Billie Eilish Doesn't Understand Empowerment | Louder With Crowder


Billie, a famous/spoiled 19 year old who doesn't know anything, gives her take on gender dynamics for #BritishVogue magazine. This goes well. I wonder if her brother actually wrote her interview, like everything else...
Also, Billie Eilish? More like William Eyelash...
dumb hashtags dumb people are using: #YourPower #BillieEilish
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"Eat My Butt"


  • DiePoopable
    DiePoopable41 minute ago

    Hey Crowder. You can't complain about how men are taught stricter, more restrictive roles when they're growing up (which you're right about), and then turn around to say you don't mind those roles and think they should be taught, especially when you're using it as a point to say that you want women to have free-er lifestyles but you want them to be thankful to you. Wtf is wrong with this man

  • Joshua W
    Joshua WHour ago

    I never really got the talk. I was told that I should have realistic expectations for my future. Primarily, I want to become a Martian and give the middle finger to my man-hating stepmom that verbally abused me growing up.

  • Goku Vegeta
    Goku VegetaHour ago

    what the fuck does a 19yearold know

  • nickboggsmusic
    nickboggsmusicHour ago

    Every argument in this video is a REACH. - billie eilish wasn’t saying men are weak IN GENERAL, she’s saying that their sexual appetite is innately high, rendering them weak in their ability to control their SEXUALITY. She was literally making the same point you guys did but you’re mad about it? Stop getting offended by a tangent that you forced into the conversation. - people can wear things to feel confident. She isn’t wearing a corset specifically to appeal to the sexual appetite of a male audience, she just... likes how she looks. That’s what people do. They wear things that make them feel confident. - claiming that a women wears blush solely to simulate flushing that is found in a sexual setting is hilarious to me. You basically just called your own mother a whore cause the only reason she’s wearing that blush? Yeah it’s cause she wants to look like she just had sex. Not cause she thinks it makes her look cute or something normal, right? - crowder : claims that eventually women are going to have to stand up for themselves to talk about what they think really matters billie eilish : talks about things that she thinks matter Crowder : ok but not like that - just because your parents had a conversation with you about being the male protector and provider, doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. If you wanna be a stay at home dad, be a stay at home dad. You still have that choice. i just didn’t really see the point of this argument. And the list goes on lol. Literally shes 19, shes living her life, she’s talking about her own personal experiences and beliefs, like who cares. Just get on with your life and let her get on with hers. That’s my takeaway.

  • Deejay Beaver
    Deejay BeaverHour ago

    I want to be a stay at home dad but I’m not good looking enough and too fat. There went that dream

  • SolarFan Wings
    SolarFan WingsHour ago

    High school age girl here. I am growing up in a very Christian, very conservative household, and I follow these same beliefs as well. Never once had a family member ever suggested to me that my only option is to hunt for a husband. That being said, boys my age at my church are under pressure to be capable providers.

  • Charlie Slaugh
    Charlie SlaughHour ago

    Yup definitely was told that I need to try and find a good job that is able to supply for a family and still have time to be with my family. And I wouldn’t expect anything less and I’m on my way to a successful career in my mid 20 s

  • DiePoopable
    DiePoopableHour ago

    this is probably one of the DUMBEST videos I've seen online. Did you have nothing else to be outraged about this week?

  • Shelby Malone
    Shelby MaloneHour ago

    Parents gave me the exact speech you just gave on asking what I want to be when I grow up

  • Charles Foster
    Charles FosterHour ago

    Bhahaha! The“BinderHide” The“UpTuck” 😆

  • ana !
    ana !2 hours ago

    y’all are so dumb lmaooooo.this video is so creepy and ridiculous at the same time.she’s 19.

  • Buck Box Designs
    Buck Box Designs2 hours ago

    It’s Luciferianism, not Satanism, that runs the underworld. That’s the Illuminati. Communism comes from Luciferians

  • Josh Packer
    Josh Packer2 hours ago

    I went with the hoodie technique 😂😂😂

  • Meleke Fortaboh
    Meleke Fortaboh2 hours ago

    2:53 so you literally just said what Billie said just in your own words😂😂 this conversation was aimed to be against what she said but did the opposite

  • jacob partin
    jacob partin2 hours ago

    We were forced to wear Jeans so straight up like a javelin

  • Kinzie Burton
    Kinzie Burton2 hours ago

    I’m a Christian wow coward lol he is so prejudice. Hell I can’t stand ielish but fuck crowder has a hard on for the alphabet peeps. He makes sense most of the time till you get to the subject of mental health!

