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  • sg1gamer
    sg1gamer54 minutes ago

    I am Catholic and the Catholic faith is the correct faith. This pope is the anti-pope. He is the pope that will bring down the church. He is in league with the beast.

  • Mark Palomino
    Mark Palomino55 minutes ago


  • Valley View Church
    Valley View Church55 minutes ago

    The Catholic Church does not believe in salvation through Jesus Christ. They believe in salvation through the Catholic Church. And the Catholic Church is not Christian. Some Catholics are but not the Catholic Church. And this current pope is an antichrist.

  • Xpansion Theory
    Xpansion Theory55 minutes ago

    This CIA video is an embarrassment

  • Jenna Millsap
    Jenna Millsap56 minutes ago

    When all else fails, and facts become annoyingly inconvenient, pull out the "white privilege" card. It nullifies any logical arguments or facts that have been presented by them because... white privilege. If I had to guess, I'd say that kid doesn't value the Western Nuclear Family and in fact is likely rebelling against his or didn't have the privilege of being raised in one.

  • Brian Maietta
    Brian Maietta57 minutes ago

    You aren’t popping up on my USplan page anymore

  • youmakerandom
    youmakerandom57 minutes ago

    I've canceled my twitter, facebook and intagram. Stopped buying nike, MLB, NFL, coke, seventh generation soap, the list is vast. And honestly nothing seems to be effective. What do we do next?

  • Enter the End
    Enter the End57 minutes ago

    This is so laughable there's been law enforcement as long as there's been civilization

  • Adam Waz
    Adam Waz58 minutes ago

    Omg I'm listening to a dip shit 😆

  • Austin Whisler
    Austin Whisler58 minutes ago

    Him encouraging people to get the vaccine is crazy?

  • Selvio Trikinos
    Selvio Trikinos58 minutes ago

    Honestly, has he ever changed his mind?

  • Scott Covert
    Scott Covert59 minutes ago

    1:00 "what about cats?" is like saying all animal lives matter.

  • Teo P
    Teo PHour ago

    I am not a fan of Pope Francis, but conservative outlets constantly take sound-bytes from his speeches and take them out of context Abandoning selfishness and serving others is textbook Christian doctrine. Sure, the way he said it can be misinterpreted, but c'mon... Again, not a fan, I wish St. JP ii was here, but this is stupid

  • Leo Cormeum
    Leo CormeumHour ago

    Money control, entering ones body, food control, the beginnings of a one world government blueprint.

  • Geoffrey Taylor
    Geoffrey TaylorHour ago

    I'm a BLM advocate...wait no, Im all of a sudden retarded

  • Dean Lonagan
    Dean LonaganHour ago

    ..its far fetched but you know very well that they destroy property and have killed ppl? are bsing..America doesnt like you liars..they are sick of you ppl..

  • dylan stevenson
    dylan stevensonHour ago

    Ohh my God Crowder is such a badass

  • James Archer
    James ArcherHour ago

    Don't forget those guys were responsible for the dark ages and it looks like they want it back.

  • Michael Lovett
    Michael LovettHour ago

    A counter move is to pick an institution the crazy left supports and create a nutty narrative and repeat until the crazies lose hair.

  • Debbie Tuter
    Debbie TuterHour ago

    I left the Catholic Church because the “Pope” is NOT my holy father! God’s my holy Father and I pray directly to my Father!

  • Goku Vegeta
    Goku VegetaHour ago

    what the fuck does a 19yearold know

  • Richard Martin
    Richard MartinHour ago

    The Slave Catchers Were The KKK Members of The Democrat Party!...

  • Tammie A
    Tammie AHour ago

    What your opinion has racial undertones? I don't give a flying rats ass what people think about what I say. I say what I feel. Nowadays my filter is gone and still don't care.

  • Fly Righteous
    Fly RighteousHour ago

    Crowder back at it abolishing the liberals

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris JohnsonHour ago

    My God, that poor guy puts more thought and effort into his wardrobe than he does his ideology. Lazy ignorance is so irritating

  • Paige Norman
    Paige NormanHour ago

    number 2 is creepy AF!

  • Big Brein
    Big BreinHour ago

    I’m catholic and I strongly disagree with the statement.

  • nickboggsmusic
    nickboggsmusicHour ago

    Every argument in this video is a REACH. - billie eilish wasn’t saying men are weak IN GENERAL, she’s saying that their sexual appetite is innately high, rendering them weak in their ability to control their SEXUALITY. She was literally making the same point you guys did but you’re mad about it? Stop getting offended by a tangent that you forced into the conversation. - people can wear things to feel confident. She isn’t wearing a corset specifically to appeal to the sexual appetite of a male audience, she just... likes how she looks. That’s what people do. They wear things that make them feel confident. - claiming that a women wears blush solely to simulate flushing that is found in a sexual setting is hilarious to me. You basically just called your own mother a whore cause the only reason she’s wearing that blush? Yeah it’s cause she wants to look like she just had sex. Not cause she thinks it makes her look cute or something normal, right? - crowder : claims that eventually women are going to have to stand up for themselves to talk about what they think really matters billie eilish : talks about things that she thinks matter Crowder : ok but not like that - just because your parents had a conversation with you about being the male protector and provider, doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. If you wanna be a stay at home dad, be a stay at home dad. You still have that choice. i just didn’t really see the point of this argument. And the list goes on lol. Literally shes 19, shes living her life, she’s talking about her own personal experiences and beliefs, like who cares. Just get on with your life and let her get on with hers. That’s my takeaway.

