Steven has an impromptu conversation on Libertarian Socialism, whether it can work and debunks the myth that the Left is the party of the "Little Guy"
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Rich murphy
    Rich murphy10 hours ago

    Exactly. Just say exactly. But what are you say exactly about then? If you disagree with him?

  • Hogan Logan
    Hogan Logan17 hours ago

    Articulately stupid!!! Trying to make a point and reverses it into exactly what crowder is explaining to him!!!

  • jeanette taylor
    jeanette taylorDay ago

    This is irrelevant but he is very handsome

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis CruzDay ago

    What’s the music at the end of crowders videos?

  • Cucuy Dog
    Cucuy DogDay ago

    He said we had 500,000 people die yet the yearly average death toll did not go up you have to realize is if you think coronavirus killed more Americans than who were Statistically going to die that year anyhow

  • Dillon Dale
    Dillon DaleDay ago

    These big companies and politicians and doctors are all puppets to the real bosses.

  • BenM
    BenMDay ago

    Everyone search Daryl Davis, he's our only hope against the racist policies that are being pushed in America!

  • BenM
    BenMDay ago

    I would agree with him that gov does HAVE the power to eradicate the problem. But yet, the people we choose to elect for gov do not.

  • Jocko Moto
    Jocko MotoDay ago

    I appreciate the pop up articles, well done

  • josh schlosser
    josh schlosserDay ago

    good conversation

  • John Conlon
    John ConlonDay ago

    "THEY DONT CARE ABOUT YOU" . No truer words.

  • El Rey Del Dinero
    El Rey Del DineroDay ago

    usplan.info/two/video/t4xlt2l-o33FiIg.html They was warning us about big government and how big companies take advantage of the government help.

  • Pico Rico
    Pico Rico2 days ago

    If you need any proof that everything Steven says is true just look at the history of Socialist regimes in Cold War era Eastern Europe.

  • Leo Shell
    Leo Shell2 days ago

    The guy is not even listening, just thinking what he will say next...

  • James Gray
    James Gray2 days ago

    This kid composed himself pretty well y'all should try finding a job for him

  • stendec 5762
    stendec 57622 days ago

    "They don't care about you " Remember that people.

  • Wattawalkka
    Wattawalkka2 days ago

    That final list left of mich mcconnel maxine waters and pelosie there are so many fucking 40 50 yearers on both sides that havent done anything for us. and dont deserve a place in power

  • cyotee doge
    cyotee doge2 days ago

    Crowder kept arguing for anarchism. Thanks.

  • James Heath
    James Heath2 days ago

    That kid has absolutely no clue.....

  • djolivierastro
    djolivierastro2 days ago

    It it is so refreshing to see a true respectful conversation in these times

  • Yes You Are Right But
    Yes You Are Right But2 days ago

    Get this man out of the College environment ASAP----- HE has a desire to learn!! "Like, Like, Like, Like"

  • Jessica Koch
    Jessica Koch2 days ago

    Why does this young (and obviously very intelligent) man trust the government when it's the government that has caused a lot of the problems? He believes the government can fix the problems it makes? They can, but they won't. They are the problem! Big government WANTS PROBLEMS, in order to necessitate its very existence, and to deepen the divide in this country.

  • plezgeartmeh nah
    plezgeartmeh nah2 days ago

    The ultimate problem we have that envelopes and creates the problems is Democrats.

  • Badland Genetix
    Badland Genetix2 days ago

    For someone so learned and able to speak he sure doesn’t understand what Steven I s trying to say. Like the phrase goes “you can lead a horse to water” these Democrats are going to learn why there ideals don’t work. Bet

  • Bo Pitbull
    Bo Pitbull2 days ago

    I still can't believe these kids really believe what they've been told They can't think for themselves any longer The big green deal is not an infrastructure plan is a plan to shut America down and destroy it so they can make it into a socialist country and then all these kids won't have any rights to do the things that they always love to do and then they're going to realize they were wrong but it'll be too late by then not to suffer and crawl on the streets looking for change.

  • Bo Pitbull
    Bo Pitbull2 days ago

    These kids are so stupid nowadays it's unbelievable what did these high school and college professors do to them for them to be so ignorant and foolish.

  • Floundrpoundr23
    Floundrpoundr232 days ago

    Echo this ishhhh mannn

  • 9er D
    9er D2 days ago

    Great episode..

