Crowder and Crew Open Up About Drug Addiction | Louder With Crowder


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"Eat My Butt"


  • April Falconer
    April Falconer4 hours ago

    What you have to think about is actually some of us got the chance before death or prison before we hit "our" rock bottom. I was addicted to crack from a young age till I became pregnant with my first son. I was put in a jail while 3 month pregnant and I surrendered to God and never looked back because I wanted better for my son. Most people don't hit that rock bottom before its to late. Like no turning back because its death or nothing and you would think that would be enough but if you have ever been in the grips of addiction, its really not that eye opening. You only change if you want it that bad and go for it. You have to hit your rock bottom. Thank you God I did.

  • Lauren
    Lauren13 hours ago

    I would just like to share my story. I was heavily addicted to opiates. Stealing and hanging out with wrong crowd...wrong crowd and addiction led to me being sexually assaulted. From that sexual assault I got pregnant. The day I found out I was pregnant I told my doctor everything and got help for the addiction and the trauma. Put the drugs down that day, had my beautiful daughter, finished college and never looked back. 9 years sober without one relapse. So yes it can be worse and at the end of the day it was up to me to either be a victim or accept accountability for my series of awful choices that led me to where I was. I had a choice. So did he.

  • yellow dragon
    yellow dragon16 hours ago

    When i was 19 i was homeless and had no direction, from bad choices and a rough childhood. I chose to be better, i chose to make myself better, i willed myself and prayed to god. I am now much better off and blm would say i have white privileges even though i am mostly hispanic qnd native american and started with nothing.

    PZMKSD17 hours ago

    Bro I’m about to apply to every McDonalds even tho I already have a job 😂

  • Anthony Austin
    Anthony AustinDay ago

    Dave looks tiny in the chair.

  • Let’s pray and fast together
    Let’s pray and fast togetherDay ago

    Jesus Christ can take away addictions

  • Valkyrie Ziege
    Valkyrie ZiegeDay ago

    ; Dave Landau is, genuinely, brave-'n'-beautiful, to be sober. What is not to admire about the guy?

  • Jimbo Morrison
    Jimbo MorrisonDay ago

    Back in the early 2000’s,I had 3 doctors,plus I was buying from a friend every month and I’d be out 4 days to the next appointments,shitting,feeling like shit. People screw your over....all the time,but I never stole to make money. I’d pawn my shit and get it back later.

  • Arman Kaymakcian
    Arman KaymakcianDay ago

    We need more Christian rehabs, success rate is much much higher. And they are funded by donations I stayed in Christian rehab for 4 months it costed $500

  • Arman Kaymakcian
    Arman KaymakcianDay ago

    There is always hope I was completely addicted to heroine I shot two bundles a day minimum for a long time I was suicidal. I cried out to Jesus in psychiatric ward in Long Branch NJ, after reading psalm 88. God had mercy on me and saved my life. I’ve been drug free for 10 years I have a beautiful wife, two awesome little boys a great job, no debt, money in the bank. Most importantly a relationship with Jesus Christ. There is hope in Jesus

  • James J.
    James J.Day ago

    I agree about Floyd. It shocks me that people want to defend him. He was not a good person.

  • Diederick Barnard
    Diederick BarnardDay ago

    Just some more proof that George Floyd chose to be a criminal. He seems to have had a father that was trying to raise him correctly, but CHOSE to be a piece of shit that leeches of society.

  • Baseplate
    BaseplateDay ago

    “He was a deadbeat dad. Never there for me. But... he done good in the end... I got 27 million dollars to split.”

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastnameDay ago

    Since others are commenting regarding their addict status, I've been clean since Dec. 27, 2018. Got a great job with benefits, paying off my child support, and quickly repairing my credit. NEVER going back to that bullshit. 👍✌

  • Deejay d
    Deejay dDay ago

    I have almost 3 years clean and sober.... but iam permanently disabled now, from addiction. I actually died and was brought back to life and spent 5 months in the hospital to recover and learn to walk again. I have permanent organ damage to my kidneys, liver and heart and I now have severe fibromyalgia because of the trauma. I was an extremely bad drug addict and an alcoholic for 15 years.... I never stole anything, not 1 thing... nothing. I never robbed, scammed or con'd anyone. I never was violent or cause physical harm to anyone or anything...except to my self with my addictions. Granted, I was a chemist at a major chemical company and made alot of money.... I never used my addiction as an excuse for wrong doing....except to my self. I have now followed my true gift and talents of all my life.... and iam a successful professional Artist.

