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"Eat My Butt"


  • paulmariani
    paulmariani37 minutes ago

    Nah. I went to tech school for computer / electronics repair. No bullshit courses that weren't related to the curriculum.

  • Mark Palomino
    Mark Palomino50 minutes ago


  • Dean Tait
    Dean TaitHour ago

    I'm able to propagandadize, err talk about the SJW curriculum, all the stuff I love....

  • Stacy Walton
    Stacy WaltonHour ago

    went to a regular university which was a racket and then went to a polytechnical university where professors had a business or job and only taught one course based on real experience not texts books

  • Ryan Hughes
    Ryan Hughes2 hours ago

    I think there should be recordings of EVERY class available to all parents who have children in those classes. If you're not doing anything should have no problem being recorded while you're at work.

  • Travis Salisbury
    Travis Salisbury2 hours ago

    I still remember the lunatic teacher in my old home state of Oregon yelling at the lockdown protesters to "Go kill themselves" shortly after the election last fall. I have had mad butthurt Liberal people do the same to me. If I had done as they asked, I wouldn't be here typing this. Oregon is pretty nuts.

  • S Mc
    S Mc2 hours ago

    Pump the brakes Steve. I know you want truth so here ya go. This is from the view of public education, secondary level in the south. I agree with most of what you say but please consider these two things. 1. As a secondary school teacher I can tell you that a large number of students don’t care and don’t try on standardized test. Imagine that right. With No child left behind they (the students) know the school will have to bust tail to get them to pass if they don’t so why bother. Holding a teacher accountable for a students actions would be no different than holding you accountable for your viewers actions. Teachers teach, what the student does with it is ultimately only up to them. You shed light on topics hoping to expose truth. What the viewer does with it... 2. If you assume that all education is liberal then you are speaking out of line just like the liberals. The vast majority of teachers where I am are very conservative! With all that said...keep up the good work and speaking truth in your videos. It might blow your mind what teachers are held accountable for and what they are given to work with.

  • dave mccabe
    dave mccabe3 hours ago

    Yup. I only attended a Community College but nonetheless, I had to buy a $200 Trigonometry “textbook” that was not a textbook at all. It was a three-hole punched stack of pages that made up a book that was put into a binder of yours. So once opened it could not be resold or traded back in (returned). The worst part of the whole story was that we did all of our assignments online for an in-person class and our teacher rarely, if ever referenced the “textbook” that was “essential” for the class

  • luke fidler
    luke fidler3 hours ago

    Thanks Steven ! As a working taxpayer with children , I would like to see teachers hired on IQ and they should be rated each year on how the kids have learned !

  • Richard Lafreniere
    Richard Lafreniere3 hours ago

    yea i still got a few textbooks still in plastic wrap from my college, most of the texts were for reference, i never need em

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain3 hours ago

    ' The Truth is in the Details of the Facts ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • Nick Golden
    Nick Golden3 hours ago

    Steven! The title of your channel won't be suggested when searching in the main USplan search bar... And I subscribe to you! You're comments about college is intriguing. I am about to start my first year on campus at a University. I'm interested to see if I will see SJW culture at my school. Come to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach!

  • RubrFox
    RubrFox3 hours ago

    I'm a college senior and I am very disappointed in university. I have a STEM major yet they always find a way to jam woke nonsense into the class, even when it is a math or science class. And when they are not doing that they are literally reiterating the same lessons everyone gets first and second year. The only time that did not happen it was with a terrible professor that I am inclined to believe could only say the statement "read my book" to the class. The book itself was 20-30 years out-of-date and I feel dumber for reading it.

  • Jeff Francis
    Jeff Francis3 hours ago

    i didn't do so well in high school.I did a little college. Im a paramedic though now. So i may not have that perty peace of papper sayin how smert i is lol, but guess who's coming to your door when you need advanced medical care. And I'm damn good at what i do too.

  • Jake Fine
    Jake Fine3 hours ago

    This is my highschool 😂

  • Gregory Sivits
    Gregory Sivits3 hours ago

    Stating the true facts about collage! Is a sham!!!!! A lie!!!!!

  • Deegal76
    Deegal764 hours ago

    Why are parents paying for this? I keep saying defund teachers, teachers unions

  • Shana M. Dobson
    Shana M. Dobson4 hours ago

    My last semester of graduate school, I started putting conservative values in my coursework - researched every point and included academic sources to back up my "arguments"... within a week I received a letter from the University that my funding had been cut. Twits didn't even realize that I had already submitted graduation paperwork. From 2004 when I started my undergrad degree to 2014 when I started grad school, there was a marked change... NO THINKING FOR YOU!