  • Deejay Beaver
    Deejay BeaverHour ago

    I want to be a stay at home dad but I’m not good looking enough and too fat. There went that dream

  • Tammie A
    Tammie AHour ago

    I do not feel like a proud American anymore. Though I'm an American before I am a white American. This is such bullshit.

  • SolarFan Wings
    SolarFan WingsHour ago

    High school age girl here. I am growing up in a very Christian, very conservative household, and I follow these same beliefs as well. Never once had a family member ever suggested to me that my only option is to hunt for a husband. That being said, boys my age at my church are under pressure to be capable providers.

  • elli003
    elli003Hour ago

    The Bible is crystal clear. I don't need some pious chump to interpret it for me.

  • Ray Gsbrelcik
    Ray GsbrelcikHour ago

    WHAT...THE MEDIA LIED---You've GOT to be KIDDING!!!

  • Apollyon81
    Apollyon81Hour ago

    Did anyone notice that Trump Jr has the same mannerisms as his dad when conversating. Especially the first 5mins 😆😆😆😆 I hope he runs for something in the future.

  • Sinthrax 11
    Sinthrax 11Hour ago

    What a PoS. Sometimes I wish these people was standing in from of me when they say BS like this.

  • Charlie Slaugh
    Charlie SlaughHour ago

    Yup definitely was told that I need to try and find a good job that is able to supply for a family and still have time to be with my family. And I wouldn’t expect anything less and I’m on my way to a successful career in my mid 20 s

  • Zachary Heyne
    Zachary HeyneHour ago


  • Jennifer Herrin
    Jennifer HerrinHour ago

    I am Catholic. This pope is awful.

  • DiePoopable
    DiePoopableHour ago

    this is probably one of the DUMBEST videos I've seen online. Did you have nothing else to be outraged about this week?

  • Fallen A
    Fallen AHour ago

    The more I hear and see whats going on in my country the more angry I get. Day by day, night by night. I know I'm not alone, and eventually when some of the people have had enough, the aftermath of their anger built up day and night will be brutal. I just hope it doesn't have to reach that point because I'm 100% sure as to which side I'm on.

  • Elizabeth notyourbusiness
    Elizabeth notyourbusinessHour ago


    Fact Live Matters!!

  • Shelby Malone
    Shelby MaloneHour ago

    Parents gave me the exact speech you just gave on asking what I want to be when I grow up

  • Dennis Bolan
    Dennis BolanHour ago

    Well, without going into a Bible study ...the office of the Papacy is the 1st Beast of Rev 13. The Anti-Christ power.. The woman who rides the dragon ( side note, a woman is a symbol of a Chruch in Bible Prophecy). So this shouldn't surprise anyone.. Now, I'm not talking about Catholic followers but the office of the Papacy. Something that many Christians have not learned is that the 2nd Beast of Rev 13 is America.. She will give her power to the Papacy in the last days.

  • John Parreira
    John ParreiraHour ago

    We are standing up but one by one anyone with a channel or voice is being banned or removed from all media. It seems like every week I’m being told about someone being kicked off USplan or banned from Twitter.

  • Just Sayin'
    Just Sayin'Hour ago

    This is biblical Crowder. "

  • Draxis32
    Draxis32Hour ago

    People don't understand. This man is *STRONGLY RELIGIOUS* He doesn't care about facts, statistics or any of the matter. He cares if you *BELIEVE* The entire conversation can be resumed in "Do you believe in X, Y, Z?" But X, Y and Z are not Jesus, Budda or Allah. It's just plain post-modernist "shoot yourself in the foot" line of thought from the School of Oxymorons IRL.

  • Mau Zep
    Mau ZepHour ago

    If you choose to be ignorant, God will support you just like God hardened Pharaoh's heart.

  • bj smith
    bj smithHour ago

    Wow, the mind set of this young dude is crazy, and he is a educated one. Think how the uneducated ones think. We are in trouble people better learn how to protect yourself because these crazy ass people are trying to tear the country down.

  • Daniel de Oliver
    Daniel de OliverHour ago

    She actually looks like a psychopath

  • Kalin Childress
    Kalin ChildressHour ago

    It’s funny when people think they know things until they get questioned upon it.

  • Debra Blouin
    Debra BlouinHour ago

    False equivalency is what it is called. Comparing apples to oranges. Yeah, they might both be fruit, but that’s as far as it goes. In every other important way, apples are different from oranges.

