CIA goes full WOKE! | Louder With Crowder


Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America hits critical mass with the CIA going full WOKE. How much do you think Russia and China are laughing at us?
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Pat Stevens
    Pat StevensHour ago

    Can't believe how backwards we have become.

  • Ben Hawkinson
    Ben HawkinsonHour ago

    Never before have I realized how happy I am to be expendable.

  • Magatism
    MagatismHour ago

    This is high treason, the people who did this must be sent to Guantanamo.

  • D D
    D DHour ago

    The CIA is in the business of gathering intelligence. How in the heck can they ever need to “diversify”. To heck with the color struck 💩, how many non-American’s in other countries do you believe they have under their wing? What a blatantly stupid virtue signal from a branch of the govt every American should be skeptical 🧐 of. They excel at infiltrating using whatever race, sex, religion, or creed needed to get the job done. Heck, ask China who some of their most effective recent spies have been. Fang Fang (aka Christine Fang). Looking at you Dems from California.

  • rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
    rajnbull ◑͜͡◐Hour ago

    imposter syndrome that's what we want in the CIA. an agent that suffers from anxiety what the fuck. isn't that part of the CIA's mission to give anxiety. nothing was mentioned in that video about patriotism Love of our country. it appeared to be all about her feelings. nevermind our enemies laughing at us, our so-called allies of the United States of America are laughing at us! UGH

  • SecretLars
    SecretLarsHour ago

    Maybe someone should tell her she’s got all those diversity awards and she’s got impostor syndrome, that maybe there’s a correlation between the two.

  • Xpansion Theory
    Xpansion TheoryHour ago

    This CIA video is an embarrassment

  • ladyesther
    ladyesther2 hours ago

    Men are awesome! And yeah, the CIA ad had TMI.

  • Jess W
    Jess W2 hours ago

    That woman sounds like she need some help 😳

  • Anime King
    Anime King2 hours ago

    That video has to be on Twitter, a joke or something because I've been following CIA posts on Facebook for some time now and this video hasn't shown up.

  • Nurse08
    Nurse082 hours ago

    I heard this on your podcast and legitimately thought this was one of your gag videos because there was no way the CIA would actually put out such a ridiculous video. Touché CIA.

  • VôN
    VôN3 hours ago

    notice no mention of a husband or even just a boyfriend. imagine my shock

  • Don Van Raay
    Don Van Raay3 hours ago

    I am a "LABEL", a "LABEL", and a "LABEL" "LABEL".. Thought we are not supposed to label people ... Care to chime in woke folk? All the woke do is label, label, label.. Not that we all don't somehow, somewhere.

  • americanoboist
    americanoboist3 hours ago

    Identify politics on steroids and then some. This gal needs a therapist to get over the inferiority complex.

  • Iam Bob
    Iam Bob4 hours ago

    It's all in her head, no where but in her head. Put there by mass murderous and genocidal Socialist ideologues. Tried to warn people for years that the ideologically retarded had suffused the bureaucracies.

  • doug m
    doug m4 hours ago

    I am .. me. You hear that ME! I I I I ME ME ME ME! Your godless.

  • Bullet DGW
    Bullet DGW5 hours ago


  • The Part-time Landlord
    The Part-time Landlord5 hours ago

    I guarantee she is sitting in an office somewhere looking at paperwork. She is not out in the field doing anything.

  • Here We Are
    Here We Are5 hours ago

    Sure this is not a parody??

  • Eternal Emperor Valkorion
    Eternal Emperor Valkorion6 hours ago

    These people spy on you

  • Joey Pacman
    Joey Pacman7 hours ago

    Imagine having a syndrome for everything

  • Daryl Ragland
    Daryl Ragland7 hours ago

    I think she dislikes herself

  • B
    B7 hours ago

    Lol no way anyone wants to join the C.I.GAY now 🤣

  • Bella B
    Bella B7 hours ago

    The plan, the "agenda" is to divide our nation. That means losing faith in our government. The left are useful idiots for our actual enemy. I say this and then it'll happen and I'm going to say I told you so 10 years from now. So I'll say it now. I told you so.

