EXPERIMENT: Can You “Shoot the Leg?”| Louder With Crowder


Steven makes his interns test out the "Shoot them in the leg" theory and explains why it's dumb and doesn't work.
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"Eat My Butt"


  • scogator
    scogator4 hours ago

    This is poor taste. I agree with your point of view, but not your racist overtones.

  • braelee.
    braelee.16 hours ago

    yooo they got the twins

  • Ragequitgaming
    Ragequitgaming17 hours ago

    As 17 year old Mexican American this was fucking stupid how can people see anything wrong with this Situation like at all if I was the cop I’m making that options every time

  • Tom D
    Tom D17 hours ago

    Even if someone was to be shot in the leg, most likely by mistake because anyone defending their life or others should be going for center mass....but even if somehow the shot was to hit the leg. There's this little thing called the femoral artery.... With hollow point rounds, the expansion and mushroom affect has a good chance of hitting that artery. Even a small cut could cause someone to bleed out in seconds. The only chance they would have is to have a tourniquet placed on them immediately....libtards really are stupid. They believe movies over real life

  • Daniel Roos
    Daniel Roos19 hours ago


  • Steve 82
    Steve 8220 hours ago

    Why would you shoot someone in the leg that is trying to kill you or someone else? Also, getting shot in the femoral artery is one of the worst places to get hit... in some cases, the person is dead in a little over a minute.

  • JB74
    JB74Day ago

    Not everyone is like Wesley in the movie Wanted.. "Curve the bullet." Perhaps the police need Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman teaching them. Lol Notice the media didn't show the footage of the police officer and other officers doing CPR on Toledo. Here's an idea don't run. Maybe drop the gun when you're told to when running? Or don't be out at 2:30am shooting up the neighborhood. It is devastating to these officers having to take a life. That gets ignored because of these SJW idiots who watch a movie and is convinced THAT is real life.

  • Riddell Wilson
    Riddell WilsonDay ago

    Put a simunition arm in their hand, have them aim at a target at 21 paces(efficiency of a bladed weapon) have the beeper go off and the second it does have your buddy walk up from the left or right while yelling. Done and done. They aren't hitting a none moving target with no external stress to begin with. This scenario will clear thing s up proper quick.

  • Derek Dean
    Derek DeanDay ago

    What kind of guns am I allowed. If you are 20-40 yards away and I have anything from a 410, 10, 12, 20 gauge. Then yes. I can shoot you in the leg. If they are stationary and I have a rifle with almost any caliber. Yes. I can shoot you in the leg from 7-50 yards away. Yes. If I sneak up on them, they aren’t moving. Weather is on my side. And I have time to line up the shot. Yes. I’m even willing to say I could shoot the leg at 100 yards in that situation. But a hand gun. With someone moving in any direction at any speed 3-7 yards away from me. Whew. I’m not good enough for a leg shot. Center mass. Maybe. 7 yards is closer than you think.

    STONEY STONE603Day ago

    I agree I do wish he would have grabbed his taser though but in the heat of the moment not knowing the situation seeing a weapon you're going to grab your gun so I don't blame the guy I think everybody wishes he grabbed his taser but that's not real life for how it works and split second decisions

  • SG1
    SG1Day ago

    Why don’t the police just wing them or graze them. . . . .

  • DJ Titus
    DJ TitusDay ago

    Its the parents of the girls fault they should have calmed her down and stopped her from getting the knife in the first place

  • Polar Bear Jaego
    Polar Bear JaegoDay ago

    That final test is probably as close to REALISM as you're going to get. There's no telling what a perp will do until its happening. "I didn't have a gun, until I did." People who think you can have "Wanted" levels of accuracy have clearly never used a gun before

  • jacky black
    jacky blackDay ago


  • Chris C
    Chris CDay ago

    the more biden talks, the dumber he sounds

  • Inculcated Frankenbean
    Inculcated FrankenbeanDay ago

    Three cops dead. Only one scumbag.

  • Jack Offerman
    Jack OffermanDay ago

    I'm still waiting for that asteroid to hit.

  • ELITEcommando
    ELITEcommando2 days ago

    My first time at the range (indoor) I was young so I got something small and sucked at shooting but in general it was still kinda difficult to get a good shot

  • Lefrog
    Lefrog2 days ago

    I find it funny when you go for a high center chest shoot and recoil sends the second round in the center of the face with charges being filed against the defender.... This Justice system is now a fucking laughing stock and full of horseshit.

