Jorge MASVIDAL: Is Jake Paul a Serious Fighter? | Louder With Crowder


@Jorge Masvidal took time out of his busy schedule to call in before Saturday's fight!
#JorgeMasvidal #UsmanMasvidal2 #UFC
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Logan Prest
    Logan Prest11 hours ago

    Street Jesus is a GEM!

  • saffant
    saffantDay ago

    Crowder trying to stay relevant after the right wing shit didn’t work out.

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz2 days ago

    This guy is mad fake He deserve that knock he got. he lost me as fan he should have told him that to his face

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz2 days ago

    Jake will wreck this guy in boxing he way smaller too

  • Daniel Muller
    Daniel Muller2 days ago

    When he says they are doing this for a living, but don't care to become mainstream and earn big purse fights... Why?

  • Hades Purgatory
    Hades Purgatory2 days ago

    You got to love Jorge Mastival

  • Richard Kent
    Richard Kent2 days ago

    Love masvidal I couldnt be mean but you would have broke his jaw for a fact lol

  • Big Flip
    Big Flip3 days ago

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Ty Oliver
    Ty Oliver3 days ago

    That gap in his beard makes him look like he has a dip in

  • PanellaMX
    PanellaMX3 days ago

    Jorge is a straight beast. How can you not be a fan of his.

  • Vaun King
    Vaun King4 days ago

    Jakes weird

  • Callek1111
    Callek11114 days ago

    Well said, it doesn’t get any clearer than this. He technically just told Jake to stay away from guys who literally makes a living out of fighting. So it’s fun and games when u fight a basketball player or a retired UFC fighter but shit gets real when you’re put in the ring with a man who has murder on his mind.

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose Gringo4 days ago

    The only thing on Masvidals mind is murder and now how he couldnt avoid it. 😂

  • Jose Gringo
    Jose Gringo4 days ago

    Jorge doesnt care about networking and this is obviously why he cornered Jake Paul. 😂

  • Majestically Inclined
    Majestically Inclined4 days ago

    No @jakepaul is a joke Im a legacy hes a showboat

  • J.A.R. Family
    J.A.R. Family5 days ago

    2:35 whoa calm down guy!!!

  • The Banks Films
    The Banks Films5 days ago

    The Jake Paul fan boys seem to have arrived lmao

  • Matt Norys
    Matt Norys5 days ago

    My problem is why these guys not jumping on this money fame train. Get out there talk some crap and sell the fight. Why not get that 10 milli or whatever. More money and rep even outside the fight.

  • Sup Soul
    Sup Soul5 days ago

    ok, i feel like i have to say this, both paul brothers started in wrestling, one was state champion and the other was regional champ. they're not pro but they aint no punks either.

  • Anthony Shipps
    Anthony Shipps5 days ago

    Nah real fighters are in the streets not in no ring

  • Abraham Jauregui-Solorio
    Abraham Jauregui-Solorio5 days ago

    For sures masvidal will come back better than ever. Ya sabes chico

  • Dej Bii
    Dej Bii5 days ago

    Jake would've done better than this fool

  • Kyle Zator
    Kyle Zator6 days ago

    "For a fact" - im fucking dyyyying

  • Vinny Cevetello
    Vinny Cevetello6 days ago

    This Jake Paul never had a real street fight in his life.. fighting for your your life.. I learned my lesson at age 6 fighting 20 us black kid to HS adults to survive after they try to steal my mongoose sniper and I fought off about 20 black and Hispanic people to make sure I got my bike maybe. Which started my so called biace because I grew up with race wars.

  • Scotty GetRight
    Scotty GetRight6 days ago

    Yo! I was literally saying the same thing! Jake was talking abt how I’m making so much more money in my first 3 fights than all these legends... yeeeaa bc you were already pretty famous pal.... they didn’t make money being a social media star, they made their money w their fists...He kept that shit 100... n jake cuts and snips lil clips of Jorge speaking abt him insinuating that he’s a legit fighter n his friend so I wasn’t expecting him to respond like that

  • Animal Mother
    Animal Mother6 days ago

    Aww come on crowder you are better then this! I got to unsubscribe now you are talking about Douche bag who don’t matter.

  • N A
    N A6 days ago

    Jake Paul is a USplan star, not an actual boxer. He has "boxing skills" compared to the average person. I was initially put-off by the antics but he's just selling himself. I can tell he has a genuine passion for boxing and is taking it seriously. I hate MMA/UFC, which is largely comprised of former frat boys and wrestlers. McGregor was the only one with decent boxing but it only looked more than it was due to the appalling lack of ability to punch and take a punch by most UFC fighters.

  • God’s Right Hand
    God’s Right Hand6 days ago

    Street Jesus, my man.