  • Bella B
    Bella B7 hours ago

    Billie Elish sold her soul to the left. Name a popular celebrity and you'll find the left standing behind them.

  • Adrienne Anderson-Smith
    Adrienne Anderson-Smith8 hours ago

    There ARE more Margaret Thatchers in the world ---- a gal with balls

  • BAMN Asitis
    BAMN Asitis8 hours ago

    This story is weak af, sure the CIA twitter posted it, but many people are calling it a recruitment video..I don't see how that sticks..theres no website, phone number, or is it inferred by the speaker that she wants anyone to join the CIA. She is making an emotional appeal and using the CIA to push her credibility. She's confused on what her big words mean, namely blaming patriarchy for discouraging her for from, I'm assuming, anything but a housewife. Regardless, its trash and stupid; just don't see why many are calling it a recruitment video.

  • NPC #4079338
    NPC #40793388 hours ago

    We are the patriarchy. Cease your feminine inflections at the end of sentences. Resistance is futile.

  • Colin
    Colin8 hours ago

    Very tired of the sexist, racist left.

  • Adrienne Anderson-Smith
    Adrienne Anderson-Smith8 hours ago


  • Fixing To Go Fishing
    Fixing To Go Fishing8 hours ago

    So now we know who is TRYING to run this country! Biden is a puppet. Since when does CIA advertise? Smh

  • William Smith
    William Smith8 hours ago

    This will definitely bring in the young fire breathers.....

  • Whiskey Jack
    Whiskey Jack8 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 lots of labels crammed into 30sec

  • Plantation Phree
    Plantation Phree8 hours ago

    It's really irritating that nobody's concentrating on the fact that this administration is purposely trying to ruin America. Laughing at this administration for something they're doing on purpose is something they don't mind.

  • Mike Peterson
    Mike Peterson8 hours ago

    We gotta be inclusive while doing wet work.

  • Paul Wilczynski
    Paul Wilczynski8 hours ago

    Mental health will drive you mad.

  • PsychedOutcasts
    PsychedOutcasts8 hours ago

    “Everyone needs a man to be happy.” So this is why lesbian women generally have gay male friends. Must be a natural instinct then.

  • 888Allanmac
    888Allanmac8 hours ago

    Disturbing, then again it is the CIA.

  • chipbox929
    chipbox9299 hours ago

    Fbi, cia, doj and Supreme Court....defund and rework!

  • Andrew Stutz
    Andrew Stutz9 hours ago

    Well First the FBI and now that CIA Who is the next law Enforcement branch to go full retard?

  • Keto The Kat
    Keto The Kat9 hours ago

    Was that a real CIA add or someone trolling ?

    RATTLESNAKE.17769 hours ago

    Yeah…….the CIA is reliable with this shit. The world is laughing at us with Biden in office.

  • Knights of Christ_1119
    Knights of Christ_11199 hours ago

    Meanwhile in a Taliban cave: “Gentlemen....... the torturing is going to be a lot easier now”

  • zombiefinatic
    zombiefinatic9 hours ago

    And immediately all new female positions were beat out by men checking the [X] Trans Woman box for the application. Proudly done by the Joe Blow admin.

  • J Fl
    J Fl9 hours ago

    You are so right and too funny!

  • seventhz777z
    seventhz777z9 hours ago

    Do we want anyone in the CIA with diagnosed general anxiety disorder? "Hi, i have an over inflated sense of superiority and rebellion, who buckles under pressure, and I have a gun" What could go wrong?

  • Kristoff Bjorgman
    Kristoff Bjorgman9 hours ago

    Oh great! We are so doomed!

    NUTTY_TV9 hours ago

    Steven "gets no pussy" Crowder lol i love him but conservatives talking about abstinence and shit like that should keep their opinions to themselves makes us look petty asf.

  • Lance Roark
    Lance Roark9 hours ago

    Yep, time to move to Russia.