  • welliefae
    welliefae4 hours ago

    Taught high school for 21 years and never once joined the union or let students know my politics. Education is teaching people HOW to learn and research- not teaching them what to think.

  • Dan K
    Dan K4 hours ago

    Roosevelt has always been a joke of a school.

  • Colin's Drawings
    Colin's Drawings4 hours ago

    My kids will be reading Thomas Sowell to counteract this BS

  • glasgow john
    glasgow john4 hours ago

    remember when you went to colege and you had to buy $300 books?? no i went to school in Britain

  • J JOhn
    J JOhn5 hours ago

    Comment below. It helps the algorithm

  • bob
    bob5 hours ago

    I went to MNSU Mankato for construction management. In that program there was one maybe two professors who had any sort of construction background. The rest of the professors all had a philosophy background. The majority of my classes were “self taught”. Where we had to pick what we learned about, study it, and present it to our professor because they didn’t know jack shit about anything. It was a waste of my money.

  • Nitin Nahar
    Nitin Nahar5 hours ago

    We are watching a first world society descend into tribalism just for votes, sad.

  • kevin skidmore
    kevin skidmore5 hours ago

    used to have to buy text books that the professor wrote........then correct their grammatical errors.

  • WTuck588
    WTuck5885 hours ago

    Some of the dumbest people I have ever met have degrees.

  • original joey mac
    original joey mac5 hours ago

    I've made it clear I want my grandsons to have a trade that they can make good money at and maybe start a small business.

    JERZME COOKS5 hours ago

    I don’t remember any of my teachers being so “woke”. Also commenting to just help algorithm

  • JeJe RG
    JeJe RG6 hours ago

    I'm so happy that I went the military and trade school route with my education... good god that clip was horrifying

  • Cory Johnson
    Cory Johnson6 hours ago

    I used my gi bill to get a certification in Audio, visual systems specialties....I've been told by everyone in the industry, they don't recognize their program and I should have went to full sail audio. They just stole my money at lone star College

  • Big Red
    Big Red6 hours ago

    need to defund education. there are more pedophile educators abusing children than cops abusing citizens. if all cops are basterds then all educators are pedophiles

  • Sandy J
    Sandy J6 hours ago

    Shocking shitte! Home schooling!

  • Mr. Movie Trailers
    Mr. Movie Trailers6 hours ago

    Teacher’s and teachers unions need to go! Replace with people who have no agenda! Disgusting!

  • Dan Festag
    Dan Festag6 hours ago

    Those who can't, teach

  • garrett cummings
    garrett cummings6 hours ago

    I go to Texas Tech, a fairly conservative school. In a sociology course a black presenter came in to show the class how white people are “inherently racist”. He of course took no questions or comments after the first student he called on (a Hispanic student) destroyed any argument he could’ve made😂 and of course he had no response to that student.

  • benerval7
    benerval76 hours ago

    Most of my college was done online. I did meet ONE professor that was the indoctrination type of guy though. Since I was active duty Army I had a fairly simple justification for dropping his class. I did have a drop questionnaire to fill out for the school. The Army office that paid for tuition did call me to discuss my reason and asked if they could record the call. They sent my comments and the recorded call to the school administration.

  • Ichigo 15
    Ichigo 157 hours ago

    Big name colleges are a scam run by snobby "intellectual" elites

  • Jordan
    Jordan7 hours ago


  • Rick in Texas
    Rick in Texas7 hours ago

    I entered college in 1981 in an engineering program. We focused solely on the curriculum of engineering. I have no ideas about the political leanings of my professors. How times have changed.

  • BabyDoll
    BabyDoll7 hours ago

    Your money being blatantly misspent

  • Tafster J
    Tafster J7 hours ago

    Little shitty teachers who will pass through life barely leaving a mark!! The rebound is 2022 and 2024. This from a Dem!!

  • Billy Karnes
    Billy Karnes7 hours ago

    This... This is exactly why we are nowhere near the top anymore.

  • Jeremy Morehead
    Jeremy Morehead7 hours ago

    I can't argue with the man...

  • nic cardenas
    nic cardenas7 hours ago

    No wonder that our kids are getting more stupid. They will be good zombies.

  • Luther Case
    Luther Case7 hours ago

    One of the worst things to do to your children these days, is to send them to a major college where they will be brainwashed. If I have any say in my grandchildren's education it would to be not to send them to a major university.

