LIBERAL PRIVILEGE: Joy Behar MISGENDERS Caitlyn Jenner... Nobody Cares! | Louder With Crowder


#JoyBehar misgenders the brave and beautiful #CaitlynJenner on the mental-patient show know as 'The View' #TheView. The media really doesn't care. They only apply the rules when they want. Also the Hodge Twins (@Conservative Twins) are here!
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"Eat My Butt"


  • yuumsta
    yuumsta2 hours ago

    These fuckers would turn down a cure to cancer if they found out that it was a republican who came up with it.

  • zach stevens
    zach stevens7 hours ago

    According to her side of the fence, she just violently assaulted Jenner by misgendering.

  • cathi doroff
    cathi doroff9 hours ago

    She did not misgender Cailtlyn Jenner. HE is a MAN.

  • jess beitler
    jess beitler9 hours ago

    Alf lookalike😂😂

  • D G
    D G13 hours ago

    Joy used to be a guy

  • Pingoleta Jones
    Pingoleta Jones16 hours ago

    I confuse Joy for a man all the time.

  • gary Simmons
    gary Simmons20 hours ago

    If this was a conservative reporter, they would be in front of a leftie firing squad and cancelled by now.

  • Robert Kaplan
    Robert KaplanDay ago

    Bruce Jenner is not a attractive Man/ Woman!

  • Frankie Loyd
    Frankie LoydDay ago

    This is just something to build a show upon. How many of you, at home... still say "he" instead of she? We've been knowing him as Bruce Jenner for decades. An Olympic winner, he was a household name! My goodness!! Always making a big deal about something at someone elses expense.

  • Paul Pickett Podcast
    Paul Pickett PodcastDay ago

    I don't see why Joy Behar apologize she didn't misgender no one just cause you identify with an ostrich does not make you an ostrich

  • Disney Daddy
    Disney DaddyDay ago

    Crowder & The Conservative Twins. Greatest Crossover EVER.

  • Leonard MacAulay
    Leonard MacAulayDay ago

    If you were Joy Bihar looking in the mirror you’d be confused about the gender thing as well.

  • J Perry
    J PerryDay ago

    Is the word jigaboo still bad?

  • Juandre Botes
    Juandre BotesDay ago

    If that was a white dude that misgendered Caitlyn Jenner, he'd be cancelled

  • ScaryCheri
    ScaryCheriDay ago

    Lmao love it

  • RadiaUmbra
    RadiaUmbraDay ago

    Why does the earpiece dude sound like a cutaway gag Family Guy character

  • Bobby1502Jetty
    Bobby1502JettyDay ago

    No more “Hollyweird” celebs or actors running for public office! Especially mentally unstable individuals. For the love of God look at the mental state of our president.

  • cindy mananzala martinez
    cindy mananzala martinezDay ago

    JOY BEHAR: "I didn't get enough sleep last night" ME: "So what? who cares?"

  • Rudy's
    Rudy'sDay ago


  • K NZ
    K NZDay ago

    ALF?!!! Ba ha ha ha ha ha. Gold!

  • Laura Beckwith
    Laura Beckwith2 days ago

    Why is this show with all these liberal women not off the air? Oh thats right they are leftwingers.

  • Julie Davis
    Julie Davis2 days ago

    Alf lol

  • Kemper Boyd
    Kemper Boyd2 days ago

    Joy isn't clever enough to understand how stupid she is!

  • bareit13
    bareit132 days ago

    And it's hard to miss Rosie!!

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis2 days ago

    Joy yenta babbler

    HEIDI FISHER2 days ago

    I think🤥 joy and 🤥wimpy oldburg should get married and adopt 🤥Rosie 😜😵😩Judge Jeanine could perform the ceremony 😆😆😆😆😉😉

  • Chuck Tennant
    Chuck Tennant2 days ago


  • LB Rambo 562
    LB Rambo 5622 days ago

    If yeast infection had a face joy takes the cake

  • Troy Gene
    Troy Gene2 days ago

    Man,oh,Man,Joy certainly doesn't live up her name,I mean her party won the election,but yet she looks so miserable.

  • Roy Gane
    Roy Gane2 days ago

    It was so childish.. She is such an a/hole (sorry I had to insult a/holes)

  • Freedman’s Channel
    Freedman’s Channel2 days ago


  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins2 days ago

    Biden and behar both need to be told what to say lol

  • SJ H
    SJ H2 days ago

    Misgendered? Did you drink the Kool Aid too? Bruce Jenner is a man pretending to be a woman

  • Glenn Smith
    Glenn Smith2 days ago

    Black Face Behar can say almost anything and get away with it.

  • Hach
    Hach2 days ago

    It's natural to call a man a man. It's hard to fake using these pronouns, it goes against fact.

