CAUGHT LIVE! Biden Says "F**S"! | Louder With Crowder


Does USplan consider this "Hate Speech" if it's from the mouth of former Vice President #JoeBiden?
#HateSpeech #BidensAmerica
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Mike Carmean
    Mike CarmeanDay ago

    🔥 Joke'in 🤡 Joe 🔥

    PLZDONTDay ago

    Wait Biden said fag?

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew AdamsDay ago

    What an idiot , guy needs to fall up the steps running for a diaper change.

  • frogs
    frogs2 days ago

    Imagine if trump said that? 7 days 24hours news and debates. Plus they would call for him to step down. Ahh hypocrisy is strong.

  • tash hag
    tash hag3 days ago

    Wow, he'll be marching on Poland any day now.

  • Saladin
    Saladin3 days ago

    Imagine if Trump said this? 🙃🙃 sweet lord the 2nd one is like a slap at humanity itself.

    BADBOY CHANNEL3 days ago

    cognitive test needed 😂

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell3 days ago

    Maybe it’s USplan or maybe it’s fox but I’m done watching videos on fox USplan because the comments are always cut off. I’m so sick of this BS

  • Doug Graves
    Doug Graves3 days ago

    see what happens when your conscience finally catches up with you?

  • Calvin Munday
    Calvin Munday3 days ago

    Throwing down the double solute, or is it Professor Xavier power mannerism?

  • Frances Haypenny
    Frances Haypenny4 days ago

    What the hell is he even trying to say? Nazi flags? Imaginary horseshit propaganda - and he can't even do that right.

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson4 days ago

    I love these sane people. I also love reading the comments... And the comments about the comments. My fantasy is that America grows up before it destroys itself. Dems aren't retarded... They just don't WANT to grow up. And then they do evil things.

  • Jim Allison
    Jim Allison4 days ago

    if you are seeing white supremest all around you, you need to take your meds.

  • J’s C’s
    J’s C’s4 days ago

    Wow 😳 He’s an embarrassment to this country

  • SlayThat Pussy
    SlayThat Pussy4 days ago

    Carrying nazi face Make the T shirt now

  • Rodney Daub
    Rodney Daub4 days ago

    1:24 over and over and over again the laughs come

  • lukeds21
    lukeds214 days ago

    Is it me or is biden getting more forehead action

  • lukeds21
    lukeds214 days ago

    The media is one big reality TV drama. All actors trying to pretend it's reality

  • Cucker Tarlson
    Cucker Tarlson4 days ago

    Biden is talking to his support base.

  • Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing
    Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing5 days ago

    nice joe

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty5 days ago

    The "NAZI SYMPATHIZERS" got me LOL🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chris Trudell
    Chris Trudell5 days ago

    Like this guy got 80 million votes... Sure. Sure he did...

  • Gene Walk
    Gene Walk5 days ago

    Classic !

  • Victor Ernest
    Victor Ernest5 days ago

    The BBC are trying not tell us over here it was a great speech. 😂

    CHAOTIC GOOD5 days ago

    I hope a compilation is created of all his flibs at the end of the year.

  • jdsb-3
    jdsb-35 days ago

    Joe Burden and Obamalla Harris. Traitors.

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith5 days ago

    Biden has also said the N word within the first 3 months of office. The media just completely ignored it.

  • Jack Vai
    Jack Vai5 days ago


  • Joe Butta
    Joe Butta5 days ago

    Woawha.... wut the fuk is going on...

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan5 days ago

    this is what a fraudulent election gives you /corrupt lying senile career swamp dwellar////hows the smartest man you and the doc know joey/disgusting POS

  • Poop E.pants
    Poop E.pants5 days ago

    China's laughing the loudest :(

  • Randy
    Randy5 days ago

    Love the show

  • Mike D
    Mike D5 days ago

    Is that a confederate flag behind him?

