Crowder REACTS to Latest 'Fat Pride' TikTok Video! | Louder With Crowder


Crowder and the @Conservative Twins react to the latest viral video that will probably make your BMI go up.
#bodypositivitymovement #TikTok #BidensAmerica
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"Eat My Butt"


  • warrior in a garden
    warrior in a garden4 hours ago

    That's how you perform the "super jiggle" "rolls of thunder" "beached whale" "falling mountain" "capsized tanker" "dance of the mating elephants" and the "earth shaker"

  • M451
    M4517 hours ago

    That could be a Wal Mart commercial.

  • alex bb
    alex bb8 hours ago

    0:30 i ove those kinds of dresses with puffed sleeves....wait...OH MY GOD THATS HER ARM

  • 25depleteduranium
    25depleteduranium9 hours ago

    That was pretty fucking disgusting. Especially whatever that thing with the blue hair was.

  • EntendreYT
    EntendreYT10 hours ago

    how to cut ur life span by 40%

  • D Moon
    D Moon12 hours ago

    At my university they are getting rid of the scales at the gym to promote "health at any size". Ugh it's getting so crazy

  • Random Stuff From a Christian
    Random Stuff From a Christian12 hours ago

    Progressive Media: Biden is meh on policy. Establishment Media: We must destroy Fox News!!! Christian Media: We can’t comprise theology to whatever the heck Critical Race Theory is. Conservative Media: Cancel culture sucks and let’s roast immature man-children from TikTak!!! Me: We all need Jesus. Before anyone say anything, this is a joke

  • Malachi2020
    Malachi202014 hours ago

    She won't leave a dent, she'll leave a crater.

  • kingkuts
    kingkuts17 hours ago

    Is that Barry from American dad

  • Eleanor Heidingsfeld
    Eleanor Heidingsfeld19 hours ago

    You can be fat and healthy. You can be skinny and unhealthy. You can be average and unhealthy. A lot of it is about microbiome. You can have FAT around your organs and be very tiny. It is about a healthy varied diet, good communities etc..

  • BoombaGaming
    BoombaGaming22 hours ago

    I’m fat, but if you’re going around trying to get people to believe obesity is fun and healthy we’re going to have a problem

  • Clutch Carabelli
    Clutch Carabelli22 hours ago

    Y'all just wanting two titties is weak...

  • Riddell Wilson
    Riddell Wilson23 hours ago

    Being fat is repulsive. In the literal sense, the unhealthy individual is cast from the pack. It's because the pack sees and knows naturally that unhealthy individuals weigh the pack down. People think this is gross and they dont want this to be normalized because definitionally, this isn't normal.

  • Lord Byron
    Lord Byron23 hours ago

    I say we let them do fat acceptance. Then let natural selection take it course.

  • gestdood554
    gestdood554Day ago

    I think there just trying to kill them off

  • T. McKinney
    T. McKinneyDay ago

    Hey!! Not all lesbians are fat and ugly!! Lol

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael GilbertDay ago

    Why are none of these ladies over 50 🤔?

  • John Cagey14
    John Cagey14Day ago

    All those peter griffins

  • Mammoth Traders
    Mammoth TradersDay ago

    0:46 "What the hell is that" I DIED

  • First on Racing day
    First on Racing dayDay ago

    it's okay to be chubby. like a girl that's a little over weight but being that fat is unhealthy and a death sentence.

  • Pro hac Vice
    Pro hac ViceDay ago

    It's disturbing that obesity is pushed to be acceptable. These people will die early if they don't find a way to become healthy. I guess virtue-signaling and showing how empathetic you are trumps being honest about the condition. The only way people learn is through a bit of harshness. Now if we don't tell these people they're at risk of death, the only wake-up call they get might be a stroke, and that wake-up call might just be an eternal snooze.

  • Jamchester
    JamchesterDay ago

    I know this is an unpopular opinion and may sound a little harsh, but those women should be ashamed of themselves. The fact that they're proud tells us all that's wrong with popular society. If that was my daughter she'd be in military style basic training for 3 months with rationed food. Imagine what starving people in poorer parts of the world are thinking when they see this stuff. It's embarrassing.

  • Renzo Garcia
    Renzo Garcia2 days ago

    The smell of Ranch Doritos is like your favorite cologne compare to the smell between this farm animals.

  • Sir Ubisan
    Sir Ubisan2 days ago

    Jabba the hutt partay

  • Sir Ubisan
    Sir Ubisan2 days ago

    Bet that dance montage felt like P90X or Insanity calorie loss. I dare them to shake their batwings.

