DEGENERATE! Has Liberalism Gone Too Far? | Louder With Crowder


What do you guys think? Generational gap? Or is it just degeneracy? Comment below!

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"Eat My Butt"


  • John John
    John JohnDay ago

    So glad I didn't grow up listening to this noise pollution

  • Lars Petersson
    Lars PeterssonDay ago

    2:19 "elvis's hips?" no thats the beatles you're humming

  • Gary Kitto
    Gary Kitto2 days ago

    Liberalism; where everybody gets offended by everything, but anything goes! Twisted sense of logic, that!

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna3 days ago

    And this is why WAP was the #1 pick of the music choice awards. Such a disgrace.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer3 days ago

    Idiocracy at its finest. If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to. It was once a movie, now it’s becoming a documentary. 😂

  • nvt nvt
    nvt nvt3 days ago

    the left has become a safe haven for all the nasties.

  • Brett Roberts
    Brett Roberts3 days ago

    That new Raptor mustang though. 🤩

  • Brett Roberts
    Brett Roberts3 days ago

    Buy Ford!

  • Monica Ramirez
    Monica Ramirez4 days ago

    These two are doing great but it's all

  • djmaur
    djmaur4 days ago

    Anal sex is the number one method of HIV transmission. It is popular in a certain group of people not gay.

  • Lumpen proletariat
    Lumpen proletariat4 days ago

    Well done feminism 👏🏻

  • Andrew Patterson
    Andrew Patterson4 days ago

    Haha rectal exam! 🤡 🌎

  • The Unfleged Fool
    The Unfleged Fool4 days ago

    ben Askren isn't a boxer I hope everyone knows that. He would kill jake in a MMA fight. But in boxing, everyone knows jake kills him. Jake specifically picks his opponent so he picks the extremely easy ones.

  • Jerry Sterling
    Jerry Sterling4 days ago

    When did they allow porn hub on national tv?

  • John Buck
    John Buck4 days ago

    Music ceased to exist after the early 2000s

  • Gloriana Catherine
    Gloriana Catherine4 days ago

    Holy shit the government has really made sure to dumbed down all Americans who think that this is empowering and not disgusting! Way too many braindead folk walking around with absolutely no morals at all!

  • Skydog
    Skydog5 days ago

    I'm embarrassed

  • Shanna S
    Shanna S5 days ago

    There was always that one backwoods country boy laughing and pointing at the zoo enclosure where the poor dumb animals in heat didn't get out of visitor's sight before getting their animalistic pleasures on! Now the world has gone zoo in the spring time. And there are almost no normal people visiting. Just country boy's inbred realitives having a good ole time at the dumb animal's ignorance. When will it end? Are we doomed to a self induced dark ages!

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis5 days ago

    Let's audit FORT KNOX

  • Pete Pyeatt
    Pete Pyeatt5 days ago

    0:53 for Saweetie clip

  • Justin Drawdy
    Justin Drawdy5 days ago

    I’m not a Puritan or anything like that, but THIS is what happens when a society strays further and further away from God and religion where there are defined, concrete rules of conduct and morals. Take that away and allow society to make its own rules, we see what happens....

  • daswynterwolf
    daswynterwolf5 days ago

    When you don't have anything else to offer, including talent, this is the result.

  • Ygerek Hirosaki
    Ygerek Hirosaki5 days ago

    This isn't a result of liberalism, it's basic capitalism. Sex sells my dude

  • Jenn Hawkins
    Jenn Hawkins5 days ago

    A habit takes five days to create. Them banning you broke my habit I’m sorry just realized it I’ll do better and won’t let YT get one over me again.

  • S M
    S M6 days ago

    This is an understatement. It has been proven that when a powerful countries homeland has had no external threats over a long period of time, it's citizens and leaders become soft and descend into debauchery, and even loses its patriotism and will to defend itself.

  • Fert blu's Benis
    Fert blu's Benis6 days ago

    The music is just shit, but wild sexual music had it's peak back in the days with the plasmatics. They are my favorite band

    RIGHT-WING-P1MP2906 days ago

    WAP was the shot heard around the world

  • Papa Woody
    Papa Woody6 days ago

    Such empowering, many feminisms. Wow. I live for classic memes.

  • Ifaz Howl
    Ifaz Howl6 days ago

    Only thing we agree on is we dislike jake Paul

  • Yubran Domain
    Yubran Domain6 days ago

    Sometimes I feel like I was the last one Alive to be raised with “Common Sense” and enough respect to not sell myself out. Born in 1991 and I feel after 95 and 96 was the beginning of a lost cause.

  • Das Erreichen
    Das Erreichen6 days ago

    Why are they all Africans? Was that somewhere in Africa or an American fight?

  • Michy Love

    Michy Love

    Day ago

    @Das Erreichen well there's a difference between race, ethnicity and nationality. Their race says black but that doesn't mean their african for e.g. a white american wouldn't claim they are European they would claim to be American.

  • Das Erreichen

    Das Erreichen

    Day ago

    @Michy Love They definitely were all black.

