Calling Out Biden's BLATANT Lying About The Trump Economy & Taxes! | Louder With Crowder


Biden repeats old myths... and pretends Trump's tax cuts didn't result in record economic growth. #BidenSpeech #BidenAddress
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"Eat My Butt"


  • mark sanford
    mark sanford9 hours ago

    What idiots we have in government

  • Mojo Kurk
    Mojo Kurk10 hours ago

    And there will be another pandemic psyops 911 Boston bomber and many more that they are behind

  • Mojo Kurk
    Mojo Kurk10 hours ago

    Which was a planned demic because the money system is fake in criminal ran by The Rockefellers roths and JPMorgan Chase the creature from Jekyll island called the Federal reserve and IRS

  • Mojo Kurk
    Mojo Kurk10 hours ago

    How about start paying the lower class better wages and not taxes anything anybody that makes less than $35,000 a year shouldn't pay any tax.

  • Mojo Kurk
    Mojo Kurk10 hours ago

    That's because they're lying covid is also a lie and the vaccine is poison and depopulation it's time to wake up everyone wake up vaccines are already causing people to be sick and there's proof of it

  • Haywood Jablowme
    Haywood Jablowme14 hours ago

    He’s such a liar. And if you challenge him then you’re a white supremacist.

  • brad jones
    brad jones17 hours ago

    Does anyone really care look who you voted in want do you expext ?

  • Orbiting Gravity
    Orbiting Gravity17 hours ago

    Shit, here in Canada, I make about 90k CDN and pay a true tax rate of 29 percent. Damn, should have moved south

  • Mats Stamos
    Mats StamosDay ago

    These liars are so vulgar I vote for nuking the planet and ending the species. All of us at minimum tollerated it getting this way.

  • Julie Davis
    Julie DavisDay ago

    Ur a smart man Steven. Blessings to u

  • Diesel
    DieselDay ago

    Ever wonder why these super Woke corporations & Big Tech leaders support the dems and Biden? Why are they supporting the idea/practice of raising taxes only on them?

  • MrL TLB
    MrL TLBDay ago

    *Ohhh, right...I forgot, when you get faced with the Truth you pretend like you didn't hear SH!T. Here let me help you with what you pretended not to hear, Biden and his Administration are planning on cutting the Hundreds of Loop Holes that for Years have done nothing but benefit the Top 1% and for the rest of us? We got yeah Crowder. Maybe you ought to learn how to start accepting Reality and move on...trump Lost the Presidential Election. More People voted for Biden, Millions MORE!!*

  • Kathleen McGowan
    Kathleen McGowanDay ago


  • This Guy
    This Guy2 days ago

    Funny how he chose $400,000 at the limit. This would mean that all previous administrations would be exempt from paying “more” taxes since that’s the annual income for a president. Previous presidents still alive still get $400,000 a year. Tax percentages may not go up, but cost of supply has. In construction material cost has gone up somewhere between 40% to 100%. So 7% of what once was $50 is half of 7% of what is now $100. So yes you’re paying more taxes even though the tax percentage didn’t rise.

  • SCOTT Rodriguez
    SCOTT Rodriguez2 days ago

    What a joke

  • SCOTT Rodriguez
    SCOTT Rodriguez2 days ago

    Zero in taxes

  • SCOTT Rodriguez
    SCOTT Rodriguez2 days ago

    Fair share LOL

    CRAFTY SHADES of GRAY2 days ago

    Stealing....including Biden, Obama, Clinton’s, Pelosi, and alllllll of the cronies who supported him....or will this not affect them?

  • Steve Steele
    Steve Steele2 days ago

    I haven't heard anything yet about a Crack Tax !

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed2 days ago

    We all knew the Tax increases were coming, Let's see how these wealthy "Africans" like it

  • Steven
    Steven2 days ago

    These people are so demonically possessed!

  • Brian Maynard
    Brian Maynard2 days ago

    Joe is stupid

  • Nursemidratz
    Nursemidratz2 days ago

    I can’t stand people who don’t understand simple finance....which are basically all Biden voters

  • Michelle U
    Michelle U2 days ago

    Even if he doesn’t technically raise income tax directly, the cost of everything is increasing at a crazy rate.

  • D og
    D og2 days ago

    The most unpopular and most popular President in history.

  • That Guy
    That Guy2 days ago

    Under Trump I got promoted more than I ever have in my life. My taxes decreased and my salary increased.

