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  • Dean Kruse
    Dean Kruse5 seconds ago

    this is why no one respects you Steve, just debate the guy already and stop running around in circles, you jump at the chance to debate Ethan but aren't willing to discuss the exact same issues with Sam? Does who you are debating change your argument somehow? You have always been an intellectual bum who badgers unprepared children at impromptu pop up events at schools. Take the beating you are going to get from Sam like a man and stop your peanut gallery of low-T scrubs from ruining what would be great USplan content.

  • iamrobot1c
    iamrobot1c18 seconds ago

    You should have just done the debate with Sam. I know you can debate but you gave them ammo by not...

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit29 seconds ago

    H3H3 us a coward

  • Wizardxeze
    Wizardxeze29 seconds ago

    Let's be adults here. H3h3 had a good chance to peak intress of people to check him out. Not interested in kids who go "LaLaLaLa" ... I hope he is at least good father for his kids. And not same kind failure as he showed here :\ I bet he spoils his kids with the money he has. That is what I would do, never said I was a good parent.

  • Al Roh
    Al Roh48 seconds ago

    Dave deserves a NETFLIX special. I said it, I fucking said it *pushes away from the computer hands behind my head*

  • Mr. SMUG
    Mr. SMUG53 seconds ago

    Tewish Jricks who would have thonk

  • Julia Mcgrane
    Julia Mcgrane55 seconds ago

    This has been great guys! Thanks!

  • Isaac Gallegos
    Isaac GallegosMinute ago

    You got shit on crowder

  • Gambino Burg birdy
    Gambino Burg birdyMinute ago

    Dam can Crowder look like a more winy little girl lol just debate the topic dude not that hard.

  • Damien Eisenhower
    Damien EisenhowerMinute ago

    My favorite insult was the one where Crowder straight up mocked Ethans tourettess. Ableism is so funny /s

  • Chris Maddock
    Chris MaddockMinute ago

    I have no idea who this Sam bloke is!

  • randomgamer 9780
    randomgamer 9780Minute ago

    Please excuse me while I go to this H3 guy's youtube channel and start ruthlessly making fun of him.

  • meh
    mehMinute ago

    never argue with an idiot, they’ll only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. -MT no truer words have been spoken Ethan & Sam who proved this good job Crowder you exposed both of them even though i have no idea who sam is, I learned his character in about 10seconds

  • steve22ss
    steve22ssMinute ago

    Ethan contacted "Sinatra says" telling him he could help him get his money from YT and re-monetised he is Susan's lap pug with a twitch.

  • kuru K
    kuru K2 minutes ago

    Doesnt blackrock own lockheed martin?

  • Garrett Pratt
    Garrett Pratt2 minutes ago

    I am a fan of both shows, but Crowder should have done the debate.

  • Willard Conley
    Willard Conley2 minutes ago

    Now the nicleback comment was taking it too far.....NO ONE WANT TO SEE NICKLEBACK.....

  • Chuck
    Chuck2 minutes ago

    If crowder couldn't probably kick my ass I'd tell him to stop CHEWING YOUR GUM INTO THE MIC.

  • Zotan Inoron
    Zotan Inoron2 minutes ago

    This debate was masterfully won by Ethan. His thesis, that we should rely on experts and not cranks, was proven when he realized he was not himself expert at the task of debate and instead enlisted an expert to argue in his stead. Crowder's skepticism about experts and preference for 'doing your own research' did not succeed in the market place of ideas as, when confronted by an expert in debate, chose to run instead of defend his position. Ethan made his argument through practical example and came out on top. Victory goes to H3. Better luck next time Steven!

  • Alex H
    Alex H2 minutes ago

    *Obvious cut at 1:23. I mean, I didn't expect crowder to be honest, but still. Such a bad attempt. Could have at least tried to make it look real.

  • Robb A
    Robb A2 minutes ago

    I thought Scott Weiland died.

