Brian Stelter CAUGHT Red Handed! | Louder With Crowder


Is this the beginning of the end of the Main Stream Media?
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"Eat My Butt"


  • warrior patriot
    warrior patriotHour ago

    He looks like a gay Al Capone 😂

  • Rustle Palace-Inn
    Rustle Palace-Inn8 hours ago

    I carry 10 grocery bags in each elbow from the car to my house. One trip.

  • Kameron Meyers
    Kameron Meyers8 hours ago


  • joe blow
    joe blow10 hours ago

    Fanny Pack Stelter.....hahahahaha.

  • Baseless Conspiracy
    Baseless Conspiracy18 hours ago

    He feels really bad for him, how sad. He should feel bad for diabolically deceiving half this country

  • Nunya Beeswax
    Nunya Beeswax19 hours ago

    A man should only carry one thing in the crook of their arm all day. Place your best guesses below.

  • genlan1
    genlan119 hours ago

    Awe........ Leave the poor guy alone........He's struggling coming out....................... LMAO

  • its_Trenner
    its_Trenner21 hour ago

    I like how this is better reporting in 3 minutes than all of CNN's reporting of 2021 so far lol.

  • Carey H
    Carey HDay ago

    It’s not a purse, it’s a ‘murse’, man-purse! He needs it for his tampons.

  • Lawrence Grott
    Lawrence GrottDay ago

    "Brian, is that a purse?" "Well of course silly buns. What else am I going to carry my tampons in? You big muffin."

  • Anthony Duggan
    Anthony DugganDay ago

    I allways knew he was a puff (word for a gay person in the UK that the left find horrifying offence)

  • Scott Bernard
    Scott BernardDay ago

    Stelter's butt leaks from things going in the out door. He carries "manpons" in his purse.

  • A J
    A JDay ago

    Brian was an affirmative action LOL, what a joke he is

  • Jordan B
    Jordan BDay ago

    That thumbnail photo of Brian.. he looks like a Batman villain.

  • Tabitha Sleeger
    Tabitha SleegerDay ago


  • Hugh-John Fleming
    Hugh-John FlemingDay ago

    Should the need arise, occasionally, I use a smaller camera bag. Stupid people ask if Nikon is a designer...

  • Cedric Grandy
    Cedric GrandyDay ago

    Stelter is a woke jerk and corrupt fake news garbage. He's also a fat slob.

  • Jon Gorman
    Jon GormanDay ago

    "No straight man carries a bag on their elbow" - If it is one of 12 grocery bags, they do

  • Edward Marshall
    Edward MarshallDay ago

    Man bag

  • checkMyLikedVideos
    checkMyLikedVideosDay ago

    Flash those 🤘/Controlled op 101

  • Mike Henderson
    Mike HendersonDay ago

    Steven is wrong: it's a diaper bag. How did everyone miss that brian is 10 months pregnant? You have to look around the baby bump to see the bag at all.

  • ray olson
    ray olsonDay ago

    No surprise here. Rosie O”Donnel is more butch than Stelter.

  • ray olson
    ray olsonDay ago

    No surprise here. Rosie O”Donnel is more butch than Stelter.

  • Tony Rapp
    Tony RappDay ago

    Is anyone else having their “likes” erased by USplan???

  • Wutbitch 420
    Wutbitch 420Day ago

    Can’t believe this clip lol. I like the show, but a whole segment making fun of his outfit? Make fun of his views. this shit is so dumb and I don’t even like purses just as much as the next guy. But I mean srsly? Is that what we’re doing? Seems dumb af

  • T .H
    T .HDay ago

    Anyone who smiles like Brian does, stacking his top teeth directly on top of his bottom teeth, is a disgusting human being.

  • Brad Whelan
    Brad WhelanDay ago

    Needs somewhere to keep his tampons

  • Mason Weiss
    Mason WeissDay ago

    "I feel really bad for you." Because you are doing work reporting facts rather than reporting fiction.

  • W.t. Bonsell
    W.t. Bonsell2 days ago

    Who is this almost guy u reference? Ha. Stopped believing news ppl when wolf blitzer faked being in Baghdad during the 1st attempt at the gulf

  • Tristan Barron
    Tristan Barron2 days ago

    It's a satchel. "No, it's a purse Kay" (Mr. Chow)

  • Howard Rickert
    Howard Rickert2 days ago

    I like to carry my girlfriend’s handbag ( small suitcase) , and I want someone to say something to me. Nothing yet.

  • Howard Rickert

    Howard Rickert

    2 days ago

    @reed richards Hahahahahaha

  • reed richards

    reed richards

    2 days ago


  • Train Hound
    Train Hound2 days ago

    That's not a purse it's a small hockey bag intended to hold 3 Double quarter pounder combos all with large fries and apple pies. The three chocolate shakes were already gone when the reporter caught up to him.