  • Steve Francis
    Steve FrancisDay ago

    Dave is spot on, the mental gymnastics us addicts would backflip through to justify getting a fix are at least gold medal standard. I was a heroin and crack addict for 13 years. Clean for 2!! Staying clean through lockdowns has been crazy hard. Started music again which has helped. Managed to get an album done at home ...which is out this week!! 💥 Check out You?Who?Me? On Spotify for uk grunge/punk noises 💥

  • Zackary Flores
    Zackary Flores2 days ago

    He said People that live in 2 story homes live longer..... Lmao that's a crazy statistic.....

  • Brittany Eyrich
    Brittany Eyrich2 days ago

    It all depends on the addicts moral code before addiction that makes them do what they do. I was heavy into drugs I'm finally two years clean, but I know what it's like to be so dope sick to the point where I've thought about doing some shady things, I also know what it's like to smoke crack and when it's gone your on the ground searching. Drugs took over my life for nearly 17 years. But I have never hurt anyone, robbed anyone, nothing like that. Although that doesn't mean I didn't do things I'm not ashamed of.

  • KritikalMass
    KritikalMass2 days ago

    Reopen the ASYLUMS..... (just not the one flew over the coocoos nest kind)

  • Brad Palmer
    Brad Palmer2 days ago

    Anyone has any moment of any day to straighten up your life. TRUTH

  • cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher2 days ago

    My O-pinion: narcan should ONLY be used for accidental ingestion.

  • Andrew Mythheart
    Andrew Mythheart2 days ago

    4:20 amogus

  • Kimberly Graf
    Kimberly Graf2 days ago

    I’m a drug attic for over ten years I would never ever physically hurt anyone

  • Gunkanjima
    Gunkanjima2 days ago

    Teachers and parents: Ok kids, don’t so drugs they are addictive and can kill you... Adults: Let’s do some drugs!

  • Justin Howard
    Justin Howard2 days ago

    Rehab that’s affordable would be great where I live

  • Steazy McCheesy
    Steazy McCheesy2 days ago

    I agree on many points you make on different subjects but the way you look at addiction and the way they treated George Floyd i really don't agree with. Being choked to death is something that nobody should ever experience no matter what they have done or how hard they're on drugs. Lots of American cops are addicted to the power trip that their job provides...

  • Shannon Finn
    Shannon Finn2 days ago

    We absolutely need more community mental health organizations that DO NOT penalize you for having a mental health issue.

  • Shannon Finn
    Shannon Finn2 days ago

    One of the first things you must do when you get sober is change your playmates, playgrounds and playthings. In other words, remove yourself from the surroundings and people that support your addiction. Get into 12 Step programs and work your butt off to stay sober. And depression comes with addiction. Alcohol is a depressant.

  • Hunter B Hyped
    Hunter B Hyped2 days ago


  • katie gwynn
    katie gwynn2 days ago

    I speak from both drug addiction and mental health aspects. I'm glad to hear this conversation, yet it is frustrating. We all know that either/both of these factors are HUGE contributors to crime and suffering in general, yet I'm telling you, there is only one way out of this misery. A personal, very loving friend or family member can be a great help to those of us who feel we have run out of options. Many of us do not have close if any family, and often no greater social circle. We are alone, and when living on the State, we are put in the brain-wrecking position of reaching out for the "help" that paid professionals are offering- and necessarily putting our housing and benefits in danger. With no truly loving, personal support, we are really effed at this point. The people who are there to help will also destroy our foundations, shaky as they already are. Pumping more money into State programs will not help a dang thing. Only love.

  • Busi Ness
    Busi Ness2 days ago

    Rehab does not work. Drug addicts are taking methadone and suboxone while they are using heroine.

  • Busi Ness
    Busi Ness2 days ago

    Lyndon Johnson said that, after Welfare was instituted, the Ns will vote Democrat for 200 years. The Welfare System is another form of black slavery.