  • Jose Luis
    Jose Luis9 hours ago

    Since when does the CIA embrace an extraneous ideology???

  • MrDelorean3
    MrDelorean39 hours ago

    So ashamed that I had anything to do with the CIA. I’m sure all the good Patriots have been pushed out or retired because of crap like this and replaced by liberal ideologues. What’s so dangerous about this is I can easily envision a future where the CIA is weaponized against the left’s political enemies. All conservatives should be concerned about this and arming themselves for the coming conflict with these woke agencies. The time to refresh the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants may come sooner than expected.

  • megan huggins
    megan huggins9 hours ago


  • Jim Scara
    Jim Scara9 hours ago


  • Werks Tnemhsilbatse
    Werks Tnemhsilbatse9 hours ago

    Now is the time for patriots to infiltrate the cia. Learn wokeism, use their own weapon of mental insanity against them, project veritas their collective ass.

  • Keith Benson
    Keith Benson9 hours ago

    What a creep #CIA needs people who don't immediately set off the CIA-DAR alarms they assess threats provide intelligence crowder full-on stupid..

  • Da Ag
    Da Ag9 hours ago

    Let's get rid of the alphabet agencies.

  • Alan Coman
    Alan Coman10 hours ago

    Crowder, they need diverse people at the CIA and FBI to steal the next elections as well!

  • Alfonso Flores
    Alfonso Flores10 hours ago

    0:30 yo that’s kinda sus?

  • D-Nice
    D-Nice10 hours ago

    Bruh. I kept pressing on like button and it wouldn’t like

  • Rachel G
    Rachel G10 hours ago


  • EdgeOfDawnXVI
    EdgeOfDawnXVI10 hours ago

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” -- CIA Director William Casey, 1981

  • Nader Darab
    Nader Darab10 hours ago

    Well maybe it's a good thing. CIA are evil, they have caused a lot of mayhem, pain and suffering around the world.

  • Jt Williams
    Jt Williams10 hours ago

    We’re a joke. I’m not a fan of the CIA- never have been. For decades, the CIA has had a role in undermining movements that were seen as potentially subversive. Now they embrace cultural Marxism in their own God forsaken “company.” I expect that the CIA will become increasingly incompetent, wrapped up in a straight jacket of their own cognitive dissonance. Which is fine, assuming a real threat doesn’t appear on the horizon. But what institution could be more credibly labeled as a organ of “white supremacy” than the Central Intelligence Agency- meddling in the affairs of countless elections in Africa, South America and the Middle East? These snowflakes are going to have a conniption when they learn about their employer

  • Chaos79 Fireball79
    Chaos79 Fireball7910 hours ago

    What is imposter syndrome??? Is she really who she says she is? Is she a alien 👽 of Area 51? 🤔

  • jajael
    jajael10 hours ago

    Mental problems, authority, and a gun?

    BHISAO10 hours ago

    This woman is insane, one thing she never said is she is AMERICAN!!!

  • Guild176
    Guild17611 hours ago

    Fucking unbearable to listen to. Thank god I have you guys to add some humor to what is otherwise exhausting

  • Carolyn Lyford Sullivan
    Carolyn Lyford Sullivan11 hours ago

    It seems so strange to me that women don't want to be women . It is a form of self hate .

  • Ricardo Diaz
    Ricardo Diaz11 hours ago

    She literally checked all the woke boxes 😂

  • californigirl
    californigirl11 hours ago

    Griefus. What jibber jabber verbiage. I attended a police academy; never had a problem, never felt persecuted, never felt a 'patriarchy' attitude existed. I see the recruits of today- how unresilient, fragile, persistently triggered these 'diverse' recruits are. Public safety is on a slippery slope toward a world where even violent crime will just be a telephone report and an e-coupon for free ER vist, or a discount on funeral services and a couple counseling sessions on Lemon (😒). S'okay- I have my personal survival sussed out. Selah.

  • Christo du Plessis
    Christo du Plessis11 hours ago

    What the F is this woman saying, I don't even understand her words.

