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  • Jesse Fromal
    Jesse Fromal2 hours ago


  • slickcross
    slickcross2 hours ago

    I love the tone and style of these type of videos. Keep it up.

  • Brad Waltermyer
    Brad Waltermyer2 hours ago

    Get well soon, we need you back!

  • Mama G
    Mama G2 hours ago

    We miss you guys! Stephen, don't come back until the kids are at least 6 weeks old. You'll not want to miss out on those first weeks, and you need to heal as much as possible!! Praying for all of you and your families 🙏

  • Veronica
    Veronica2 hours ago

    Well said!

  • Silver Wheels PATRIOT
    Silver Wheels PATRIOT2 hours ago

    🙏🙏🙏 Steven

  • Rathnait Mullen
    Rathnait Mullen2 hours ago

    She doesn’t understand the argument, and she’s a prime example of the level of debating skills which the left have caused.

  • Greg Fender
    Greg Fender2 hours ago

    Well said the kids these days think America is the only country that had slaves when we were one of the first to abolish slavery

  • Smartass 012
    Smartass 0122 hours ago

    Talking about 🐓 caresoul. Men are givers. Women can both reviewers and gives mechanically or from her b😮😮. But it's the male body that gives material . But if you to many people. Ad to your picture you'd lose your picture and end up with a mess.

  • Lone Lobo
    Lone Lobo2 hours ago

    I'm very upset that we're not seeing (R) fight to oppose the 🥔 with the same vigor that (D) fought to oppose the 🍊. Especially since the potato wants to weaken America while the orange wanted to strengthen America. But we're supposed to get in line and vote for these weak republicans. They(R) only get votes because the other side is opposed to anything that is good for this country.

  • Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones2 hours ago

    Talking about 😘&the city life stile. They multiple characters representing different life stiles in that group one was complete opposite of one who the hole shows concept is know for who isn't even the main character . . She might have been more abstenant as a teen and more 😘 active as an adult.

  • Anonymous Fella
    Anonymous Fella2 hours ago

    Haha 8 hours a day? Thats what I went thru and graduated 06. Schools where I live in Cali now start at like 9 to.let the babies sleep in and are over by 2.

  • Donna Laino
    Donna Laino2 hours ago

    If this chick was pretty, she would embrace being a female.

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson2 hours ago

    Just fucken clueless this woman just like the idiots that give this a thumbs down

  • Donna Laino
    Donna Laino2 hours ago

    I blame the professors, kids brainwashed. A t least I n the 60s we had a real protest, i.e. THE VIETNAM WAR.

  • Reg_Guys
    Reg_Guys2 hours ago

    America is doomed with children like this running around.

  • Mitch Hendricks
    Mitch Hendricks2 hours ago

    The first thirty seconds is comedy gold.

  • RedCell96
    RedCell962 hours ago

    Crowder we need a segment on BRCC. Nobody "big" is really talking about that situation. You probably have a big insight in on it.

  • David C
    David C2 hours ago

    Crowder will survive and return. His work is not yet done.

  • nikola prango
    nikola prango2 hours ago

    What about the Native Americans. They slaughtered them. They stole their land and forced them to live on sub standard reservations. History is clear on that.

  • Levi Laxton
    Levi Laxton2 hours ago

    Not one single person has ever said that was right or even okay. Just that it wasn't done based on race. They stole land from anyone who they needed to steal land from. That's just how things were done then. It was wrong, but we can't change it.

  • Tracy Colman
    Tracy Colman2 hours ago

    Yeah that's shitty but we can't undo the past so what can we do now? Love our neighbors like we love ourselves ❤️🙏

  • Smartass 012
    Smartass 0122 hours ago

    Talk about election Bomb Shells. Revolutions Bill Barr lied about his investigation on voter fraud at request of Mitch McConnell who has evidence he stole his election . To the findings of Arizona audit . To fulton county Georgia audit . And the fact those were after months of court battle prove the BIG LIE of all court cases being thrown out do lack of evidence was a lie . What you so afraid of Diminion. A judge sided with Mike Lyndell ordering Diminion to turn over data

  • BoMwarriorVlog
    BoMwarriorVlog2 hours ago

    😊 Just a reminder of this great speech by President Trump: #UnitedWeSTAND🇺🇸 #WeArePatriots🤍 #KeepCalmAndHonorFreedom🦅

  • Poll2 Dock
    Poll2 Dock2 hours ago

    This guy has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about. He knows Zero about firearms.

  • Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones3 hours ago

    I stead of Genetic therapy for covid ivermectin had plenty good results in people

  • T.E.C. 64
    T.E.C. 643 hours ago

    My ancestors fought for in the Civil War and were wounded in battle .Just say Thank You . Get rid of the Slave Master Democrats . And lets move on !!

  • Anne Ominous
    Anne Ominous3 hours ago

    I've been praying for you, your lovely wife and children... every day... I cant imagine how worried I would be e

  • Skylar Trahan
    Skylar Trahan3 hours ago

    The United States of America will always be the greatest country, although the loonies are doing a pretty good job of destroying that

  • Jack Cousins
    Jack Cousins3 hours ago

    Whitlock is a sellout to the white man.

  • Jack Cousins
    Jack Cousins3 hours ago

    Whitlock is a sellout to the white man.

  • Stephen James
    Stephen James3 hours ago

    Get better soon my friend, god loves you, Steven crowder.

  • Sam Coleman
    Sam Coleman3 hours ago

    Read, or watch, Marshall Foster's An American Covenant

  • Frank Holmes
    Frank Holmes3 hours ago

    Well thought out and your right black Americans be proud. AMERICA is black and white culture.

  • ranchofiesta
    ranchofiesta3 hours ago

    Good conversation

  • Dim Tucas
    Dim Tucas3 hours ago

    Can't wait til you're back Crowder. God bless the Crowder Gang👍 mom and the wonder twins!!!

  • Quien Vive
    Quien Vive3 hours ago

    It is not fair for eunuchs to compete against women.

  • Andrew Adams
    Andrew Adams3 hours ago

    It is a shame that man is not on a bigger platform. I am a decendant of the Irish Volunteer Brigade , a white Catholic immigrant who died trying to free , slaves in a country that wasn't his. Imagine how l feel when some college snowflake tries to tell me my ancestors were racist.

  • griffinthemad
    griffinthemad3 hours ago

    Yeah more Jason!

  • A MAN
    A MAN3 hours ago

    We love you Crowder....!!! We pray for your healthy return...!!!✊🏻🧖🏼‍♂️

  • UNSC Dark Noble Media
    UNSC Dark Noble Media3 hours ago

    What about the African-Americans who were slave owners not going to point that out are you my Cuban smoking friend?

  • Levi Laxton
    Levi Laxton2 hours ago

    @UNSC Dark Noble Media He's talked about it in other videos. It wasn't important to this particular 3 minute video.

  • UNSC Dark Noble Media
    UNSC Dark Noble Media3 hours ago

    @Gypsy Waves he mentioned the slaves only actually find where he mentioned the African-American slave owners?

  • Gypsy Waves
    Gypsy Waves3 hours ago

    He's pointed that out

  • T.H. White
    T.H. White3 hours ago

    Studying what REALLY happened in 1865 when the slaves were freed, turned them into exactly what BLM is doing today. They nearly destroyed the south with their "freedom". This idea that black people paved the road to American success is so wrong it's utterly ridiculous

  • NikK -O
    NikK -O3 hours ago

    *What's this "professor's degree in?* Nothing, just complaining and yelling he needs more stuff for being born with a usable victim card.

  • LordJudgement1818
    LordJudgement18183 hours ago

    Hell yeah

  • Barb Odell
    Barb Odell3 hours ago

    God speed for your recovery patriot friend 🙏❤️🇺🇸 we miss you

  • gnr783
    gnr7833 hours ago

    Great interview 👍

  • Winsorvy
    Winsorvy3 hours ago

    Hey I was just watching undisputed. Miss him on that show.

  • JackSnack00
    JackSnack003 hours ago

    Love him.

  • Derrick Whitlock
    Derrick Whitlock3 hours ago


  • Jack Cousins
    Jack Cousins2 hours ago

    Do we care?

  • The,Awakened satan within christ
    The,Awakened satan within christ3 hours ago

    Mr Satan first

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin3 hours ago

    So confused. Can we just call people that go from one gender to the other transvestites?

