Crowder's CONSPIRACY Correspondent: How The CIA Started The Hippie Revolution! | Louder With Crowder


Steven has his employee present his theory that the CIA created the 1960's Hippie/Cultural Revolution...what?
#conspiracy #hippies
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"Eat My Butt"


  • MultiLex101
    MultiLex101Hour ago

    We need more of this Manny lad

  • Erahth
    Erahth7 hours ago

    I came here to say "Nipples".

  • Tim Goode
    Tim Goode11 hours ago

    Hell's Angel's ran Security at Woodstock...FYI

  • Stephen Payne
    Stephen Payne11 hours ago

    Love how this show mocks facts and completely ignores that there’s always been a satanic underbelly in the US government, you guys contradict yourselves as much as the liberals

  • Gary Sugarman
    Gary Sugarman11 hours ago

    The CIA/FBI also used Charles Manson. Tom O'Nell talks about this on Joe Rogan.

  • Topi R
    Topi R12 hours ago

    Yrs ago a film, only shown wee hours of morning, showed govt giving drugs unknowingly to people as experiment

  • germx x
    germx x13 hours ago

    i never laugh at crowders jokes

  • Joe Willingham
    Joe Willingham17 hours ago

    Smooth Manny got it right.

  • Joe Willingham
    Joe Willingham17 hours ago

    You just want Smooth Manny to say, "Shut up, Gerald."

  • kemsmith
    kemsmith17 hours ago

    This is one of the best bits in this whole show, love Manny!

  • Regina Strobele
    Regina Strobele17 hours ago

    We need more Manny segments. 👏

  • Garrett Chapman
    Garrett Chapman18 hours ago

    Smooth Manny is one of my Favs

  • Alex Rothbard
    Alex Rothbard19 hours ago

    They 100 percent referenced mk ultra in stranger things. Think it was hopper in season 1 but I know 100 percent its mentioned directly.

  • Squanch Daddy
    Squanch DaddyDay ago

    Slick way to share conspiracies that are absolutely true. I love it

  • Kyle Liggett
    Kyle LiggettDay ago

    Stranger Things was more so based on, The Montauk Project.

  • Todd Michael
    Todd MichaelDay ago

    The cia has always tried to manipulate the mind of citizens. LSD was a high part of it.

  • Beefer 5000
    Beefer 5000Day ago

    Smooth Manny he's all right!

  • Scott Allen
    Scott AllenDay ago

    Read Chaos by Tom O'Neill

  • John Cartledge
    John CartledgeDay ago

    Anecdotally, Kesey volunteered as a test subject for government controlled LSD testing. Knowing the drug distorted a person's sense of time, Kesey would track his pulse to track time during sessions to create an anomaly that prompted testers to conduct further testing much to Ken's delight (can't recall my source but pretty confident it's verifiable). Surprised this kid never mentions Owsley, who I believe was the son of a southern California professor who had synthesized acid, and he attained the acid passed on to the Merry Pranksters of Kesey's social circle that includes the Warlocks (shortly thereafter known as the Grateful Dead). Tom Wolfe's "The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test" documents the whole movement. Your expert's failure to mention any of this cultural wave calls his credibility into question. These "Pranksters" packed into a bus they'd painted in fluorescent rainbow colors and set out for the east coast to meet acid guru Timothy Leary so they could "tune in, turn on and drop out." Wolfe didn't mention anything of the CIA in this hallucanegenic Odyssey so I'm suspicious that your conspiracy boy didn't. As far as "raves", I was twentyish and slightly steeped in the culture and didn't hear that term until a couple decades later. Leary did invite the Hell's Angels to his northern California property that included a thickly wooded section that he dispersed stereo speakers throughout. The place was wired for sound and Kesey hosted some epic bacchanals. A "shindig" would've been a more historically appropriate name for these hedonistic rendezvous. I think your boy took acid when he researched this. To my mind, the only two things accurate about the story was Kesey and the bus.

  • Andy Pearce
    Andy PearceDay ago

    CIA created the Grateful Dead.

  • Claudia l Smith
    Claudia l SmithDay ago

    Love Cheech And Chong mo it's.


    Stranger things is actually about the "Montauk project"......

  • Ashley Six
    Ashley SixDay ago

    In all seriousness...We need to stop using the term "conspiracy theorist" entirely...It was literally invented by the CIA (this is 100% verifiable), as a way to discredit, discourage, and vilify, anyone with dissenting opinions, or difficult questions, surrounding the JFK assassination...This tactic worked so well that they've since used it to target, and smear, anyone who dares to speak out against them, especially those who happen to be "over the target", so to speak, regarding anything that they (i.e. the powers that be) don't want the general public to know about...

