FAT PRIDE?! Lizzo is LYING About Health! | Louder With Crowder


Lizzo is proud to be fat for some reason, any know why being unhealthy is being celebrated?
#Lizzo #bodypositvity #fatpride
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Geoffrey Taylor
    Geoffrey Taylor2 hours ago

    the biggest lie from Lizzo is i smell good, no way not ever

  • Corey Lumpkins
    Corey Lumpkins2 hours ago

    Fat or skinny rich or poor i promise you your final destination will be the same 1 Timothy 4:8 8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

  • Streeda
    StreedaDay ago

    I’m so sad, because I’m all for loving yourself and making good choices like taking of yourself, but she is mixing it up with an unhealthy addiction which so many people struggle with and says it’s ok. It’s not ok. It’s ok to be fat, it’s ok to struggle, we all do in different ways, but saying it’s good is not.

  • Larry G
    Larry GDay ago

    Who the hell cares if this girl is fat? This is like elementary school “comedy”. Aim higher, put a little effort in..

  • Golden
    GoldenDay ago

    Wait I thought recently she was losing weight, is she gaining weight again?

  • Huckelberry Auditor
    Huckelberry AuditorDay ago

    Lizzo the definition of spreading ignorance and stupidity at a level only those with the intelligence of a nat could understand

  • Kyle Yeaman
    Kyle YeamanDay ago

    This show is sofa king we tod did

  • Daniel Bengtsson
    Daniel BengtssonDay ago

    "78% of severely hospitalized patients are overweight or obese" is not really a convincing argument when you take into account that the study is from the USA, where 70% of the total population is overweight or obese. And even less when you think about the fact that you are both more likely to be overweight and get covid when you are older, so the statistic is more likely skewed by the fact that the hospitalized people are mostly older people. But with that said, I still agree that overweight and obesity has a negative effect on your health.

  • Natalia Shershakova
    Natalia ShershakovaDay ago

    I think that everyone, fat or thin, should make an effort to be healthy via good diet and exercise. Being thin doesn't give you an excuse to make bad choices. Having a good metabolism doesn't make you a better person than someone with a bad metabolism. As far as I'm concerned, I have more respect for an overweight person who eats healthy and goes to the gym than a skinny-fat couch potato. And of course the weight loss will naturally follow a good lifestyle, but the important thing is to focus on making the right choices. Your confidence and self esteem should depend on the amount of effort you put into being healthy rather than how you look.

  • Black Baroness
    Black BaronessDay ago

    Most black women arent checking for the men with the smallest eggplants anyway

  • Christy Christy
    Christy ChristyDay ago

    Jaja 😝 there’s nothing to hide lol 😂

  • Kat Ara
    Kat Ara2 days ago

    Maybe all of you should get a life, I'm not overweight at all, but I don't go around bullying people who are. If you're miserable, Just say so.

  • zahire Coates
    zahire Coates2 days ago

    When are we getting a new Lizzo album ?

  • Shay Fewell
    Shay Fewell2 days ago

    I’m offended...

  • Shay Fewell
    Shay Fewell2 days ago

    Lol wish I had money to do a Howard Stern knock off making fun of people

  • Remington Wright
    Remington Wright2 days ago

    *Dies at 40 because of heart disease and diabetes*

  • Worldwar4tank
    Worldwar4tank2 days ago

    Woman of a jagdpanzer e100 tank destroyer. Her jump in the air with out jumping cracked me up

  • Gaay ka Maans
    Gaay ka Maans2 days ago

    You should be banned for that thumbnail 🤢

  • Candice Gladfelder
    Candice Gladfelder2 days ago

    Idk man.. that wiggle jiggle in the 2 piece was kinda sexy. Different strokes for different folks i guess lol

  • UrTwoDadz
    UrTwoDadz3 days ago

    Dave is funny. Keep the dave

  • jartstopsign
    jartstopsign3 days ago

    Over/Under on how many pants buttons this proud fat woman has popped over the years? +/-50? Also what are the odds she doesn't have type 2 diabetes? In either scenario I think the 50% odds are higher than the number of crunches she's done in the last decade