  • KJ CA
    KJ CA2 hours ago

    I was told to be polite and respectful to everyone especially women and work hard and protect your family.

  • A.J_Lifetime A.J
    A.J_Lifetime A.J3 hours ago

    It wasn’t my mom but my dad who told me I should learn how to cook/clean etc. for a guy & should be more lady like to please them I (was only 12 at that time).. :/

  • Ava Lloyd
    Ava Lloyd3 hours ago

    My parents did not tell me I had no choice. I have always been taught to aspire to as much as I possibly could be.

  • Kyle Poma
    Kyle Poma3 hours ago

    Walking around with a wood is painful, and you know that thing won’t relax instantly, up tuck is the only option

  • EM P
    EM P3 hours ago

    If you guys want to see the truth about this lil virtue-signaling fake outrage drama queen check out my pal Hasan Piker I died 😂

  • Meliza Leitch
    Meliza Leitch3 hours ago

    My parents encouraged me to study and get myself a job. Lol. Never told me to stay at home and that I didn’t have a choice. They also never said it’s wrong to be a stay at home mummy either.

  • William Carroll
    William Carroll3 hours ago

    Never hid it

  • Big Dan T
    Big Dan T3 hours ago

    Tuck the head into my belly button, high school was so much fun. Lol

  • EM P
    EM P3 hours ago

    What kind of weak lil b word takes something out of context either cuz they immediately worked themselves up OR because they have no basic reading comprehension LOL. She CLEARLY meant men are too weak to control themselves when it comes to sexual harrassment. Did you not bother to read it cuz you were too hysterical or are you PRETENDING in a sad effort to virtue signal and create drama. What kind of fool attacks a 19 yr old misrepresenting her stance to make themselves a victim LOL. HOW WEAK.

  • TheSgtTurkey
    TheSgtTurkey3 hours ago

    I would pay serious money to watch Billie react to this video.

  • Faith Walker
    Faith Walker4 hours ago

    Yesterday, Nick Beato described her as the Kurt Cobain of her generation on his channel.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith4 hours ago

    Up tuck with the back arch

  • Brittany Blackwell
    Brittany Blackwell4 hours ago

    I always felt discouraged because I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. People told me that SAHM was not a real option and that I needed to go to college and have a successful career. I'm now a homeschooling SAHM to 6 amazing kids. I would NOT trade it for anything. I still feel pressured to get "a real job" even from well meaning Christians. Its so sad.

  • Danielle Anne
    Danielle Anne4 hours ago

    Parents didnt have that convo with me but i did attend a christian school. I knew what my opinions were and i choose career. 34 no kids no ex handsome.

  • Dibble Tiki
    Dibble Tiki4 hours ago

    Imagine missing the whole point and making a 13 minute video about it LOL

  • Sara Donaldson
    Sara Donaldson4 hours ago

    So that's how she feels about her brother her father her grandfather

  • The Drawing Dragon
    The Drawing Dragon4 hours ago

    It's so interesting to me how the "I am my own god" crowd don't realize how self-defeating their own premise is. She calls men who objectify or rape women weak, then in practically the same breath says "if it makes you happy, do it. You are your own master." Aren't those weak men just doing what makes them happy? Who are you to judge them? After all, they're their own god.

  • itsthehubb! !
    itsthehubb! !4 hours ago

    Flannel tied around the waist. Total grunge era.

  • Rachel Baker
    Rachel Baker4 hours ago

    my mother was a sahm until I went to kindergarten. My parents brought me that having a mother at home is better but they never told me that I could not pursue a career, especially before having children. my parents never really defined my upbringing by my gender.

  • Ryhanis Burg
    Ryhanis Burg4 hours ago

    Bad limp

  • The Bright
    The Bright4 hours ago

    Male, raised by women, the talk was from Mom, she was a successful entrepreneur....taught me to provide for myself.... I started a business many years later, my wife joined after being in business for 7 years, she's our CEO. She's better at CEO'ing than me. Bottom line, we're a team together in marriage, business and life. We make each other better at everything.

  • Kyle Martinez
    Kyle Martinez4 hours ago

    You are kind of annoying.

  • Rick Cook
    Rick Cook4 hours ago

    Mr. Crowder you keep saying you are a Christen, now do your self a favor and read Colossians 3:8 and feel free to read the whole chapter. May God bless you Mr. Crowder I sincerely mean that.

  • Loraine Buss
    Loraine Buss4 hours ago

    My parents told me that not having kids was not an option and that I should hide my intelligence so as to avoid intimidating boys. They also told me to get an education and job skills in case the dad "went out for a pack of cigarettes" and never came back or died young. They were different.