  • Ashley Six

    Ashley Six

    Day ago

    With that said...Personally, I'd love to see more of these Manny clips...Perhaps even a mini-series of full episodes? If nothing else, it would be a welcomed reprieve from the dumpster fire of our current political system, the never ending sjw insanity, and the ever expanding tyranny that we're all suffering under at the moment...Just a thought...

  • Appalachian survival
    Appalachian survivalDay ago

    That was awesome

  • Salem Gharib
    Salem GharibDay ago

    So the 2000s weren’t slim shady?😐

  • Mars Hill Thrill
    Mars Hill ThrillDay ago

    Cool segment! Do more!

  • fairallni
    fairallniDay ago

    Hes right

  • The bassplayer
    The bassplayerDay ago

    As always , the government has fked our country .

  • Col. Cotton Hill
    Col. Cotton HillDay ago

    The Further Bus!

  • James Lockard
    James LockardDay ago

    A out of print book, The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, The CIA and mind control.

  • Fusical
    FusicalDay ago

    anyone know the intro song?

  • secondsb4 disaster
    secondsb4 disasterDay ago

    Manny had it on the nose...they did do all that and what's fucked up and if you were born around the same time I was in 1980 the 60's and 70's were so glorified, Woodstock. AMD esoeciakky the music that basically that is what we grew up influenced by , I remember thinking that if someone didnt have an in depth knowledge of the music and an appreciation for the legends like pink floyd. Hendrix, ect...them they were basically written off as complete lames..and the drug culture from that era was glorified so much that to my friends it was just a natural progression, after basically only me and one orc2 of my ex girlfriends all of my friends are dead from overdoses and the conflicts that cone when yiu are selling large amounts of drugs and after fi dibg out that it was all created by the C.I.A. and we were all manipulated into this I felt dick to my the time still in middkecand high school tgrckast thing on yiur mind is the reality of the workd we live in, and that goes along with realizing. School was never meant to educate but to make you conform and to construct a reality in our head that is not an accurate depiction

  • Bonnie Williams
    Bonnie WilliamsDay ago

    Control people's

  • Roxanne Riggs
    Roxanne Riggs2 days ago

    Sounds pretty close, if not 100% factual

  • Ewe People
    Ewe People2 days ago

    This is the stuff that is truly uncovering what is going on here. Nice work gentlemen! Love seeing the Hodgetwins there BTW

  • Ewe People
    Ewe People2 days ago

    That wanted to create stupidity, complacency and addiction. All the things they needed to make huge profits and undermine the gov't

  • Becky Seymour
    Becky Seymour2 days ago

    Operation paperclip. This shit is real. Cathy o brien

  • Becky Seymour
    Becky Seymour2 days ago

    The eye ball. On that acid test paper. Illuminate

  • Brennan Hopkins
    Brennan Hopkins2 days ago

    Manny spitting facts. Do more segments with him.

  • Becky Seymour
    Becky Seymour2 days ago

    He's right. A million percent. Jessie Czebotar.

  • Dude Broham
    Dude Broham2 days ago

    Your conspiracy guy is spot on and shame on you for not knowing all of this. Have you had your head under a rock all these years?

  • JessEllOrion
    JessEllOrion2 days ago

    It is Interesting how most of those that considered themselves counter cultured are now the most institutionally indoctrinated.

  • Wolf Larsen
    Wolf Larsen2 days ago

    What about the prisoners who were ‘tested’: Walpole prison, Alcatraz, etc. ?

  • Denise Shumko
    Denise Shumko2 days ago

    Of course he got it right, all that shit is true. evthing been planned for decades for the shit happening now. all sci-fi has come true, nothing is far fetched about whats goin on now. its happening.

  • Wolf Larsen
    Wolf Larsen2 days ago

    Is he on acid? What’s with the space suite?

  • Ryan Rich
    Ryan Rich2 days ago

    The sensory deprivation tank was invented by that doctor that created the dolphin house, not the fucking CIA.

  • justin william salter
    justin william salter2 days ago Q-WAR-4 CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE AGENCY OLD NEWS 11 11

  • Wolf Larsen
    Wolf Larsen2 days ago

    LSD! Huh? 🤔

  • Angela Walker
    Angela Walker2 days ago

    It was to discredit the opposition to the war and also experiment with mind control

  • Allan Thibodeau
    Allan Thibodeau2 days ago

    Mk ultra still going on, cv19, bioweapon sprayed threw chemtrailing/ Harrp

  • Jacob Tyler
    Jacob Tyler2 days ago

    They reference The Men Who Stare At Goats in this segment. Any of y'all seen the interviews with Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine? He was actually part of that program and was featured in a lot of documentaries from the truth community.