  • Insert Last name
    Insert Last name2 days ago

    I work for a large corporation and everyone got a raise when Trumps tax slash happened

  • Kyle Pickett
    Kyle Pickett2 days ago

    Biden's BS should have been what this speech should have been called

  • Conservative Beastmode
    Conservative Beastmode2 days ago

    GET EM CROWDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zach Hall
    Zach Hall2 days ago

    Kamalalala has those dead doll eyes.

  • Greg R.
    Greg R.2 days ago

    Nothing like being punished for being successful. Screw you tax loving asshats

  • grant meyer
    grant meyer2 days ago


  • MARK Savage
    MARK Savage2 days ago

    He said "I will not oppose any tax increase on people making less than 400K"

    USCOMBATDIVER2 days ago

    Emperor lying Biden is a joke. Apart from him picking a weed for his handler Jill and her throwing it away behind a marine entering the helicopter the funniest thing is Putin mocking him in the zoom meeting. The left actually has to be the dumbest people who have ever lived.

  • Jesse Cortez
    Jesse Cortez3 days ago

    Thank you for calling out this bullshitting old man 👴

  • Jamie Ok
    Jamie Ok3 days ago

    2 years intro Trump’s presidency: Trump is prospering off of Obama’s economy. 5 months into Biden’s presidency: the economy is great under Biden. There’s nothing I hate more than hypocrisy.

  • Rodney Kent
    Rodney Kent3 days ago

    Every time Joe Biden says "in fact" the next thing out of his mouth is complete bullshit and always controversial

  • phukit
    phukit3 days ago

    Watching Magoo and the two synchophants behind him was cringey. Skeleton forgot her sickle and Kamelho looked like she wanted to stick a knife in Magoo's back.

  • Major Gear
    Major Gear3 days ago

    Rich people will just move their money elsewhere, and pass additional fees to their customer by increasing prices. What Biden wants to do is turn companies into tax collectors so he looks innocent.

    STARxLORD3 days ago

    Print trillions and destroy small Business and people trying to make something of themselves. Pathetic worthless sack of 💩

  • Alex The Large
    Alex The Large3 days ago

    I know. I know

  • TheCheapShot
    TheCheapShot3 days ago

    Leftist idiots. Let’s text in the 1% make them pay their fair share you know the people who are already paying taxes for their employees their businesses for their homes for their own income for the capital gains these people that are taxed beyond belief and pay luxury taxes then on some of the goods and services that they get. Has the left ever heard of not biting the hand that feed you beer? Look at New York all the wealthy are moving out of New York and they’re suffering worse than they already were under the democrat leader ship. You don’t go after extra money the people that make the jobs have because that money will be reinvested not in their business so that they can grow and hire more people than they use it when they buy a yacht and then the people that build that yacht will have money and then they’ll use it in so many ways in other industry across the country so no you don’t tax the people that employed people or that buy the goods and services that employ people. For the middle class or scrounging to save as much as they can so they can retire comfortably the rich keeping businesses afloat by spending the extra money that they have Reinvesting it. So if the left wants to cripple this country to China in March right on in their headed in the right direction

  • Scott Stewart
    Scott Stewart3 days ago

    You don't have to make 88k a year to pay any taxes. I see your point but tgats not true. When I hit 52k, as a single man, I start paying at the 22% bracket and I was at about 11% from 12k-52k, just in federal

  • will len
    will len3 days ago

    Democrat voters love their them up

  • cem
    cem3 days ago

    Can anybody find the source to Steven's unemployment rate and average income increase? Not that I don't believe him but I want the tangible evidence to show other people.

  • Deena Lynn
    Deena Lynn3 days ago

    He makes 0 sense!

  • K9 Sheppard
    K9 Sheppard3 days ago

    All Biden ever does is lie!

  • William Gallaher
    William Gallaher3 days ago

    This entire administration is a complete POS.

  • Sal Fun
    Sal Fun3 days ago

    Biggest scam is coming

  • Josh C
    Josh C3 days ago

    They cheat on their taxes by paying less the second time they get charged for the same money?

  • Steven Woods
    Steven Woods3 days ago

    Well put.

  • Mr Tootsie
    Mr Tootsie3 days ago

    So congress is willing to pay more on taxes?

  • JCG 88
    JCG 883 days ago

    T. A. X. Is T H E F T I don't want to pay for people who don't want to work or pay for illegals

  • Jackson Cothren
    Jackson Cothren4 days ago

    Since they want to tax everyone else to pay for their ridiculous ideas how about we start by taxing all government officials at say 60%. And actual members of congress and the Biden administration at say 75%. Watch how quickly that turns into a 180°policy pivot.