  • Kyle Martinez
    Kyle Martinez4 hours ago

    If lack of self control isn't considered weakness, how would you define it?

  • Da Jed
    Da Jed5 hours ago

    I'm actually 99% sure Billie was born a male.

  • MrPingn
    MrPingn5 hours ago

    What makes this funnier is that she seems to be going after the wrong crowd. It was the woke body positivity & sex negative puritans that went after her on social media for the magazine pictures. Sure there were a few over eager idiots outside of that group who behaved like idiots. But the majority of people who saw those pictures said "She looks great" and moved on with our lives. Because it wasn't a big deal.

  • Eli
    Eli5 hours ago

    As a young guy in here, my parents have had conversations with me about what I've wanted to be when I'm older and that I have lots of options compared to them. Although it's not mentioned, being a stay at home dad was never one of them since they also taught me that I have to work for myself and make what I can and that women will always be there. Although I haven't gotten there in life yet, it's clear that just doing nothing except maybe raising kids at home was and never will be an option.

  • John Schmidt
    John Schmidt5 hours ago

    Hormones and no support network. Being a young man isn't all easy.

  • RachelPops
    RachelPops5 hours ago

    Shes 20 what do we expect her to think. She's in a leftist environment and think its empowering objectifying herself. I hope she can learn truths before she gives up her life entirely.

  • Dark Elf Lv. 76
    Dark Elf Lv. 765 hours ago

    Oh my Mom instilled a massive fear in me to not have children ever. She made me look at her toilet bowls of period blood and would always tell me im killing her with stress, am going to kill her soon, and that shes gunna have ulcers and holes in her stomach. She would always ask me what ill do without her when i kill her with stress as an 8 year old.

  • Dark Elf Lv. 76

    Dark Elf Lv. 76

    5 hours ago

    And then people had the gall to tell me ill change my mind about not wanting kids, also as an 8 year old.

  • Terena Crowe
    Terena Crowe5 hours ago

    She is a very disappointing role model for young girls. My granddaughter being one of them. :-/

  • TacoSuave
    TacoSuave5 hours ago

    It's funny, the last part about men and women having a talk about what they can be when they get older really resonated with me. I was never told I couldn't be a stay at home dad, but when i quit my job because it took too much time away from my newborn daughter, I felt ashamed. Granted, I did start up my own business so in a way I still do provide, But I felt that without that 9-5 I was a failure as a man.

  • nickma71
    nickma715 hours ago

    Women are great at what the creator (his name is the Lord Jesus Christ) designed them to do.

  • Joel Ricketts
    Joel Ricketts5 hours ago

    I was never offered to be a stay at home dad. I was raised by my grandparents on a farm. Working was pretty big with them. If I didn’t work I didn’t eat. It was ridicules work too.

  • Luke Poplawski
    Luke Poplawski5 hours ago

    Of course she doesn’t understand something. She’s a hyper rich teenager whose parents gave her the middle name “pirate.”

  • Isaiah Carvalho
    Isaiah Carvalho5 hours ago

    There was no hiding

  • Therealestrunnerluda
    Therealestrunnerluda5 hours ago

    My parents weren't involved in my personal life it sucked. They just let me be me almost. Never had talks like that. Never had discussions.

  • Graigory Gilbert
    Graigory Gilbert6 hours ago

    I have always told my kids to give more than you take,(it can be as simple as saying hi or volunteering your time) kindness is not weakness, and an eye for an eye will leave the hole world blind.

  • Texas Nationalists
    Texas Nationalists6 hours ago

    Did someone say mudshark?

  • Jackie Ann
    Jackie Ann6 hours ago

    The source of the man-hatred is , literally , demonic .

  • Electro
    Electro6 hours ago

    up tuck all the way

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey6 hours ago

    Hide it? I wore it proudly!

  • waspahh33
    waspahh336 hours ago

    Up town tuck you up

  • Nate
    Nate6 hours ago

    hahahahahahahahahah all the losers in these comments

  • Bob Bobbington

    Bob Bobbington

    5 hours ago

    Speaking of...

  • BShizzle13
    BShizzle136 hours ago

    They put her in thousands of dollars worth of clothes, hair and makeup done professionally, airbrushed/photoshopped her flaws, and she's still not attractive. So her response is, it's the man's fault! And she blames all men for them not being attracted to her bad attitude and strange looks.