  • Miss Kitty
    Miss Kitty3 days ago

    What a bunch of self inflated egos. So a group of white men some of whom don’t look that healthy are talking about a woman who is not only black, she is larger so instead of acknowledging that she has become very successful on great talent despite the hurdles of being not just a woman, but a large woman and she is black. Then you put cow mooing in the background. What is wrong with you people. If you want to do something informative because you are concerned about weight and Covid try doing it respectfully maybe then you would be taken seriously.

  • donna thompson
    donna thompson3 days ago

    50 shades of LIZZO

  • William Dalton
    William Dalton3 days ago

    Isn’t that sexy. Give me a break. What go on in that blimp !

  • September Rayne
    September Rayne3 days ago

    Fat people would be so happy if all of us were fat like them. Then they would feel like they’re not doing anything wrong. Obesity speeds death. And until death comes, obesity significantly reduces quality of life. We have a lot of people today trying to convince the rest of us that it’s okay to be ... fat, criminal, uneducated, gender fluid, poly-amorous, anti-police, hateful, violent, destructive, and the list goes on and on. All of these “okay-to-be’s” cost cities, counties, states and countries a lot of money, all paid for by taxpayers, most of whom have no interest in any of this crap.

  • MarionetteMuse
    MarionetteMuse3 days ago

    Glass houses... the shorty with a pot belly making fun of fat people.

  • F O
    F O4 days ago

    I am a skinny white woman and growing up I also wanted to change everything about myself. I wanted to change my body, my hair my name etc.. It's common (especially for a teenager ) to feel that way and has nothing to do with discrimination. It's called being insecure and you can work on that easily and it will go away.

  • Chris Jenrick
    Chris Jenrick4 days ago

    Lol at the cow sound

  • yallipop
    yallipop4 days ago

    In a few years she will lose weight just like Adele and many other celebrities who are overweight, and tell us how "sHe DiD fOr HeRsElf..." I remember a few years back when Instagram disabled Rihanna's account for violating's rules because she posted lots of revealing content. Somehow Instagram turns a blind eye to Lizzo exposing herself in every possible way

  • Emmalee Buzzard
    Emmalee Buzzard4 days ago

    I saw a photo of her with Shaun T. I’m assuming she is working out now. At least hope she is.

  • Annalise Rosik
    Annalise Rosik4 days ago

    As a dietitian in a hospital- I concur 100%. The media should have pushed nutrition and exercise as a primary method to fight covid. Frankly, any disease.

  • Annalise Rosik
    Annalise Rosik4 days ago

    All I have to say is the medical bills will catch up to you at some point.

  • Carrina Murphy
    Carrina Murphy4 days ago

    Ms paint still has a place in my life

  • Mimi Mimi
    Mimi Mimi4 days ago

    Oook Lizzo 😂

  • HM K
    HM K4 days ago

    I agree with everything he said in this video. But does anyone actually genuinely find this guy even a tad bit funny?

  • datrbogirl
    datrbogirl4 days ago

    The shape of your body won’t tell you that your healthy.. but if you find yourself fatigue and body aches, and over eating sugar because you crave it... GET A BLOOD TEST

  • Sheila Langston
    Sheila Langston4 days ago

    Doesn't she look gross?

  • Colonel Burton
    Colonel Burton4 days ago

    I love how Covid is literally killing the body positivity movement.

  • Annie R
    Annie R5 days ago

    Why do people have a problem with others loving themselves. yes being over weight is unhealthy but why would you mind people being happy nevertheless

  • The Joker
    The Joker5 days ago

    CEO of chads

  • Petra Briones
    Petra Briones5 days ago

    anyone care to explain wtaf is wrong with this man

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna5 days ago

    If she lifts her stomach, a little kid might come out gasping for air. Like in family guy

  • Skating Penguin
    Skating Penguin5 days ago

    Putting cow noises over her talking is so disrespectful. It’s funny how two men can sit there with big ass beer bellies and no physical appeal and bash lizzo for being body confident. You sicken me.