  • Jack Mc.
    Jack Mc.7 hours ago

    Nice OPRF....

  • Dennis McKinnon
    Dennis McKinnon8 hours ago


  • DJ Warrior
    DJ Warrior8 hours ago


  • Travis Miles
    Travis Miles8 hours ago

    I thought that was Kirk Hammett in the thumbnail

  • Nikos Makropodaras
    Nikos Makropodaras8 hours ago

    Why this university use Greek letters that mean nothing in that order in Greek?

  • Aaron Barger
    Aaron Barger8 hours ago

    Your mom goes to college

  • Joshua T
    Joshua T8 hours ago

    Commenting!! Although this isn't on the full length

  • DMZ Collectibles
    DMZ Collectibles8 hours ago

    Keep fighting the Good Fight, Crowder. (And I'm a JFK-Dem turned independent).

  • Smiley Slick
    Smiley Slick8 hours ago

    That’s the same HS Kathy Griffin attended. It’s liberal central as an extension of Chicago politics.

  • Dave Herschberger
    Dave Herschberger9 hours ago

    woke teachers/ sjw = anti American pos

  • Sledgefist1
    Sledgefist19 hours ago

    I have come across so many people with degrees and they don’t know the difference between a screw and a nail.

  • RadDad
    RadDad9 hours ago

    I'm a high school drop out making nearly 85k a year now. Never felt so smart in my life. On a serious note, don't drop out of school like me kids, I'm a dumb ass who got lucky.

  • cpeplinski
    cpeplinski9 hours ago


  • Chuck W
    Chuck W9 hours ago

    Yup! They were $60 in my day, but that was fifty years ago.

  • Science on the Right
    Science on the Right9 hours ago

    Totally had to buy overly priced text books, and I was poor. I went to a very highly regarded school, and I need to work 40 hours a week as part of my scholarship to go to the university. And FYI, the indoctrination existed back when I went to school, 4 decades ago. Unfortunately for them, they accidentally taught me how to think for myself. Oops!

  • Daniel Roberts
    Daniel Roberts9 hours ago

    I did gender studies... why can't I get a high paying job? 😜

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez10 hours ago

    that's it? That was the video.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez10 hours ago

    of course, these are the schools I went to near my home.

  • A Search Warrant For Google HQ
    A Search Warrant For Google HQ11 hours ago

    These Marxists don't need simply Arrested..... ohhhhhh no no... No.... They need a fitting punishment for Their usurpation and treason. Google HQ needs fucking stormed by the military.

  • SoloPAC
    SoloPAC11 hours ago

    They will create their next gen voters

  • B-Swizzle07
    B-Swizzle0711 hours ago

    I've absolutely experienced this. This semester alone, my textbooks totaled almost 5,000 dollars. The best part? The textbooks don't help at ALL with studying or prepping for assignments. But don't worry, I can return them for 5 dollars each :)

  • Rider Bass
    Rider Bass11 hours ago

    I have a professor and his class is about American history from 1880 and on so about 150 years. And he taught by each decade but would only talk about events that supported socialism, his last lesson which I went over yesterday was literally called “Trump-based Fascism” and he ended his lecture with that the last 150 years all winds down to one world “Socialism” and that Republicans are evil for being against the New Deal and that capitalism is evil and it supports only fascism.

  • C Me 3
    C Me 311 hours ago

    Lawsuits against colleges should begin. Maybe the "professors" SJW will actually teach what they falsely claimed to. Typical liberal BS; accountability should force these educators out of a job. Kind of like whats being done against police.

  • Rick Roll Rizal
    Rick Roll Rizal11 hours ago

    Fun fact. Adolf Hitler was a social justice warrior

  • Tanya McNutt
    Tanya McNutt11 hours ago

    They are evil

  • Balmung Barbossa
    Balmung Barbossa11 hours ago

    I heard him talk for 1 second and knew he was a jew.

  • Dale Mer
    Dale Mer11 hours ago

    Keep hammering Crowder. You have more influence in this country because of your honesty than lame stream media has with national carriers of their propaganda.

  • Crypto 007
    Crypto 00711 hours ago

    Teachers of Hate.

  • Patrick O'Brien Jr.
    Patrick O'Brien Jr.11 hours ago

    This is hilarious that these guys are complaining about textbooks and expensive colleges. That's literally capitalism. Don't you support that? Isn't that a tad bit hypocritical?

  • Heather Lynn
    Heather Lynn12 hours ago

    Yess! Community college in NY. Had to buy my abnormal psychology book written by the professor. Didn't touch it once.