  • Moon Drop
    Moon DropHour ago

    Devil's triangle is sex position. Not a rape thing-

  • Charles Foster
    Charles FosterHour ago

    Bhahaha! The“BinderHide” The“UpTuck” 😆

  • George Boros
    George BorosHour ago

    Most conservative catholics disagree with this pope's obvious communist leanings. I only think liberal catholics would be offended by criticism of this pope's Marxist leanings. That's really no different than all liberals though.

  • Chris Hamre
    Chris HamreHour ago

    Don Jr is correct. Twitter is definitely the worst 100%. "Twitter is cancer"- some random USplan guy

  • Bruce Mitchell
    Bruce MitchellHour ago

    This guy was really cringe he talked in circles saying nothing that hit home. These people vote too. Crowder probably wanted to slap him lol

  • Tyler H
    Tyler HHour ago

    Problem is America and, for the most part, a lot of the world is still predicated on a form of slavery. Slave away to get a job, afford a living, use the even more corrupted schools to end up working in a cubicle. Pretty soon this is going to end just like the film Fight Club. America is an idea and it's set so many up to fail as it's part of its economic machine. Feed people the poison, they'll break down and pay a pretty penny to be fixed. Give them religion to pretend heaven is after this life when in fact eden is here. We've all been force fed their fucking apple. Tyler "Durdan" out.

  • David Hernandez
    David HernandezHour ago

    This fool.dont know what the flying flip he is talking about. Crowder wasting his time..

  • PhantomPhalcon
    PhantomPhalconHour ago

    I don't think it's right that the 45th president has been censored the most powerful man in the world ban from twitter i know that he is now no longer the president but it think that he should be able to voice his opinion on the county after all he did run the game for 4 years and i don't that that knowledge of what he learned in office should be discarded. well anyways i think trump should not be banned and the company's that band him should be fined a few billion dollars for misinformation and the violation of your free speech. with tv the radio i see that there are a ton of things that are just awful now because of the cancel culture. like there was a ad for a tv show i saw i think that said see colour, be anti-raicest

  • jpfiero
    jpfieroHour ago

    If I am correct, Catholics believe that anything the Pope says is on the same level as scripture. If that is correct they can't disagree even if they don't like him. Of course the catholic church started straying from scripture over 1000 yrs ago. I am praying that Catholics will realize they Don't need men between them and God, and come over to christianity.

  • Robert G
    Robert GHour ago

    white people do not get caught doing arm robberies Mr. Crowder...we are better at not getting caught is what I try to say..(lol)

  • Putin Rocks
    Putin RocksHour ago

    As a Trad Catholic I can’t stand this pope as he is a Jesuit and unfortunately jesuits have infiltrated the highest points of the Vatican and the church. We need a modern version of the Protestant reformation.

  • Teolibre
    TeolibreHour ago

    Hard to believe, she has been paying for a college education, thus far only resulting in complete insanity. She may eventually end up with a degree of sorts, but that doesn't automatically make you too smart evidently!?

  • Pep X
    Pep XHour ago

    unfortunately, they are only powerful because we the people give them that power. Just stop using their platforms and their power will weaken.

  • Dan Sweda
    Dan SwedaHour ago

    Even if it were true what difference would it make now?

  • ana !
    ana !Hour ago

    y’all are so dumb lmaooooo.this video is so creepy and ridiculous at the same time.she’s 19.

  • Greg W
    Greg WHour ago

    We are being taken over by evil

  • Hunt Bones
    Hunt BonesHour ago

    Basically abunch of gay, living at home

  • tim76239
    tim76239Hour ago

    The Trumps should have done something when they were censoring us

  • Buck Box Designs
    Buck Box DesignsHour ago

    It’s Luciferianism, not Satanism, that runs the underworld. That’s the Illuminati. Communism comes from Luciferians

  • suga bay
    suga bayHour ago

    The cop did what he had to in this situation.

  • Idid Yermom
    Idid YermomHour ago

    "I'm gonna stab the F*ck out of you" is just slang for "let's go get a mocha-Frappuccino at the mall."

  • ladyesther
    ladyestherHour ago

    Men are awesome! And yeah, the CIA ad had TMI.

  • Cowboy Boots
    Cowboy BootsHour ago

    Maybe this pope should step down and allow the 1st black pope to happen. What's that? "God" chooses the pope and "God" has never chose a black pope?

  • Hunt Bones
    Hunt BonesHour ago

    I like how all the black ppl are half white

  • Jess W
    Jess WHour ago

    That woman sounds like she need some help 😳

  • Adam Roderick
    Adam RoderickHour ago

    Even if it was should it matter it's not anymore so wgaf they constantly living in the past instead of looking towards the future

  • Cheapshot
    CheapshotHour ago

    "i wouldnt want to be that guys wife" savage kidney shiv takedown.

  • warrior patriot
    warrior patriotHour ago

    He looks like a gay Al Capone 😂