  • Jacob Tyler
    Jacob Tyler2 days ago

    The whole plausible deniability angle can't be proven (unlike the things that people will actually look up as a result of seeing this segment) one way or another. That's the beauty of it. "Kitty History" by Trevor Moore and (I suspect) "Foil" by Weird Al Yankovic are other examples of people with a huge following using something over the top to get people doing their own research into real issues.

  • Aaron Canfield
    Aaron Canfield2 days ago

    Brainwashing/Radicalization is continuation of BLM. Biden is the "poster boy" for president.

  • Horrace Coarke
    Horrace Coarke2 days ago

    Love acid, but I hate hippies.

    NOVACOTTON2 days ago

    not even taking into account Charles Manson and how he had alot of wierd things going on with the cia and getting out of jail easy

  • mike huisman
    mike huisman2 days ago

    Dave Landau would dispute who has done more drugs.

  • Owen Fletcher
    Owen Fletcher2 days ago

    I saw a Documentary saying the CIA bought up all the LSD in existence to keep Russia from getting it first. 👀

  • Kael'Zildjian
    Kael'Zildjian2 days ago

    Conspiracy theories are supposed to have a modicum of truth to them that's hard to substantiate due to suppression of information. The information that is available is controversial because of it's suppression, lack of common knowledge to the general public & it's ambiguity. Not all conspiracy theories are true, but not all of them are conclusively false either. Usually conspiracy theories can't be empirically proven because of the suppression of information & destruction of empirical evidence, so the theories had to use forensic or circumstantial evidence as they do in court to conclude the probability, or lack thereof, of a conspiracy theory. For example: the 2020 election being stolen! Mostly concluded to be a conspiracy theory because there's no direct proof. However, Crowder has done enough research & his own investigation (proving that not all address associated with voters were actual addresses) that does conclude the possibility the election was, at minimum, tampered with (via your video proof of a Muslim bragging ab ballot harvesting) or manipulated (via your voter address investigation vids). So Steven, you are a conspiracy theorist & don't realize it lol You just don't agree some theories are accurate & I believe most conspiracy theories have a genuine lack of evidence to support them & some have enough to reasonably conclude the possibility of said theory to be, at least, plausible.

  • Sophia Shakti
    Sophia Shakti2 days ago

    Add to it Russian cosmism and homosexuality you get modern academia.

  • Florida Aerial Media
    Florida Aerial Media2 days ago

    I missed the theory, I only saw facts.

  • Matthias Powerbomb
    Matthias Powerbomb2 days ago

    I know this is supposed to be funny, but there's definitely truth to what Manny is saying.

  • Jeff Go
    Jeff Go2 days ago

    Crowder has so much to learn it’s not even funny

  • Big Flip
    Big Flip2 days ago

    Great vid.

  • mountain dreamer
    mountain dreamer2 days ago

    Oh I believe the cia and FBI are dirty as can be. Crowder asks why would they do that? To create a revolution to move the country to the left, toward more communistic government. And what are we seeing with BLM and lack of government control of there riots?

  • kineticmusiclines
    kineticmusiclines2 days ago

    I am a European 90's raver and that's was pretty good experience:

  • The5Friesens
    The5Friesens2 days ago

    Manny, I love the segment you're a true legend.

  • Cliff Jaded
    Cliff Jaded2 days ago

    MOAR SMOOTH MANNY! I'd pay for Smooth Manny segments!

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson2 days ago

    Yes its facts. I cant believe how many people are totally unaware of this.

  • Mr ManjuMac
    Mr ManjuMac2 days ago

    Sucks that a bunch of knuckleheads gave acid a bad rap. Most ppl wh ardently against it simply need try it. Let the ego melt away for a bit and use what you learned in life after the trip is over

  • tungbi11
    tungbi112 days ago

    The first Graduate from MK ultra was Sirhan Sirhan.....

  • tungbi11
    tungbi112 days ago

    Our WONDERFUL government at work🤦‍♂️

  • Based Hippie
    Based Hippie2 days ago

    And to answer your question as to why...... It was the implementation of a culturally subversive attack on the nation and using tactics talked about by Yuri bezmenov in regards to ideological subversion, which takes three generations to achieve. Which is the generation we are in now in comparison to the hippie

  • Tristram Coffin
    Tristram Coffin2 days ago

    Dressing Manny in a Space Camp uniform with holiday lights wrapped around him add so much to his credibility.