  • Motivated Dropout
    Motivated Dropout6 days ago

    The attention mma fans are giving jake paul is what I craved from my parents

  • Jonathan Murdoch
    Jonathan Murdoch6 days ago

    On another note the Paul brothers are so shady the fight was probably rigged

  • Jonathan Murdoch
    Jonathan Murdoch6 days ago

    The Paul brothers are multi-millionaires and have the best supplements and trainers

  • Regular Kev
    Regular Kev6 days ago

    Exactly what Crowder just said is what Uriah Hall's problem has always been. Uriah is a super talented athlete and striker but he is just a very nice person too and has difficulty putting people away.

  • Liam O'Connor
    Liam O'Connor6 days ago

    logan paul wants to actually grow and fight for real that's why he's going to fight Floyd jake is doing it for the clout

  • Real3D —
    Real3D —6 days ago

    Interesting. Logan only fought KSI, a random guy who said he could beat Logan, and about to be Floyd. Never knew Logan tried to fight you. Jake has been called out by all of his opponents except Ben, I’m pretty sure, but even Jake wants to box Conner, so I can’t see how he is bullying, if people are calling him out.

  • Pro2eus
    Pro2eus6 days ago

    It's so refreshing to hear someone speaking totally straight, no hesitation.

  • Jose Blaze
    Jose Blaze6 days ago

    Damn jorge please stop the arrogance I know you are humble but your words are powerful..I felt so sad watching this Pat fight it was such a brutal ko idk if he will ever be the same at this age..I was so forward to finally seeing my favorite as a champ literally cried a little last time that happened was when Silva got kod this sport is tough

  • Baba buyie Kaban
    Baba buyie Kaban6 days ago

    Askren is definitely not a representative of MMA.

  • Adam Leovick
    Adam Leovick6 days ago

    Hahah crowder is fan girling it haha

  • John Bacon
    John Bacon6 days ago

    Ya Logan and Jake paul have had some wierd videos. Go see what Jake did with Cody Ko

  • you tube
    you tube7 days ago

    Respect to Jorge for not riding jake Paul's balls like everybody thought he was. He was just training with him cause he diss likes Ben askren.

  • William Orndorff
    William Orndorff7 days ago

    Gamebred is a term street mfs use in dog fighting... Salute to the fight you've overcame! Much love!!

  • Johnny Maljian
    Johnny Maljian7 days ago

    @jackpaul answer them you loser 😂😂😂😂😂fk jack Paul

  • Kraken296
    Kraken2967 days ago

    I want to see jake vs adesanya jake would get outclassed and adesanya should be at that weight since his fight with blachowicz was at a similar weight

  • Andy Carter
    Andy Carter7 days ago

    he legit called our connor mcgregor, wdym he won’t get in the ring with a real fighter? he was the one that sent connor the contract and he declined

  • Austin James
    Austin James7 days ago

    Funny how Jorge was blowing Jake two weeks ago. Calling him during his pressers. Now he acts hard on some conservative bullshit channel full of white boys that don’t know how to fight or have knowledge on the mma community. Jorge already lost mad respect.

  • Larry Maples
    Larry Maples7 days ago

    If u playing with Logan’s little brother then you playing with kids .

  • Go Away
    Go Away7 days ago

    Mayweather gonna teach Logan a lesson they'll both cry over🤣😂😂

  • Creationeer Gaming
    Creationeer Gaming7 days ago

    I love Masvidal, he's just real, he doesn't bullshit or sugar coat anything, straight to the point. Got to admire that honesty.

  • Leon McAllen
    Leon McAllen7 days ago

    Bro, this guy I swear. If you talk more than the person you're interviewing then you suck. No one cares about crowder in an interview

  • TNM B34ST
    TNM B34ST7 days ago

    Now we’re wondering the same question with masvidal

  • rowdy rowdy

    rowdy rowdy

    6 days ago

    Wondering what?

  • Foxhound
    Foxhound7 days ago

    Hey Jorge, how's that jaw? Bum.

  • Travesty TV
    Travesty TV7 days ago

    I have $1000 my niece can beat him at chess

  • ervin chua
    ervin chua7 days ago

    Masvidal criticizing Jake that what he does and talk is only about clout and hype. He himself Video called Jake and went on live to insult Ben during their press conference.

  • SilverArc
    SilverArc7 days ago

    Gamebred was in fighter mode that day, he wasn’t in a joking mood 😂

  • O P
    O P7 days ago

    that guy is SOOOO ELATED that Masvidal said he doesnt play chess with kids, that goes WAY beyond the joke itself - and it is clearly WAY more about this interviewer being SOOOOOOO happy that masvidal had a dig for Jake. Which shows this interviewer is one more guy that is incredibly emotionally involved and triggered by Jake in a super unhealthy scary way. I dot know what men have these days but it's so weird, pathetic and really scary how their ego, emotions and triggering is f'd up.