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter2 days ago

    A shot in the leg is way more lethal with the femoral artery, and they'd probably die a lot slower

  • Dre Jones
    Dre Jones2 days ago

    Funniest shit ever 😂💪🏽

  • global transport
    global transport2 days ago

    We dont need no stinkin badges

  • Jeff TBOW
    Jeff TBOW2 days ago

    Shoot a small moving target(the leg) with a higher chance of missing over shooting the torso(much larger) with a lower chance of missing? Lil homocide

  • twobitbandit
    twobitbandit2 days ago

    For home defense, I ride a henry axe and a baseball bat. etc.

  • Brian Bertrand
    Brian Bertrand2 days ago

    "Oh hell no! Every time we send our social workers in that neighborhood they come back with holes in them!" ~ some woke 911 operator in a Blue City

  • Khaeldranis
    Khaeldranis2 days ago

    I think part of the problem is that those of us who are just shooting the shit at the water cooler and know what we are talking about have to work on our "I'm bullshitting you" voice. I know that I have made jokes about kneecapping someone or hamstringing them with a bullet but my friends and coworkers also know that I'm making a joke.

  • Kenguru Safari
    Kenguru Safari2 days ago

    Man, If I could just shoot people in the head every time I played Counter Strike...

  • K M
    K M2 days ago

    Hahahahahaha I give hollywood all the credit for making people think shooting the gun out of someone’s hand during a gun fight is even possible when you are under fire.

  • Bobby Jr.
    Bobby Jr.2 days ago

    This dude is in a room full of yes men and talks about how others are like that 😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    Aren’t every podcast like that?

  • tomhernonjr
    tomhernonjr2 days ago

    If I was a cop I would practice blowing snot on my camera and having a Throwdown piece

  • mccglastron1972
    mccglastron19722 days ago

    I've been saying since it was obvious the Micheal Brown story was nonsense... so almost 7yrs... cops should be ignoring ALL minority criminals... if you're a cop and still doing your job... you'll be in prison and I cannot feel sorry for you at this point. Give the stupid democrats what they want. When dem criminals prey upon dem voters... what the hell do I care? Pretty sure the left is purging the police force of all good people, then will replace with radical lefties who will do their bidding... Yes, that's a conspiracy theory... which I hope is ridiculously wrong.

  • Conbons B.
    Conbons B.2 days ago

    I mean sure you can shoot them in the leg, watch them bleed out for like 10 minutes

  • M Weston
    M Weston2 days ago

    Listen. a person shot in the pinky finger will be completely incapacitated by the pain of loosing most or all of that finger. There is absolutely no reason why a police officer cannot simply aim for a criminal's pinky when shooting at them. We need to train our police at the range to aim at the pinky finger but just to be sure we will also take the extremely valuable advice from Joy and soot first in the air to be sure the criminal knows we mean business and if they don't drop their gun we will then shoot off their pinky finger. Few criminals would continue pressing the issue knowing what's at stake and no one would ever die again. That Joy is the most intelligent person for several yards around herself.

  • Jake Burke
    Jake Burke2 days ago

    I will agree with Tim Pool on this, Cops need to stop responding to these neighborhoods, like they're doing in MPLS, you know where you're not welcome, let these people figure it out them self's.

  • Jordan G
    Jordan G2 days ago

    Former SFC here, I ran a range for a German Proficiency badge which required Soldiers to shoot 6 rounds at a target that is 25 meters away. 6/6 is rare, 5/6 is common for seasoned service members, and 1/6 2/6 and even 0/6 isn’t uncommon for the average.

  • David Murphy
    David Murphy2 days ago

    Fellow Canadian here - police gun violence in the states is out of hand and their escalation of events is alarming and I dont think that defunding is the correct option and I also think that people make mistakes in high pressure situations and its easy to criticize after etc. With saying that - I had to look up the shooting your brought up with the knife..... cop did exactly what hes hired to do.

  • Tristan Ramos
    Tristan Ramos2 days ago

    Thought y’all were pro-life??

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    The baby usually don’t point guns at the cop.

  • Tristan Ramos
    Tristan Ramos2 days ago

    Pretty disgusting you guys making jokes about a CHILD being killed by police.

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    When I was a child I wasn’t pointing guns at cops or being arrested by cops.

  • Qylere CallmeQ
    Qylere CallmeQ2 days ago

    im sorry it happened. as a father of a little girl my heart is broken for her family. but if that were my daughter trying to not get stabbed, i would want that other girl taken down.

