Are We Getting Close To The Point Of No Return? | Louder With Crowder


Crowder answers a MugClub Q&A from Biden's... last... thing. C'mon man.
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"Eat My Butt"


  • Terence O'Neil
    Terence O'Neil6 minutes ago

    "one half has gone so far left".............thats the BIG LIE, they most certainly don't represent a HALF, they are a smaller obnoxious steam rolling devious and deceptive group: remember, it took years to build the Twin Towers, and literally minutes, to destroy them: its the classic case of the Wizard of Oz, behind the Curtain

  • Susan Beers
    Susan Beers2 hours ago

    Thank you for taking the time to talk straight and make some kind of sense of this craziness.

  • Charles Foster
    Charles Foster4 hours ago

    Exactly what I thought when Obama was elected. Thought for sho it would finally put to rest the false race narratives… but then he started spewing divisive race hustling rhetoric time warping America back into the 1960’s. I see things from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s that prove just how far America progressed which completely exposes the Lefts racist narrative. America hasn’t been the same since and only accelerated backwards as a reaction to the Trump straw man with Dems embracing their new radical progressives. If only we could break the Lefts control of the misled and low informed… America could get past this regressive authoritarian ideology of virtue signaling while ignoring the real issues of our country.

  • Andrew Balderstone
    Andrew Balderstone6 hours ago

    Doesnt matter its only joe cos he has his backers

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis7 hours ago


  • David Ellis
    David Ellis7 hours ago

    AUDIT FORT KNOX. In 4 years there will be no liberty here. It will be too late to FIX anything. Wake up folks!!!! When they can silence the former President,

  • traderjoes
    traderjoes11 hours ago

    I wish there could be a better dialogue about how, exactly we are supposed to fight like hell.

  • Ridiculous One
    Ridiculous One11 hours ago

    Every time I hear potato head speak I throw up a bit in my mouth

  • CG
    CG12 hours ago

    We got there a long time ago. Truth

  • Kelly Gordon
    Kelly Gordon12 hours ago

    Hope and change - Obuma That means that you hope you have any change left in your pocket.

  • Brandish
    Brandish13 hours ago

    The country was lost a long time ago. The same two investment banks own everything and fund all the politicians. These same people and their cronies are in charge of the international banking cartel. Unless someone plans on eliminating all these people and their families they will continue to rule and impose their will. You will own nothing and be happy they say. Massive depopulation. Vegan diets. No rights. No guns. Gg.

  • Pilgrim1
    Pilgrim113 hours ago

    Ugh,,, I'm just an old dude, Not really a bright bulb kinda' guy,,, But you seem to be missing a few of your own points on this one, Things are much different than Obama, This thing is not a small issue and it is not responding in the 'normal' American way, ALL the rules are different now, Call it Executive Power run amuck but we know it is much bigger than that. too, Every single branch is,,,gone, Again. I'm no scholar of prescient thought but it seems that optimism is not as healthy, at the present moment. as urgency, Hong Kong will never exist again, This is not a 'signal' issue anymore, You know why??? The WORLD has been taken, Not Hong Kong and not the U,S, Presidency, The whole frickin' World, Change My Mind, Respectfully,,,One concerned Old Dude

  • Emily Cahana
    Emily Cahana15 hours ago


  • Robert McAnally
    Robert McAnally16 hours ago

    100% of people like me didn't need to watch Biden's garbage.

  • Robert McAnally
    Robert McAnally16 hours ago

    Every empire has to fall. When you look at what killed Rome, it looks very familiar.

  • Isaiah White
    Isaiah White16 hours ago

    Can't love this enough

  • canIshouldI
    canIshouldI16 hours ago

    I think we passed that point. Racism is once more part of the american culture thanks to racist progressives. It is going to take decades to roll back their damage, both culturally and economically.

  • Starcloak Starside
    Starcloak Starside17 hours ago

    Affirmative. We already are at a point of no return with this Oligarchy, have been for a long ass time. Honestly, I’m waiting with my rifle, my shotgun and my handgun for the Revolution. Got plenty of ammo, just waiting to put a shotgun slug in some politicians’ faces.