  • Owen Bailey-Waltz
    Owen Bailey-Waltz7 days ago

    Andrew Tate said the same exact thing. There are thousands if not millions of guys out there who devoted their life to fighting that will never get a payday - professional fighters and soldiers with far less money or fame than Jake Paul, all of whom will MESS HIM UP. If he keeps deciding to be a clown, there’s going to be a day when he loses big and embarrasses himself against somebody far better at fighting than he is, and we’ll witness him cry like a geek afterwards.

  • Squid Six-Nine
    Squid Six-Nine7 days ago

    I used to like Jorge. Then I saw he was training with jake paul. I stopped being a fan, he lost a lot of respect in my book. He just gained my respect back a bit.

  • Jonny Snipes
    Jonny Snipes7 days ago

    Jakes about to call out crowder, it’ll be a bigger payday for him than what he’s making In the studio he’ll claim lol

  • Baseplate
    Baseplate7 days ago

    "The only thing on my mind . . . is murder"

  • Axe Manners
    Axe Manners8 days ago

    Good job Crowder, you spent 80% of the video talking about yourself

  • Asger Høyer
    Asger Høyer8 days ago

    Masvidal being a champ :D Love his view on fighting. What a great guy

  • Anuraag korchipati
    Anuraag korchipati8 days ago

    If Jake went into the ring with Canelo. I'd be paying respects.

  • JerryMundo 21
    JerryMundo 218 days ago

    Well that sucks .. I would love to see you on Impaulsive. Minus the boxing of course.

  • jumpstart55million
    jumpstart55million8 days ago

    My mans said........"The only thing on my mind . . . is murder" These dudes are cut from a different fucking cloth. An elite athlete has a completely different mindset from the rest of the world. These dudes are just built different.

  • Leonard Schoeberlein
    Leonard Schoeberlein8 days ago

    JGM is my fav!

  • Rob DeMarco
    Rob DeMarco8 days ago

    love the interview and love this show

  • jacob hamson
    jacob hamson8 days ago


  • Jm Mony
    Jm Mony8 days ago

    If you want to something important to hear you don't talk to a loser. So he isn't the right man to talk to. Go to the champ

  • Giovanni Massimino
    Giovanni Massimino8 days ago

    I love Jorge when he was talking about chess and the other guy was laughing and Jorge had a straight face 😂 he was serious

  • Score H23
    Score H238 days ago

    Jake Paul voted for Trump

  • Leo


    7 days ago

    @Score H23 Maybe or cuz he wanted that tax cut from him. 😂

  • Score H23

    Score H23

    7 days ago

    @Leo I think he actually likes Trump cause Trump does whatever he wants and makes people mad just like Jake😂

  • SandaBoxing


    8 days ago

    Well now I like Jake Paul.

  • Leo


    8 days ago

    No shit. That’s why he lives in Florida now. Or then again, he simply said that to have the blogs talk about him.

  • Bret Harley
    Bret Harley8 days ago

    To be fair I used to say the same thing - "KSIs little brother is going to murder Jake Paul." Or "Ok well Jake beat Deji but wait til he faces a real athlete in the ring fighting Nate Robinson. He will find out really quick what boxing is really all about." And then "Well ok that was a lucky punch against Nate but if this fool really thinks he can box he is going to be very humbled when he steps into the ring against Ben Askren. The guy is an actual olympic calibur fighter. Jake will get crushed." I am done underestimating Jake Paul.

  • Bret Harley

    Bret Harley

    8 days ago

    @Leo actually I think Masvidal has been the only pro fighter who has consistently supported JP. He simply thinks Dustin Poirer would beat him in a fight - which is tough to argue against.

  • Leo


    8 days ago

    Honey, I was done underestimating til he KOd Nate Robinson. Masvidal is simply a hypocrite and a sellout.

  • shady asscrack
    shady asscrack8 days ago

    Jorge is a good dude.

