BLM Does NOTHING To Help Black Lives | CHANGE MY MIND Clips


Steven posits that Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization.
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  • CakeProDuckShins
    CakeProDuckShins10 minutes ago

    This guy is living in a paranoid dream world created by the left.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta30 minutes ago

    Does this guy really not understand that no police presence leads to spikes in crime? He asked if crime is already high, why would abolishment of police cause an increase in crime. We can see when police presence is reduced, crime rises. I could only imagine how bad it would get if police were abolished.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta32 minutes ago

    This is what happens when the news skews coverage. People outside of black neighborhoods think the police are killing and murdering huge numbers of black Americans

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta35 minutes ago

    That guy says "our community" when talking about black neighborhoods, but I bet he isn't from a black neighborhood. He seems like a privileged young adult trying to act like he speaks for the hood.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta37 minutes ago

    Funny how some people argue we should abolish police because of law enforcement being used to catch escaped slaves in the past. So should we abolish the Democrat party? They were after all the party of slavery, segregation etc.

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta40 minutes ago

    That guy couldn't make an argument so he tried to get a crowd on his side.

  • Ut1F70F Sin
    Ut1F70F Sin44 minutes ago

    "So what I am doin' right now is..." Trolling, good sir, trolling Crowder. Right? He has to be trolling.... OR maybe you had him at "Political ideological" "Nah, nah tell your people..." .... White people don't live in a tribe, and they also don't think alike, you racist idiot... but I know a few that act like that stereotypical 1990's black culture. YEAH Eminem's still stuck in the 90's.

  • James Foster
    James Foster46 minutes ago

    Argh, that was painful. Just as I thought he was starting to come around, he then asks "do you think you have privilege?". Completely destroyed any chance of being a productive conversation.

  • 123American 123
    123American 12353 minutes ago

    One of Steven’s many strengths is his immense patience to listen to morons who think they are smart, trying to make arguments that have no merit.

  • Abbie Dack
    Abbie Dack59 minutes ago

    it was abundantly clear from the first 2 minutes of this video that this kid had no idea what he was talking about nor did he care what facts steven replied with because he just pushed them aside

  • Cioby
    CiobyHour ago

    The way you're using that diaper useless mask, makes me almost wanna cringe. Just don't use one at all. If someone infected came into contact with you and you're holding it like that, you're almost surely infected anyway. And if you are infected you are sending out covid to anyone in range or that comes to talk to you. Tho I assume you're not infected, even tho I don't understand how you trust others you talk to, to not be infected either.

  • Outshout
    OutshoutHour ago

    He takes no responsibility for anything not even his own thoughts.

  • Ded Bytes
    Ded BytesHour ago

    I was so hopeful, I could see that common sense almost clicked. But then derailed again

  • FG Eclipse
    FG EclipseHour ago

    All they have to do is prove it does/has done a single thing to help black lives. Easy win. Why defend such a dumb position crowder?

  • Tyler William
    Tyler WilliamHour ago

    It is pretty embarrassing how clueless this guy is. He is unable to present any clear arguments to defend his position. Just simply says "I don't agree with anything you say". He's so ignorant and incapable of comprehending anything that Crowder says.

  • Pete Pyeatt
    Pete PyeattHour ago

    “Instead of having a real debate with you, I’m going to completely avoid your topic and talk about what I want to talk about.”

    REDMACHINE 2020Hour ago

    Yeah, he's the worst black person to talk about any black issues with.

    TRUTHNTRADITION2 hours ago

    5 mins in & he's still explaining the definition of words to this man... Does it get better??? this isn't even a conversation, it's a grade school level reading comprehension class.

  • Max Martinez
    Max Martinez2 hours ago

    It’s the broken family that comes from locking up young black men that causes long term damage in a community. But getting rid of police entirely hurts everyone. Same with letting the crazy people out.

  • David McGroarty
    David McGroarty2 hours ago

    "Shit doesn't go our way" interesting he said that. I guess you don't have things like affirmative action but what do I know I'm just white.

  • Jenna Millsap
    Jenna Millsap2 hours ago

    When all else fails, and facts become annoyingly inconvenient, pull out the "white privilege" card. It nullifies any logical arguments or facts that have been presented by them because... white privilege. If I had to guess, I'd say that kid doesn't value the Western Nuclear Family and in fact is likely rebelling against his or didn't have the privilege of being raised in one.

  • Selvio Trikinos
    Selvio Trikinos2 hours ago

    Honestly, has he ever changed his mind?