  • Aless 89
    Aless 892 minutes ago

    Well I liked Steven Crowder, but that was fucking pathetic by him. Debate someone who actually follows politics and is prepared, Ethan just invited a guy that could face Crowder on these topics. Pathetic idiot

  • Why The Turkey? Beauty Salon
    Why The Turkey? Beauty Salon2 minutes ago

    as a fan of BOTH sides, im really disappointed. I wish ethan would have just debated and found common ground to end the beef, and i wish crowder would have humored the gotcha and tried to end the beef anyway. this whole thing is breaking my heart.

  • kuru K
    kuru K3 minutes ago

    Dave said teachers pensions invest over a billion dollars in lockheed martin schoolbus bombs in yemen? Sam?

  • beetalius
    beetalius3 minutes ago

    I literally had to google him

  • Sad World we live in
    Sad World we live in3 minutes ago

    Dave is hilarious

  • 76er
    76er3 minutes ago

    H3 so trash asf, dude had to have someone to debate for him, what a douchbag, "Latte Liberals" sooo pathetic...lmao😂😂😂

  • Nicotine Kitty
    Nicotine Kitty3 minutes ago

    The glorious fall out from this lay up is amazing! Thank you.

  • Acled Maiden
    Acled Maiden3 minutes ago

    Stevens Boyfriends are PRESSED about this.

  • Roel Ven
    Roel Ven3 minutes ago

    i feel violated .... please next time a disclamer on it ...

  • RABD
    RABD3 minutes ago

    *Weird defensive tactic to get triggered over an ambush, when you've made a career out of ambushing your political targets with confrontational mic interviews in settings they weren't prepared to argue in.*

  • No One
    No One3 minutes ago

    Sam seder showed up like anything he says is credible🤣🤪

  • Brock Corb
    Brock Corb3 minutes ago

    That dude is a bigger try hard then Ethan and I despise h3h3. I get it you want your shine but you dont yell over the guy WHO OWNS THE SHOW...FFS... You know... the one people actually come to watch/listen for.... Title "Crowder debates h3h3" more like "SIDEKOCK DAVE LANDOUSHE YELLS DUMB SHIT OVER STEVEN"

  • Lee Cook
    Lee Cook3 minutes ago

    I just wasted 14 minutes if my life.

  • tohknie
    tohknie4 minutes ago

    ethan came on the show and spewed feces out of his mouth... epic gamer troll amirite guys?

  • One of the 12 Sion Mains
    One of the 12 Sion Mains4 minutes ago

    Can't believe this is the same man who was once loved by everyone for standing up to and making fun of the absurdities that were being shown to the masses...

  • St_ Antony
    St_ Antony4 minutes ago

    When Ethan said he prepared I was excited. I thought maybe he took notes, wrote down talking points, saved articles, maybe even had someone on standby to help co-debate with him. Not him literally just getting someone else to do it for him.

  • Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole
    Somebody's Poisoned the Waterhole5 minutes ago

    Lol people in the show upload comments are DELUSIONAL, f*ck me. I read: "Steven's voice is literally cracking up he is about to cry!" "Steven is so afraid of Sam it's pathetic" "Steven didn't even answer any of Sam's points he just ran away!" "Steven only debates kids so he get's so nervous when he has to talk to someone who knows things" Like I get people can be fans and let their opinions get in the way but that is straight up retardation.

  • ben steiger
    ben steiger5 minutes ago

    It’s so funny how you called it

  • Dojima
    Dojima5 minutes ago

    Rather than being humble and getting a different perspective he runs behind one of the most reprehensible people on the internet with absolutely no intent of listening in. You barely hear Ethan at all during them smashing into Sam. They basically begged for Ethan to respond at that point. This is why people laugh at you, people dont support you anymore and why your fans are just literal douchebags lol. They come to another channel trying to "hate brigade" them for someone trying to do an honest debate with receipts. But I guess you cant be humbled, get a different perspective, or come to an understanding when your whole side believes they have the ultimate way of thinking beyond all humans outside of it.