  • Joeslinx
    Joeslinx2 days ago

    “It’s a gym bag” sure it is Brian.

  • Lil Donkey
    Lil Donkey2 days ago

    That his diamond encrusted butt plug travel case

  • Nick Knack
    Nick Knack2 days ago

    Crowder always makes fun of gay people and you know what they say about guys who are preoccupied with gay men.

  • Sérgio
    Sérgio2 days ago

    This is childish. Funny but childish.

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones2 days ago

    Omg. Brian's poor wife

  • John H Smith
    John H Smith2 days ago

    “They want you to think we’re all Crooked. We’re not!” - Brian Stelter

  • Werks Tnemhsilbatse
    Werks Tnemhsilbatse2 days ago

    Brian Stelter the little boy belter

  • Robert Lamka
    Robert Lamka2 days ago

    Come on guys, give him a break! Where would he carry his tampons?

  • Jaakko Tranberg
    Jaakko Tranberg2 days ago

    Brian Stelter looks like a shitty Batman villain.

  • stephenstiles2
    stephenstiles22 days ago

    Gotta love Butters Stelter

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith2 days ago

    Brian Stelter is gay, change my mind.

  • Waldo P Schmeer
    Waldo P Schmeer2 days ago

    Yea it’s getting old. This show is funny- I especially like Dave Landau But all the left and right bickering has just gotten too heavy. The other day I was sitting and thinking about how since the lockdown and pandemic, I found all these videos and I listen to the usuals- daily wire, crowder, owens, etc. But when I go out into the real world, everyone is just normal and there isn’t this blind hatred and bickering going on among everyday people. I’ve noticed that the days that I step away from USplan are more productive, less stressful, and overall I don’t feel like I’ve had my head stuffed in a box all day. I have begun to take walks and go outside and breathe. It’s kind of nice. It all just gets so tiring and lonely sometimes.

  • Wayne Asher
    Wayne Asher2 days ago

    Brian looks pure evil 👹

  • gd G
    gd G2 days ago

    Looks like a laptop bag

  • Leo L
    Leo L2 days ago

    That’s my purse! I don’t know youuuuu!

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk662 days ago

    Wow, so anti-gay on here. Is being gay an insult? What is this, 1967?

  • johnmonk66
    johnmonk662 days ago

    HEY, I am all man, all Republican and when i need to carry a tablet and a few things, I USE MY MAN BAG BITCH

  • ivgondef
    ivgondef2 days ago

    Crowder bring the real news!! Love it.

  • John DeSombre
    John DeSombre2 days ago

    Jerks, be not proud.

  • Mark Foley
    Mark Foley2 days ago

    It would be even funnier if crowder was in drag for this

  • TheBent139
    TheBent1392 days ago

    Love the people defending this little woke weasel. He is a testament to the talent pool of our journalism schools. This is the best America can produce? The best CNN could find to fill a major Sunday morning slot? Absolutely pathetic. Stelter is Exhibit A of how shitty American media has become in this century. .

  • Edgardo Aponte Jr.
    Edgardo Aponte Jr.2 days ago

    It's a satchel 🤣

    ROBOVOID2 days ago

    He holds it like a woman.

  • K MA
    K MA2 days ago

    Honest question: are there any male anchors at CNN who aren't gay?

  • Albert krank
    Albert krank2 days ago

    This Guy looks like a Eunuch Version of Al Capone xD

  • yas sirr
    yas sirr2 days ago

    THIS is All you got!? Phuque, what a lame azz. So, If he's gay, so what? So, if he's not gay, So what? I mean it's not like he dressed up in drag, using the "I'm going undercover for a story" line, or something -- oops, my bad. Didn't want to bring up "that time" that you found Freedom to Really express your hidden-self.

  • Daniel De Vall
    Daniel De Vall3 days ago

    It might be just a messenger bag...a really small one he holds over one shoulder. Or maybe he’s trying a satchel, like Indiana Jones. ...I don’t know, I think I’m reaching here.

  • Michelle Munroe
    Michelle Munroe3 days ago

    F** off not a european man's bag I've ever seen they play Rugby not MLB 🤭

  • Mike Hicks
    Mike Hicks3 days ago

    More importantly, I think it's high time we all acknowledge the fact that Brian Stelter identifies himself as a butt plug.

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness3 days ago

    It's not a purse. It's a dildo transporter.

  • No Wife Happy Life #MGTOW
    No Wife Happy Life #MGTOW3 days ago

    Brian Stelter is GAY!!😄

  • Rob McKay
    Rob McKay3 days ago

    Brian “So-Straight-Nuisance-Money” Stelter

  • ramon long jr
    ramon long jr3 days ago

    her name should be brianna..

  • Phil Slater
    Phil Slater3 days ago

    Love the love!