  • Kyle Pickett
    Kyle Pickett2 days ago

    We love the addition of Dave!!!

  • Liz Belinoski
    Liz Belinoski2 days ago

    The word is desperate. When people are desperate, they go into survival mode.

  • America's Angel
    America's Angel2 days ago

    We as a society have to stop using the excuse of addiction is a disease to justify their actions! As someone who dealt with addiction I'll be the first to tell you that you can turn your life around, you just have to be willing to fight that fight! We can offer addicts treatment and help but we cannot excuse the things they do and make excuses for them!

  • Keen baker-dias
    Keen baker-dias2 days ago

    It shows how disgusting Macdonald's really is...the whole company should be shut down

  • ckneasel
    ckneasel2 days ago

    Moral of the story is fuck George Floyd...

  • JG23
    JG233 days ago

    I used to be addicted to pain pills and not one time did I ever commit a crime to get my drug, hell I still went to work, the gym and never once stole from or beat up anyone.

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P3 days ago

    I’m a drug addict, I use heroin and methamphetamine every day. I have a job so don’t have to rob people or steal but I have before. Steven is right, There are always options but it’s hard to make the right one when you’re injecting dope every day.

  • John Maksuta
    John Maksuta3 days ago

    I don't believe that the government has the legal authority to tell an american citizen what they can and can't possess and in what quantities. They can ONLY impose a tax when those goods cross interstate lines. The federal war on drugs is extra-constitutional and unconstitutional.

  • Marie Miller
    Marie Miller3 days ago

    look in the 60s we did a bunch of drugs but we did not run around killing people we did acid we did coke we did pcp but we did not just kill people,,,, it is a gang issue not a drug issue ,,, not rocket science

  • Ferris Matthias
    Ferris Matthias3 days ago

    Funny that a drug that has a proven track record of getting people off hard drugs is made a scheduled 1 illegal drug in the USA. And the only people that can get treatment with it are rich people that can afford to go to Mexico or Canada. The drug is called ibogan, and with the right treatment and dose it is safe and very effective. Ibogan is illegal but methadone clinics on every corner is the answer. The truth is they would addict you to a mc hamburger and fries till you were as fat as a blimp and needed government assistance if it makes them more money. People need to start wanting to really help each other instead of blaming everyone that isnt like them.

  • Gyro Zeppeli
    Gyro Zeppeli3 days ago

    4:20 AMOGUS

  • Jennifer Flory
    Jennifer Flory3 days ago

    I am 45 and have struggled with alcohol off and on since I was 15. I would say that my struggles have come from having a lack of a sense of family, security and belonging from a young age. I had a brief period as an adult where I quit drinking for 3 years because there was someone in my life that gave me at least some hope of stability and feeling like family. Amazing what that can do for someone! Best three years of my life where I accomplished the most. Family is so, so important!

  • Richard K
    Richard K3 days ago

    If I was a drug addict and I chose to rob someone I would hope it was a drug dealer who I robbed.

  • K i r k H 4 2 0
    K i r k H 4 2 03 days ago

    So, since the exodus form USplan has officially begun, I've decided that keeping Auto-Play On is pointless and the cause of much frustration. They wont allow any channel that I watch to continue playing with auto-play after the frist video that I manually select. This means Crowder. I swear, youtube is going to keep on with the butthurt "I don't like how you play so I'm going home and taking the ball with me" type of behavior until their domain is for sale. Anybody who can think for themselves has found replacements for youtube.

  • Ray Blaze
    Ray Blaze3 days ago

    Yeah you are a violent person or you're not. Drugs in many ways amplify your personality. If you are a piece of shit grubs could make you a bigger POS.