  • Lucas Fūr
    Lucas Fūr17 hours ago

    We are BEYOND the point of no return idiots. Keep fooling yourselves, you ain’t fooling me.

  • Phil Whitney
    Phil Whitney17 hours ago

    1 Step closer to CW. Keep it up and you won't like what happens

  • George R
    George R17 hours ago

    Does anyone really believe Joe Biden got more votes than any other president in history does anybody really believe this garbage

  • George R
    George R17 hours ago

    We have to have a new Hollywood people on the right start one so get a good guys and bad guys fighting each other and the good guys always win

  • George R
    George R17 hours ago

    Hollywood at this point in time he’s actually dead thanks to political correctness nobody goes to Seether films not like in the past everything is politically correct

  • George R
    George R17 hours ago

    So very true so very true it’s a real shame but normal people are going to eventually fight back

  • Dirty Silver
    Dirty Silver17 hours ago

    This administration is a child finding daddies loaded gun. They wave it around demanding more cookies. Much like a child, this administration does not see the health issues consuming nothing but cookies. Either their power will end them, or the health issues they are creating will end them.

  • Dr Jonesey
    Dr Jonesey18 hours ago

    Doesn't Crowder claim to be a Christian? then he should know the world ain't getting better man lol Where does this optimism come from? There may be periods of good for some people especially Bible believing saved Christians but sometimes I watch him like what in the world is he even talking about. Much of his ideology don't line up biblically. I guess that's why I don't like liberal/Progressive Christianity OOOOOR Political conservative Christianity (Which isn't Christianity but I'm using the term for those in it that claim to be Christian). Ones straight up wrong and the other compromises biblical truth to appeal to the world. If Crowder was straight up biblical no way would he get the success he has because people don't stand for biblical truth once it rocks their worldview AND biblical truth is meant to invade your space, make you feel uncomfortable and cut through the nonsense you believe to make you realize what the problem is with the world and more importantly with yourself. People only stand for partial truth they can get comfy with. Conservatives are ok with saying we shouldn't let LGBT do the things they are doing as far as constitutional rights and attacking religious people etc. but get biblical and say the government should round them up and everyone is like OOOOOH NOOO THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO BOOHOO and Crowders favorite line "Find common ground" lol not with them no. I'm in NYC and they need to go back to Sodomy laws here which we had not too long ago which was surprising for me to find out was a thing. Good times good times. See the reprobate doctrine if you think Sadomites (LGBTQ) are normal people. Your America worship is blocking your bible conservatives.

  • Kyle Ranney
    Kyle Ranney18 hours ago

    Old people in your family are right, they saw the slow death coming.

  • Thurgor Supreme
    Thurgor Supreme18 hours ago

    I don't understand the optimism. Y'all need to be black-pilled.

  • Libertarian Latiña
    Libertarian Latiña18 hours ago

    SHORT ANSWER: Yes. It’s over.

  • Steve Conrad
    Steve Conrad18 hours ago

    The real problem is that the system will no longer allow us to vote in someone who they don’t approve of. And only someone who they don’t approve of can fix this because they are the problem

  • tiwallaceb
    tiwallaceb19 hours ago

    Buy a Shotgun!

  • Mike Moomins
    Mike Moomins20 hours ago

    Well I watched a short video of George Bush the other day and he looked amazing compared to the current Top Gun pilot. I never thought I would say Bush was good !

  • Antonio Jamison
    Antonio Jamison20 hours ago


  • Guy Mickey
    Guy Mickey20 hours ago

    Our top scientists predicted we run out of oil reserves in 2020.