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson2 days ago

    I usually don't comment on hot social topics like these but I'm not impressed with Steven here. Firstly, love the show and the host Steven. BUT, bullets shot vertically reach terminal velocity on decent and therefor lose their fatal velocity with some exceptions (point of entry, decent patterns, bullet geometry). Also, please don't compare the capabilities of producers at discharging weapons to law enforcement. Law enforcement are highly trained and take pride in their capabilities to fire weapons. There are several other reasons why law enforcement aims for vital organs and Steven only discussed one of them (missing and hitting a bystander).

  • joe blow
    joe blow2 days ago

    Cops are 100% capable of shooting in the leg, they are highly trained and have to pass a timef shooting course

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    Also if they shoot the leg bone, it will shatter ripping up there leg.

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    Also shooting people in the leg can kill them pretty fast.

  • KG Sniper

    KG Sniper

    Day ago

    That’s just wrong on so many levels.

    JOE BLOW FROM COCOMO2 days ago

    Shoot em in the leg they say. Lol usplan.info/two/video/x6qEr21xfJWXrms.html

  • Brice Macaluso
    Brice Macaluso2 days ago

    you know what's a LOT easier than shooting in the leg, not being a worthless human being and committing a crime

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name2 days ago

    You shoot a kneecap, bone or even in the hip/pelvic area and chances are pretty good they're going down.

  • ThatGuyThatDoesStuff
    ThatGuyThatDoesStuff2 days ago

    The other moronic thing being said is that the officer should have rushed in and disarmed her. As if that officer doesn't have a right to ensure his own safety.

  • Dominic LaMar
    Dominic LaMar2 days ago

    The people saying “Why don’t they fire a warning shot” are ironically the ones that cry loudest about irresponsible gun owners

  • Better than Me
    Better than Me2 days ago

    I like crowder , but making fun of a dead 13yrd ain't it for me .I think the cops were in the right but calling the kid "little retard" is crazy .

  • yomamapwnz
    yomamapwnz2 days ago

    Lol that fat guy running was hilarious. Dude needs to do more of these videos...every day for an hour or two. Heart attack gonna kill this incel

  • Boogie Man
    Boogie Man2 days ago

    So many knife wielders got shot in the leg and stomach and still able to run and lunge at you. usplan.info/two/video/13qOyqNjomnbjm8.html This guy got shot in the stomach few times and still yelling.

  • deadtreebark
    deadtreebark2 days ago

    Call of Duty taught us that upper body shots have the fastest ttk

  • Herman Gatilao
    Herman Gatilao2 days ago

    Here is a link of an officer shooting a guy with a knife in the leg. Officer gets stabbed and takes the room temperature challenge. usplan.info/two/video/2Wmqqa9yZGijg4A.html

  • Bradley Baggett
    Bradley Baggett2 days ago

    If an officer draws his firearm instead of mace or taser it's to stop a deadly force. You don't use non lethal against lethal just like you don't use lethal against non lethal. Biggest issue in our society with Democrats is they think even if you have a gun drawn at police you didn't shoot so you weren't a "deadly threat yet" Democrats care more about criminals lives than heros and its pathetic.

  • Lawlezz Ninja
    Lawlezz Ninja2 days ago

    Oh look. A room entirely full of idiots. I’ve actually never seen a room with this many in one place. Interesting

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller2 days ago

    If you want more im here. But

  • Daniel Miller
    Daniel Miller2 days ago

    Its more deadly to shoot a lag then arm.. the supply line will make a problem

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    2 days ago

    I will know if you use me..... because i will sting

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    2 days ago

    But there bound to there own words...

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    2 days ago

    Or the cold... and every person can try.....

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    2 days ago

    Evergry that is brain washed

  • Daniel Miller

    Daniel Miller

    2 days ago

    What are you

  • Amaleva Farren
    Amaleva Farren2 days ago

    I don't agree with many of his views and think he can be pretty demeaning and unsympathetic but give him credit where credit is due, he is pretty fucking hilarious.

  • Darcus Fried
    Darcus Fried2 days ago

    host #3: "curve the bullet, you know", that made me freakin' laugh hard.

  • Bud Waller
    Bud Waller2 days ago

    This is why tasers and block guns exist... But I guess cops can't tell what those are.

  • Ricky Cunningham
    Ricky Cunningham2 days ago

    usplan.info/two/video/2Wmqqa9yZGijg4A.html Clear evidence that shooting the leg does not work. RIP to the officer.