  • White Dragon
    White Dragon2 days ago

    It’s a mistake to meet them on their level. By even using the term “misgender”, Crowder had conceded ground. Big mistake.

  • Aura Moody
    Aura Moody3 days ago

    How do you explain that the USA is systemically racist when the White majority elected a Black President twice? What about the millions of Blacks holding leadership positions, including Obama and Congress? Are they considered Black supremacists? Are interracial couples racist? Are all White people privileged? Unfortunately, many of those successful individuals vilify the country that has made them rich, famous and powerful. Biden should be the last person to talk about racism when he has a record of denigrating Blacks with his derogatory comments and actions. Ironically, he now pretends to be the savior of minorities by lecturing Americans on systemic racism, White privilege and Black victimhood. Don't cave in to the woke mob! WAKE UP Americans before the USA is destroyed by the radical left. Where will you live if the USA falls?

  • Dave Lawson
    Dave Lawson3 days ago


  • Jobert Fontecha
    Jobert Fontecha3 days ago

    This had me dying!!! These guys are awesome !!

  • Bill Dobbins
    Bill Dobbins3 days ago

    The few people out there who are more ignorant than Joy Behar love her

  • Megan
    Megan3 days ago

    Joy is a joke.

  • Megan
    Megan3 days ago

    Why don’t you get some “sleep” and actually make yourself useful and maybe talk about what’s happening on the border. THAT should be discussed, and THAT would be an “oh crap” moment.

  • Carolyn Joyner
    Carolyn Joyner3 days ago

    Joy Bahar speaks of man/woman Caitlin Jenner, who is technically still a man. But Joy is the ignorant part of the “The Talk”. There you have it, Caitlin Jenner is a MAN pretending to be a woman!

  • Victoria A Beeching
    Victoria A Beeching3 days ago

    She really does look half asleep.

  • Rick Park
    Rick Park3 days ago

    Meanwhile a conservative would be immediately canceled by the left and fired.

  • joe kapinos
    joe kapinos3 days ago

    Joy Behar is Racist

  • J H
    J H3 days ago

    But the thing is, the way she has been allowed to "get away" with her mistake and just apologize should be the norm for everyone. The problem is not what is happening here, but what how it's not consistent when a conservative makes the same "mistake".

  • Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis3 days ago

    This woman is #1 bullshit

  • John Dorobiala
    John Dorobiala3 days ago

    You mean Bruce Jenner?

  • Bella B
    Bella B3 days ago

    Maybe they'll be forced to retire her and we won't have to see or hear her again. *fingers crossed*

  • Hypercube9
    Hypercube94 days ago

    I hate people who use pronouns because they are inferring that other regular nouns are somehow LESS than. Why should some nouns get capital letters and not others? That's elitist snobbery and I won't be a part of it!

  • dennieMFrae
    dennieMFrae4 days ago

    So their full of shit? Lol

  • J’s C’s
    J’s C’s4 days ago

    To the moon and back stupid

  • Michael Conlon
    Michael Conlon4 days ago

    She has never had one minute of beauty sleep.

  • Veronica Shaw-Nanny
    Veronica Shaw-Nanny4 days ago

    You get the mercy and forgiveness you dish out. But I forgive you Joy.

  • village green society
    village green society4 days ago

    Joy behar and the rest of the hosts of the view are nothing but liberal squawking meth heads

  • Shaun Victor
    Shaun Victor4 days ago

    These people know how to turn the stomach,she sits there like an old crow,wanting the middle class of America to starve to death.

  • Dr. Yaple
    Dr. Yaple4 days ago

    Liberal privilege would never dream of empathizing with a person who doesn't agree with them

  • donnie prince
    donnie prince4 days ago

    I have to admit. i agree. It's hard to keep up with pronouns when people decide they are something different from what they were originally born from. Then they sometimes decide to "change" back again.... ??? Smh. It's Very confusing. 🤦‍♀️

  • Mariana Mey
    Mariana Mey4 days ago

    Rules for the and not for me🤫🤫🤫

  • Kevin Blankenship
    Kevin Blankenship4 days ago

    Lil Jon was in her ear...100%

  • Rollos
    Rollos4 days ago

    her people wont cancel her. Joy also did Blackface and tried to justify it. So theres that.

  • Troy Adams
    Troy Adams4 days ago

    Imagine if a Republican did this ?

  • BD Mc
    BD Mc4 days ago

    Wow. The ONE moment I actually didnt HATE that nasty Joy Behar....

  • Darleen Abline
    Darleen Abline5 days ago

    I think we should crowdsource the view and get joy fired finally that b**** needs to go

  • Phil 556
    Phil 5565 days ago

    Yup, she quit caring about gender pronouns as soon as it was a Conservative that was running.