  • Sir Ubisan
    Sir Ubisan2 days ago

    2 brain cells per sec. lost watching that tiktok. The singing was probably the ONLY best piece of this S***show

  • R J
    R J2 days ago

    These women are not just obese they are morbidly obese. They are taking decades off their lifespan.

  • St33lStrife
    St33lStrife2 days ago

    The greatest of the seven deadly sins is considered to be Pride. Why on God's green earth would you have pride in something negative

  • Jacob Morris
    Jacob Morris2 days ago

    Tiktok is just another device to dumb down the American people. Obviously.

  • David L
    David L2 days ago

    Any money that dudes sleeping with one or two and just getting bjs off the rest 😁

  • Paul Legge
    Paul Legge2 days ago

    I’m so glad I don’t have tiktok 🤢🤮

  • MeDaPerson
    MeDaPerson2 days ago

    As someone who is overweight, and has been working hard to lose it-- that tik tok disgusted me.

  • Sandra Afimeimounga
    Sandra Afimeimounga2 days ago


  • Slick Nick
    Slick Nick2 days ago

    Bro on the right is down with the fatties 😂

  • Fu2ureSkape 21
    Fu2ureSkape 213 days ago

    I really like the shows where you guys do shows with @Conservativetwins. Found both channels in early 2020. Thanks for supplementing my sanity with talk I can't find from anyone in my city.

  • Jason Springer
    Jason Springer3 days ago

    Maybe they're trolling us. Respect if they are. You got me

  • Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant
    Saphire Throated Carpenter Ant3 days ago

    That last one was like a human version of a minion 😂

  • shrapnel77
    shrapnel773 days ago

    That floor needed a few extra lolly columns to keep it from collapsing.

  • Real talk Reactions
    Real talk Reactions3 days ago

    Great advert for chips

  • Boone
    Boone3 days ago

    Liberalism is a disease...

  • jaimin sharma
    jaimin sharma3 days ago

    Fat lives Matter...

  • Grover
    Grover3 days ago

    As a gay guy, I must say that this absurdity catching on would not be _entirely_ negative

  • deep5811
    deep58113 days ago

    Comment section is pure gold. Lmao.

  • Veronica Knight
    Veronica Knight3 days ago

    Ok, being overweight isnt a bad thing, but "fat pride" is a HORRIBLE thing. It's disgusting and, if ANY of those women had a shot at losing the weight, a shot that was 100% guaranteed, they'd take it.

  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua3 days ago

    Me and the boys liked to go to the bars, and went 'fat girl fucking" it's where we all went harpooning for fatties, we'd take them home, and whoever had the fattest catch, they'd get a case of beer because they faced and conquered their fear

  • Mac Attack

    Mac Attack

    3 days ago

    Whale whale whale what do we got here ?

  • highlordxeleth
    highlordxeleth3 days ago

    When your lower belly looks like a butt, and four times the size of a regular one, and your body starts storing fat in your forehead and neck, throat.... Maybe it's time to hit the gym instead of promoting being unhealthy. Yay, be proud, Yay, you're the one who wont live past 50. Being positive about your body, even if obese, is great don't get me wrong... better than falling into some anxiety/depression because of your weight.... as long as you're at least trying to be better instead of promoting being unhealthy and dying of various diseases/illness.

  • Mac Attack

    Mac Attack

    3 days ago

    Gym? Lol. These people already lost at life. Life does a great job at separating the weak and lazy and the smart and determined. Not that there aren’t fat successful people. There are... but you’d have trouble finding an obese person at the top of their field in anything. The worst part about it is they reproduce and raise obese children.... who are defeated at life before they can even start making their own conscious diet choices.

  • AB Mia
    AB Mia3 days ago

    A herd of oversized virgins.

  • Ski Mask Roach
    Ski Mask Roach3 days ago

    That was disgusting

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith3 days ago

    Nope nope nope!

  • David Thornton
    David Thornton3 days ago

    Not to worry their hearts will fail and they will die

  • Alex Scott
    Alex Scott3 days ago

    That one would look decent if she weighed 120. Sadly a lot of big girls are actually pretty but are just too lazy.

  • Ryan Werner
    Ryan Werner3 days ago

    let these people get fatter and fatter. the problem might eventually solve itself I hope lol.