  • James Jones
    James Jones2 days ago

    In twenty five feet it's hard to get small groupings in center Mass at a gun range now add a moving Target and it's almost impossible the cop that shot the girl in Columbus was an excellent shooter I couldn't do it without hitting the other girl.

  • Chet Keebler
    Chet Keebler2 days ago

    Heck I shot the cap off the guy in Golden eye 64..

  • Mike Lema
    Mike Lema2 days ago

    I live in England and went to Virginia for a holiday, me and my brother went to a range last couples of days before the end of my trip. I was 100% gob smacked on how much recoil on a gun there is, fired an ak47 and even standard pistols i shot from wheir insane. Its nothing like you see in movies where they just constantly pulling the trigger and the gun hardly move or doesn't at all. Lowder is 100% correct here x

  • Itachi
    Itachi2 days ago

    Imagine the most high intensity scenario of your entire life, even after a fking foot chase... then it being night time. Having to slow your breathing, just so you can see the night sights. Having to react to split second situations and having to know if it was the right decision or not. Lastly, pulling the trigger on people we swear to protect is the absolutely last thing we want to do. The media is bullshit.

  • Casey Neal
    Casey Neal2 days ago

    I mean just take all the Cops out of Black communities, that's what they want. Keep all the White Communities protected though

  • Matte Kumlin
    Matte Kumlin2 days ago

    what the hell is wrong with all these idiots (you have a maximum of a couple of milliseconds to react and the slightest hesitation can cost the other victim his life) and why do all these idiots refuse to state the fact that someone tried to take another person's life by stabbingand and therefore was shot

  • Matte Kumlin

    Matte Kumlin

    2 days ago

    and there you have the answer stop going on calls with blacks and Hispanics so no black or Hispanic can be shot to death by a police officer really fucking easy and given this "systemic racism" you should not even call the police when you are the victim of a crime

  • Alejandro Chanocua
    Alejandro Chanocua2 days ago

    @crowder you make that accent around me ever and you will get the white slapped off that mug

  • Robert G
    Robert G2 days ago

    The Lone Ranger can shoot a gun out of a bank robbers hands, while riding a horse outside of town!

  • Doomtrigger
    Doomtrigger2 days ago

    "shoot them in the leg biden" Just to watch them slowly bleed to death lol. Shoot the gun in the air so the bullet comes back down and kills a 3 year old

  • jarrod Wilburn
    jarrod Wilburn2 days ago

    I love this, i was in the marine corps and was put into this scenario a few times and its hair raising every single time, dumbasses speak with out experience, cops have families to go home to, they have a unbelievable job to do and ss seen here they sometimes hsve to do that job in a matter of a second or 2, so unless you hsve been there ot experienced something like this i suggest you shut your misunderstood mouth and let them do thier jobs

  • Bubba Blackmon
    Bubba Blackmon2 days ago

    One of my best friends was a career Army Ranger who saw a lot of combat. He told me he saw nine people shot in the leg and eight of them died. These libs need an anatomy lesson regarding location and function of the femoral artery.

  • porousorifice
    porousorifice2 days ago

    Our so called President says to fire off a few rounds in the air ! Biden's recommendation is illegal! If Biden isn't accountable for these words, why listen to the others!

  • MOS3
    MOS32 days ago

    I always knew handguns weren't totally accurate. A month or two ago I went shooting for the first time with my friend and I remember thinking a few times, "Wtf? I was aiming at the other side of the target." Definitely could not shoot a knife out of someone's hand if my life depended on it.

  • Chase Martin
    Chase Martin2 days ago

    you’re a SICK FUCK for joking about a 15 year old dead child.

  • Juju Gohard
    Juju Gohard3 days ago

    Every one knows bullets don’t curve once out the barrel only air soft and paint balls that’s why its not accurate.

  • Mech0p
    Mech0p3 days ago

    In alot of states its illegal to even fire a warning shot so wtf do they expect these people to do?? Like do they think theyre robots and have perfect aim while their adrenaline is pumping

  • John Doe
    John Doe3 days ago

    "Can you shoot the leg"? Yes, very easily. Anyone that's ever shot a pistol knows this, especially with training. Can you carry a caliber that has a better chance of the perp surviving? Yes. Ditch the .40's and 10mm's and give cops .38's, or 9mm's. I'm all for giving cops back their night sticks. You got a much better chance of surviving a beating(that you probably deserved) than a bullet. This is the USA. It doesnt matter how much of a POS the perp is, they need to live to be brought to justice. Depriving a person of due process is probably the most un-american thing anyone can do.