  • casey m
    casey m5 days ago

    You can get away with anything as long as you, as Rush Limbaugh would say, toe the liberal line.🤡

  • superhippie2000
    superhippie20005 days ago

    People always defend Biden saying he miss speaks. Well he sure seems to miss speak a lot for someone who has a job that involves the highest level of public speaking. And he has script writers. Atleast when Trump said things they were his own words and made sense whether people liked it or not.

  • Matthew Sutberry
    Matthew Sutberry5 days ago


  • Fry
    Fry5 days ago

    Those damm faulty teleprompter contact lenses!

  • Julio Ramis
    Julio Ramis5 days ago

    The twins are there !!!! This is awesome

  • Dominique Lawson
    Dominique Lawson5 days ago

    Lmao.. this guy

  • BerzerK
    BerzerK5 days ago

    People really said this man was more "fit" to be president than Trump 🤣

  • kathryn koch
    kathryn koch5 days ago


  • Tyler Snyder
    Tyler Snyder5 days ago

    I looked all over for that last clip but it was just gone, thanks for putting it in this video.

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins5 days ago

    I'm dementia veritas

  • joshtoy
    joshtoy5 days ago

    Imagine how the media would react if Trump slipped up and said “fags” and “Jews” in the same sentence. They’d be on to their fifth impeachment process by now.

  • Paul Ward
    Paul Ward5 days ago

    Remember when the dems did this whenever trumpet said something crazy. I’d it possible that main stream and non main stream are both fake news

    PAUL HAMMERSLEY5 days ago

    i thought "Boris the clown" in the UK was bad but Sniffer Biden has him beat hand's down,

  • QUiK WiDiT
    QUiK WiDiT5 days ago


  • Warren
    Warren5 days ago

    To me that only things that Politicians do Great. and make no mistakes in is # 1 How to LIE Like a MF to get More $$$ and Get More Power for themselves # 2 How to make phony promises to keep the Poor people from Uprising # 3 How to Bend over for Big Corp , and sell us out for Big $$$

  • Verity Dixon
    Verity Dixon5 days ago

    I’m so embarrassed that he’s being presented as our president. Why won’t he just croak as planned and have that one lady take over, that Vice President. It would probably be less embarrassing.

  • Gunkanjima
    Gunkanjima5 days ago


  • Pascal Mercedes
    Pascal Mercedes5 days ago

    At least he didn't say "..grab them by the p*ssy"

  • Lumberjake Tree Service LLC
    Lumberjake Tree Service LLC5 days ago

    Ol man Biden is more lost than last year's Easter eggs

  • John Wingate
    John Wingate5 days ago

    Just get another teleprompter and point it towards the camera so we can read it.

  • B Moore
    B Moore5 days ago

    We make jokes now, but if you stop and think about what is happening (and what's about to happen) for more than a few moments, it's terrifying.

  • Jonté
    Jonté5 days ago

    He is too old to run the U.S.A... I heard that Biden wants to make America like Sweden. High taxes for free health Care.... I wouldn't mind that. But..! That he did promise. But! Little did he know. Many Swedes don't like Biden, not even the elders🤣😭 Biden is an abarresment to the American people! And the cunstitusion of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

  • Super Dave
    Super Dave5 days ago

    This country is so screwed and it's getting screwed on purpose

  • West Bay K.
    West Bay K.5 days ago

    Hes a walking glitch !

  • mano fiske
    mano fiske5 days ago


  • Sasnak11
    Sasnak115 days ago

    I think both sides basically just keep F’n us but holy crap watching Biden has me worried at least trump wasn’t a practical invalid mentally. It almost seems like we are currently getting taken over slowly. It’s like population warfare trying to turn everyone against each other. Makes me think Russia, China and who knows has bought the news stations some how and are just bombarding everyone with only the worst of whites, blacks, Mexicans and Asians. If you aren’t racist against one race maybe they can make you against another it’s a free for all. I mean look how many people are attacking random people all the hate but that’s all we see but there is more of it to see now because of the constant brain washing of race this and race that. There is a lot of good but they are slowly turning America into a more hate filled place. People need to just stop watching the news and live their life. Everyone is so wrapped up in politics and hate when they watch the news. Peace and love people.