  • Leo


    8 days ago

    Not after associating w clowns like Jake Paul and trashing Usman’s punches

  • big_mouth_mike 06
    big_mouth_mike 068 days ago

    Watching this after he got his leg broke

  • Armin Theron
    Armin Theron8 days ago

    Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn for almost 6 years of my life, I was on drugs, alcohol and I hated people, Jesus set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life!!❤️

  • Zachary Chilcott
    Zachary Chilcott8 days ago

    Ok I will say thanks to Masvidal for actually giving us real thoughts on Jake Paul

  • Joe Yurecko
    Joe Yurecko8 days ago

    Well this didn't age well

  • John David
    John David8 days ago

    Jorge got sent to Narnia hahahaha

  • Paii 44
    Paii 448 days ago

    Quality opinion & information 👍🏼

  • York’s YouTube channel
    York’s YouTube channel8 days ago

    Great show as usual

  • Brave Just Defend
    Brave Just Defend8 days ago

    Never been a big UFC fan but I have just become one because of a leader like Dana White and Jorge Masvidal

  • Foxhound


    7 days ago

    You're a clown

  • IR AQI

    IR AQI

    8 days ago

    @Brave Just Defend i personally think colby has them both. He actually fought two rounds with a broken jaw against the champiom kamaru usman. The same guy that just knocked out masvidal this weekend. He also is a huge supporter of trump and got a call from the president on his last fight. All those things combined definitely made him one of my favorite fighters.

  • Brave Just Defend

    Brave Just Defend

    8 days ago

    @IR AQI I love the skill of a fighter!! Its something I can tell fast if they have it or not. Most of it is a mind game, of course the rest is skill and endurance. What you think?

  • IR AQI

    IR AQI

    8 days ago

    @Brave Just Defend he is very skilled in my opinion, but I think his character and confidence is what is so special about him.

  • Brave Just Defend

    Brave Just Defend

    8 days ago

    @IR AQI I'm a boxing guy, Have been my whole life so I'll check him out and see what's he about

  • Dapper Wolf
    Dapper Wolf8 days ago

    All I have seen are heard from the UFC guys is they won't take Jake Paul seriously if they don't he still gonna make money off of them like ended already just beat him and He will lose some of that ego but if not then people will think you guys are pussies

  • Leo


    8 days ago

    They’re not pussies, just sellouts. Complementing Jake’s “marketing” tactics when he’s a straight up clown and an idiot.

  • Ahmed Hajjaj
    Ahmed Hajjaj8 days ago

    Jorges regained my respect

  • Matt B
    Matt B8 days ago

    Hey man masvidal pretty well said it perfectly.

  • Ron Jefferson
    Ron Jefferson8 days ago

    You better tap before the Snap

  • dboy 559
    dboy 5598 days ago

    He just got his ass knocked out lmao him and trump have something in common now ... They both lost

  • Leo


    8 days ago


  • Yeiner Gonzalez
    Yeiner Gonzalez8 days ago

    Madvidal should’ve never been on here. Usman probably saw this and it was game over😂

  • JustJoshin
    JustJoshin8 days ago

    it isnt the paul brothers who are bullies its jake...

    MIGUEL L. SANCHEZ8 days ago

    This is the clown that got dropped (knock out) Saturday right haha murder must been what he was dreaming about on the mat

  • david ashraf
    david ashraf8 days ago

    Still a gamebred fan tbh. Even after he got baptized

  • Lars Petersson
    Lars Petersson8 days ago

    1:58 "i did not expect you to answer that way concidering you trained him" lol. even masvidal is leaving logans little brothers side. EVEN IF HE FUCKING SIDED WITH HIM.

  • LineOfSight
    LineOfSight8 days ago

    Dustin would kill Jake, and he would take all 3 rounds to take his soul.

  • Tharush Somashekar
    Tharush Somashekar8 days ago

    Why Jake paul is not a boxer? Ans : he has to box with real boxers to be a legit fighter. All his matches are picked...he only picks weaker guys or guys with lower skill set. That is why he's challenging MMA fighters instead of boxers

  • Cowafungus
    Cowafungus8 days ago

    So classy, so badass, what a guy, I hope he does fight that little youtuber, that sure would be a show, LoL

  • Retribution
    Retribution8 days ago

    Someone post these comments on jakes page lol. His trainer just called him a clout chaser lmfaoo. Those kids think they're real fighters. Here's one of thier former coaches sayin they arent real fighters

  • Funny Lou
    Funny Lou9 days ago

    Let him fight with the UFC gloves Jake Paul will get killed

  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts9 days ago

    MMA is for boys that can’t stand toe to toe like a real gentleman...bit gay don’t you reckon

  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts9 days ago

    These UFC guys are scared cos they don’t wanna get exposed for being just the same as any dude off the street,I know many dudes that would destroy any mma fighter but they’re not looking for clout they know they’re hardcore

  • Spencer Summerhays
    Spencer Summerhays9 days ago

    Lol so real tho

  • He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊
    He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊9 days ago

    Lol awww crowder got punked out by the Paul brothers lol

  • Ron G
    Ron G9 days ago

    Paul should either fight someone the same size and with good striking, or shut his cake hole. Imagine what would happen if Marvin Vettori or Darren Till got their hands on him. It would be hilarious.