  • O Dox Fob
    O Dox Fob11 hours ago

    Were fucked how in the fuck are we gonna fukin fix this

  • stillcold
    stillcold11 hours ago

    Men invented the internet and killed Osama Bin Laden... you're welcome.

  • Russ Jamison
    Russ Jamison11 hours ago

    Why is the lady so upset? She seams like the world is against her. Her only enemies are the television. Throw it out the

  • Ragh nar Roog
    Ragh nar Roog11 hours ago

    I didn’t hear one qualification or anything that I should care about in her entire speech.

  • A. G.
    A. G.11 hours ago

    Well americans FINALLY understand and talk about THAT, Lol

  • Gman
    Gman11 hours ago

    "My existence is not a box-checking exercise.." - you just did! Priceless.

  • Octavio Tapatío
    Octavio Tapatío11 hours ago

    She’s thicccccccccck😳😬🤤

  • stillcold
    stillcold12 hours ago

    If you need the affirmation of everyone constantly telling you "you're worth it" then maybe you're actually not? 🤔

  • James Penn
    James Penn12 hours ago

    This is coming from a woman who owned her own family business for 9 years. That as a family we made enough money to pay all our bills. This CIA woman should have not been hired. Just by what she said. She checked all the mentally unstable boxes on the job application.

  • Jared Roussel
    Jared Roussel12 hours ago


  • Dogman1736
    Dogman173612 hours ago

    We all have imposter syndrome, it’s what makes us human. Nothing special with her just doubts about yourself that everybody has and you’ll always have to fight it because it creeps back in somehow.

  • Lowprofile
    Lowprofile12 hours ago

    All I know is, if I’m unconscious in a burning building.... I hope it’s a man that comes to carry my big ass out.

  • Zentmeister
    Zentmeister12 hours ago

    ""I'm an advocate of true gender equality, a guy who has no problem with doling out a dropkick to a female opponent. Don't think I'll go easy on you!" Based Kazuma.

  • Raptor 101
    Raptor 10112 hours ago

    The CIA lost its credibility a long time ago. Along with the FBI.

  • Vicki Meyers
    Vicki Meyers12 hours ago

    What the hell is intersectional? Never mind.....don't know, don't care!

  • KKat Kat
    KKat Kat12 hours ago

    What is she a couch...she is a mess...don't want you in charge of my safety...Trump 2024

  • Milk Tobo
    Milk Tobo13 hours ago

    Formation of a clearly maligned political authoritarian department. Good luck fellow conservatives, our time is up.

  • Johnna Farrell
    Johnna Farrell13 hours ago

    You are 100% a box! One you crank by hand... Pop

  • Dominic Bryant
    Dominic Bryant13 hours ago

    What if it were all a diversion to make people think that they are going soft, but in reality they are the same. It would be genius and I wish that were the case, but sadly thats probably not what’s happening.

  • Steve Saf
    Steve Saf13 hours ago

    They are going to give her a weapon? You serious? She's nuts!

  • SyZion Aurifex
    SyZion Aurifex13 hours ago

    I love it when government employees contradict themselves

  • Chris T
    Chris T13 hours ago

    Ha jees omg. Is this the canary in the coal mine or what ?

  • Alan Clow
    Alan Clow13 hours ago

    Ex KGB Colonel, Vladimir Putin on being shown that commercial 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • geoffrey collins
    geoffrey collins13 hours ago

    And she will carry a gun

  • Andy Fox
    Andy Fox13 hours ago

    China is Tyrannical for sure but I agree with them on their stance on masculinity. The bad and good thing about how china works is they will never allow the freedom to get fake woke like the US is right now.

  • Arun Krishnan
    Arun Krishnan13 hours ago

    Appoint people based on quota for skin colour and religion, appoint hard core jihadi cause they need representation as well , destroy CIA welcome move for Asia and Africa

  • Chris Stevenson
    Chris Stevenson14 hours ago

    CIA will soon be abolished. Scumbag traitors to the people.