  • Justin Donaldson
    Justin Donaldson21 hour ago

    The left is bringing in the 4th Reich, Woke Supremacy, they want nothing less than the destruction of our country to take over and replace it with the 4th Reich they've created, woke supremacists who we've already seen silence voice after voice from the public squares known as social media. The Hitler Youth style Woke Youth being taught in our schools and colleges for future generations to join their appropriate mob of choice. The Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda known as the Main Stream Media who twist narratives to shape minds and public opinion. The mobs of SA and SS known as BLM/ANTIFA sent into the streets to use domestic terrorism to silence our voices there too, the actual town square. The Gestapo known as the cancel mob who threaten to silence the largest of corporations and bring them to their knees or else. And last but not least the Military, there's a reason they're injecting woke supremacy into our military and once that transformation is complete they'll round us up like the Nazi's did the Jews, your friends and neighbors will rat you out just like we've seen with the masks, just like the friends and neighbors of the Jews, Gypsies, and Misfits ratted them out. A fight is coming, a kinetic war, a civil war. We set on a knifes edge and a new chapter of America is about to be written, True Americans will be David versus the Goliath of the 4th Reich Woke supremacists who will have the US military at their aid at any given time. We may be able to subvert the war but I'm not holding my breath. I'm scared but I will fight to the death, I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees, God help us.

  • Lj Demaris
    Lj Demaris22 hours ago

    Hey you don't get to have your freedom of speech on these public platforms either that's a public platform to use yeah just like going into a parking lot and they say you can't be here doing whatever you're doing if I can see if you're vandalizing something you know cuz that's against the law but if you just walking through like I see those auditors I've only seen one that was halfway actually decent and not a tranical way being rude and mean to begin with yes I understand there point but being an ass is not the way to do it yeah go back to work you're just missed blah blah blah well if you're free person they are too buddy so why don't you use it on your end you want your freedom but you want to tell them what to do no that ain't how it works people are such don't get me started on this. On us humans.

  • No One
    No One22 hours ago

    B.O. was slight of hand by those behind 911 to divert the ground swell of suspicion that it was a false flag attack, which it was .

  • Lj Demaris
    Lj Demaris22 hours ago

    Oh that's weird about the people saying it's over with the Barack Obama I never heard that it must be just it must have been in just certain areas somewhere but I never heard that from anybody want to be over he knew and the presidency where to not turn over so much that the people or the Congress tried to pitch him out you know he knew he's not dumb.

  • Yesenia Lopez
    Yesenia LopezDay ago

    The scary part about Biden being President is he's the one in control. There are people behind him moving the pieces. They made him President with a lot of help if you know what I mean. May God help and bless us all 🇺🇸

  • Joanna Cole
    Joanna ColeDay ago

    Obama is corrosive..guess who's running America? Obama

  • I’m Offended You’re Offended
    I’m Offended You’re OffendedDay ago

    Whites don’t stick together and don’t realize everyone else is against us, and for that reason the west will fall.

  • ManUP JC
    ManUP JCDay ago

    That was an epic speech. Thank you Steven for what you do. Rise up and fight the good fight.

  • pjmtts
    pjmttsDay ago

    It’s not half They only want you to think it’s half

  • DisturbeddavidAsylum
    DisturbeddavidAsylumDay ago

    That last statement i agree with full heartedly.

  • jessewahwah
    jessewahwahDay ago

    It's over when the smoke clears.

  • warchant59
    warchant59Day ago

    I admire your hope but I feel we are over the line. I am beginning to openly discuss secession with family and acquaintances. You are right though, no more moderate. Time to have the tough talks and encourage ACTION.

  • Raymond Gross
    Raymond GrossDay ago

    Biden said Obummer was clean and articulate.

  • Raymond Gross
    Raymond GrossDay ago

    Someone has to stop this bozo spending

  • 2010RoushStage3
    2010RoushStage3Day ago

    Llaws were once made to do away with economic monopolies. We so need laws to do away with the one sided information monopolies that exist today

  • Kimber Nineteen Eleven
    Kimber Nineteen ElevenDay ago

    Biden’s done.

  • Exeledus Prince
    Exeledus PrinceDay ago

    I'm thinking that if we dont start killing them, it will only get worse. We can only play by the rules for so long while being trampled on.

  • Andrew James
    Andrew JamesDay ago

    Legit pathos, ty.

  • michael guillory
    michael guilloryDay ago

    The fact that our election is not fully trusted ( rightfully so ) marks the beginning of the end , but it can be turned around . Like the tee shirt says . “Fight like hell “

  • D Howard
    D HowardDay ago

    Algorithm comment

  • Jamie Morris
    Jamie MorrisDay ago

    The self deception of people on the so-called right today is staggering. Obama was "corrosive" Trump was the greatest "resurgence."

