BIDEN ADDRESS RANT: Democrats Are Mad When You Have MORE Freedom! | Louder With Crowder


Like the title says... Democrats get angry/triggered when you dare to suggest MORE freedom could ever possibly be a solution. It's like it's all just about power or something... #BidenAddress #BidenSpeech
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"Eat My Butt"


  • eh_bailey
    eh_bailey5 hours ago

    Turns out Tim Scott was pretty good!

  • Jared Summers
    Jared Summers6 hours ago

    Every time I hit the thumbs up - scroll down then back up - my black thumb like disappears

  • Joe Montanya
    Joe MontanyaDay ago

    You guys skimmed over Tim Scott, I think he pretty much hit the nail on the head. Very impressed with his response.

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew AdamsDay ago

    Lies , lies ,lies that's the demo marxist party , when we end up like venezuela , they will still try to blame trump... Covid where is thy sting.

  • TheCheapShot
    TheCheapShotDay ago

    Difference between Republicans and Democrats and Republicans let you keep your money or Democrats tell you had to give them your money so that they can do with it what they choose because they don’t think people are smart enough to make their own decisions. And many of them are but that’s the beauty of this country is you got to make your own decisions when you’d like to or not smaller government is always better and always has been better than more than friends on our freedoms the more we need to unite and tear these Democrats out of office

  • TheCheapShot
    TheCheapShotDay ago

    What amazes me is these lefties go after the police meanwhile they elect officials that take more power and give it to the government how do you think that the government is going to enforce their newfound power do you think they’re going to do it with words do you think that those politicians themselves are going to come over to your house and put you in check no they’re going to pass regulations with which there Going to enforce by using a police officer with a gun. Lefties you’re falling for your own hypocrisy’s

  • Mik ee
    Mik ee2 days ago

    Thank tou

  • Tony Louis
    Tony Louis2 days ago


  • Nightshroud 87
    Nightshroud 872 days ago

    Speaking as an outside observer, Biden speech had some worrying Mussolini vibes to it Eg we the people, are the government

  • Bek George
    Bek George2 days ago

    We had an anti lockdown rally in my city (Peterborough, ON Canada) and there were a bunch of arrests and criminal charges. Our 12 year old mayor even cursed out the protestors on Twitter🤦🏼‍♀️ I wasn’t a protestor but I certainly support their right to do it

  • Kyle Pickett
    Kyle Pickett2 days ago

    We want Dave!

    SayNO2CAMELABUSE2 days ago

    Bidens 80 million votes are the equivalent to PewDiePie's 100 million subs.

  • Robert Stanger
    Robert Stanger2 days ago

    The dems follow the NAZI playbook. Appeal to the mediocre and underachievers- vilify the achievers. Blame them for your failures. That means you need another way to reward people other than merit. There is a greater number of underachievers and mediocre minds...that is the only way a completely unimpressive intellect like Biden can get this far. He represents them.

  • K9 Sheppard
    K9 Sheppard2 days ago

    Don't trust a government who claim to help! They talk about it. Nothing ever gets done for the people

  • John Wick
    John Wick2 days ago

    You will turn into Portugal

  • Tino Treloar
    Tino Treloar2 days ago

    Funny how you're having the exact same issues as us... Just with an American accent...

  • Catcher In the rye
    Catcher In the rye2 days ago

    Mr. Crowder, I would urge you to read Das Kapital from Karl Marx. Only if you TRULY comprehend the ideology you will uncover how to oppose it and neutralise it. Socialism is not only empty words. Its a potent drug appealing philosophically to the masses answering their existential questions in a simple and practical way. Its destructive and very dangerous. Coming from a communist country I am horrified as to the long term consequences that will be experienced by the generations to come.

    NEXTEL3 days ago

    Comment comment comment. That was a damn good show.

  • zariyah harris
    zariyah harris3 days ago

    "keep people safe" thats funny😂

  • Aaron Goodwin
    Aaron Goodwin4 days ago

    Hence Joe ignores what We The People put in place to govern the government! The Constitution!

  • Claudia l Smith
    Claudia l Smith4 days ago

    Also there's people who never vote and. Never will vote. Period. Can't happen.