  • Tha Wayne
    Tha Wayne6 hours ago

    People said "wear sweats after gym, they are comfy!".....ummmm i think not sir, there's no hiding in those comfy embarrassment traps!!!

  • Brandon Gray
    Brandon Gray7 hours ago

    Billie Eilish is not an attractive woman! And oddly enough they seem to make the most noise! Like a woman that no man would touch is usually the one to scream all men are rapists! So I find her interview no real surprise!

  • Robert Dunn
    Robert Dunn7 hours ago

    Isn’t she like 20

  • Dan Festag
    Dan Festag7 hours ago

    Binder hide

  • Rainbow Deathhearts
    Rainbow Deathhearts7 hours ago

    As. Queer 34 year old female I 100% agree. They teach sexual liberation, which is more like give away your body and have no self respect be a boss bi*ch and then be 30plus unfufilled. Even in same sex relationships one woman gets baby fever. There is always a more masc provider. Always

  • Metal or DIE
    Metal or DIE7 hours ago

    I was raised to always be respectful towards women and to practice chivalry, regardless if they appreciated it or not. I've noticed that most women DO appreciate gentlemanly behavior. I never had a sister or a daughter, but as I grew older and started to understand more about what my parents taught me when I was younger, it became 100% clear to me because a gentleman is what I would want for my sister or my daughter. This is why a household with good family values is extremely important, especially in todays world with the way things are going.

  • gabriella
    gabriella7 hours ago

    wow y’all are so dense. yes MEN are weak and you just proved that point with this entire video

  • Bob Bobbington

    Bob Bobbington

    6 hours ago

    So... we can't disagree anymore?

  • Icelandrobot
    Icelandrobot7 hours ago


  • Metal Rulez
    Metal Rulez7 hours ago

    Girls do not get it we have been holding back ...

  • JT Nicholson
    JT Nicholson7 hours ago

    I'm about to graduate highschool. Next time my father asks me what I want to do with my life, I'll respond with "stay-at-home father" just for his response

  • Leavce
    Leavce7 hours ago

    I don’t get how you can miss her point when it’s crystal clear of what it is.

  • Bob Bobbington

    Bob Bobbington

    6 hours ago

    .... which was?

  • Tdub FPV
    Tdub FPV7 hours ago

    Ahhh boy im a Christian man and lust is #1 no question hardest most challenging sin to combat, no question....I pray daily on this difference is I KNOW that this is detrimental to me where billie eilish believes in self worship and giving in to all ya

  • BlackEquinox
    BlackEquinox8 hours ago

    Ugh dude she's 19. Not one person can say "I wasn't an idiot when I was a teenager". Hell most of us are idiots until we hit 30. Would you be this hard on your niece or nephew that acted this way with or without the mass attention? Attacking someone who is barely an adult is kind of petty. I get it she's an easy target but why don't you just stop off at your local kindergarten and slap a couple of them and tell them they're stupid. Seriously nobody cares about Billie's stupid opinions on anything, except you because you spent 13.5 minutes trashing a teenager.

  • Bob Bobbington

    Bob Bobbington

    6 hours ago

    Any other special groups we should avoid disagreeing with because it may hurt your feewings?

  • Camcaz
    Camcaz8 hours ago

    Why are conservatives mad at this? Like I don’t get it she makes a good point. Plus it’s just an article wtf are they talking about?

  • farkin arkin
    farkin arkin8 hours ago

    LOL. I neither depend on Billie Dogleash for insights on men's constitution nor artful musical production. She is bad at both. She represents the worst in self-absorbed, different for the sake of being different, immaturity that is promoted by false egalitarians. She need not worry, all a 16 year old boy would have to do to forget his thirst is to visualize her.

  • AC
    AC8 hours ago

    She did this photoshoot because her sales are dismal. This is just a ploy to save her career.

  • Collin Keyser
    Collin Keyser8 hours ago

    The Sad Part Is A Lot Of Our Children Worship The Ground This Girl Walks On. They Basically Worship Her Like She's God!

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins8 hours ago

    My parents has that talk with me about how not to get killed lol

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins8 hours ago

    Aye aye captain! Hoist the jolly Roger!!!

  • TheLovelyPotato
    TheLovelyPotato8 hours ago

    Oh no why did crowder sound like the Hodgetwins with that “yeaah”

  • Jared Clark
    Jared Clark8 hours ago

    We should stop listening to children and start/keep listening to our elders.

  • Ms. Genesis Martinez
    Ms. Genesis Martinez8 hours ago

    My mom told me to be what I want as long as I make good money to support myself.