  • TheCheapShot
    TheCheapShot3 days ago

    50 bucks I could score an eight ball After showing up for an interview

  • jonathan vining
    jonathan vining3 days ago

    I was an opiate addict from age 21-31. It took the prime years of my life. I went to rehabs during that period. But the message never resonated with me. They all follow the idea that we are helpless victims of society or biology and will always mentally be an addict. It’s such a pathetic and hopeless way to view your reality. I should mention I have a twin brother who also was addicted to opiates for around the same period. The odds of us getting clean according to statistics are supposed to be astronomical if not impossible. My brother was just a waiter at IHOP five years ago, now he’s almost completed a degree in economics at USC with many lucrative job prospects waiting. I got a degree in cyber security and am killing it. My father was a homeless drug addicted vagrant and his father wasn’t much better. We decided we were not going to let anything dictate who we are. We do not make excuses for things, we overcome and don’t complain because life is too god damn short for that. Attitude is EVERYTHING. Sorry for the long rant to whoever read it.

  • Undying Zombie
    Undying Zombie3 days ago

    I have lived through horrible, horrible stuff.. I know I am not the only one either... I am still here though. I could never do what was done to me, my brother, and a few others I had got to know through my life so far. People need to learn to channel that anger, that pain, that sadness.. Into other things than what they often end up doing. I know its not easy.. If anyone is curious enough I guess I could share some of the stuff I had to deal with and how I went through things ect.. I doubt anyone really wants to know.. So I will at least say this.. You CAN pull yourself out of terrible situations without doing terrible things without harming others, and without harming yourself. Is it easy? No. But its better than doing the alternative... Since most of those people tend to end up dead much sooner in life, or in prison for most of their lives.. And overall a LOT more broken than what they where before.

  • Lunar Luger
    Lunar Luger3 days ago

    My ex,went from a college graduate,nice loving family,making 100,000 a yr.....20 yrs ago to cooking meth,smoking meth ,to shooting living under a bridge to dying on streets of L.A.Very progressive?? Everyone liked to blame me....for leaving him,and getting my kids out of a drug filled shit world.But goes on.

  • Justin Emlay
    Justin Emlay3 days ago

    I don't agree with any of this. Go buy EVERY SINGLE homeless person a house. You will have done nothing towards our homeless population. Just because a drug addict goes to rehab that doesn't fix the problem. The vast majority of them will still be drug addicts. That's just a sad reality. Congrats to the ones that turn their life around. AWESOME! I'm more proud of you than someone that never did drugs. But let's real here, there's no blanket solution.

  • Justin Emlay
    Justin Emlay3 days ago

    "I'm not saying covid is not deadly"....ok, I will. Covid with a death rate of less than 1% is not deadly.

  • Life Miller
    Life Miller3 days ago


  • Cowboy Thomas
    Cowboy Thomas3 days ago

    Drugs do make you do things you never thought you would! I grew up in a upper middle class home two parents. I raced motocross since I was 6 by the time I was 14 after a few broken bones and surgeries later absolutely addicted to the insane amounts of opioids they gave me. They never said hey be careful you might get addicted to these and by the time I was 19 year 2013 i robbed a pharmacy. Then I robbed drug dealers after that because I learned to differentiate between law abiden citizens and criminals. But I plead guilty to armed robbery last year with 3 years probation because I had been clean and sober for 3 years at that point and hadn't been convicted of or suspected of any other crimes. Point is it doesn't change you all that much if you started out with a code you will most likely stick to it thru out your addiction. Crazy to think only like 15 or 20 percent of opioid addicts ever get clean

  • Fiacra Doyle
    Fiacra Doyle3 days ago

    Heroin addict for 6 years I never stole and I never fought anyone when I didn't have money to buy it. I'd even work through the sickness.

  • dylan stevenson
    dylan stevenson3 days ago

    Mad to see Steven wearing a fight like hell T-shirt but he can’t actually fight.

  • Sean Calabro
    Sean Calabro3 days ago

    I've been around junkies my hole life. Once your a junkie 95% you will not recover! Rehabs don't work.BULLSHIT. because of massively abundance of cheap open border dope, ( can't get away from it) bye bye American pie!

  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven3 days ago

    Sign at a Wendy's near me in Ohio: $100 Sign On Bonus A friggin fast food joint is so desperate for workers, it's offering employment bonuses.

  • Freethnkr Flick
    Freethnkr Flick3 days ago

    3 years clean from heroin. You truly do change in your whole thought process. I did some horrible things but I take full responsibility. It is actually essential in my recovery.