  • Michy Love

    Michy Love

    3 days ago

    What kind of question is that they are not Africans, africans would not tolerate that

  • KWC Hope
    KWC Hope6 days ago

    Is a liberal a libertarian or just a left leaning individual?

  • J Glow
    J Glow6 days ago

    Ewwwwww...exactly why people don't watch!

  • Ieatpaste23
    Ieatpaste236 days ago

    Twerking is so very unsexy.

  • RavenRewindTour
    RavenRewindTour6 days ago

    Speaking as a longtime Britney fan who loves Britneys sexual dance stage, this new generation is 100 percent trashy and no talent. I thought it was rehearsal like at least somewhat lip sync better I don't watch Britney much anymore lip syncing is not good

  • Almostrox
    Almostrox6 days ago

    I remember when I was 10 and britney spears was doing the same stuff, there's always going to be controversy but it's a far cry from elvis lol!!!!

  • Picasso Black
    Picasso Black6 days ago

    We went from Fred Astaire to this. Let that sink in.

  • blue text on white background
    blue text on white background6 days ago

    that matt foley t-shirt is epic.

  • johnthegreek1980
    johnthegreek19806 days ago

    Definitely empowering…..

  • Silver Sadie
    Silver Sadie6 days ago

    All I have to say about this culture is that my parents were 💯 correct...30 years ago!

  • Kirby BOB
    Kirby BOB6 days ago

    It's no better then far right conservatism LE GASP

  • s k
    s k6 days ago

    They’re clearly under the influence of lust, even though it sounds weird. She definitely has a lustful demon in her. We need to pray for all these people and get more people to turn to Jesus before His return 🤦🏻‍♀️. They’re fulfilling Bible prophecy

  • Lance Hobbs
    Lance Hobbs6 days ago

    What is that leather strap/rig crowder wears? Is that that an old fashioned thing for a handgun?

  • Karen Watson
    Karen Watson6 days ago

    Seriously degrading and discusting. Evil is called good and good is called evil.

  • J h
    J h7 days ago

    'degenerate' Yes. Tha word is most apropos. Utterly degenerate.

  • Good Evil
    Good Evil7 days ago

    Constitución is for moral people not for criminal evil rules until God stand up

  • Dr. Victor Frankenschtein
    Dr. Victor Frankenschtein7 days ago

    Barney the purple dinosaur did this, all of this.....a literal demon who brought down society. Enjoy!

  • Thomas Atkinson
    Thomas Atkinson7 days ago

    Hmm where can I watch this degenerate performance? I must investigate!.... For educational purposes of course! 🤓🧐

  • V J
    V J7 days ago


  • Mr Tellis
    Mr Tellis7 days ago

    I hope this crazy world that they created consumes them 100%

  • Anamanico
    Anamanico7 days ago

    My husband looked so guilty when I walked in on him "watching" the fights. It was awkward.. he was like I don't know what this $%it is but I guess its a pre show.. ugh

  • Eatme Thoughtpolice
    Eatme Thoughtpolice7 days ago


  • DrFlorvin
    DrFlorvin7 days ago

    Never thought I’d see Ahegao Jake Paul, but then I saw the thumbnail...

  • Debra Charles
    Debra Charles7 days ago

    Remember when the Rolling Stone Magazine did a hit piece against Elvis for liking white underwear on girls.

  • Abandoned Exploration Squad
    Abandoned Exploration Squad7 days ago

    I’m embarrassed I paid money for this.

  • Greyish0
    Greyish07 days ago

    Short answer for the title- YES!

  • Halaniwa Lombardi
    Halaniwa Lombardi7 days ago

    Eventually, rap wont be satisfied with the outer extremities. "Throw dat appendix in the circle" "Liver gang" "If you a real G go get cho colon tatted up up, I wanna see the shawty work dem eye sockets, dont let up" "RIP ya spine out twist it round ya head spin it like helicopter" "Shake dat kidney failure"

  • Henry
    Henry7 days ago

    It's all WAP WAP WAP. I'm so sick off all the gyrating. Looks like "slutting it up" is all they have left! 👎✂📉

  • Brazos River
    Brazos River7 days ago


  • pj spacepirate
    pj spacepirate7 days ago

    I've been saying this for the past 3 days Division & Degeneracy will be our downfall. Mix in a lot of stupidity.

  • free speech
    free speech7 days ago

    Makes me sick with worry for my daughter. I hope she sticks to her morals.

  • Dana Idahosa
    Dana Idahosa7 days ago

    So so disgusting!!!!!!!

  • Dia Jo
    Dia Jo7 days ago

    The left is smut

  • Cepheidvariable
    Cepheidvariable7 days ago

    When talent no longer exists...

  • Mary Reinsmith
    Mary Reinsmith7 days ago

    Every race has done this nasty stuff it sells unfortunately

  • Enki Warrior
    Enki Warrior7 days ago

    Hmm reminds me of Weimar Germany...

  • Dubletar
    Dubletar7 days ago

    It’s terrible, the state of this country. Evil.