  • Nigel Bagguley
    Nigel BagguleyDay ago

    How long before the Dems adopt the Chinese definition of late term abortion: wait until the baby crowns then inject formaldehyde into the skull

  • Plotagon Roy
    Plotagon RoyDay ago

    I'm not going to say anything, I can't say how great last one was, but now we got this one who just seems on the way of wanting to take America out of commission.

  • mark mclendon
    mark mclendonDay ago

    the cosmic pendulum may swing back from it's currently severe retrograde position but it will concerted effort by staunch patriots to reverse it before the Dems break it off and shove it up our.....

  • V. Neto
    V. NetoDay ago

    We need ropes for hope.

  • A M
    A MDay ago

    This is why Democrats do better than the Republicans in the economy since world war II. Thank Democrats for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, etc. Get over it. Republicans only bring destruction.

  • moorbish
    moorbishDay ago

    Vote out and remove all incumbents. It might take a few cycles but we can get rid of the corruption.

  • Montana Wilcox
    Montana WilcoxDay ago

    I submit we are very close to the point of return. Returning the republic back to the people. The great return of Donald j Trump as our duly elected president and the even greater return of jfk jr as Vice President. Screenshot this as a reminder, wwg1wga.

  • Hades Purgatory
    Hades PurgatoryDay ago

    Love the show

  • therooster333 beaton
    therooster333 beatonDay ago

    AGAIN! They stole the fucking election.

  • Theresa M
    Theresa MDay ago

    Fake poll.

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew AdamsDay ago

    He has destroyed this country with his racist , marxist ideals , forced on america by his endless executive orders.

  • J. M. Grimm
    J. M. GrimmDay ago

    Good job Mr. Crowder!

  • Miss Dana
    Miss DanaDay ago

    We are already, there. Turn to Yeshua/Jesus, for guidance.

  • Michael Brown
    Michael BrownDay ago

    LOL, how can you vote "present"? WTF kind of stupid crap is this country doing.

  • RKBA
    RKBADay ago

    We buzzed past that point a century ago. We're just realizing it now.

  • Phil Collins
    Phil CollinsDay ago

    Love that professor Sowell!

  • Roadking911
    Roadking911Day ago

    Joe Biden won’t know his name in four years

  • Cinema Madness
    Cinema MadnessDay ago

    Call my pessimistic, but I think America was at the point of no return the moment they stole the election and gained control of all 3 houses even after the year of liberals burning the country down and locking people in their homes and taking away their livelihood. If you can gain power after a year like that, then there's no hope, at this point They are just figuring out how to deal with us.

  • Moon .Gazer
    Moon .GazerDay ago

    It's close. And getting closer. It's only the first fucking year.

  • Watcher
    WatcherDay ago

    Barack Obama's campaign graphic was literally the sun setting on the west.

  • Tee Oh
    Tee OhDay ago

    Damn what a loaded question....

  • Lee Leighton
    Lee LeightonDay ago

    How many of the 5 companies are owned by people who claim israel as their homeland?

  • Seneca Knowledge
    Seneca KnowledgeDay ago

    Comments matter

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplxDay ago

    They will hear the voice of my AR-15 In their fking faces . They will listen then .

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplxDay ago

    They will hear the voice of my AR-15 In their fking faces . They will listen then .

  • Drue
    DrueDay ago

    Biden is the epitome of a dumpster fire.

  • Brian Bertrand
    Brian BertrandDay ago

    We are in the counting heads phase. All the sleeping normies are up for grabs. Once they have all chosen a side, the time for reckoning will begin. Shepherd all the poor sheep you can and be WELL prepared. A storm is coming! 🇺🇲💪!

  • NPC000 361
    NPC000 361Day ago

    Civil war!

  • James M.
    James M.Day ago

    Not to mention no fly lists for conservatives, right-of-center protesters being put into solitary confinement (beaten by guards) for months without benefit of representation, FBI/CCP creating dossiers on all of us... Sorry, but Epoch News really shows the big picture of what's going on everywhere, not just here, and it's grimmmmmmm.