  • Carpe cervisiam
    Carpe cervisiam2 days ago

    Free speech is a wondrous thing

  • Milady Artistic
    Milady Artistic2 days ago

    The skincolour of that Young man is SO beautiful!! My goodness..what a beauty! People are so beautiful ❤️

  • Milady Artistic
    Milady Artistic2 days ago

    Love that black beautiful young man❤️

  • Gill Johnston
    Gill Johnston2 days ago

    I love these. It’s so great to watch and listen to civilised debate and views based on researched and verifiable facts.

  • Peter Kaufman
    Peter Kaufman2 days ago

    Dems hate Bs. Dems support crime (defund the police), promotes B on B violence (by ignoring it and doing nothing about it), promotes single family homes (government replaces man), promotes ignorance (promotes teaching woke crap in schools over Reading, Writing, STEM), dilutes B votes (promotes no voter id so non-Americans can vote), and promotes riots over protests (destroy B community). B America, wake up.

  • fugitive88888
    fugitive888882 days ago

    Great conversation

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee2 days ago

    This guy will talk him self right into a community tyrannical situation. 😂

  • Kevin Wielgolaski
    Kevin Wielgolaski2 days ago

    Bernies no socialist hes got 4 homes millions of dollars hes there too sucker you

  • loaded toaster
    loaded toaster3 days ago

    Kids today are very bright. They just getting led by the nose through govt propaganda. They'll figure this out. I have high hopes for these youth.

  • Mark Bowman
    Mark Bowman3 days ago

    Hey Marley...read creature from Jekyll Island. The money went to Pelosi projects.

  • Eric Hammer
    Eric Hammer3 days ago

    The government can't help keep small businesses afloat if they allow cities to be burned to the ground without much of a consequence.

  • Ryan Ward
    Ryan Ward3 days ago

    This young man gives me hope that we can continue to have productive conversations. He's sounding like I did 10 years ago when I was his age. 10 years of work and life experience and he'll start to realize how capitalism is supposed to work and how government regulating everything is dangerous. Good on both of them for doing the craziest thing you can do nowadays, having an open mind.

  • Brutally Honest
    Brutally Honest3 days ago

    Wait until these liberals are faced with the harsh, brutal reality that lies ahead as a direct result of who and what they voted for.. give it 1.5 - 2 years and they'll wish they hadn't endorsed these extremists and fallen for their deceptive bribes and hollow promises. We'll all suffer due to their incompetence, ineptitude and general (predominantly ignorant) misunderstanding of how the economy works and what type of monetary/fiscal policy is unhealthy and pernicious for a nation.

  • Alexander Perez
    Alexander Perez3 days ago

    I wonder how many people wanted a stimulus to get the new ps5

  • d962831
    d9628313 days ago

    Seems like there's an agreement on the problems but differences when it comes to solutions. This kid is someone I'd like to know.

  • Travis MacLennan
    Travis MacLennan3 days ago

    People saying he's a good debater and open minded.... he was barely listening on things that challenged his narrative, and just wanted to get his talking points in. Kudos to Crowder for being so patient

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez3 days ago

    We all know that kamala is just waiting for the other old witch to give her the green light to use the 25 amendment on Joe

  • Jorge Rodriguez
    Jorge Rodriguez3 days ago

    We all know that kamala is just waiting for the other old witch to give her the green light to use the 25 amendment on Joe

  • Lucy Jarratt
    Lucy Jarratt3 days ago

    Crowder keep doing what your doing 👍👍👍xxxx

  • Ash B
    Ash B3 days ago

    Crowder is on point here

  • Daniel Provencher
    Daniel Provencher3 days ago

    Kids today's arent the brightest

  • Amy Ness
    Amy Ness3 days ago

    This kid only has one problem, and that is that he is far too trusting of the government. Unfortunately, the lefties took over the faculties of education decades ago so it's all he really knows-daddy government will always be there with the handouts. Give him some time, it's hard to change someone's entire outlook on the world, starting from a very, very young age, in a single conversation. I wonder what he'll be like in a year.

  • Billy Club
    Billy Club3 days ago

    Perfect example of smart phones. A smart kid with a smart phone but not enough life experience to handle it.

  • alicia lite
    alicia lite3 days ago

    I think this guy thinks he is way smarter than he is,Steven is smarter.