  • Scott Covert
    Scott Covert2 hours ago

    1:00 "what about cats?" is like saying all animal lives matter. Update: 7:40 he admits that "abolish the police" is a intimidation tactic to push a political aim. That's (domestic) terrorism. PS - slavery is an idea as old as Man. Abolishing it was radical. PSS - it is well known slave traders in America often dismantled black nuclear families by selling them off to different owners.

  • Dean Lonagan
    Dean Lonagan2 hours ago

    ..its far fetched but you know very well that they destroy property and have killed ppl? are bsing..America doesnt like you liars..they are sick of you ppl..

  • Fly Righteous
    Fly Righteous2 hours ago

    Crowder back at it abolishing the liberals

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson2 hours ago

    My God, that poor guy puts more thought and effort into his wardrobe than he does his ideology. Lazy ignorance is so irritating

    OSCALITOS WAYZ2 hours ago

    Fact Live Matters!!

  • Draxis32
    Draxis322 hours ago

    People don't understand. This man is *STRONGLY RELIGIOUS* He doesn't care about facts, statistics or any of the matter. He cares if you *BELIEVE* The entire conversation can be resumed in "Do you believe in X, Y, Z?" But X, Y and Z are not Jesus, Budda or Allah. It's just plain post-modernist "shoot yourself in the foot" line of thought from the School of Oxymorons IRL.

  • Mau Zep
    Mau Zep2 hours ago

    If you choose to be ignorant, God will support you just like God hardened Pharaoh's heart.

  • bj smith
    bj smith2 hours ago

    Wow, the mind set of this young dude is crazy, and he is a educated one. Think how the uneducated ones think. We are in trouble people better learn how to protect yourself because these crazy ass people are trying to tear the country down.

  • Kalin Childress
    Kalin Childress2 hours ago

    It’s funny when people think they know things until they get questioned upon it.

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce Mitchell3 hours ago

    This guy was really cringe he talked in circles saying nothing that hit home. These people vote too. Crowder probably wanted to slap him lol

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez3 hours ago

    This fool.dont know what the flying flip he is talking about. Crowder wasting his time..

  • Jafarmarar
    Jafarmarar3 hours ago

    Gonna go against the grain here and say that I appreciate this guy for being civil and trying to reach some common ground. It isn't productive to pick every last word apart. A truly brainwashed person would have lashed out at least a little bit. Props to this man for behaving like an adult while Crowder tried to dismantle ideas he was probably raised with. In some black homes the police are used like the boogie man and some black kids are raised to fear them from day 1. I say this as someone who spent years working in predominantly black inner city communities. Anyway, I just wanted to show some decency to a man who offered to listen and be convinced regardless of whether or not he was. That's the beauty of Change My Mind. God bless.

  • Your Mouth Is My Fifi
    Your Mouth Is My Fifi3 hours ago

    Thats what happens when life is to good. Everyone forgets what it is really like when shit actually sucks. Bet my life that this kid would be silent and grateful if he had lived in his great Grandfathers shoes even for a single day. Shit even his fathers shoes would give him perspective.

  • thisiswhywe can'thavenicethings
    thisiswhywe can'thavenicethings3 hours ago

    Aww, I like Crowder's t-shirt. Captain Dorn--never forget him. He did more for the black community in St Louis than blm ever did. blm did nothing, but bring problems.

  • Draxis32
    Draxis323 hours ago

    Guy in plain 2021 talking about "Abolishing the police" Man, if the good ol' fellas who fought the nazis were in their 20's these days. They would be kicking this guy, along with any other ANTIFA, BLM ass outta this country.

  • Isaiah Crosby
    Isaiah Crosby3 hours ago

    This was hard to watch

  • 27_Abby C
    27_Abby C3 hours ago

    Help us God, this guy’s stupidity is unthinkable

  • Carlos
    Carlos3 hours ago

    He believes that we need to abolish the police. Look at places where they slashed the police budgets, extremely higher rates of murders. This clown lives in a safe area so he doesn't experience the everyday violence in blue states. He's privileged. He would move out of a blue state real quick if he ever moved to one

  • Chef Elmy
    Chef Elmy3 hours ago

    6:34 Lol Crowder literally using a retracted study as his “evidence”

  • Carlos
    Carlos3 hours ago

    BLM has made this guy lose his mind with their fake facts. He can't even stay on topic

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn3 hours ago

    I don’t like Steven crowder but a lot of things he says are technology true and I can see the appeal to people who believe they are above avenge intelligence but it’s just he is way to condescending when he talks with people the edgy jokes on his regular “news” type video are crude and juvenile to the point where the insensitivity comes off as being a racist

  • edgerrr
    edgerrr3 hours ago

    Chris Rock - How to not get your ass kicked by the police

  • eric morgan
    eric morgan3 hours ago

    The propaganda is strong in this guy, but there was a glimmer of hope.