  • Annie R

    Annie R

    5 days ago

    Exactly. None of them look fit and healthy either. They sound pathetic.

  • Ghost of Patriots present
    Ghost of Patriots present5 days ago

    She got plenty of places to hide things. In her fat rolls😉😂

  • Noneya Business
    Noneya Business5 days ago

    When this nonsense started, I shopped for veggies, fruit, vitamin c....one of my 1st clues this was bullshit was when Pappa Government NEVER ONCE told people to protect their immune systems. RED FLAG

  • Noneya Business
    Noneya Business5 days ago

    CCP created covid to kill cat people. I'm sure of it

  • Annie's CupofTae
    Annie's CupofTae5 days ago

    exercise is good for you.... you don't have to spend hours in the gym everyday, you can go out and be active. Take walks, take up roller skating, do water sports, swim, take up dancing of any genre... anything is better than neglecting your health. that's just my opinion. and as far as beauty standards go, we're all guilty of trying to be perfect, but it's all about keeping yourself grounded and knowing the difference between what's real and what's truly attainable and unattainable.

  • Mike Lannister
    Mike Lannister5 days ago

    Lizzo healthy at any size Heart. Call 911

  • Banjaxed
    Banjaxed5 days ago

    No consideration for the poor souls that have to carry that coffin one day.

  • Jurassics
    Jurassics5 days ago

    WOW!!! HAng On! Dave in the Beetlejuice suit would be Awsome!! How can we make this happen? Petition? Likes? Come on people. Let's make it happen.

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos5 days ago

    I was 15 at the time( 168cm and 85kg) and i was a fat fucking shit and i had this mindset who cares if im fat im gonna enjoy my life ill love myself but the fact is no matter how much i lied i hated my body and i hated myself till i changed and all i fucking did was every time i wanted to eat something i looked at the thing im eating.. i stopped having sugar drinks and fast food and always ate half. when i was eating i would get up and stop eating sooner and had dinner early and light. in 8 months i changed a lot. went to being 16(175cm 65kg) and i felt a lot better and now i workout and im doing better and im 70 kg and life is just nice ngl. you dont have to go to the gym and get a hardcore diet to lose weight just get rid of bad habits and have some patience and sleep well and just try to be positive about doing better rather than thinking youre doing better. sorry for bad english.

  • uhhh, chile anyways
    uhhh, chile anyways6 days ago

    These men talking about being fat as if they’re not overweight themselves

  • Austen Brauer
    Austen Brauer6 days ago

    The fucked up thing about this is that Lizzo was actually working out, loosing weight and posting it on instagram, but ended up getting shamed for it. Shaming people for trying to better their life? This country is backwards.

  • Ken Rehill
    Ken Rehill6 days ago

    Leave her alone guys, she’s got enough on her plate.

  • Dylan James Weggz
    Dylan James Weggz6 days ago

    “Ah I got her on one screen” 🤣🙈

    GEEZERGUY6 days ago

    At 60 I weighed 320 at 5'9" almost five years later I'm 125 pounds of in shape old man. I now have a great job doing rigging and heavy equipment. My secret?...Diet and exercise, no magic pill. I know 125 is too light but I've been at this weight for three years and it's where I'm happiest. The diet I did was my own modified version of the eat to live diet. Once I dropped my first 100 pounds my Dr weaned me off all the medications. What made me do all this? I got stuck in a friend's exotic car. He didn't laugh he just had a look of pity in his eyes. If your obese keep trying till you find what works for you.

  • Pro_Boss _Slayer
    Pro_Boss _Slayer6 days ago

    I needed a fuckin warning before you showed her nude selfie, like come on my fucking eyes are hurting now.