  • Dojima
    Dojima2 minutes ago

    Also this would never fly in politics, if you want to be involved in politics and have a viewpoint that you stand by you cannot bring someone else onto the debate stage for you. That means you dont believe strongly enough in what you preach so you need SOMEONE ELSE to hold down your position. IT WOULD NEVER fly on a political stage. No politician would be able to get away with this, they would instantly lose all support. Especially a presidential candidate during the presidential debate. If you're not actually invested into politics, stop making bold political claims. Or dont escalate drama to the point that you have to actually defend yourself. SImple.

  • Sam G
    Sam G5 minutes ago

    Sam looks like millhouse

  • mykael marshall
    mykael marshall5 minutes ago

    Im still waiting for crowder to start panicking like the internet lefties were saying.

  • Trip20
    Trip205 minutes ago

    Where is the part where you’re humiliated like Vox and these several other outlets are claiming in their headlines? lol amazing. Sad.

  • David 777
    David 7776 minutes ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  • Caleb Mcmurdo
    Caleb Mcmurdo6 minutes ago

    The funniest thing is when I Google this Sam Seder (actually thought it would be spelt Cedar...) all the headlines were twisting this ambush as a win for H3 and Mr Tree 🌳 this is the media trying to make 1+1=Apple... Also, Epstien didn't kill himself

  • Tim Tom
    Tim Tom6 minutes ago

    I've never heard of either one of the people he's debating and I'm still not sure who they are.

  • Staal Burgher
    Staal Burgher6 minutes ago

    Steven did get flustered but that is bs. You cant swap in someone else. Because knowing who you are debating does influence how you prepare.

  • Lissa V
    Lissa V6 minutes ago

    I used to be a fan of Ethan’s. Watched every video religiously, he was hilarious. Then he decided to become a mindless slave to the media and his original humor disappeared faster than his career as a comedian. Now he’s just unwatchable.

  • TomFromMySpace
    TomFromMySpace6 minutes ago

    Sam who?

  • Ryan Valenza
    Ryan Valenza6 minutes ago

    Should have stayed and debated rather than reducing yourself to name-calling, was quite rude and immature. Very cowardly.

  • Aaron Powers
    Aaron Powers6 minutes ago

    "I've prepared..." said just about everyone from change my mind segments.

  • David Fleener
    David Fleener15 seconds ago

    The funny thing is, they at least try. This joke Ethan just completely ducked out before the debate even began.

    SRTHEMIMOPAR7 minutes ago

    Flys like crap..and chucky is full of it

  • Moìst Míke
    Moìst Míke7 minutes ago

    Considering the amount of bullsh*t this woman spews, I'm surprised there aren't more flies buzzin' around her.

  • TomFromMySpace
    TomFromMySpace7 minutes ago

    😂😂😂😂 what?? ? what the actual f*** what a coward

  • Dirk Digler
    Dirk Digler7 minutes ago

    Ethan used to have conversations with people all the time, but if you look back he was always punching way WAYYYY down. This is the first time he's having to debate someone who isn't a complete fraud and this is how he handles it? So sad. I think he thought this would be funny, but it makes him look like a completely pussy.

  • Petar Pan
    Petar Pan7 minutes ago

    Lot of Seder worshipers here. Guy is a loser

  • Damian Chung
    Damian Chung8 minutes ago

    Sam who ?

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith8 minutes ago

    Ok so i had to go se this h3h3 douche and omg there's 5 min of my life ill never get back

  • Hamm E
    Hamm E8 minutes ago

    Plot twist

  • Stew D
    Stew D8 minutes ago


  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit9 minutes ago

    Well... after watching this, I can now say for a fact that everything H3 fans are saying Crowder did, Ethan did. Why am I not surprised?

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit7 minutes ago

    I will admit I wish Crowder had stayed but it wouldn't have been productive because talking to a leftist p3eo such as Ethan and Sam (and 99% of dems) is a waste of time

  • Jeremy Meade
    Jeremy Meade9 minutes ago

    Well, I had no respect for Ethan before. Now I have less.