  • Tracey Kelly
    Tracey Kelly7 days ago

    When the mainstream media , Hollywood and the music industry promote videos like this. Normalizing sexualization that is usually only in men's clubs . Now geared towards children and teens for profit , is it shocking that extremely large numbers of children are so desensitized disappear and are lured into the sex trade industry so easily ? You no longer have to seek out and find the abused desperate child as you have already groomed every child that listens and watched the top 40

  • steven blackburn
    steven blackburn7 days ago

    Morale degenerate is exactly what she is . Jesus loves them and they hate him, it's beyond sad to say the least.

  • Pookie Bear
    Pookie Bear7 days ago

    We Don't want to live in a PedoWoke nPC world. Or a flavorless Religious Hegemony style culture. If America has a future, it will be Constitutional Populist Patriotism. The Realignment has begun.

  • Ez DuzIt
    Ez DuzIt7 days ago


  • theresa campbell
    theresa campbell7 days ago

    Disgusting. If this sort of shit is what currently passes for entertainment, thats no generation gap. It's filth, evil. It all makes me nauseous.

  • warchant59
    warchant597 days ago

    "Urban" culture is so low. It has been for 50+ years now but it keeps getting cheaper, more shallow and lower IQ. It's pure garbage. It used to be the center of arts that expanded the world, careers that built nations and tourism that brought the world together. Now it's violence, perversion, drugs, race grifting, whining and propaganda.

  • L K
    L K7 days ago

    Last time I saw this many snowflakes I was on a skiing holiday.

  • Tina Paez
    Tina Paez7 days ago


  • NoMore me
    NoMore me7 days ago

    Im 63. I remember a older gentlemen I worked for in 1986. We always talked politics, work ethics and morality. I remember him telling me. (You think this generation is bad, wait till you see the next one)

  • OGRE !!!!
    OGRE !!!!7 days ago

    crowder is such a fraud lol “were trying to keep it family friendly” .... no youre not lol why even say that

  • Homo Genius
    Homo Genius7 days ago

    You get judged if you find this stuff repulsive. I just want a nice wholesome Christian girl. Is that too much to ask for now days!

  • Paul of England
    Paul of England7 days ago

    Lord please send a plague

  • Trolltrain
    Trolltrain7 days ago

    Honestly. Who cares about this?

  • Yumoa
    Yumoa7 days ago

    Crowder: has liberalism gone too far? Also crowder: does minstrel show voices, promotes covert bigotry and ideologies that enables mass shooters

  • DNøTS
    DNøTS7 days ago

    Those clips look funny and not seductive without the music lol

  • Bk Blindside
    Bk Blindside8 days ago

    Imagine thinking so low of your own gender that this is your standard for empowerment..

  • The Father
    The Father8 days ago

    It's empowering man

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace8 days ago

    Similar dancing Is done in strip clubs.

  • MLE
    MLE8 days ago

    I don't know why women seem to think that this attracts guys for some reason? No subtlety, no seduction. Just an explosion of overt thirst. That's just a huge turn off.

  • Vieux Acadian
    Vieux Acadian8 days ago

    Clark Gable was fined several thousand dollars for the famous line " Frankly My Dear , I don't give a damn " . Go figure !

  • C
    C8 days ago

    Crowder you are ridiculously hilarious!!! 😂 Can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  • justin foley
    justin foley8 days ago

    Absolutely repulsive.

  • Art
    Art8 days ago

    Stop buying kitchup

  • Mark Zielke
    Mark Zielke8 days ago

    So a woman can do whatever she wants with her body, unless it involves being sexy because that is objectification, unless it is whorish because that is empowering? I'm confused.

  • XPopCornX
    XPopCornX8 days ago

    It wasn't even that bad. Conservatives hate freedom just as much as socialists but for even dumber reasons. Complaining about some dancers is as stupid as trying to ban GTA.

  • Jonathan Greenblume
    Jonathan Greenblume8 days ago

    Filthy and disgusting.

  • John Doe
    John Doe8 days ago

    All this bs going on... Can we just legalize prostitution already? God damnit

  • K N
    K N8 days ago

    Jacket on or jacket off!

  • Aco4k
    Aco4k8 days ago

    Republicans raided the capital Change my mind?

  • Troy Carr
    Troy Carr8 days ago

    And they wonder why no one watches these stupid awards shows anymore... 😒

  • drsch
    drsch8 days ago

    I think the really disturbing thing about this is that there are people who find those dances arousing. Watching stuff like that is more effective than cold water and keeping me from getting it on.

  • Juicy Orange
    Juicy Orange8 days ago

    That event was the worst and most unprofessional fighting event I've ever seen in my life and it felt more like a party put on for the the people there then an actual professional and paid event for customers who paid money to enjoy and watch. Almost everything was just so second class and bad it was a circus of a party for real. Thank God i watched it for free and would never pay money for such garbage.

  • Eric Staples
    Eric Staples8 days ago

    Did Askrin take a dive?