  • first last
    first last3 hours ago

    "this guy is insane" yeppers. People with these ideologies are all insane. When people want to get rid of the family, get rid of police, teach our children that only their skin color matters, only white men are toxic, all white people are racist and, no other race is even capable of rasicm, etc etc. They are insane.

  • Temujin Khan
    Temujin Khan3 hours ago

    BLACK People are so oppress that's why OBAMA became president

  • Dominic Frost
    Dominic Frost4 hours ago

    I think this kids rode the short bus for waaaay to long without his helmet.

  • jasmin rodriguez
    jasmin rodriguez4 hours ago

    The zoom on crowder getting the wrong cup 😂

  • Marty Ollier
    Marty Ollier4 hours ago

    Why aren't you publishing your vids to Bitchute? You tell us the evils of youtube but your efforts to decouple from this insidious platform fall very short of the mark. Yea, I know, you've got your own websites and such but as far as supporting other platforms goes you're barely scratching the surface.

  • Marty Ollier

    Marty Ollier

    2 hours ago

    Uhhh.... at the time, slavery wasn't a radical idea. Ending it was, so radical in fact there was a war over it...

  • NFiltr8Red
    NFiltr8Red4 hours ago

    All minorities are racist to the core, and that’s referring to everyone. White peeps are racist by personal experiences.

  • 재키
    재키4 hours ago

    Also, let's just throw this out there, since I heard it on Crowder within the last two days... 81% of Black people want the same or MORE policing than we have now. Why? Because they disproportionately live in these high-crime areas, and they're not f*cking stupid. I'm from Chicago, I still live here, I've been a police dispatcher for a decade, I'm well aware of the worst of the worst of these problems.

  • 재키
    재키4 hours ago

    I made it to 3:48 but I think I'm gonna have to tap out. No way can I withstand 17+ minutes of this idiocy.

  • Soyam Rohit
    Soyam Rohit4 hours ago

    This black dude doesnt have a single argument.

  • Plebtile
    Plebtile4 hours ago

    Bro, ANTIFA is an idea! Never seen an idea murder someone or burn buildings to the ground.

  • Cole Anderson
    Cole Anderson4 hours ago

    hold on so if people need laws to keep them in check because were too immoral of a society then how would those laws be upheld if not for the police?

  • Redwing Blackbird
    Redwing Blackbird4 hours ago

    The police put you in jail and give you a criminal record and essentially cancel you for life economically. So keep expanding background checks and canceling the police and regulating everything and everyone to death with your socialism, it will work out very nicely in the end. I bet getting rid of background records is not on the list of BLM's Goals.

  • pauljb07
    pauljb074 hours ago

    Was this guy high?

  • M Q
    M Q4 hours ago

    Slavery was a universal human activity of all races for thousands of years.... Wasn't was opportunity. Move on, son.

  • Fenrir Wolf
    Fenrir Wolf4 hours ago

    Im not sure what the kkk has to do with anything.

  • Anthony Russomano
    Anthony Russomano4 hours ago

    Crowder ur great keep doing this

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson4 hours ago

    Less police = more safety. Th..that’s the point of them.

  • M Q
    M Q4 hours ago

    Has no idea why he thinks why he does....just presentist talking points.

  • Cheap Dope
    Cheap Dope4 hours ago

    Crowder is so patient & well spoken he's like white mr.miyagi

  • Barnaby Jones
    Barnaby Jones4 hours ago

    Crowder, you have a good amount of patience. Once a person starts to ramble, it’s over... and you can pretty much tell when they’re defending their own ignorance. He’s living proof of his own hypocrisy

  • Fluffy Fishing
    Fluffy Fishing4 hours ago

    This guy represents 90% of BLM free thought process. Brainwashed and incapable of even trying to understand a point of view.

  • Anthony Russomano
    Anthony Russomano4 hours ago

    This guy is so way off and out there

  • Shea Rainey
    Shea Rainey4 hours ago

    He wants the complete abolition of police but not sure about removing prisons. I'm sure those criminals will just turn themselves in and volunteer for prison.