  • John williams
    John williams4 days ago

    Speaking all Truth there Crowder!!! F Biden and his communist party

  • John Buck
    John Buck4 days ago

    I honestly got a good laugh. I find Biden funnier than the likes of Kimmel, Fallon, etc. Only thing is he doesn't know he's acting funny.

  • John Buck
    John Buck4 days ago

    They shortened the school week but want to add 4 more years to school?

  • James Winning
    James Winning4 days ago


  • Abigail Stimson
    Abigail Stimson4 days ago

    Mmmm, tea

  • Dime Store Harry
    Dime Store Harry5 days ago

    .................................................This is Obama 3.0 ....................................................

  • Gene Mounce
    Gene Mounce5 days ago

    Appreciate these 'MugClub' vids bro. #PREACH ... #bidenisatard .. #TAKETHECOUNTRYBACK2024

  • Julie Howell
    Julie Howell5 days ago

    im sorry that you are not getting paid for all these views!!! freaking millions of views on your videos.... damn guys im sorry!

  • Tina Vifquain
    Tina Vifquain5 days ago

    ' The Truth is in the Details of the Facts ' ! " Responsibility Matters for All Lives " !

  • tony immed
    tony immed5 days ago

    great video .... we really need to get these facists out of office ... take back congress

  • Bill Parker
    Bill Parker5 days ago

    Musk needs to hurry up with those starships so I can get the fuck outa here.

  • Mateusz Cetnar
    Mateusz Cetnar5 days ago

    It's nitpicking, but Great Britain wasn't the largest empire of its time and there had been greater ones in the past as well. It also was the most liberal (in the true meaning of that word) empire up until its day. Not that it contradicts the point of this video. ;-)

  • Ryan Leverone
    Ryan Leverone5 days ago

    Fun fact, Harvard Business Review found that Millenials value hard work higher than any other living generation. The generation that values it the lowest? Generation X, the generation of everyone on this show. Unsurprising then that everyone here failed at acting and comedy and needed to stoop to the lowest of lows in US entertainment, being a political pundit.

  • Brian Powell
    Brian Powell5 days ago

    There bringing brought up to hate the white man… But it’s really not the white man per-say. It’s what the white man represents in many ways…. God

  • Genaro & Claudia Roldan
    Genaro & Claudia Roldan5 days ago

    No new wars?! Trump was still bombing Syria and Yemen. Not to mention he tried to stage a coup in Venezuela. What a joke

  • fettel1988


    3 days ago

    Notice you didn't use the word war. A coup, real or not, is not a war.

  • thomasj1026
    thomasj10265 days ago

    Democrats want you to be poor but they are trying to raise the minimum wage.....? Capital gains tax only getting raised on ppl with income over 1million dollars. 100% of your listeners won't be affected. Taxes for anyone making less than 400k won't go up stop lying. Individuals making 400k and up will be taxed 39.6% instead of the super low 37% again stop with the false narratives. You are no better than CNN and fox news entertainment.

  • Jordan Hamer
    Jordan Hamer5 days ago

    Watch Plandemic. It explains CIA and the media. ......

  • Caboose The Moose
    Caboose The Moose5 days ago


  • John Dreyer
    John Dreyer5 days ago

    And smaller government

  • Robert Payne
    Robert Payne5 days ago

    We don't need Joe's food game plan. Dummies can figure that out

  • Christopher Hargrove
    Christopher Hargrove5 days ago

    it's a war on the narrative

  • tom7601
    tom76015 days ago

    Remember when Mr. Trump slashed regulations?

  • fettel1988


    3 days ago

    Yeah. I remember when I had faith in this nation. Then that went away.

  • Orjan Black
    Orjan Black5 days ago

    137 people who have issues with reading and climbing stairs outside of their cage.

  • Jack D
    Jack D5 days ago

    The Democrats support the antichrist.

  • MrJodunu
    MrJodunu5 days ago

    Did the like button stop working?