  • Timothy Jackson
    Timothy Jackson5 days ago

    “I’m eager to hear…N***er, here!” Well? Which is it, Sleepy Joe?😀😀🙂😀😀

  • MrVpassenheim
    MrVpassenheim5 days ago

    Joe Biden could shit and pee his pants during a speech, the evidence would be clear to see all around him, and the media would somehow cover it up while pontificating on the few coherent sentences he was able to utter and heaping incessant praise. They don't care if the country burns down in flames as a result of his failed leadership, just as long as they have their exit strategy and sheltered bank accounts to fall back on.

  • Frank Rizzo88888
    Frank Rizzo888886 days ago

    There's extra editing on the CC words of this video if you use the feature, it's near the end. The words cut off & then start again.

  • Michael L
    Michael L6 days ago


  • YarickSlaya101
    YarickSlaya1016 days ago

    what are those straps on crodwer

  • ReEducated Ronin
    ReEducated Ronin6 days ago

    🤣😂🤣😂yes! 2021 seems to be the funniest year so far

  • Colin D
    Colin D6 days ago

    Joe is still a thousand times more coherent than the Deranged Donald.

  • VM Catfisher
    VM Catfisher6 days ago

    This guy is trying so hard to be the next rushhimbo

  • Barton Seagrave
    Barton Seagrave6 days ago

    Americans always laugh at their inept Presidents, just after they voted them in.

  • 3rd502 Infantry
    3rd502 Infantry6 days ago

    Yet we do nothing.

  • Like Chalk And Cheese
    Like Chalk And Cheese6 days ago

    WOW 😂😂😂🌈😂😂😂

  • rusty shackleford
    rusty shackleford6 days ago

    Channels to follow/support: Behizy, MonkeyWerx, SaltyCracker, Out of the Darkness, SNAFU radio, Mr. Obvious, This is reality 365, Gomez Report, Headlines with a Voice, The News Junkies Archive - Scottymar10 on RUMBLE I know its copy paste, but I'm just trying to bring awareness to other really good info channels to those who may not know about them :) Good night and blessings to all! Thank you for what you do and keep on fightin' the good fight.

  • david b
    david b6 days ago

    Think I found my new ringtone

  • Yong Yea
    Yong Yea6 days ago

    No truer words.

  • Matt S
    Matt S6 days ago

    If joe biden is fit for office, I have a fully functional base in the kuiper belt for sale .

  • Victor Basta
    Victor Basta6 days ago

    Finally, after nearly half a century, ole sleepy Joe is going to solve racism. I'm just sorry Robert K. Byrd didn't live long enough to see this. Satan is Joe's daddy!

  • I’m Offended You’re Offended
    I’m Offended You’re Offended6 days ago

    Lord help us.

  • GCTFilter snake
    GCTFilter snake6 days ago

    Man... The biggest problem fake patriots have apparently is wanting their president to get better, for the life of me I don't understand that logic... Dumb dumb, the president reflects on you, is key for your survival and runs America... What benefit do you gain for wishing for his down fall? The left needs to learn this too but the right... You are and the left have so many similarities it's not even funny, you are in your echo chamber where as the left need safe spaces. You can always point out a fake patriot by this one topic right here... Let's laugh at the guy running the country, let's insult him too to show how weak American citizens are and let's compare him to the last president to gain some validation while the next ten guys in my echo chamber does the same damn thing just in different words. Does no one see how hypocritical and fake patriotic you are being? You are literally calling for the down fall of America while comparing your actions to the left to gain some superior back robs to feel better that you are a traitor to America as a whole... Does no one see this? This is the most ridiculous shit I've ever seen in my life, how can thousands of dumb people exist in one comment section yet not one of you can point out that this is beyond childish?, dumb dumb... If the left made fun of Trump's leadership which was trash by the way, why on earth would you do the same thing excepting a different result? If they fucked up its your responsibility to America to be better it's that simple. How does insulting and comparing Biden actions which are fucked up, going to progress us? Seeing all this hate and fake patriotic low life non sense makes me comfortable in saying that "Oh, now I see why so many stormed the capital" we aren't working with actual patriots and smart people, we are dealing with emotional kids who get a kick out of Biden fucking up so you can either compared him to Trump mixed with a "Double standards" none sense or you straight up insult Biden while insulting yourselves and America without realizing it. This is sad