  • A7 Nightmare
    A7 Nightmare3 days ago

    liberals support everything not healthy lol...They also support everything immoral

  • Mac Attack

    Mac Attack

    3 days ago

    It’s true. There’s an abortion bill battle going on in my county right now and the blue signs say “vote for life”... which is in essence what it is. The red signs say “vote no against proposition A”. Their main counter argument is wasting tax dollars.

  • George MacDonald
    George MacDonald3 days ago

    well they wont live long. diabetes dont discriminate...

  • Mouth Piece
    Mouth Piece3 days ago

    That's not fat that's diobeseitys

    CRAFTY SHADES of GRAY4 days ago

    Eweeeeeeeeeee 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Joe Blue
    Joe Blue4 days ago

    Damn gross

  • Baker4life777
    Baker4life7774 days ago

    Crowder, it’s freedom of speech until it’s what you disagree with

  • Matt D
    Matt D4 days ago

    Everyone in this video has stage 3 fatty liver disease ..the only thing keeping them from stage 4 is time.. about 5 years time I’d say.

  • Red Pilled Ninja
    Red Pilled Ninja4 days ago

    Women like them invented the term "toxic masculinity" for the men they want to fk that don't want to fk them, in an effort to shame men into giving them some D.

  • Tripping Android
    Tripping Android4 days ago

    I can just see the fat people's hearts in there, ready to blow out like old car tires... "A fat woman came into the shoe store today and asked for something that would make her feet look smaller. I said 'try your ass' " -- Al Bundy

  • Carlos DLC
    Carlos DLC4 days ago

    Those are the only girls that can wear"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" on there butts.

  • David Cosgrove
    David Cosgrove4 days ago

    Everyone of those Obese Cows have Sleep Apnea , enjoy that with your High BP and Coronary Disease

  • Christine Hughes
    Christine Hughes4 days ago

    They are not going to be celebrating when they develope type 2 diabetes and all of the subsequent chronic illnesses that will devastate their organs and eye sight. Sad!

  • Brock Peters
    Brock Peters4 days ago

    Lol. Funny

  • Steve Elliott
    Steve Elliott4 days ago

    You should warn us before playing the video. Some of us are eating!

  • Carrina Murphy
    Carrina Murphy4 days ago

    You are so gay

  • Cliffy N Jovelyn
    Cliffy N Jovelyn4 days ago

    don't think I've laughed so hard in my life!

  • HyperXism
    HyperXism4 days ago

    The thing is, none of these people can properly wipe their asses. This is a fact.

  • Jack franco H
    Jack franco H4 days ago

    That clip made me wanna go on a diet

  • Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy
    Jamie The Krazy Kuntreee Scratcher Guy4 days ago

    I am from a big boned family, first off, not cool on video talking trash about them. Offering them an Oprah type thing,you get a membership and you get membership, ok. But on on the video, when guys are being guys thing, you have lots of followers ( both young and old) so fix that shit. I like the rest of the stuff you do, stick to that, don't lower yourself

  • Salty Syren
    Salty Syren4 days ago

    dayuuum this is soooo hawwwwt

  • Name
    Name4 days ago

    I'm going through treatment which will cause me to very nauseous. These fat tiktok made me throw up more than the treatment I'm taking

  • Demon FromSun
    Demon FromSun4 days ago

    That video was gross as hell. I honestly heard their bones scream in agony for help with each movement.

  • Todd Sharearm
    Todd Sharearm4 days ago

    A celebration of diabetes

  • Dr. Yaple
    Dr. Yaple4 days ago

    More people avoiding shame and criticism. It's not healthy

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse4 days ago

    You just made me throw up.....

  • LB Rambo 562
    LB Rambo 5624 days ago

    That one woman reminds me of Don Vito on viva la bam RIP

  • Jeff Otieno
    Jeff Otieno4 days ago

    i actually do not understand how it is physically possible to get that big. i have not one second of exercise since the pandemic, and been eating insanely unhealthy, and i gained maybe 15 pounds

  • skepticalbynature
    skepticalbynature4 days ago

    "Obesity is Healthy" is an oxymoron---for the morons!! What nonsense, along with transgender, Biden, liberals and COVID "vaccines"---aka: death shot.