  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA3 days ago

    Aren’t you gonna rip on dopey Biden’s Amtrak story?

  • Jaryd Jackson
    Jaryd Jackson3 days ago

    Substance abuse kills so many promising people in this country. Being lonely is a huge factor. Getting sober opens many doors for you, sadly not everyone gets to the point of getting sober, most fall by the wayside and never get clean. My heart breaks for Mr Floyd and his girlfriend, a poor addict dies and his name is taken and ran with to be used as a political ploy by malicious activists. Now an innocent man is in jail and he’s doing time for Mr. Floyd’s fatal mistake.

  • CautiouslyOptimistic
    CautiouslyOptimistic3 days ago

    Any person can change the path they're on. Especially if they can get help. No body said it would be easy, because the way to the right path is usually on the other side of the crater you got yourself into. It still can be done. You have to work as hard to get there as you did to get that next fix.

  • Banjo Patterson
    Banjo Patterson3 days ago

    Thanks to everybody putting the word out there about their own vices! I’ve gained precious information that will get me and hopefully others through the times ahead! Good luck Homies 👍🏼

  • James Viice
    James Viice3 days ago

    2:44 butt it was becuase she had 100gs worth of bitcoin

  • Joseph Beckmann
    Joseph Beckmann3 days ago

    Floyd could have gotten free Obamacare and got on suboxone, also free. Apparently he did not want to stop. I've lived many addictions. My family and friends still are. Lost my 28 year old cousin to it and other friends. And as far as the dad thing I didn't meet my dad til I was 20 and have spent less than 24 hours with the man and had no male role models. Also was raised a Jehovah's Witness so no joining sports which I was awesome at so no coach or anything. Shout out to all the doctors that get you hooked on the pills then drop you and you're fucked. Also shout out to the state of Kentucky that won 50 billion from big pharma yet not one victim saw a cent. I'll be three years clean June 5th and if I'm honest it means nothing to me because I'm just not the same person I used to be. Cant get me back. I'm so down I have no hope of getting back up. We all gotta go sometime.

  • Democracy Cat
    Democracy Cat3 days ago

    Drug addiction is not a mental or physical issue. It's a social issue. Show me a financially stable drug addict? Social-users yes, but people who are happy in life will never become addicts.

  • Jeff Pray
    Jeff Pray3 days ago

    Drug addicts can change, they are not all hopeless, addiction can be hereditary.. George floyd chose to not change his life, and ultimately paid the price... Say-lay-vee little georgie.. side note: not all drug addicts commit heinous crimes... Don't lope all addicts as being dirty criminals, because they are not.. a small percentage of them are bad seeds.. most addicts are not out to steal from people.. infact a large portion of addicts come from very wealthy family's... Not all addicts are homeless... Most addicts don't choose to do be an addict.. the american medical association has defined alcoholism/ drug addiction as a disease.. this is factual.. it cannot be disputed.. studies show non violent addicts who are put in jail do not benefit from that, studies show they benefit from being sent to rehab

  • Troy Von Klingler
    Troy Von Klingler3 days ago

    George Floyd killed himself. the cop was trying to stop him.

  • Steven Paul
    Steven Paul3 days ago

    I think there are some crossed wires here or something lost in translation between Dave & Steven. Addiction... when you are an addict, all considerations you might have when contemplating any given action are essentially null & void. The concept of "choice" as an addict is very different in comparison to someone who is not. For example, you might know that something you are going to do is wrong, illegal even... as an addict, you are aware of that but it is _always_ a secondary consideration to the addiction itself. This isn't some long winded way of trying to avoid accountability for ones actions or even making excuses for people who have been/are addicts, it is an effort to more accurately explain what I believe Dave was alluding to. I had this issue with my ex-girlfriend where I could explain it til the cows came home but no matter how well I articulated it, she simply could not fathom what I was talking about. Having said that, in my experience, I honestly believe that if you have never been addicted to anything in your life, whether thats something as simple as fizzy drink or gaming, all the way through to heroin; you will never be able to fully understand the mindset. I think it may be because a non-addicts brains physically do not have the wiring to be able to fully grasp it. The best way I can put it is, addiction is like an over-ride code when it comes to choice. Ultimately, that _IS_ what addiction is & a large part of why it is such a pernicious problem.