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo3 days ago

    In the mighty words of the legendary Michael Jackson: All I wanna say is that, they don´t really care about us.

  • Handiman Jay
    Handiman Jay3 days ago

    Millions of Patriots have died defending our freedoms since 1776. Do these elites really think that by defunding the police, wasting our money, putting an untold number of people on government support, crushing our economy, controlling what we hear and see, telling us how to think, feel, and live is going to end well for anyone? Yea ok, if you think so. When a people have nothing, they have nothing to lose. The cry will not be, “Give me liberty or give me $12 a pint ice cream.”

  • jb
    jb3 days ago

    He'll see the light. It just takes time to undo all the crap that gets put in their heads. You had him laughing and agreeing with you there at the end of the clip. Good work

  • Adam Hero
    Adam Hero3 days ago

    More government only works if those who are elected care about everyone,p, but it’s human nature to care about yourself and those close to you much more then anything else, thus they don’t do thing to benefit everyone unless it’s benefits themselves. So they will throw breadcrumbs at the masses while they give the lions share to those close to them and those who pay them.

  • Blacker Panther
    Blacker Panther3 days ago

    Black guy wants democratization of businesses... color me shocked...

  • Nomi Sunrider
    Nomi Sunrider3 days ago

    I lost my job due to all of the forced shutdowns. I'm a massage therapist and personal trainer. As of mid March 2020, we had not lost any members to our facility and our drop ins had stayed reasonably consistent. We had great sanitation procedures in our facility. Business was still great. I only lost my job because the government forced shutdown. 3 months later I started my own mobile business and have been doing well since. They later tried to hire me back but for less than I was previously making so I said no thank you and took their clients as my non compete had expired. Both my employer and the government bent me over and went in dry but I was able to take advantage of the hand I was dealt and continued to earn a living. I do not support any move that would give the government even more control.

  • Mike Castelonia
    Mike Castelonia3 days ago

    Should’ve told him that bailouts to companies is socialist. Capitalism is about profit and loss

  • Kyle
    Kyle3 days ago

    That guy seems like someone that self-educates so he will probably be an outspoken conservative in ten years. lol

  • My Channel
    My Channel3 days ago


  • elliot deherrera
    elliot deherrera3 days ago

    If crowder leans into that kid anymore he's going to fall out of his chair!

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips3 days ago

    I like this guy ! Very smart

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B3 days ago

    I'm 56 and my wife is 54, we have both worked 5 days a week during the pandemic, did what we needed to do and so could everyone else

  • turning of cheek not the solution
    turning of cheek not the solution3 days ago


  • Brandon Gregory
    Brandon Gregory3 days ago

    If this was filmed during the pandemic, why is this man screaming in other people’s faces?

  • jonathan lamm
    jonathan lamm4 days ago


  • G S
    G S4 days ago

    That kid has good parents 👍

  • Pandora Zbocks
    Pandora Zbocks4 days ago

    Free America from the socialist liars.

  • Haans Olo
    Haans Olo4 days ago

    Best CMM guest by far. I like this guy. He's not dickish about his position being the position to have.

  • Hermit Card
    Hermit Card4 days ago

    Sometimes in the Change my Mind show you see people with an "I DON'T CATE WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE" arrogant attitude. This guy honestly looks like he honestly don't want bad things happening to people and is willing to listen another point of view to learn a different point of view even if it doesn't mean to agree with him.

  • fed up American
    fed up American4 days ago

    Walmart stock now Mostly owned by china. Look it up, waltons sold about 75%, all but wm international, to China.

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes4 days ago

    Trump made a big mistake putting fauci his team he should have never shut down a country that was a fatal flaw and they pressured him into do it especially after they were going to cheat anyways Southwest fearing not shutting down in more people dying because of not shutting down but it was all designed and I would bet my nuts at the Democrats and China planned this virus outbreak

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes4 days ago

    It's not a public health risk the Democrats all they only National risk people died that is part of life if I die from the coronavirus then so be it I don't want the rest of my country to be locked down and f****** go bankrupt and then they die because they can't feed each other it's b*******

  • William Hughes
    William Hughes4 days ago

    Our government is brainwashing our children

  • lucian kristov
    lucian kristov4 days ago

    Ive converted 4 people from libtard to right leaning just because of crowder . Thats a win ! They now see how crazy the left really is

  • Caddy Jim
    Caddy Jim4 days ago

    This kid is Young and not listening and want others to do what individuals could do for themselves

  • Bobbie D.
    Bobbie D.4 days ago

    This young man is very bright. I see a successful future for him

  • Havendale Blvd
    Havendale Blvd4 days ago

    Great discussion.