  • Mental Hydra
    Mental Hydra6 days ago

    Still better than Trump by millions of miles at least he isn't rasing a Nazi army and calling them Republicans

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    5 days ago

    Only a middle schooler would say some crazy sh*t like that 😂💀

  • Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    5 days ago

    What bruh??? 😭😭😂😂💀 you're still in middle school lmao stop commenting on these type of videos 🤦‍♂️

  • dennis coates
    dennis coates6 days ago


  • Althea Roberts
    Althea Roberts6 days ago

    The problem with this guy is that he thinks anybody should rule free people. Trump didn't have a right to rule either.

  • Billy Cranston
    Billy Cranston6 days ago

    Funny how you tubes closed captioning system stops working right around 1:26

  • Eric Hand
    Eric Hand6 days ago

    Umm..... Biden sounds like a senile Hitler

  • Dance Party
    Dance Party6 days ago

    The classic Freudian Slip.

  • Rob Mills
    Rob Mills6 days ago

    What about the jews-eh-nee? I'd like to meet someone like that.

  • DraKon31e Ee
    DraKon31e Ee6 days ago

    Where are all these nazis ? I still haven’t found any.

  • MAXX
    MAXX6 days ago

    Im just reading. Everyone is like, okay with the fact, that this is happening..? Like, lets see who can make the biggest joke about biden. Laugh and move on. Instead of focusing on the fact that this is happening????? Lol

  • shirley lee
    shirley lee6 days ago

    He was just telling you the other president would be here next n....r here next that's his thought process.

  • 1MOA Tactical
    1MOA Tactical6 days ago

    As a gay man i demand biden be immediately impeached and Trump take his place

  • Mannie Fresh
    Mannie Fresh6 days ago

    That’s pure comedy🤣😂🤣😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • TheTubejunky
    TheTubejunky6 days ago

    The people want a president just as smart as them - Joe Biden's supporters ♪♫Plays curb your enthusiasm music♪♫

  • mx life
    mx life6 days ago

    It’s disgusting! There is no white supremacist it don’t exist . They keep throwing that word in there to keep the American people constantly fighting

  • martin mb
    martin mb6 days ago

    republicans are mad the speech was actually solid and it’s showing 💀

  • Skid Mark
    Skid Mark6 days ago

    He doesn’t have a filter. Remember when he called those black kids roaches

  • bigmouss919
    bigmouss9196 days ago

    Canadian with a holster wrapped around his neck acting like an American. Absolutely amazing.

  • Wasteland Vikingr
    Wasteland Vikingr6 days ago

    Sky News has been eating Biden up and it's hilarious and embarrassing at the same time. This guy represents us all, and the world is laughing, and so am I lol

  • Sheeple Slayer
    Sheeple Slayer6 days ago

    Imma address a joint tonight!

  • smat
    smat6 days ago

    Huh what c'mon

  • Vlad Ivanov
    Vlad Ivanov6 days ago

    He meant liberals. They're carrying liberals.

  • Russell Ny
    Russell Ny6 days ago


  • Alex Mccutchan
    Alex Mccutchan6 days ago

    i would support crowder if hed admit hes not a comic. when it comes to news hes great, as a comic hes a hack. thats why he had to hire dave