  • XIrezIX
    XIrezIX3 hours ago

    This girls logic is if u haven't been raped u have no right to say anything bout rape culture being a myth. Also normally when somebody has been raped they don't shout about it for everyone to hear and maybe this girl hasn't considered that alot of rapists get away with it cos their victims don't say anything about it til it's too late. It's a sad thing but I've never grown up and never heard of anyonelse growing up being told that rape is a good thing.

  • Garfield Braithwaite
    Garfield Braithwaite3 hours ago

    The optics are appalling, this dreadful child should show some humility and do more listening and less speaking

  • Elwin Robert
    Elwin Robert3 hours ago

    My background check for my .22 rr lr/mag heritage took 30 minutes and my old boss still gets flagged for a bomb threat she made when she was 12 years old, has to wait 7 days to clear. The law is strong and works. Its the people that get guns from the streets that are the problem

  • Andrew DeFaria
    Andrew DeFaria4 hours ago

    What a douchebag!

  • Du-wayne Scott
    Du-wayne Scott4 hours ago

    She,,, yikes, I will now go and do something to forget I have ever seen or heard that female.

  • Janet S
    Janet S4 hours ago

    Misgendering is indeed dangerous. It can get people killed.....if you do it in front of a moving bus

  • Diksha
    Diksha4 hours ago

    "strangers can debate whether or not you are as legitimate" this is exactly what these SJWs are doing with this Gender spectrum thing. they are debating on my existence as a women.

  • Dick Baggins
    Dick Baggins4 hours ago

    The constitution isn’t up for interpretation. It is as it says

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips4 hours ago

    Enjoyed the respectful discussion Crowder, but wish you could have had the discussion with someone better versed to have it than a hip-hop prof. Your underlying premise that the majority population (white) is there purely on merit and that affirmative action = admitting unqualified minority students are both flawed premises. Was George Bush at Yale because he was the best and brightest at 18? He was an average student from a very connected and privileged family with a long history with the school, or a Legacy. Merrit had little to do with his admittance. He was born into the right family. Affirmative action in most instances is not admitting unqualified minority applicants, but rather identifying qualified minority applicants or applicants demonstrating an ability to succede in a given program. That doesn't mean taking the person with the highest SAT in every instance, which is why admissions processes take into account essays, interviews, extracurricular activities, artistic achievement, athletic achievement and other factors. They are looking to admit students who not only have a chance of academic success, but can contribute to the collegiate community and society at large after graduation. George Bush, the C student is a great example who went on to become governor and president. I love the rational and respectful debate and agree that there is definitely not enough intellectual diversity in higher education. But as a black attorney who went to both undergrad and law school on academic scholarships married to a black physician who was accepted to all of the Ivy's I'd love to have a more nuanced discussion with you on these issues than what was filmed here. Thanks and God bless.

  • Laura Huston
    Laura Huston4 hours ago

    Wow. If I were his parents I would beven embarrassed and stop paying for his non-education.... Grumbling and slurring his words and not listening. Such a parrot 🦜

  • Aproxiy9174
    Aproxiy91744 hours ago

    A two minute plank bruh at ten I was doing a 5 minute plank army cmon

  • Roger Hardy
    Roger Hardy4 hours ago

    First of all, NO baby can live on its own! EVERY baby relies on other humans for its survival. Using her 'parasite' theory, a nursing baby is a parasite. Thousands of babies survive and thrive at 8 months and many even earlier. So to say they are nothing more than a parasite at that gestation is just silly. She is simply trying to create excuses for her own irresponsibility. As for 'each of carrying a life inside of us' line of falsehoods, we carry POTENTIAL life within each of us which isn't fully realized until my potential life (sperm) combines with a woman's potential life (egg). Now the life begins, not at delivery. Typical excuses given by the left to justify their irresponsibility and have a 'do over'.

  • Claude Hall
    Claude Hall5 hours ago

    Anyone would think for the cost of a university education they would be able to afford more knowledgeable professors. You can get a better education from the town drunk sleeping in a dumpster for the cost of a Tall Boy

  • Chris Falx
    Chris Falx5 hours ago

    I officially am coming out and identify myself as a gold medalist in all Olympic events, so there I win 🥇

  • Evolutionized
    Evolutionized5 hours ago

    Political science guy looks like a crack head and sounds like a Tweaker😂yeah I’m sure he’s a publicly science person

  • B Troy
    B Troy5 hours ago

    Do hate people that can't support there own theroys.