  • joshua schroeder
    joshua schroeder5 days ago


  • Patrick T
    Patrick T5 days ago

    Why are you not talking about Hr 25 ? I would prefer to “change your mind”- term limits and Hr 25 - this makes our US gobble culture go away- I have to buy a subscription to have this man-to-man conversation - there’s no welcome for solutions in the expert complaining

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    5 days ago

    Solutions are easy, yet, the magnates of complaints don’t offer any solutions- wtf are “you” complaining about actually? Trying to convince me that you complain better than every other genius personality? Chamber a solution

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    5 days ago

    Culture of getting paid

  • Ricky Falcon
    Ricky Falcon5 days ago

    It is very disappointing that back then we fought wars over taxes and today we have ppl who support taxing us as much as possible

  • Chad Rancourt
    Chad Rancourt6 days ago

    Hell yeah

  • Thomas McEwen
    Thomas McEwen6 days ago

    Conservatives on the no-fly list / Blacks on the no-chicken list.

  • Jasper Bowers
    Jasper Bowers6 days ago

    Deep stuff bro!

  • William McQueen
    William McQueen6 days ago

    This country was founded on the fight for freedom and many people have fought and died to keep said freedoms....what makes these parasites think that it is any different now.....?

  • Gabriel Horvath
    Gabriel Horvath6 days ago

    Literally I just about mentally snapped over this shit a second time this week making me want to literally take down the tyrannical gov forming in the USA

  • S Jones
    S Jones6 days ago


  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA6 days ago

    Anyone that’s hates Trump truly doesn’t have a real reason as to why. If they have a reason, it’s wrong and easily disputed.

  • SonnyGTA
    SonnyGTA6 days ago

    I truly hate these people...through and through.

  • J P
    J P6 days ago

    You guys are frikin awesome, great pick me up any day of the week.

  • J P
    J P6 days ago

    You guys are awesome. Great pick-me-up any day of the week!

  • hyena61
    hyena616 days ago

    First and foremost ... "We the people" does not just mean "The government" I think the phrase is self explanatory !

  • Aaron Canfield
    Aaron Canfield6 days ago

    You know people think well my life is basically meaningless its like well, but this is about believing nothing you do matters but the things you do/don't do actually do matter and tilt the world toward heaven/hell. -Jordan Peterson

  • Joey Dias
    Joey Dias6 days ago

    They hate freedom!!

  • Shamit Bikram Shah
    Shamit Bikram Shah6 days ago

    Jail more politicians for world peace

  • GooberStomper
    GooberStomper6 days ago

    Grrod grief Steven,, STFU during republican's RESPONSE

  • Chris Feldman
    Chris Feldman6 days ago

    We are the people.You and me.You as well as I. We need to ( speak up more) (not coward down to the level that they think is right.( Right is Right ) and not some weirdo,thinking that is going around ,in our Churchs,schools, market places, restaurants, public buildings,(STREETS).If you don't speak, WE THE PEOPLE( Which is us)are nullified. WE THE PEOPLE need to unite.Dont become part of their narrative.......Period.... JESUS. is the WAY,the TRUTH, and the LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Nigel Cooper
    Nigel Cooper6 days ago


  • baonstad
    baonstad6 days ago

    When do we start the boogaloo?

  • Eric Fitchpatric
    Eric Fitchpatric6 days ago

    Democrats don't believe in freedom. They fought a war against anti-slavery.

  • Full penetration Bowfishin’
    Full penetration Bowfishin’6 days ago

    This new administration needs to be REMOVED for treason. What’s the punishment for treason again? That’s rhetorical USplan won’t allow me to put the actual definition!

  • Criss Dougherty
    Criss Dougherty6 days ago

    I'm not mad. I'm sad the Republicans are rolling over and accepting this farce.

  • Ridd333
    Ridd3336 days ago

    The legitimate role of Government is exactly what is it; an Anti human violence machine. Crowder is just another pawn pushing the left/right narrative on the people. Like commentating on a wrestling match in the WWE. You want a lens in which to filter this through? Try starting with the understanding that violence is not foundation in which we should interact and build our society upon. It's 2021. We can communicate all over the world in an instant. There is no more use for Government. People need to take ownership of themselves, their safety, and the community in which they live. People need to work in cooperation, and the use of force to coerce people into submission should be abhorred and dealt with appropriately by the good, for the good of the people.

  • Redeemed Human
    Redeemed Human6 days ago

    The more ppl turn away from self responsibility the further our nation will go on taking our God given sovereignty! I’m being kind, encouraging, praying in my neighborhood trying to spread positive energy cause when ppl lose hope which is what extreme fear leads to anger, hate or giving up.

