Jorge Masvidal says “Kamaru Usman hits like a BITCH!”| Louder With Crowder


The great @Jorge Masvidal calls in to give his predictions for Saturday's #UFC261 fight against Kamaru Usman! Send him all your support!
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Big Flip
    Big Flip3 days ago

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Funk Zulu
    Funk Zulu3 days ago

    Ummm! Who is the real man now?

  • Linda Hlophe
    Linda Hlophe4 days ago

    Usman singlehanded you beating down the MAGA poster boys. Giving them a good reason hate immigrants.

  • Aragorn Ozil
    Aragorn Ozil4 days ago

    The bitch punch knocked his ass out

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose Gringo4 days ago

    That was actually a good prediction. 😂

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose Gringo4 days ago

    He hits like a..............👊💥 daaamn that was a bitch Masvidal. 😂

  • Rinkachichirikumei 12345
    Rinkachichirikumei 123456 days ago

    Masvidal fans: Masvidal could of won if he didnt lose.

  • Truck kun
    Truck kun6 days ago

    sorry but this didn't aged well

  • namjam lewis
    namjam lewis6 days ago

    If usman hits like a bitch I guess masvidal has a glass chin

  • De H
    De H6 days ago

    Proceeds to get KO'd

  • Michael Counter
    Michael Counter6 days ago

    This didn’t age well. “He hits like a bitch!”

  • Joe Gallegos
    Joe Gallegos6 days ago


  • soxfantony773
    soxfantony7736 days ago

    Well this didnt age well

  • miguel gonzalez
    miguel gonzalez6 days ago

    He knocked him on his ass. Plain and simple. He can't fuck with Usman

  • Warren O'Brien
    Warren O'Brien7 days ago

    Lmao, ask him now.

  • hustleharder
    hustleharder7 days ago

    Well I think he has a change of mind bout his punching

  • Michael K
    Michael K7 days ago

    This statement did not age well

  • tripfan01
    tripfan017 days ago

    He literally ate his words on this one 🤣

  • D Vizzle
    D Vizzle7 days ago

    This didn’t age well lol

  • WoerthMore Investing
    WoerthMore Investing7 days ago

    Well this didn’t age well 🤜

  • H Lauren Weatherbed
    H Lauren Weatherbed7 days ago

    Masvidal got knocked the fuck out 😆

  • pantera Nineteen
    pantera Nineteen7 days ago

    Bet he don't hit like a bitch now, put this nobody back in his place. Beat a nobody wrestler with a knee and made a subpar fighter bleed and he's the baddest? No he's the luckiest. And now Usman retired him there's no coming back GLASS CHIN NOW.

  • Robo Rob
    Robo Rob7 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  • Sir DeRANGED Psycho
    Sir DeRANGED Psycho8 days ago

    But Jorge trained with Dustin and other wrestlers... He was well prepared for the first fight...

  • moto hellogoto
    moto hellogoto8 days ago

    This aged like milk.

  • jake w
    jake w8 days ago

    Aged terribly

  • Liverpool On top
    Liverpool On top8 days ago

    He called him a bitch, to bait Usman to stand with him and prove his hands. Masvidal made his bed and now he’s sleeping in it😂😂😂 Night Night my guy

  • Derek Greene
    Derek Greene8 days ago

    This didn’t age well

  • Imma bad person I guess.
    Imma bad person I guess.8 days ago

    That didn’t age well

  • Doug-Dima- domee
    Doug-Dima- domee8 days ago


  • Daniel Roos
    Daniel Roos8 days ago


  • Jason
    Jason8 days ago

    That didn't age well.

  • Rigoberto Padillad
    Rigoberto Padillad8 days ago

    That man is a BEAST😎

  • Dylan noren
    Dylan noren8 days ago

    Hahaha this didn’t age well did it?

  • bojack335
    bojack3359 days ago

    squares shoulders and blocks jab to outside Usman throws right hand surprised pikachu face

  • Adam Johnson
    Adam Johnson9 days ago

    This clip DID NOT age well! 😅

  • The Genius
    The Genius9 days ago

    I'm a Jorge fan but this didn't age well

  • The Genius

    The Genius

    7 days ago

    @Prakhar Gupta O

  • Prakhar Gupta

    Prakhar Gupta

    7 days ago

    I'm not a masvidal fan and this did age well for usman

  • H2sGremlin
    H2sGremlin9 days ago

    I'm sorry I really liked 5his dude but seeing his smile knocked off his face and watching him catch z's was priceless.

  • Loyalty Limited
    Loyalty Limited9 days ago

    That knockout was as shocking as Rose's. He just didn't respect his opponent.

  • Linda Hlophe

    Linda Hlophe

    4 days ago

    Or Usman is a much better fighter than Masvidal which why he’s been a Champ for a while now, never lost in the UFC.

  • Cathal Buckley
    Cathal Buckley9 days ago

    This aged like Lindsey Lohan

  • Christine VB
    Christine VB9 days ago

    Lol he hits like a bitch 😂😅

  • Jeff Troy
    Jeff Troy9 days ago

    Got knocked out! Lol

  • Cory B
    Cory B9 days ago

    Hmm this aged like milk outside in the summer

    INFAMOUS9 days ago

    This aged well

  • Thomas Abreu
    Thomas Abreu9 days ago

    “He hits like a bit**’ famous last wordslol

  • Lars Saint Morning Glory
    Lars Saint Morning Glory9 days ago

    Anyone here after Masvidal got ghosted?

  • Kevin Marshall
    Kevin Marshall9 days ago

    from the beginning to the start??? triplified??? i love this dude!!!!!!!!! He represebles the troof

  • Kermit Muppet
    Kermit Muppet9 days ago

    This did not age well..........