  • Jackson Cothren
    Jackson Cothren4 days ago

    Hey, what charity is President Joe donating all of his presidential pay to?

  • Timothy Gerbig
    Timothy Gerbig4 days ago

    When Democrats talk about the rich not paying their fair share, they mean if they have any money left, it's not fair.

  • Bee Bee
    Bee Bee4 days ago

    Harris is watching the teleprompter like a hawk & they burst into scripted applause before he finishes his point. Very North Korean of them.

  • VanMoonrunner
    VanMoonrunner4 days ago

    Biden and the Democ(R)ats are big liars. Get rid of them!

  • David Minor
    David Minor4 days ago

    Nancy and the gang Biden included going to pay their fair share?? With all there tax shelter foundations ( cash laundromats )

  • JohnnySixString
    JohnnySixString4 days ago

    Orange tinted bubble.

  • I'm Chevy chase and your not
    I'm Chevy chase and your not4 days ago

    When will you have trump on?

  • Anthony Neary
    Anthony Neary4 days ago

    0:46 what are the “federal transfers”?

  • Spittin’ Venom
    Spittin’ Venom4 days ago

    Curious, the only millionaires are those bloody elites in that room.

  • beefcake Jones
    beefcake Jones4 days ago

    isn't he talking to a room full of millionaires who cheat on their taxes?

  • Astra2012
    Astra20124 days ago

    i just learned that the capitol policeman who killed Ashli Babbit is Lt. MICHAEL LEROY BYRD. Will post it everywhere because yt doesn't like it.

  • Houns Djentlow
    Houns Djentlow4 days ago

    He looks fucking ancient since he stepped into office. Precidency will kill biden and turn him into a martyr for the dems

  • Ryszard Wasko
    Ryszard Wasko4 days ago

    The FAKE PRESIDENT make me sick.

  • Xanthos Jason
    Xanthos Jason4 days ago

    i couldnt watch his entire speech. he got standing ovations for NOTHING. i couldnt stand it anymore.

  • elgatochurro
    elgatochurro4 days ago

    Notice how youtube didnt try to punish Crowder until he was revealing the truth about the 2020?

  • Brad Daugherty
    Brad Daugherty4 days ago


  • Yes Dear
    Yes Dear4 days ago

    Punishing the rich only ends up hurting the middle class. It does NOTHING for the poor, but it crushes the middle-class.

  • The last Resort
    The last Resort4 days ago

    Nobody is listening to that old nutter. But that sofa...that looks comfy af.

  • Buford Tee Justice
    Buford Tee Justice4 days ago

    I don't understand the constant standing ovation. That moron sitting behind him stood up a hundred times. Why?

  • valiantsloth
    valiantsloth4 days ago

    Lots of businesses pay nothing in income taxes, but they have payroll taxes, property taxes, inventory taxes, sales taxes, etc.

  • Cris
    Cris4 days ago

    You have to make over $88,000 to pay anything in taxes?, I make $70,000 and half of my paycheck goes to taxes here in NJ. Check your statement because it certainly isn’t true.

  • Sweet Insanity
    Sweet Insanity4 days ago

    The sad thing is, the majority of avg people aren't going to understand any of this...all they hear is the pretty little lies of "less taxes," "free," and "tax the rich." Those key words are what people latch on to (which is the agenda) so that no one asks questions of what's actually happening to them. Because truth is, I don't understand a lot of this cr@p either, it's confusing as heck...and I consider myself to be a generally intelligent person. This is why I watch channels like yours because you all break things down in ways that are easily understood, you just have to take the time out to actually listen. I've learned more from YT than I ever did in school (probably why I always hated school, lol). This is the stuff that needs to be taught in schools...but instead you have garbage like gender and race studies. But they don't want to teach actual USEFUL, real world things because they want you to be confused as all heck when they let you out so that you just follow what you're told because they know majority of people are too stupid and/or too lazy to ever do their own due diligence of looking things up and learning for themselves the important things that most will never know otherwise. It's sad and so darn frustrating that we live in a time when all this knowledge is literally at the tips of our fingers...yet all people want to do is post narcissistic selfies and lip sync on Tik tok. 😑

  • Chris Barras
    Chris Barras4 days ago

    They must have Joe juiced up to say that many word in a row without pausing.