  • lilwiggins26
    lilwiggins263 days ago

    Dude when i first got my gun i had no clue i had to sight it in 😂😂😂 i was like "how the fuck do i keep missing" 💀💀

  • Matthius & Shaggy
    Matthius & Shaggy3 days ago

    These people seem to forget the huge fucking artery that runs in both of your thighs and if it’s hit the victim could bleed out within minutes. Like, they’ll still die regardless. So, there’s really no winning wherever you shoot them.

  • michael kelley
    michael kelley3 days ago

    Don't you understand it's not about proof it's about the narrative.

  • Justin Hildebrand
    Justin Hildebrand3 days ago

    Now just imagine this, but in the dark.

  • blksubiesti
    blksubiesti3 days ago

    Ding Ding Ding he hit it right on the head cops will just not respond and something like ohhh I dunno the shootings going up 400% like in LA will occur... we could call it mmmm “the Ferguson effect” yup that’s a good name for it.

  • Eric Slagle
    Eric Slagle3 days ago

    I wouldn't shoot a chicken in the leg. It would ruin a drumstick.

  • Baylor Olbeter
    Baylor Olbeter3 days ago

    Well why didn’t the cops just master ultra instinct

  • Ructus
    Ructus3 days ago

    First time I shot they all hit the head

  • Kanye Twitty
    Kanye Twitty3 days ago

    Ironically the experiment showed it is very easy to shoot somebody in the leg..

  • Ben Miles
    Ben Miles3 days ago

    I used to agree with the statement “shoot them in the leg”. Then I actually tried firing a rifle and realised how hard it is. I was taught to aim centre mass for a reason. If anyone complains about me being a gun wild American, I’m British and my training was done through the British Army.

  • sinceninetyeightysix gustofferson
    sinceninetyeightysix gustofferson3 days ago

    I live in canada and in a small city nobody really owns guns either then the odd hunting rifle some hunters own and we don't have these gun violence problems at all now drug addiction and overpriced homes we have a plenty gun violence none

  • Ian Doll
    Ian Doll3 days ago

    "Curve the bullet" LOL

  • Stretch 5
    Stretch 53 days ago

    Apparently they don’t teach the slow motion ability from the Fallout games to police officers

  • P7 2017
    P7 20173 days ago

    What, like people not knowing the differrence between screen life and real life is new? California is host to the state assemblyman who authored a bill to ban 'phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range". ... and I only wish I was kidding. (look it up, Terminator, the first one) There are always stories,,, but people have come to confuse their TVs (phones, now) with reality and THAT's how the left is generating this garbage.Bryant: not just justified, not just necessary, but absolutely commendable. Just sayin'.

  • Shane661
    Shane6613 days ago

    Huge arteries in the leg...this whole idea of shooting in the leg is based in movies. Like the "shot in the shoulder, so I'll be ok" theory.

  • GreenFox
    GreenFox3 days ago

    To any officer reading the comments, thank you for your service! There are many of us that support and appreciate what you do. Thank you.

  • Mike Parker
    Mike Parker3 days ago

    My god, what a bunch of idiots, especially Joe Biden!!!

  • T Morgan
    T Morgan3 days ago

    The best thing about this was the term "ballistics gelatin" being introduced into the discussion.

  • I am Fodder
    I am Fodder3 days ago

    Anyone who's ever carried a gun for real knows that hitting roughly center of mass is hard enough under high stress....an aimed shot at the leg hahahahahahah who's children are these people? How much fing time do they think you have to make the shot? What idiots. And if they are shooting at you? Shoot them in the leg?

  • Johnnie Boy
    Johnnie Boy3 days ago

    Good luck making a hard shot like that. Next we will teach you to shoot someone's toe off

  • Al Electric
    Al Electric3 days ago

    Sweep the leg.

  • Eric Owen
    Eric Owen3 days ago

    Black people have figured out that in any situation just yell racist and everyone cowers!

  • janoke
    janoke3 days ago

    I don’t think people realize how hard it is to accurately shoot someone in the limb. Even from 3 feet away. Plus you gotta add the fact that you have an adrenaline rush added with a lot more factors that will mess your aim up. Cops are trained to shoot centre mass to eliminate the threat not take a 50/50 chance to shoot the leg lol.