  • Morik F
    Morik F2 days ago

    The fear monger is you.

  • 1101 2202
    1101 22022 days ago

    I think most of the change is from the generational gap no millennial and after watches big media anymore. Most don't even own a TV for cable. The culture has changed if they put their shitty shows on the internet they still can't get a big audience because they are just so so soo out of touch with what the younger generation is like. No one likes when someone blows sunshine up your ass or shows us crap no one cares about.

  • Steven Alvarez
    Steven Alvarez2 days ago

    I don’t think we are at the point of no return almost have of the country voted trump even with all the propaganda on tv 24/7 and even with the country being held hostage with COVID-19 people are just getting started to wake up

  • whosthatpokemon
    whosthatpokemon2 days ago

    Dude in the red shirt sure loves ro hear himself talk. Must have been a woman in his past life

  • Troy Merrell
    Troy Merrell2 days ago

    I believe it’s only getting worse daily and we will soon be pushed into a Civil War because most true Patriots would rather die on their feet than what we have now with this radical crap

  • S K
    S K2 days ago

    I believe America as we know it is dead, considering the fact you have people getting their lives destroyed over tweets. You cannot mend that gap, because the divide is just too big. It's why I fully support secession because Trump was a sign of what might've been, to quote the Joker "You've changed things, forever" more and more people are awake just to how little things get done in Washington. So people are very pissed off now and believe that even if a republican president gets in again, things won't change, I believe that as well. I could be wrong but i'm not wanting to take that chance, considering the fact there are so many politicians that deserve to be arrested and aren't. We already know were the peasants stand which is us, versus where the politicians view themselves which is the kings that dominate over us.

  • CowboyX1000
    CowboyX10002 days ago

    Didn't get AM radio? Ya you were in the city. Out here in Saskatchewan we only had AM radio and it was no different.

  • James Cline
    James Cline2 days ago

    This is very very scary this is what happens when so many illegals are allowed here and able to have kids and run for government this is war from our own government

  • Fredvan Fallen
    Fredvan Fallen2 days ago

    Its time to stop playing nice. Its time to go for the knock out and not letting to the judges.

  • harold floyd
    harold floyd2 days ago

    You fascists just keep doing the fringe nation destroying shit you’ve been doing...

  • texture6
    texture62 days ago

    USDEBT clock ⏰ ☎️🔥

  • I TA
    I TA2 days ago

    What is the function of the blob sitting to the right of the date-rape host? Oh, it just spoke.

  • I TA
    I TA2 days ago

    Gawd am I going to enjoy the downfall of these Proud Boys.

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green2 days ago

    We’re all in trouble

  • Carl Cantrell
    Carl Cantrell2 days ago

    Let's do the math. I love math. The left just got away with the most blatant election rigging in history and you think they won't rig the next election even worse? Do you really believe we will ever have another valid election without a revolution to take back our nation and punish these criminals? If so, you are about to be very surprised by the next election. The left has established their dictatorship, they are in the early stages, and what they are now doing is called "consolidation of power", which all dictatorships do to never lose power again. That is what all of this new legislation is about. They are greedy and power mad and they will NOT give up the power they have just gained without a war. We have reached a point to where the Commierats have forced us into a position where we will have to fight a war for our freedoms and rights. It isn't if but when. Yes, we have passed a point of no return because we will not be able to return to having valid elections again without fighting a war. Have you noticed that the left is already fighting a violent war against us and each other for more than a year? Do you really think we have not passed a point of no return to where we cannot have to fight a war that is already being fought against us? What are you going to do, hope they run out of bullets and Molotov cocktails soon and just quit? Do you really think you are not going to have to fight this war they are already fighting against you to get your nation back? At least think about that for a while.

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz2 days ago

    All of our freedoms depend on the second amendment. As long as We the People keep our weapons, we still have hope for our country. I just saw people buying up all the ammo at Cabela’s in Texas, it looks like a civil war is brewing. The left is trying very hard to prevent the Arizona audit but it looks like it’s going to go through. All it takes is 1 domino from toppling all the others.