  • 1995dresser
    1995dresser5 days ago

    Joy behar does not look like Alf she looks more like Mrs ochmonek lol

  • Ted Wilson
    Ted Wilson5 days ago

    Joyless got a pass only because SHE is transgender, if I’m correct.

  • Meme Lovett
    Meme Lovett5 days ago

    Everybody already knows her personality and their is no surprise in her. Its boring talk and she tried to spice it up. She is boring and that's all she had that day to add a thing extra to her life. Everybody who heard her brushed their shoulders off.

  • Eliz
    Eliz5 days ago

    Joy Behar= all mouth not much brains, always has an opinion about subjects she has no experience or knowledge about. Btw, hope Tim Scott is either President or VP in 2024.

  • Rob
    Rob5 days ago

    i hope Caitlyn wins

  • #Everyone Matters
    #Everyone Matters5 days ago

    People are right, Joy does look like Alf🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mike mclendon
    mike mclendon5 days ago

    If Jenner was demacrat they would run "it" for Prez. Let the crooks scream about it.

    RICK BRICKLES5 days ago

    Joy needs to stay in her lane. She is a very unattractive individual as far as her higher then G-D attitude. Good Lord !!!!

  • K H
    K H5 days ago

    You just ruined ALF for me. Thanks a lot.

  • P MG
    P MG5 days ago

    Well....... HE is NOT a SHE. Get over it!

  • Da Hu
    Da Hu5 days ago

    Title makes me excited

  • jeffsmithist
    jeffsmithist5 days ago

    Land of broken toys....

  • Jason Ericks
    Jason Ericks5 days ago

    Does IT still have it's JUNK then it's still a MAN!!::;&

  • Kathy
    Kathy5 days ago

    Joy KNOWS the truth but she CHOOSES to spew a lie$$$$$$

  • Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy
    Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy5 days ago

    Bruce Jenner cannot give birth, menstruate or breast feed, trust the science, but it only works for pushing false information

  • Jesas Maria
    Jesas Maria5 days ago

    Making fun of neurobiogical conditions people have no control over. What's next? Making fun of Asthma? Jesus Christ Crowder...

  • Jesas Maria
    Jesas Maria5 days ago

    I mean...yeah that's shitty. She should appologize.

  • Suzanne Kenny
    Suzanne Kenny5 days ago

    She's the Joe Biden of daytime television.

  • The Hamptons butcher
    The Hamptons butcher5 days ago

    Dox them for being old hags.

  • Christina Strehle
    Christina Strehle5 days ago

    Don't insult Alf!

  • More Power!
    More Power!5 days ago

    I am not a liberal but I am here to say there is no such thing as white privilege liberal privilege or democratic privilege or any privilege for that fact besides Rich privilege if you have money you have privilege

  • Terry Kemper
    Terry Kemper5 days ago

    I don't mind this cuz HE will always be a HE. NO MATTER WHAT! He was born a male and u can't change the gender u r born with. His name was "Bruce Jenner". Changing his name NEVER changed his biological gender. As this proves, liberals even have biases. They subconsciously agree with Republican views.

  • Ygerek Hirosaki
    Ygerek Hirosaki5 days ago

    How ironic that Crowder is now making videos about who is misgendering who

  • Jason Wesley Thornton
    Jason Wesley Thornton5 days ago

    Technically, Bruce has misgendered himself! If he doesn’t know if he is a boy or girl, we definitely do NOT need him being in charge of anything… Too many fruit loops, not enough milk!

  • Edward Ferry
    Edward Ferry5 days ago

    Bunch of men with diaper rash

  • Judy Ratliff
    Judy Ratliff5 days ago

    how can you misgender a man.

  • Jonas Barbery
    Jonas Barbery5 days ago

    Well, joy is a shrieky, leftist mouthpiece but, can you blame her for being confused about Jenner?

  • Wilhelm Cooke
    Wilhelm Cooke6 days ago

    Of course we don’t care when it isn’t tactfully advantages. You’re still not on about us being sincere... oh you mean the useful idiots. Well... they do what they’re told.

  • John G
    John G6 days ago

    No one of any consequence cares what you think Joy.

  • curtis roberts
    curtis roberts6 days ago


  • Schquirl 8811
    Schquirl 88116 days ago

    Joy is definitely losing it and she needs to retire now! Oh wait a minute we have a president that’s already lost it so I guess liberals just like brain dead people.

  • Schquirl 8811
    Schquirl 88116 days ago

    So a transgender can only be the sex they want to be if they’re liberal? That’s pathetic

  • DCQ
    DCQ6 days ago

    I think Joy is a man...prove me wrong!!!

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson6 days ago

    Joy is probably the dumbest woman on TV.