  • Joao Garcia
    Joao Garcia9 minutes ago

    poor fly circled back...RIP

  • Sean
    Sean9 minutes ago

    Said this many times before on these videos including Ethan's, man, that dude has fallen off soo damn hard. He was the big-ish channel on USplan that kept people in check, made great sketches mocking the silly trends that came about on USplan & was even the dude who stood up for fair use. Now, he's just a sad, egocentric, low test pleb, picking fights with people who challenge his ego, ditching his loyal base on the OG channel to spout shit & have terrible uninformed takes on current events. The followers left are completely void of any critical thought, if any of you are reading this & think Crowder 'got cold feet' go to the sink, wash your face with cold water then reassess the facts. It was agreed that Ethan would debate Crowder, alone, Crowder wouldn't be hiding behind anyone & it was expected that Ethan would either. That was the agreement, instead of being a man & standing by his words, Ethan decided to play 'gotcha' so the debate was called off. They say you should never meet your heroes, but with how the internet is nowadays I feel it should just be changed to 'don't watch your hero's podcasts, or follow them on socials'. I have no doubts that Ethan says the things he says to help Hila with Teddy Fresh networking in LA. If he truly believed in them, then he'd have no problem defending himself. From a long time H3 fan, this is sad to see.

  • Jose M.
    Jose M.9 minutes ago

    I was really hoping crowder would talk to Sam. But I don't know why Ethan did the old switcheroo. Why try to be sneaky?

  • 8111y
    8111y9 minutes ago

    The "TF" on his hat stands for "Triggered Feminist"

  • Anthony Fava
    Anthony Fava9 minutes ago

    As to why Crowder didn't just debate Sam: he was an uninvited guest, there was no agreed upon topic with him, and Ethan would have kept throwing useless commentary over any conversation which would have transpired. As for Sam Seder, he's nothing more than an algorithm chaser.

  • ChrisFotosMusic
    ChrisFotosMusic2 minutes ago

    You're coping lmao

  • Death BB
    Death BB9 minutes ago

    Seder is a lying commie and a waste of time debating

  • Petar Pan
    Petar Pan9 minutes ago

    Both Ethan and Sam are losers

  • Siyanthan Viji
    Siyanthan Viji10 minutes ago

    Don't get this guys fanbase lol. If he's so smart and knowledgeable why wouldn't he want to debate Sam. It's like you only wanted to debate Ethan because you knew that you would have an advantage over him. As you run a political podcast and Ethan runs a comedy/entertainment podcast. You're grasping at straws if you think it's a betrayal on Ethan. That's like saying LeBron James is going to go up against a college ball player to prove his excellence, but ends up backing out as soon as they find out his opponent is Jordan. Whys he going up against the college ball player to begin with.

  • Frontigenics
    Frontigenics8 minutes ago

    If you’re actually curious... then look into it. There’s a reason that Sam is blacklisted from debating almost everyone in the political-space. Nobody wants to deal with him... it’s not just Crowder

  • Denise Shumko
    Denise Shumko10 minutes ago


  • B L
    B L10 minutes ago

    Landau is a gangster.

  • Young Black
    Young Black10 minutes ago


  • Aidan Maggio
    Aidan Maggio10 minutes ago

    Lmaoo this is LITERALLY EDITED, go watch the other footage if u want to see, Crowder is a liar and you all eat it up.

  • Aidan Maggio
    Aidan Maggio4 minutes ago

    @Frontigenics exactly there should be more than just the two camera feeds but they cut it, go watch all parties and see for yourself

  • Frontigenics
    Frontigenics7 minutes ago

    Uhhh... how is this edited? This is literally two camera feeds that runs right up to Ethan coming on

  • Petar Pan
    Petar Pan9 minutes ago

    The footage from ethan?

  • Troy Brisbin
    Troy Brisbin11 minutes ago

    LOL... Yes. I went "Sam who?"

  • Tim M
    Tim M11 minutes ago

    Ngl I thought that was woody from PKA in the thumbnail.

  • Dankburgers
    Dankburgers11 minutes ago

    You should bring in Sam Hyde next time you want to talk to Ethan.

  • Greg Valdivieso
    Greg Valdivieso11 minutes ago

    Jen Psaki's a MUTANT.

  • Harvinator24
    Harvinator2411 minutes ago

    Cower with Crowder. Everybody join the safe space express.