  • Based Hippie
    Based Hippie2 days ago

    Bring me on for this debate. I will change your mind. I have spent so many years and countless hours researching this and there are so many documented linking facts that were overlooked and ignored in this. Dig into the history of Laurel Canyon. Look into who Jim Morrison's dad is. Look into the connection Charles Manson and a CIA doctor named Adam West and his work at the free health clinic in San Francisco. Read strange scenes from within the canyon the history of Laurel Canyon. Look into the confirmation and acknowledgement that Timothy Leary was in fact on the CIA payroll.

  • Based Hippie
    Based Hippie2 days ago

    They absolutely did say that it was in reference to MKUltra on Stranger Things.

  • simon turner
    simon turner2 days ago

    Report from iron mountain is a book about how the 1960s where created to destroy the established society. Look at the world today tell me it's not true

  • mk45gunnr
    mk45gunnr2 days ago

    We watched a training film on LSD in GM "A" school in Great Lakes back in '95. Our instructor thought he was showing us a film on Light Sensing Diodes. The whole class was rolling. There was this (i think) Air Force colonel doctor taking about LSD and its effects. He even talked about how they gave it to an elephant then he said something like "i don't know what anyone would want with a elephant tripping on LSD" and we all lost it we were laughing so hard. We spent the rest of the day talking about if the film was a prank. Our instructor was a old retired Gunny and he swore to God the thing was legit!

  • Chet Keebler
    Chet Keebler2 days ago

    More smooth manny.

  • mike figula
    mike figula2 days ago

    U guys should USplan military on acid. Hilarious old school video of troops given acid in a canteen and they start trippin balls out in the woods to see their effectiveness while rolling face

  • Brit Sehnsucht
    Brit Sehnsucht2 days ago

    Coincidence?! 😯 I was talking about this a few days before this video upload. ✨✨✨

  • Aladár Mező
    Aladár Mező2 days ago

    5:45 wow, they had hydro dip back then?

  • Doug Bill Beaver
    Doug Bill Beaver2 days ago

    Crowder has been compromised. So f'n obvious.

  • Dion Ashurst
    Dion Ashurst2 days ago

    It’s like the raving 40’s 😂

  • v st
    v st2 days ago

    Irs pretty clear the CIA has been looking into how easy it is to brain wash people..studying Manson ..and Jim on

  • M4 Media
    M4 Media2 days ago

    Oh shit man, ooooh shiit i hug myself and really enjoy a klok opera, fuuck maaan that mkultra got me fucked uppppp

  • M4 Media
    M4 Media2 days ago

    Yeah they drop acid at arcades still. To this day they drop acid in random drops.

  • cooler_in_text
    cooler_in_text3 days ago

    I love conspiracy theories but MK ultra and giving citizens LSD is well documented. From project wormwood to protect nightingale.

  • Julie’s Auto Garage
    Julie’s Auto Garage3 days ago

    Do more of these! ... also, birds aren’t real!

  • Chris Franco
    Chris Franco3 days ago

    Mk Ultra is 100% real how do you not know about mk ultra it ran as far as Canada

  • Luce Magee
    Luce Magee3 days ago

    Jay Dyer and Dave McGowan have written some pretty detailed books on this subject.

  • Luce Magee
    Luce Magee3 days ago

    I remember Crowder was talking to Gavin Mcinnes years back and it was a tongue and cheek of what society they belong to... Please share Crowder.

    MEMBRANE3 days ago

    Don't forget Tim Leary. He is on camera admitting to all of this. Also to being a follower of Crowley. Very bad.

  • Luce Magee
    Luce Magee3 days ago

    It always fascinates me how people have see the corruption, acknowledge espionage, know that mobs and organize crime is a thing, but laugh at a hint of conspiracy... Secret societies have been around since the beginning, white papers are out there.

  • Luce Magee
    Luce Magee3 days ago

    Tavistock Institute.

  • Dubya
    Dubya3 days ago

    This was my favorite video ever

  • Dubya
    Dubya3 days ago

    Oh acid... shrooms are better.

  • OkaTex
    OkaTex3 days ago

    Dude is on point

  • Dontay Lucero
    Dontay Lucero3 days ago

    Why are the twin dudes here

  • mashermancan
    mashermancan3 days ago

    its more than true....everything around you is a lie

  • mashermancan
    mashermancan3 days ago