  • Jrock Az
    Jrock Az9 days ago

    Well in that case masvidal went down like a lil bitch 😂

  • James Frego
    James Frego9 days ago

    This ruins his career talking this much then getting knocked out

  • pollaski
    pollaski9 days ago

    This did not age well.

  • Desecrator6
    Desecrator69 days ago


  • The Globe Gamer
    The Globe Gamer9 days ago

    He sure looks like a fool here 😂. I'm a fan but 🤣

  • Sam Eugene
    Sam Eugene9 days ago

    Aged like milk

  • Gary Wahl
    Gary Wahl9 days ago

    Crowder for president.

  • Jacob Campbell
    Jacob Campbell9 days ago

    This didn't age well

  • ryan mangal
    ryan mangal9 days ago

    “He hits like a bitch” proceeds to get knocked tf out

  • Jimmy The Cricket
    Jimmy The Cricket9 days ago

    Boy this didn’t age well, did it?

  • BradAndos
    BradAndos9 days ago

    You're probably looking for the "this didn't age well" comment

  • Indo Gaming
    Indo Gaming9 days ago

    Wait. Didn’t this guy lose?

  • Emil
    Emil9 days ago

    Aged like a fine milk

  • Chris Lyons
    Chris Lyons9 days ago

    This aged well lol

  • Marc Valdez
    Marc Valdez9 days ago

    delete this :(

  • KillaKirra
    KillaKirra9 days ago

    Usman sent this QAnon idiot into the shadow realm 🤡

  • Melvin Thomas
    Melvin Thomas9 days ago

    Looks like he hit pretty hard the other night.

  • Bruh Bruh

    Bruh Bruh

    9 days ago

    He said himself he didn’t respect usmans power

  • radbru 79
    radbru 799 days ago

    Well this statement didn't age very well did it 😂

  • Micky B
    Micky B9 days ago

    Queue curb your trash talk music.

  • Matt M
    Matt M9 days ago

    Them trump boys getting their asses sonned by usman left and right💀💀💀.

  • David Winters
    David Winters9 days ago

    Well, this aged like milk.

  • Huss
    Huss10 days ago

    if he hits like a bitch and you got knocked by him what that make you??

  • Johnathan Mumm
    Johnathan Mumm10 days ago

    I love Jorge but this didn’t age well.

  • luk
    luk10 days ago

    lol I know from this interview that Masvidal was going to get knocked the F out lol he thinks he's built like a man Masvidal is a POS

  • Googleplus Isterrible
    Googleplus Isterrible10 days ago

    This did not age well

  • Joseph
    Joseph10 days ago

    Anyone see this after Usman knocked his soul out his body?

  • Joseph


    10 days ago


    THEE JMC10 days ago

    Well...the fight results show otherwise.

  • Donnie Blanko
    Donnie Blanko10 days ago

    Marty didn't hit like a bitch last night in the rematch. Jorge got KOd HARD! Careless fighting on Jorge's part. Embarrassing.

  • MrLamigra1337
    MrLamigra133710 days ago

    Masvidal hit the ground like a bitch

  • shallah777
    shallah77710 days ago

    It definitely ended violent... My god it was violent

  • z Mon
    z Mon10 days ago

    Sad AF was cheering for him but yeah Masvidal went down like a bitch this time

  • steelpenguin1
    steelpenguin110 days ago

    So Jorge got knocked out by a bitch. 😂 sorry had to say it. I like Jorge and was hoping he would win by KO. Oh well.

  • burntvirtue
    burntvirtue10 days ago

    This is a 37 year old who just got put to sleep with one shot by Usman. So much for "hitting like a bitch".

  • Tusanity
    Tusanity10 days ago

    *Pegasus, Marik, Darren Til and Ben Askren all in the The Shadowrealm* *Masvidal arrives* "What is this place?"

  • Aaron Petersen
    Aaron Petersen10 days ago

    Well.....Jorge got knocked out.

  • Ezekiel Muse
    Ezekiel Muse10 days ago

    For someone who hits like a bitch he sure put you to sleep... I love Jorge Masvidal but damn this did not turn out the way he thought it would 😂

  • S E
    S E10 days ago

    This didn't age well

  • Nikita Chumakov
    Nikita Chumakov10 days ago

    Didn’t age well 😂

  • Franklin Stepnowski
    Franklin Stepnowski10 days ago

    This aged well 👌🏼

  • Great PushBack
    Great PushBack10 days ago

    Much love for Jorge but this didn’t age well.

  • Zack Man
    Zack Man10 days ago

    This dint age well

  • iknowfool45
    iknowfool4510 days ago

    Masvidal got knocked the fuck out

  • Guild176
    Guild17610 days ago

    Didn’t age well at all :/. Too bad, I wanted him to win and thought he would.

  • LPx007
    LPx00710 days ago

    Damn, that didn't age well...

  • Doesn't Matter
    Doesn't Matter10 days ago

    Old boy knocked him the fuck out!

  • JawKnee13
    JawKnee1310 days ago

    This didn’t age well at all 😂

  • Country Boy Ogre
    Country Boy Ogre10 days ago

    Well this aged like milk.

  • MAW
    MAW10 days ago

    This aged well.

  • Daniel Faeth
    Daniel Faeth10 days ago

    Wah waahhhhh

  • Jack Luque
    Jack Luque10 days ago

    Thought he said he hits like a bitch?lol,

  • Imperial City Guard
    Imperial City Guard10 days ago

    Well that didn’t age well

  • Dylan Vazquez
    Dylan Vazquez10 days ago

    This aged poorly lol