  • Paul Rash
    Paul Rash6 days ago

    Laws against sniffing needs to be reformed!!!

  • Cardwell Farm
    Cardwell Farm6 days ago

    Nailed it!!!

  • Seven Wonders
    Seven Wonders6 days ago

    If They Don't Increase $ to the Military for R&D, CHINA will Surpass our Capabilites Far Sooner than most Folks Realize.

  • Beal McGrewer
    Beal McGrewer6 days ago

    I'm mad at Two Stack Joe, the Thief in Chief, Biden, for having the election stolen for him while keeping people from asking about it.

  • niki Bradley
    niki Bradley6 days ago

    I love you Steven but I wish your wife would dress you. No offence babe.

  • niki Bradley
    niki Bradley6 days ago

    They do all this “ for the people “ so they can take credit for your accomplishments and then take half your earnings because they were the ones who give you the opportunity to do what ever you have done. You could of done it on your own but they wouldn’t be able take half your money then. Clever aren’t they ;)

  • Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes6 days ago

    Ask this. Why would he want all cops and military that are not Democratic, they want gone the structures of power that could stop their party from taking all the power. They serve their Masters in China.

  • Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes6 days ago

    Tim did good.

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden6 days ago

    3:00 in just realizing they aren't watching the clips on a 32" flat-screen by their feet

  • DUKEwhitebeard
    DUKEwhitebeard6 days ago

    Glad you posted this. I missed it. Still would've rather listen to Tim Scott, like I did. Need to reward politicians doing the right thing. Put some respect on that man's name.

  • Jax Rees
    Jax Rees6 days ago

    FFS USA what have you done ! This affects the world !!!! Thanks for nothing !

  • Joshua Burrier
    Joshua Burrier6 days ago

    If they get rid of local law enforcement, that opens us up for feds to come in and enforce illegal orders.

  • Robin Dou
    Robin Dou6 days ago

    Republicans are no longer, we need a 3rd party! Conservatives

  • Marc Bolinger
    Marc Bolinger6 days ago

    You are not a smart man, Stop trying to claim to be, People don’t like Trump because he’s a lifelong fraud master-Need examples? There’s too many to name, Yet suckers watch FOX and think that it’s true, CNN is liberal BS yet they don’t say anything as goofy as Tucker the idiot does, This was funny at first now that conservative lap dogs actually believe a rich businessman has our best intentions in mind it’s sad, Trump ripped off everyone he’s done business with, Little research people, Can’t let FOX feed you the only news you get.

  • William Reynolds
    William Reynolds6 days ago

    Didn’t watch it, but I heard he didn’t even talk about the boarder crisis. What a joke Edit: You can’t find common ground and come together with liars.

  • Aaron Bullock
    Aaron Bullock6 days ago

    Lol I'm mad at Biden because everything he says and does is a direct attack on the very foundation of our democracy

  • Robert Kinslow
    Robert Kinslow6 days ago

    Well yea. Demoncrats want the american people to rely on them. They still want to be massa. Prove me wrong.

  • Julie Rose
    Julie Rose6 days ago

    Watching Chicks on the right this morning a lot of the comments were about watching the speech with you and your crew.

  • Nathan Bardetta
    Nathan Bardetta6 days ago

    He's just another politician. Has been his whole life and as corrupt as they come!

  • b b
    b b6 days ago

    Biden speaks like a toy puppet who's batteries are running low.

  • Mjs S
    Mjs S6 days ago

    But Pelosi and harris had a beautiful moment that no other president has ever done. Blah blah blah

  • Brian Sweat
    Brian Sweat6 days ago

    Reductive. Great word. Exactly descriptive

    LFTPWARD6 days ago

    Someone please do a piece on how Sweden is doing after not shutting down their economy, I think they have fared better than most countries who shut down. They followed guidelines that the United States came up with before the covid scam.

  • Justin Karp
    Justin Karp6 days ago

    It’s the beginning on Agenda 21 being put in motion.

  • Michael Weller
    Michael Weller6 days ago

    Hello lost.

  • Michael Patricy
    Michael Patricy6 days ago

    From getting food

  • Ben Herr
    Ben Herr6 days ago

    The best take I've heard in a while starts at 9:28 So excellently put!

  • Pippi Longstocking
    Pippi Longstocking6 days ago