  • SMG
    SMG12 hours ago

    Actually the left doesn't want you to think at all. They just want obedient drones

  • Christian Pervert
    Christian Pervert12 hours ago

    Universities are a suckers bet. And have been for many many years now. Imagine paying good money to be indoctrinated in Marxism. Absolute insanity.

  • Brandon Helton
    Brandon Helton12 hours ago

    I’ve gone to school for 2 years now and every class has books to buy and I’ve used zero of these books they are just in my trunk and I use them for tinder in my camp fires when camping

  • BRiemann
    BRiemann12 hours ago

    Just want to toss out there that I’m part of the academic community that is not trying to indoctrinate anyone with any level of social justice. I teach mathematics: nothing more, nothing less. I *wish* we got paid based on our skills at teaching. I’d make bank and I’m confident in it. As it is, I’m on the bottom of the totem pole, both in salary and in influence, all because I don’t want to actively do research in topics I don’t like.

  • Crypto
    Crypto12 hours ago

    Mic'd up school edition

  • Marcella Hicks
    Marcella Hicks12 hours ago

    How about a sound CATHOLIC university

  • Daniel Hartman
    Daniel Hartman12 hours ago

    Some of the dumbest people I know have 4-year undergraduate college degrees. The dumbest people I know have PhDs. #College

  • Grunt 49
    Grunt 4912 hours ago

    ALL unaccompanied minors should be sent to orphanages in their own countries.They do not belong here. Chairman Jo Bai Dinh is like Ho Chi Minh.Good commie!

  • Grunt 49
    Grunt 4912 hours ago

    Be armed Be trained Be ready.1,000 rds per weapon minimum. You are responsible for your own personal safety.You cannot reason with mobs. We are under siege!!Communism is here in the form of the Demonrat party!

  • TheStarflyer1
    TheStarflyer113 hours ago

    I went to that high school. It was bad back then, I can't imagine how bad the brainwashing is now.

  • Farming 4G
    Farming 4G13 hours ago

    ...and a person wonders why they want to push "free tuition?" It's for scumbag colleges like this to continue to brainwash people into complete obedience.

  • tobagobum
    tobagobum13 hours ago

    There used to be a series of tests to become a CPA, a stock broker, etc. Do they not do that any more? Or do they skip it for "diversity"?

  • Brandon Deboer
    Brandon Deboer13 hours ago

    Why is it that the nutjobs tell you they are oppressed, while calling you every name in the book, and telling you that if you don't think like them you are the oppressor? Isn't bullying an Actual form of oppression? Hmm...?

  • finding solutions
    finding solutions14 hours ago

    As italian i want supermario to be cancelled for misrepresenting italians Lol

  • Mark Everett
    Mark Everett14 hours ago

    As a professor at trade school - teaching plumbing to apprentices, all I can say is, “Send me your tired, your poor - and your kids.” We will give them the skills and tools to build a great life. Yes, they will work for it but they will also appreciate it. Hard work produces gritty, sensible stand up individuals that get it done and add value to their communities and others around them.

  • stryder65
    stryder6514 hours ago

    These principles and policies are even starting to make their way into the military schools. It is so sick

  • Elizabeth A
    Elizabeth A14 hours ago

    When I was in college I regularly would go online and buy the previous edition of a text book to save money. Especially biology, anatomy, and chem.

  • Salty Surfer
    Salty Surfer14 hours ago

    I have to pay for campus security and it’s charged as a “donation”. Also I have to pay for on campus parking.....I’m an online student in another state 👁👄👁

  • J f
    J f14 hours ago

    I’d rather take a class taught by actual successful people with zero college education like Elon Musk who sends people to space. Screw off BLM your people will never achieve anything that they didn’t whine and cry for in the name of “social justice” biggest bunch of babies life was never fair.

  • paul destanko
    paul destanko14 hours ago

    Dumb them down great commie idea

  • Mark Joke
    Mark Joke14 hours ago

    I dropped out of school in the 7th grade its not a place for smart people

  • Evasion Survival, Alaska- 2.0
    Evasion Survival, Alaska- 2.014 hours ago

    I was on a date with a lady who claimed to be a professor. I asked her what she professed. Her face went blank. She never related the two words to be related and it confused her..

  • Unavailable Username
    Unavailable Username14 hours ago

    After this search Norm Macdonald's "The real heros"

  • Stormsmack
    Stormsmack15 hours ago

    I'm glad I went to trade school....