  • Waundell Saavedra
    Waundell Saavedra6 days ago

    When two ton Tessy finally keels over I'm sure they'll say it was covid.

  • Juice Man
    Juice Man6 days ago

    Having morbidly fat kids should still be classified as child abuse

  • sean everett
    sean everett6 days ago

    Whats higher? Crowder's BMI or IQ?

  • 5cent27
    5cent276 days ago

    I don’t understand these people that clearly aren’t happy with themselves (she said it herself) yet the answer is “fuck it I’ll just stay this way”. Everyone out there- you guys do know you can just get off the couch and move more, eat healthier and change how you look, right?. The answer doesn’t have to be “screw it I’ll just be terminally overweight”. Also I’m not sure why it’s my personal responsibility to pretend that a full grown adult human isn’t massively overweight. Why am I required to play along with the psychosis? It’s not healthy, it’s not ok, it’s killing you and that can’t be the acceptable standard. Be like telling someone not to kill themself and then getting in trouble because “that’s just the way they are, leave then alone, we should celebrate that behavior”. Yeah or we could have an intervention with that person, show them their life doesn’t have to be that way and save them from themselves. But I guess I’m just an asshole for not wanting people to die of congestive heart failure.

  • Paige Pots
    Paige Pots6 days ago

    Won’t be buying Dove anymore after this....

  • Paige Pots

    Paige Pots

    6 days ago

    My cousin makes soap, probably pay her for soap. Helps her and probably will last longer too.

  • Paige Pots
    Paige Pots6 days ago

    Whaaaaaaat??? Icky!!!!

  • AJ Simpson
    AJ Simpson6 days ago

    Only 30 beers??? I would need a lot more

    aBOOBaMUSIC6 days ago

    wait, she's talking while wearing a WIG...loool just SAY NO TO DRUGS kids #Pray4Prey by OBAWON...out now

  • Jay Ro
    Jay Ro6 days ago

    If you dont like it then just change channel!!!!!!!

  • Lil Woadies
    Lil Woadies6 days ago

    Your such a dick but also so funny

  • Hook training 3
    Hook training 36 days ago

    Obesity is kind of a problem that solves itself

  • bblessedful
    bblessedful6 days ago

    There are plenty of people that find her attractive, she is speaking to her people. You don't have to like it. That's the reason we fight for free speech right?

  • Cierra Rouse
    Cierra Rouse6 days ago

    Nothing wrong with being confident in yourself AS you're striving to better yourself. However, lying about your weight being healthy is the true problem that will lead impressionable teenagers and even adults into the false belief that they're safe at an extreme weight. I'm an EMT and I'll tell you that many pre-hospital interventions are made 100x more difficult if people are obese. Especially patients who are non-ambulatory and are having a stroke, heart attack, seizure, etc... and cannot walk. Their care is delayed due to crews needing to take extra safety precautions when moving them onto the stretcher. Same situation if they get into a bad car accident... if a patient is extremely large, it'll take additional time to safely move them. 200lb and under is relatively normal weights we see daily, however, when you get a patient who is 300+ lbs then move thoroughly-planned moving is required. Our levels of safety from first priority to last priority are self, partner, public, patient. If moving a patient (regardless of them having a medical emergency), is going to injure myself, my partner, or the public, then we will take the time necessary to ensure we go home without injury to our backs, arms, or legs. It's important to take care of yourself. Bottom line.

  • Kode 11
    Kode 116 days ago

    I was the biggest I’ve ever been due to the shutdown last year. Now I’m in the best shape of my life, they want us to be unhealthy. I do believe if you take care of your body, you will not get sick. I had a cold for 2 days in 2020. Even with the most terrifying virus that’s ever been around running wild. 😂 it’s all bullshit

  • Car Park
    Car Park6 days ago

    So where’s the line between the staple of good health and a fat ass? Crowder says he’s not responsible for other people’s health but is chiming in on this. He must not like fat girls. He’s already said he doesn’t care about other people’s health and is not responsible

  • Alice McGee
    Alice McGee6 days ago

    Hey, so like, some of your fans are also fat. I'm against fat pride and "fat acceptance" but you don't have to be mean...