  • Siah Leon
    Siah Leon4 days ago

    By the title I was waiting for Crowder to come out about his Adderall usage. Hmmm.....

  • NightingaleSpica
    NightingaleSpica4 days ago

    My issue with drugs and addiction is the fact that we have multiple issues that surround it. Like you said, mental health, loneliness, costs, family, and society. I honestly believe we need to have more mental health care, drug rehab centers, and community support. I believe government isn't going to solve the issue either. Just like how homelessness isn't just a simple slap and done issue. There are three types of people in both major issues that face today. One, the mentality ill. They need our sympathy as well as medical help. Two those that fall on rough times. It happens and its life. From being injured and becoming addicted to losing a job. Third, the one that doesn't care or want to do anything else. They are the ones who don't want to improve or work or do anything. These people who I honestly think use to be the minority in both situations are the ones ruining it for those that can be helped.

  • Fearless Shadow
    Fearless Shadow4 days ago

    Ban Rap and Hop, dog whistle galore for gangs to act like this. But nobody is going to it

  • paul christie
    paul christie4 days ago

    To keep it real simple do shitty things and shitty things happen! Do good things and good things happen Wow what a concept who knew!

  • BTuna69
    BTuna694 days ago

    love Dave's Matt Foley tshirt

  • hlf_coder
    hlf_coder4 days ago

    The cold reality is that withdrawals are worse than guilt. That’s the whole thing boiled down to its essence, which is why addicts constantly choose the guilt over the jones.

  • fauvi
    fauvi4 days ago

    Oh what? People in two story houses live longer?

  • Really Now
    Really Now4 days ago

    the fact is most people are dead within 5 years or retirement or leaving a job they have had for more than 10 years.

  • Big Nig
    Big Nig4 days ago

    I got in to heroin 10 years ago when The Silk Road was new. Haven't looked back :)

  • Steven Dallas
    Steven Dallas4 days ago

    Wawa in Deltona Florida is offering $500. When applying for a job

  • Nathan Burgett
    Nathan Burgett4 days ago

    Many addicts turn to selling to support their habit. Thise who want to avoid stealing or violence, and end up getting a felony that limits their options as well. I had pain issues, no insurance, then homeless. Couldn't afford pills so turned to heroin as a cheaper option. Was on pills 10 years then heroin for ten years. After stealing from my family and others to support my habit because I couldn't hold a job and was hurt at work. I worked at home depot and was clean for the first time in my life, and hurt my back. They squirmed out of LNI by firing me. I tried to just keep working and was fired when my attendance and punctuality slipped. I should have just sued them for LNI. Anyway, eventually I turned to selling heroin to get it without stealing. Which I was horrible at because I wouldn't get violent, id front lots of sick people who never paid me back, and talked many into quitting. I dont think the system we have is actually set up to help people. Private prisons incentivises recidivism. I think the whole system could use reform, and more funding not less. Had Christ not smacked me id still be in that same spot. Had my mother not been clean and willing to help, id still be there. Someone who has never been a slave to opiates, or dug themselves so low they dont see a way out, really can't understand what it is like. That said, drugs don't nessisarily make people violent, that I think is a character flaw and a whole nother conversation. I've been off heroin for something like 10 years without NA or any program. When I was born again the Spirit said your done, time is short, there are things to do, and I dont wanna go back. Even though I still have issues working, dont get any state or federal support, and am basicly homeless.

  • Ghost_user
    Ghost_user4 days ago

    Who cares if people are addicted to whatever? Trying to be your brother's keeper only causes more problems than it solves. They're gonna do what they want and there isn't a law out there that can prevent it. Legalize everything, regulate it, and watch the crime and ODs come to a grinding halt. Plus this M'fer would still be alive and none of this would've happened

  • Veronica
    Veronica4 days ago

    Does a burger come with that $50.00?

  • Jeronimous
    Jeronimous4 days ago

    Some people make the choice never to start taking drugs. Once you make the choice to start, the rest is on you.

  • socali88
    socali884 days ago

    Stephen you are right about the nonviolent addicts. My father was the example you discuss. Never harmed anyone, just made poor choices to get his fix. He is now drug free and a wonderful grandfather.