  • Dorothy Perez
    Dorothy Perez8 hours ago

    Sure women can wear what they want but when someone has an opinion of you then don't get mad. You have the right and so does everyone else.

  • snail
    snail8 hours ago

    she's more successful than you'll ever be

  • Dorothy Perez
    Dorothy Perez8 hours ago

    Celebrities are weak. They have a big mouth and then hire protection. They are over rated.

  • Pepto Bismol
    Pepto Bismol8 hours ago

    My mom tells me whatever God has planned for you go for it

  • Emalee Marrazzo
    Emalee Marrazzo9 hours ago

    women should respect themselves, and respecting yourself means not putting your body out for everyone to see, not dressing skimpily, not sleeping around, when i say my body is my own, i mean people don't get to see it, people don't get any part of my body without a strong relationship, as a young christian woman i am 100% saving myself for marriage, and to me that is respecting myself, and it is guarding my heart and saving myself from stronger heartbreak. my parents taught me that i can do what i want, weather that be running a company, or being a stay at home mom. my brothers were taught that they had to provide for their families, and that they had to protect their future wives with their lives, women have the easier side of this, in the bible as well, women submit to your husbands, meaning, finding someone worth following, men love your wives like Christ loved the church, meaning give up everything for them, put them above yourselves in everything, my parents taught us these verses over and over again, instilling in us what it meant for each of us in our futures.

  • None Of your business
    None Of your business9 hours ago

    Men don’t want to be forced into the temptation of committing adulatory in their heart every time they go out. Men are victims in this country. No one cares about what they go through. Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

  • None Of your business

    None Of your business

    9 hours ago

    This verse is directed at men because women are not the same as men. We don’t lust the same way. It doesn’t come as natural to a women. A women can callus her heart and be able to be lusty like a guy but it’s not as easy as it is for guys to fall into it. Be blessed. Use Jesus as your shield.

  • Austin Walden
    Austin Walden9 hours ago

    I just waited till it went away but while I was a teenager I talked in my sleep. I was basically in love with my science teacher she was my favorite teacher ever, anyway I passout in her class and I have a heavy dream about her and heard her calling my name in my dream. Plot twist she was trying to wake me up. I still have no idea if she knew I was saying her name back.

  • Raezer
    Raezer9 hours ago


  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez9 hours ago

    UPTUCK 🤣🤣

  • Rui Fortes
    Rui Fortes9 hours ago

    C'mon Steven!! You're great but you tend to go a liitle to hard on the women stereotype. I agree men and women tend (statistically....) to prefer/choose different things, and also have different "survival strategies" but just put aknowledgement professional craftmanship (or "craftpersonship" for the woke cunts outhere) besides organizational skills and all the house and family related stuff

  • Rui Fortes

    Rui Fortes

    9 hours ago

    other than that.... you're pretty spot on :-)

  • Rui Fortes

    Rui Fortes

    9 hours ago

    ... not saying your not (again "statistically" since man make a lot more effort for status...cause they get more women that way...ironic isn't it) right but just give them credit at least in music cause there are lots of great female musicians out there

  • Crypto
    Crypto9 hours ago

    3:43 💀

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya9 hours ago

    She’s like 15. The only thing she does understand is teenage angst. Why would anyone expect her to understand experience based concepts. I don’t know why people take these teenagers seriously. I don’t understand why anyone take entertainers political opinions seriously. And I sure as hell have no idea why anyone would take a teenage entertainers word for wisdom. Honestly she is a child. Go easy on her.

  • chrissy Harper
    chrissy Harper9 hours ago

    My father and mother told me I can do anything I put my mind to, and my dad said if any boys came around and tried knocking me up, they won’t leave alive.. lmao 😂 I was the only girl, and have 4 older brothers. I have mad respect for men. I am now 40 years old. Didn’t have a boyfriend until about 18 years old. I am now a paralegal but stay home half the week to take care of my home I am not weak by any means, I grew up kick boxing because dad was a martial arts instructor and carpenter, so I know how to do some guy stuff, but I am a woman. I would rather do my hair and makeup and have my man look at me like a goddess instead of complaining about men and trying to separate family values. Sorry for the rambling, just hard lately to find men that believe in family and love because of women like this!

  • SentinalVIII
    SentinalVIII9 hours ago

    Everyone supporting Billie say he’s weak cause he’s expressing his opinion on what she’s said, and then they express their opinion on what he said. It is literally impossible to have a dumber double standard

  • SentinalVIII
    SentinalVIII9 hours ago

    Just cause she is famous doesn’t mean that her opinion is the smartest in the room