  • Gus Krezios
    Gus Krezios3 days ago

    That is a purse...

  • Tony Aldridge
    Tony Aldridge3 days ago

    OMG! he has a purse... says Crowder, a guy with 100s of videos where is is fully dressed like a woman, a guy who has dozens women's wigs and a guy who wears makeup on every podcast he does.. ok.

  • Vladimir Melnik
    Vladimir Melnik3 days ago

    This honestly so dumb, as a conservative dude.. who cares.

  • Matty Sheehan
    Matty Sheehan3 days ago

    God bless you Crowder. You’re one of the last reasonable voices on USplan. You’re politically smart and funny as well, you’re like the American opposite of Jim Jeffries.

  • Jim Crow Biden
    Jim Crow Biden3 days ago

    He going to see Don Lemon Juice for some extra Brokeback Mountain

  • John Doe
    John Doe3 days ago

    Does anybody else only hear Mark Dice's voiceover when Stelter talks? I'd love to hear Crowder's voiceover.

  • Greg Keppel
    Greg Keppel3 days ago

    Brian is really Brianna in drag. What’s the big deal. Just the basic articles found in her purse, You know, a compact, lipstick, extra feminine hygiene...

  • Nemo
    Nemo3 days ago

    This shit going viral

  • riley fair
    riley fair3 days ago

    No one else realize Steven's ratings have gone down. Maybe he needs to realize him and his bf on the couch arnt comedians. And what's with the idiot with glasses who doesnt know left from right?

  • Jake Notton
    Jake Notton3 days ago

    Mark dice is gonna have a field day with this.

  • Pierre Cuzmybladdersempty
    Pierre Cuzmybladdersempty3 days ago

    It’s a satchel

  • Lawn Gone Tractor Shop
    Lawn Gone Tractor Shop3 days ago

    Lil Bri Bri has seen more sausage than Jimmy Dean

  • David
    David3 days ago

    You can tell who never matured after highschool because these are the conversations they are still having

  • ilove6kies
    ilove6kies3 days ago

    As a straight woman we do carry some bags on the crook of our arms!!! But I laughed at the “Jim’s bag” 😂

  • Paul Dunn
    Paul Dunn3 days ago

    Sure Bri Bri has a cotton pony for the first day flow in his man 👛

  • D Mulcahy
    D Mulcahy3 days ago

    It’s a real loser that tries to make fun of people for insignificant things like this. People like are always making fun of things like this to make themselves feel better about their own insignificant life. You are a real loser.

  • LowlyGrinder
    LowlyGrinder3 days ago

    Terry Crews carries one too, so you can't really use this as an insult, why not talk about how his smile looks like an alien who's only seen child pageants trying to fit in?

  • D Mulcahy
    D Mulcahy3 days ago

    Don’t you have anything better to do than to make a show about a purse. You sound homophobic.

  • william mcdowell
    william mcdowell3 days ago

    I bet Stelter has Creepy Porn Lawyers phone Number in that purse in case he wants to run for President

  • Perrenial Millennial
    Perrenial Millennial3 days ago

    What a load of shite.

  • Roel Ven
    Roel Ven3 days ago

    thats not a purse ... .but an european cocaine case

  • Robby Schweiss
    Robby Schweiss3 days ago

    Obviously wasn’t his purse.......

  • Pistolpeter 1911
    Pistolpeter 19113 days ago

    Prison purse

  • Sputnik1947
    Sputnik19473 days ago

    I will add that straight guys are allowed to carry shopping bags on the crook of their arm if it’s for the objective of getting them all in one trip.

  • jean8304
    jean83043 days ago

    It’s a satchel!....Indiana Jones had one!

  • Gospel According To John
    Gospel According To John3 days ago

    Steven give Stelter a break. Where do you expect him to keep his lipstick and tampons.

  • Troy Adams
    Troy Adams3 days ago

    What do you expect, he's a flaming pole smoker.

  • marvin martin
    marvin martin3 days ago

    Every picture of little Brian smiling looks like it’s a fake smile. Every one

  • Hooga Booga
    Hooga Booga4 days ago

    They're TRAITORS, and they're trying to enslave us. Time to check out what to do with TRAITORS....

  • Justin Fogelsonger
    Justin Fogelsonger4 days ago

    I can't believe they're surprised

  • Chris A
    Chris A4 days ago

    Hate Brian, but Steven sounds like he has a little bit of fairy dust in him too. If we’re just being honest here.

  • Meat Testoserone
    Meat Testoserone4 days ago

    He was carrying a Attachgay case.

  • J B
    J B4 days ago

    lol I was looking to see if he had blood or other stains on the back of his sweatpants. Personally, I don't care about Brian Stelter's sexuality when his sociopathic personality seems more interesting

  • The Hammer And Tickle
    The Hammer And Tickle4 days ago

    What a freaking tool.