  • Kylie Meeker
    Kylie Meeker4 days ago

    Dave is such a good human being. ❤️

  • J J
    J J4 days ago

    There are plenty of functional drug addicts like seriously 😂 🤣🤣 and yes drugs are bad but smoke all ya want

  • Brian K
    Brian K4 days ago

    8 years sober. Everyday is a battle but always worth it.

  • Itilde Ae
    Itilde Ae4 days ago

    I give more credit to Dave. Just because Im sure drugs can shift people.

  • Mark Bowman
    Mark Bowman4 days ago

    You guys should have invited Hunter to the discussion

  • Tom Trabue
    Tom Trabue4 days ago

    Dang. The first 20 seconds are just Dave spitting truth harder than a BLM rioter spitting at a cop’s face!

  • Anor Londo
    Anor Londo4 days ago

    As a former alcoholic and sober for 9 months, I’ve never felt better in my adult life while sober. Appreciate everyone who was supportive with my recovery😊

  • john F. Kennedy
    john F. Kennedy4 days ago

    Drugs and drug addiction will make your choices for you,I know because I've been there and I seen it happen to others. Drugs obviously impair your decision making skills. If you want someone who grew up in an impoverished, drug and crime ridden neighborhood to pull themselves up by their bootstraps maybe you need to put on their boots and walk a mile in them.

  • Carl Browning
    Carl Browning4 days ago

    Maybe there's another logical conclusion but the END box on my 'Care and Feeding of Leeches' flow chart says 'One World Government'. By watching the blood sources migrate I would speculate you might be able to tell who's in on it or not. Elon Musk and Bill Gates come to mind

  • Carl Browning

    Carl Browning

    4 days ago

    And leeches being leeches, probably not thinking beyond the current meal and assuming they live long enough, are going to be forced into work, like it or not after OWG is reached. Working as Hamburglar sounding better yet?

  • Stephanie Finn
    Stephanie Finn4 days ago

    I’m glad you guys are talking about this. ❤️👏🏼❤️

  • Donovan Wert
    Donovan Wert4 days ago

    Awesome 😎

  • Invalid Cookie
    Invalid Cookie4 days ago

    Steven is right, you come to a point where you realize your going to die by your own fate, or the drugs. Personally my end will be my choices.

  • Carl Browning
    Carl Browning4 days ago

    I'm going to McDonald's to get my Happy meal with $50 inside

  • Carl Browning
    Carl Browning4 days ago

    He had options damn straight. I'd go so far as to speculate his so-called bouncer or security position at the nightclub was nothing more than a front to peddle poison. But you have to look at it from that side, it's wrong but still the thinking is they're actually providing a good or service for those who are seeking it.

  • pilover314159
    pilover3141594 days ago

    As a former opiate addict, it feels good to see this message be spread, I couldn’t agree more with your message, I think the exact same thing. I understand not everyone can turn their lives around and do a complete 180 with themselves, and a lot of the time when you're addicted you have that all or nothing thinking of “either im dead or im going to make millions”, but when you go 3 days without drugs you regain your capacity to make better decisions, 3 months you regain a healthier personality (less antisocial and hostile), and 1 year you have an 80% more likely chance of being clean the rest of your life than someone fresh out of 30-day rehab. It all starts with those first 3 days, and believe it or not most of my friends got clean because they were in jail. I think we need a better way for felons convicted of drug related crimes to re enter society, give addicts somthing to work towards, don’t just label them an addict for the rest of their lives, I strongly believe democrats want to label people and keep that label on them forever, its like they dont think humans have the capacity to grow and mature yano? I used to be a pretty bad addict, but I turned my life around and now Im in graduate school trying to become a researcher to study addiction and help others a hieve recovery as well. So please if someone you know is struggling, dont let it go by, talk to them, ask them why they fee the need to use and listen. Then suggest a recovery option, there is celebrate recovery, rehab (if you have money), or just an addiction counselor. Over half a million people each year die from overdoses of all sorts if drugs, this is really the pandemic we need to worry about, this is really what everyone should be focusing on. For more help go to celebrate recovery dot com