  • James Purvis
    James Purvis4 hours ago


  • Leigh Knight
    Leigh Knight5 hours ago

    That dude was stupid. He’s actually blaming this country for black on black crime?? And did I hear him say ‘well how does the police solve it’....the police aren’t supposed to solve the worlds problems, people need to start learning how to act like respectful people and stop committing crimes! And guess what, then the police wouldn’t have to approach people!

  • Mr.Mister Bates
    Mr.Mister Bates5 hours ago

    BLM = Bought Luxury Mansion

  • Brant Swanson
    Brant Swanson5 hours ago

    This was a really good one

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams5 hours ago

    Calling BLM a domestic terrorist organization is crazy but, abolishing the police is completely sane... Lol okay.

  • jimivaughan
    jimivaughan5 hours ago

    It is damn near impossible to have a rational conversation with a brainwashed person.

  • MXR's Simp
    MXR's Simp5 hours ago

    "TaLK tO yOUr pEoPLE." You seriously saying that dude?

  • P7 2017
    P7 20175 hours ago

    ... how many hours of tape did you roll before getting someone who was willing to be civil?

  • MXR's Simp
    MXR's Simp5 hours ago

    Did we not just watch a cop stop a black girl from getting murdered... yes, yes we did.

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith5 hours ago

    As a black person. This is hard to watch and listen to. OMG dude sounds like he's still in kindergarten.

  • Doug Gregory
    Doug Gregory5 hours ago

    This guy has been told his whole life that he doesn't fit in to the black community so he's trying real hard to prove those people wrong..

  • Kerry Smith
    Kerry Smith5 hours ago

    This is the result when you don't do your research. I am black and BLM is BS!

  • Human Clay
    Human Clay5 hours ago

    These are the brainwashed mindsets of leftists. Illogical. Irrational, most common sense and claim to be "revolutionary" yet they don't even know they are brainwashed thinking inside of a very small box..

    COLDBLUESTEEL!6 hours ago

    Remove law enforcement, national guard and state guard away from the blue states. There, just solved all the domestic terrorism.

  • token787
    token7876 hours ago

    This dude is just plain dumb, u should have not wasted your time!

  • Drew Portdaven
    Drew Portdaven6 hours ago

    You need to start venting for human life.

  • warioman91
    warioman916 hours ago

    I think this guy smokes a lot of weed or something. His noggin is wasted....

  • john ortiz
    john ortiz6 hours ago

    I could have given examples such as what began in New York right after it has taken one billion in cuts to police.

  • 1-Crazy-Ryan-715
    1-Crazy-Ryan-7156 hours ago

    Is he on bath salts? His brain is fizzed out.. he heard nothing that Steve said.. 🙉🙉

  • Ian Bunce
    Ian Bunce6 hours ago

    He sounded so surprised when Steven agreed that the KKK was a domestic terrorist group.

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind6 hours ago

    Great job Crowder!

  • Jonathan Sixx
    Jonathan Sixx6 hours ago

    This is the majority of college educated young adults.. professors could tell students anything, even things completely false and outright lies and these students would believe it..

  • Maxwell Danger
    Maxwell Danger6 hours ago

    “Aye we got some homicide we need to address” 🤦‍♀️

  • Peter White
    Peter White6 hours ago

    Blm is a terrorist group

  • Ozzy Smith
    Ozzy Smith6 hours ago

    A child in a man's body, pathetic.

  • Verity Dixon
    Verity Dixon6 hours ago

    This kid is just victimizing himself and it’s so pitiful.

  • Maxwell Danger
    Maxwell Danger6 hours ago

    I don’t know how you stay sane. It’s inspiring.

  • Verity Dixon
    Verity Dixon6 hours ago

    “Antifa is a thought” WHAT?! HOW?! THEY PHYSICALLY EXIST AND CALL THEMSELVES ANTIFA! This kid is dumb, I’m sorry. It’s just so sad, I’m terrified for my generation.

  • Adam Obloy
    Adam Obloy6 hours ago

    This is brutal. But that’s how it goes when debating with a liberal incapable of using logic.

  • Jpizzle -
    Jpizzle -6 hours ago

    the fact this kid doesn't know the difference between "domestic or foreign" is forboding... he is the kind of person that will talk for hours and not say or explain anything and then give himself a pat on the back for thinking he's sounding "smart"

  • Adam Obloy
    Adam Obloy6 hours ago

    Whenever U wanna have a logical convo, u can always count on a guy with metal poked all in his face.