  • Casey Rodriguez
    Casey Rodriguez4 days ago

    This kid should be an example for kids everywhere.

  • April 2520
    April 25204 days ago

    Here and there you'll have a racist on either side. But I'll never forget that democrat leftists had "uncletim" trending on Twitter and that was allowed.

  • Jim Belanger
    Jim Belanger4 days ago

    You all giving Marley too much credit. He has a nice demeanor but appears to know very little. He kept saying like Like like like a lot and kept saying right right right and said the govt has the money to fix the problem and Steven said no they don't have enough money and then Marley said exactly thereby immediately flipping his position. He's a nice guy pretending to know a lot so he may have a future as a politician.

  • Patriot Mike
    Patriot Mike4 days ago

    He asked, "where does the rest of the money for the infrastructure bill go if not infrastructure" lolololol they really have no clue what communism really is

  • T O
    T O4 days ago

    A good conversation and debate....so rare these days!! Nice to see.

  • Jason Gothard
    Jason Gothard4 days ago

    Steven was spot on but it looked as though the young man didn’t appreciate being cut off. Good conversation

  • Dallas Orr
    Dallas Orr4 days ago

    I remember 10milion going to Pakistan for gender studies

  • jasper
    jasper4 days ago

    Crowder's power level increases as he leans in. The argument will be instantly won when he lands a kiss.

  • GlowWorm


    3 days ago

    Crowder's body language here really bothers me lol

  • n3r0wolfe
    n3r0wolfe4 days ago

    "we need worker representation on these [company] boards" why? they dont own the company

  • Digital Dave_& The Dissman
    Digital Dave_& The Dissman4 days ago

    The stuff that's been going on over the past few years should terrify people. I honestly hate watching the news of any form. It's like a drug addiction. I know it's bad for me but my desire to be as knowledgeable about something that could hurt or have a negative impact on my life supercedes my will to turn my head and pretend it doesn't exist even though I know it's inherently hurting me more because it affects the way I look at this world now and how I look at this world scares the crap out of me. As mundane and simple as the saying is "Ignorance really is bliss"

  • Shanghaied
    Shanghaied4 days ago

    Please leave your chyrons up longer. Nearly 100% of us have to pause the video in order to fully read them. Another fantastic "Change My Mind" by the way. 👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Shanghaied
    Shanghaied4 days ago

    This kid is one step away from discovering Thomas Sowell...

  • BuildingwithTrees
    BuildingwithTrees4 days ago

    I slug Amazon packages for USPS. That deal was made in secret, and is still secret. I get 10 seconds of pay to deliver your package. No matter if you're in town or down a 1/2 mile driveway. The worker is getting screwed, I am getting screwed.

  • CrazyCEO
    CrazyCEO4 days ago

    What a great civil conversation between two opposing ideals, coming together to find common ground. Good for you guys

  • 20vTouge86
    20vTouge864 days ago

    This guy is so close to figuring it all out! What a great convo! I hope he is able to look beyond main stream media and open his eyes to the big picture! Left wing politicians just want to line their pockets. G’day from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Mike n’ Ike
    Mike n’ Ike4 days ago

    Ahhhh man this kid is smart and he’s almost there

  • michel Guevara
    michel Guevara4 days ago

    "we the government are the people" joe biden, puppet of the harris communist autocracy.

  • Michael Littlefield
    Michael Littlefield5 days ago

    Always seek the truth and question authority.

  • Critical pistol bRace Theory
    Critical pistol bRace Theory5 days ago


  • B Moore
    B Moore5 days ago

    I hope this kid actually watches this and LISTENS to himself, and realizes how little sense it makes to expect the government to solve a problem IT CREATED ON PURPOSE. "They have the power to alleviate this problem." Yeah, by stepping away from the bailouts. How do we get these kids to realize that these government leaders are corporatists, and that they aren't the least bit interested in helping the little guy? They only care about helping out their biggest donors, and keeping us fighting each other so we don't notice what they're doing.

  • dread assembly
    dread assembly5 days ago

    Amazon is slowly replacing employee's with robots.