  • MissLovely42
    MissLovely424 days ago

    I've been morbidly obese since I was 9 years old. My school did physicals in middle school and elementary. That year for my physical my school told my parents that I was morbidly obese and that I could have scoliosis. I remember crying to my parents about how unhealthy I was. They responded by telling me the school was rediculous and weren't doctors and basically to just chuck it up to them picking on me or some shit. They didn't take my health seriously. I was 9. Who else was going to help me if my parents weren't going to? Fast forward to now. I've struggled with my weight and depression my whole life. I've lost 300 lbs collectively in three different episodes but ended up gaining back. I have Never thought being fat was healthy and always wished I could have an athletes body. I've been on it again, I'm tired of this shit. I will be healthy. No fat person enjoys being fat. They enjoy being gluttonous without other people commenting on their weight. What they literally don't realize is that their way of life will definitely kill them. And sadly, us working class people, are paying for their obesity because most of them can't work due to their size, so they're on disability. A fat person gives up. Plain and simple. I am not a fat person. But I struggle with obesity. I will never give up trying to be healthy. I look fat now, but my mind and body are aligning, and I won't look fat in a year or so. It's not even really that hard. It requires self discipline. That moral has been lost in today's world. Good luck to all on their journey to health and fitness. I don't think it's kind to berate fat people, but I also think it's just as evil to praise them for their disease, like they're brave for sending themselves to an early grave. Or that they deserve some type of pedestal so my future kids can turn out like them, and not care? No. Fat shaming = bad Fat promotion = evil

  • Waiting4Him111


    2 days ago

    Keep that good attitude! I use to work as a personal trainer. The people who got results always had the right attitude. Those who walked in the door defeated wouldn't lose weight and most actually put on weight. Attitude is huge! I will pray for you, dear❤

  • Great Lakes Logger
    Great Lakes Logger4 days ago

    These bitches are why my local hospital has a contract with the Minneapolis Zoo to use their scale for weighing and their MRI machine. I'm not kidding, that is really what they use. I'm 6'2" and 275 lbs. That overweight and I hate it. I can't imagine how these people feel.

  • Colonel Burton
    Colonel Burton4 days ago

    @0:45 my brain thought "What the hell is that????" so loud that it echoed back out the laptop.

    EL CHUNKACABRA4 days ago

    so you prefer a man over that? you are so gay lmaoooooo

  • Brandon Burt
    Brandon Burt4 days ago

    There’s a huge fatty on Instagram who was bragging about how healthy she is yet all she posted was cakes and candy it’s like really lady you are not kidding anyone.

  • Mexipino101
    Mexipino1014 days ago

    Lmao if those were my only options for women. I would become a priest and give up my desire to be a father xD. I would honestly try to become a bishop or greater lmao.

  • Raz
    Raz4 days ago

    So glad this channel exists, reminds me of the good old 90s where people minded their own, humour was allowed and IQ levels were in double figures.

  • killerparadice 1,2,3
    killerparadice 1,2,35 days ago

    I almost tore my eyes out watching this lol

  • patrik79a
    patrik79a5 days ago

    This is such a no brainer. If you own a dog that are that fat, you can literally have it taken away for animal abuse. But it's impossible to mouth the obvious about these people?

  • PhotonsAcrossTheAir
    PhotonsAcrossTheAir5 days ago

    The hodgetwins!!!! Love those guys!! Subscription incoming!

  • Sahara Papi
    Sahara Papi5 days ago

    That MOOO sound KILLED ME OMG 💀

  • Shane Goodlad
    Shane Goodlad5 days ago

    Well, that will end humanity .......

  • Brian Kromer
    Brian Kromer5 days ago

    Fat chicks stank

  • Love & Hate
    Love & Hate5 days ago

    Is this what they mean by thinning the heard? 🤔

  • 44mag
    44mag5 days ago

    I was 300lbs and born without a thyroid gland. Even though I've been on medicine my whole life I took naps every day cause that's how tired it made me. Yet with the help of coffee and my yearn for a better life for myself I lost the weight and am so happy knowing I dug myself out of that black hole and took back control of my life. Of course I was tired and still am but my determination and taking it one day at a time is what got me through. It's possible if you want it bad enough and I did.

  • Humboldt Parks Son
    Humboldt Parks Son5 days ago

    @2:01 😂 🤢

  • Zuzii ICE
    Zuzii ICE5 days ago

    Now watch, america will be know in the future as the country with the most human tumbleweeds.

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker5 days ago

    I don’t that TikTok channel, they all live with this purple haired gay German guy...

  • john smith
    john smith5 days ago

    After watching the land whales I believe I won't have sex for a month 🤮🤮🤮

  • Azrael Kong
    Azrael Kong5 days ago

    Diabetes, high cholesterol, shorter life...