  • sg1gamer
    sg1gamer6 days ago

    COVIDI9 IS BULLSHIT! Change my mind!

  • Heû. Reka
    Heû. Reka6 days ago

    Lmao you put too much of your attention on someone else health, i hope you actually advocate against smoker too, and those who drink, and against all the unhealthy habits people have.

    ORRIOL BOHIGAS6 days ago

    If I wanted to date a whale, I would have bought an harpoon...

  • garanvyn
    garanvyn6 days ago


  • Follow justcallme_dell
    Follow justcallme_dell7 days ago

    If they wanna be Obese, let them be. It is their problem not yours/ours. Not that i am for obesity but I believe that they KNOOW it is dangerous and are in denial. They’ll learn when it’s tooo late. And they’ll prolly eat more coz metabolism won’t help. They’re killing them selves, got no one else to blame but themselves.

  • Free Thinkers Inc.
    Free Thinkers Inc.7 days ago

    Crowder Bits just went Crowder Chunks

    FIRESTORM Oscar7 days ago


  • Adam Raposo
    Adam Raposo7 days ago

    I myself am a fairly muscular man and i never minded the bigger gals

  • Liana Burless
    Liana Burless7 days ago

    Why why why do they think pride means naked. Just stupid for anybody to think that is a good idea. Just because we dont want to see your body naked doesnt mean we are shaming you it means we dont want to see your body naked and keep it to yourself. That goes for anybody's body.

  • Grant Chow
    Grant Chow7 days ago

    She shouldn’t be ashamed of herself, but too be in denial and overcompensate being that unhealthy is embarrassing and life threatening for her. Im sure nobody that is morbidly obese wants to be that way, they’ve just given up and creating this movement for self esteem and approval/validation. They should channel this energy into being healthy instead.

  • Boston Fan
    Boston Fan7 days ago

    Reminds me of the picture of the 60s high school gym class vs now. Times have surely changed

  • StreetLifeEnt
    StreetLifeEnt7 days ago

    Y'all have the worst show ever fam 😒🤦🏿‍♂️ 🙄

  • Brian Capehart
    Brian Capehart7 days ago

    We've gone too far. The fact we don't SHAME people is why we have people walking around in spandex and it's "normal"... disgusting.

  • sophia
    sophia7 days ago

    none of you wouldn’t even survive the weight of her wallet😍

  • Brian Cummings
    Brian Cummings7 days ago

    I agree with you on everything but I think this is off the rail,, STOP, CHILDISH BEHAVIOR ON YOUR PART

  • Thomas LaMotte
    Thomas LaMotte7 days ago

    Thank you!! I've been saying this for a year now. Why haven't we heard people preaching about boosting your immune system through vitamins and healthy diet? Nope it's just masks masks masks, social distancing, and the holy vaccine.

  • TankerD18
    TankerD187 days ago

    30 O'Douls... haaaaaaahaahaha!

  • Marcus
    Marcus7 days ago

    Body confidant advocate

  • Donna Cinco
    Donna Cinco7 days ago

    Well she is a walking heartattack waiting to happen!

  • Katie Merrick
    Katie Merrick7 days ago

    I personally feel you guys were a little rough and cruel. she has the right to exist. Spreading crappy medical advice not good, but outside of that the digs were a bit much imo.

  • Coffinsmoke
    Coffinsmoke7 days ago

    I thought a boat hit a whale in that pic. Damn.

  • Alex N
    Alex N7 days ago

    in the words of George Carlin, "how do these people achieve penetration? Doesn't seem technically possible". And yet somehow they do.

  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson7 days ago


  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson7 days ago


  • Joshua Johnson
    Joshua Johnson7 days ago


  • delna Yelan
    delna Yelan7 days ago

    I wanna be white!!!!!!