  • Gaming Miser
    Gaming Miser5 days ago

    Liberals love to say things like, "We're just asking everyone to pay their fair share." But government is not about asking. It is about telling. The difference is fundamental. It is the difference between making love and being raped, between working for a living and being a slave. The Internal Revenue service is not asking anybody to do anything. It confiscates your assets and puts you behind bars if you don't pay. - Thomas Sowell, Forbes, July 1994 "According to the Tax Foundation, taxes now consume more than 38% of the average family's budget. That is more than is spent on food, clothing, housing, and transportation combined. Compare this to the plight of medieval serfs. They only had to give the lord of the manor one-third of their output -- and they were considered slaves. So what does that make us?" -- Daniel Mitchell, The Washington Times, 3/9/99

  • Jack Drechsler
    Jack Drechsler5 days ago

    Who else is here and subscribed to Crowder because he is used as a meme template lol

  • Bcroft 68
    Bcroft 685 days ago

    I renamed my Roomba “Joe Biden” because it keeps bumping into things and going in circles.

  • Timothy Schenks
    Timothy Schenks5 days ago

    Crowder, I don’t know anyone who got a $5,000 pay increase. Ever.

  • drutten73


    4 days ago

    Must be $500, that has a base in reality and not just the word of Trump.

  • rocco digilio
    rocco digilio5 days ago


  • Vinnie Tougas
    Vinnie Tougas5 days ago

    Hurry up Creepy Joe I have to pee. Awe dang it I have to stand up and clap again. I need to pee so I can have another drink.

    AZ THE KID5 days ago

    Is This cRaZY oLd FoOl now Crosseyed ? 🤪

  • Jack Jumper
    Jack Jumper5 days ago

    If any politician wants my vote here’s what they need to do. Do not talk about taxes and who pays what. But rather talk about how much government spending you’re going to cut

  • MJ Peterson
    MJ Peterson5 days ago

    Just more bloviating from a Quisling!

  • B. C.
    B. C.5 days ago

    Hey nance, your part of the 1%, so stop clapping.

  • Pime TheMan
    Pime TheMan5 days ago

    It's amazing to watch the Democrats lie and use the pandemic as a "failed economy"... I'm so tired of their fucking LIES and the Democrats who keep supporting these fucking clowns. Tax the rich... the rich, who make American jobs, will pass the load unto the average citizen... so the average American isn't paying extra taxes but they're paying MORE FOR EVERYTHING!!

  • Kurt Drehwing
    Kurt Drehwing5 days ago

    Fake news.

  • The Ien
    The Ien5 days ago

    When ever Joe speaks I just shout F U

  • The Ien
    The Ien5 days ago

    Corporate income taxes are just another cost of doing business, like purchasing raw materials or labor, they just increase the cost of the product to the purchaser. It is called inflation

  • Peter Riden
    Peter Riden5 days ago

    Appreciate ( or not) the full presentation of Quid Pro Quo Joe and his gang of misfits performed and produced by the most talent musician/singer I can think of, Mister Pierre Chalifoux, a strong visionary who share my views on all political spectrum:

  • Donovan Wert
    Donovan Wert5 days ago


  • MIke the FordGuy
    MIke the FordGuy5 days ago

    It's bad enough America has a potato for president because of a stolen election but on top of that, this illegitimate regime is just packed with liars, criminals and communists.

  • drutten73


    4 days ago

    Maybe not more liars and criminals but definitely more communists than the previous admin. Biden is boring, bring back the clown. It was always fun to watch the news, even the other world leaders laughed.

  • Brian Szpot
    Brian Szpot5 days ago

    I just wanna see WW3 go nuclear and witness the end of the worst story ever told.

  • anomly1
    anomly15 days ago

    *Biden: "We're going to get rid of the loopholes that allow Americans who make millions of dollars a year and pay a lower tax rate on their capital gains than Americans who receive a paycheck." Old coot is conflating investment taxes that build companies with regular income taxation...

  • CrazyTokyo
    CrazyTokyo5 days ago

    Why dont politicians start paying their fair share? why are the big cooperations supporting a president that will increase their taxes? I don’t get it He’s increasing taxes on doctors as well!!!

  • Just Learning
    Just Learning5 days ago

    Can someone tell who’s really in charge Kamala Harris is just there because of India in our relations with India Biden I’m not too sure he’s just whatever he is but he’s not in charge who is in charge please tell me

  • RCpilot
    RCpilot5 days ago


  • Victor Pesce
    Victor Pesce5 days ago