago

    A white cop saves two black women's lives but he he is called a racist????? Get the FUCK outta here.

  • Franco Soliman
    Franco Soliman13 days ago

    Don't Abolish the Police. Don't forget, some cops are Black.

  • david ritch
    david ritch13 days ago

    Looking forward to the day when Cops just pull up, roll down the window and say "Be Good" and drive off.

  • American Defender
    American Defender13 days ago

    It's sad where we are in this country, it's sad we have leadership that sets us back almost 100 years. This is truly terrible to our youth, what message are leftist teaching our kids

  • Joseph H
    Joseph H13 days ago

    What's happening here is simple. A *white cop saved the life of a black person* . Now this cannot be because *the narrative is "white cops kill blacks" and not saving them* . Therefore, the rhetoric and lies that this was a racist incident. The left want all black people to become degenerates. They are slowly dehumanizing blacks while pretending they are for justice. They are the racists.

  • Edward Roark
    Edward Roark13 days ago

    Of course they’re lying - nothing new here. The real question - what are you major conservative media folks with all your influence going to do? I’ve been asking this question for months and nothing - just more of the same observing and complaining. IMO, we’re done here in the US. Our side thinks we’re tough, but we’re just all hot air while the other side is doing what it takes to get what they want.

  • Sinister Eleven
    Sinister Eleven13 days ago

    Nobody mention the man @ 3:02 trying to kick the other girl in the head while she is down.

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain13 days ago

    ' Black Lives Matter & ' Vigilant Wakos' March to the ' Lynching of America ' At the Expense of Others ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • Ernad Hadzic
    Ernad Hadzic13 days ago

    Baby? Lol didn't know 16 year Olds were babies I mean they can have babies they can drink alcohol smoke weed and all sorts of other "childish" things and they want to allow these 16 year Olds to vote nah fam ain't no babies there I'd shake that cops hand if he shot that girl while she was about to stab my kid.

  • David Yeske
    David Yeske13 days ago

    Let's bring back the duel. Teenagers should be able to settle differences the old fashion way.

  • Dimitar Donev
    Dimitar Donev13 days ago

    The cop had limited options - do nothing, tase, yell commands, try to fight the knife attacker that was 1/2 second away from stabbing the pink girl or fire a fire life round. I’d personally shout out commands and let the situation sort itself out. That way I can say in my defense in court that I was just trying to deescalate. Cause I’ll be in court for not preventing the pink girl’s death. The cop was doomed the moment he happened to be the closest one to the scene. But firing live rounds was the worst decision he could make given that’s all the left wants.

  • angel mud
    angel mud13 days ago

    is a bad time to be a police

  • K Pate
    K Pate13 days ago

    The cop made the right choice in a split second decision.

  • Ryan
    Ryan13 days ago

    Biden says systemic racism has stained the soul of our country, ummm he has been in government since 1776, he is the system! Lol

  • American Bully
    American Bully13 days ago

    The ironic thing is if the cop actually did what everyone wanted and stood there and did nothing everyone would be outraged and say he didn’t do anything to stop it because he’s racist.......ok seriously people need to stop these people are psychopaths

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain13 days ago

    ' Black Lives Matter & ' Wokos' March for ' The Lynching of America ' At the Expense of Others ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • Demongamer
    Demongamer13 days ago

    THIS IS INSANE this is like Communist propaganda or something! 3:30

  • Lohkie2_ _3
    Lohkie2_ _313 days ago

    Entitled children raised by social media. Funny how movies and books have been written about how the media will manipulate the masses into hysteria for years.

  • uniform arc
    uniform arc13 days ago

    Funny how the media doesn’t wanna talk about her family beating on another teenage girl. And still don’t wanna talk about how she had a girl half her size on the ground and had a knife

  • Billy_Cross
    Billy_Cross13 days ago

    If you have a weapon in your hand you’re a threat the cop doesn’t know whether you’re trained or not his job is to take whatever level of or to use whatever level of force is necessary she was threatening to stab someone that’s a lethal act requires a lethal response if there’s been numerous cops there the possibility maybe of teasing her would’ve existed but he didn’t have that option at the moment

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain13 days ago

    ' What the Hell ' What about the Black Man putting ' His Boot in the Face of a Black Woman ' ??? " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • Slaptimus Prime
    Slaptimus Prime13 days ago

    Good job Officer whatever your name is. I salute you

  • Theodore McLaughlin
    Theodore McLaughlin13 days ago

    Racist behavior by that cop would have been inaction. Why would a racist white officer put his career and freedom on the line over two black people fighting. Edit; the mostly peaceful meme has become reality, we have reached a whole other plain of existence.

  • Sage Guy
    Sage Guy13 days ago

    The parent or parents of the girl who was almost stabbed should thank that cop and have his back with the media and community. Seems like America is on a downfall due to ignorance.

  • 302yt
    302yt13 days ago

    Being a police officer is a thankless job.

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain13 days ago

    ' The Truth is in the Details of the Facts ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • David Sanders
    David Sanders13 days ago

    I've actually seen people say that they'd rather have seen the girl in pink get stabbed than have the attacker get shot. I don't get that mentality. And I thought people saying the cop should have just used pepper spray (from that distance with the attackers head turned away from the cop) were stupid....

  • M V.G.
    M V.G.13 days ago

    I came home from work. The news was on the TV. The head line said cop's shoot teen holding a knife. Nothing like knife wielding teen or teen attempting to kill another person. Total crap. It is refreshing to see a platform that reports actual facts. Thank you crowder and team.

  • Brian R
    Brian R13 days ago

    I disagree. Body cam footage should always be released. Complete transparency is a good thing

  • ice wallow calm
    ice wallow calm13 days ago

    N ow that's just tragic.